U.S-donated Humvies to fight Boko Haram, were sent to the killing fields of British Southern Cameroon.

The genocide gathered steam in 2017, as the French Republic of Cameroun deployed more hard ware into the British Southern Cameroons. Weapons earlier donated to fight Boko Haram in the north of the country found themselves into the territory. The French Cameroon appointed governors instituted more repressive measures. Peaceful demonstrations were increasingly becoming deathly. The territory was becoming the “killing Fields” of British Southern Cameroon. As the repression continued, citizens of the territory began asking themselves why they were being treated differently as demonstrations by teachers and other civil servants in French Cameroun were not met with similar high-handedness. To put it in historical terms, there was a Re-awakening in the British Southern Cameroons let by a vibrant diaspora. The outcome was a general demonstration all over the territory by its citizens with green tree branches (as a sign of peace), on 22 September, 2017, and 1st October, 2017. Their chant in addition to “Let my people go” was “No Violence”. However, as inferior humans or dogs as the French colonial governor calls them, the Police, French para-military – Gerdames, Biya’s personal military – the BIR, undercover officers and regular armies unloaded their magazines on the innocent civilians. The results were chilling.Many were killed indiscriminately. Below are some of the victims killed.No independent investigation has ever been done. Another abandonment by the global community and thus an message to the French-Cameroun authorities that British Cameroonians were worthless, filth good for the dump. The green light for a full-scale genocide was given by the world.The only credible investigation so far conducted on the killings on these days has been that pf former opposition Social Democratic Front (S.D.F) Party, Mr. Wirba Joseph. He states:122 KILLED, 150 MISSING AND AROUND 2000 DELIBERATELY MAIMED (HON. WIRBA).

Some of the Killed and Maimed ON 22 September and 1st October, 2017 (122 Killed, 150 Missing and around 2000 Deliberately Maimed. HON. WIRBA )

Some of the 1st October,2017 victims in the hospital.

More Killings

The Story of Grand Mother Sarah, Shot at Ekona SZ, 1st October, 2017, by French Cameroun’s Hutu Militias.