Some Massacres

Mpundu Balong, 25 January, 2019.

Another sad day for British Southern Cameroonians where about 10 innocent teens were massacred by the French-Cameroun-appointed governor of the Southern Zone of British Cameroon, Okalia Bilai. The young men were at their regular pass time sports soccer when life was squeezed out of them in the most inhumane way. Empty Skulls of human head were visible, showing the ferocious nature of the massacre. Due to the quickness of the massacre, no cooked up Dane gun was used. Government sponsored media as usual call the innocent youths terrorists. Inhabitants tell a story of continuous annihilation of any British Southern Cameroonian youth.

Mpundu Balong, Muyuka SZ, Massacre of Innocent kids by French Cameroun Hutu militia

Bole-Bakundu: +15 Massacred on 2 February, 2019 at the Market.

An examination of conflicts around the world reveal that only lawless non-state actors like ISIS, Boko Haram, can launch attacks in hospitals, churches and markets. However, since declaring war on the minority English-speaking people of British Cameroon, the French Cameroun Hutu militia soldiers of frail Paul Biya, have violated every rules governing armed conflicts. The quiet, industrious community of Bole Bakundu in the Southern Zone of British Cameroon, was dealt an arrow through their heart by the arrogant French Cameroun soldiers ordered by ICC candidate Okalia Bilai on 2 February, 2019. The scene was their usually joyous local market day where the ruthless soldiers visited and unloaded their magazines indiscriminately. When the pandemonium ended, more than 15 innocent marketers were massacred. The claim from government sponsored media both nationally and internationally was that these innocent peasants were terrorists. These bogus media abound are the government’s mouth piece, as she has never bothered to comment on the gruesome massacres done by its ill-mannered soldiers.

The Noni Massacre, 8 March, 2019

The massacre reached the village of Dom in Noni subdivision of the Northern Zone of British Southrn Cameroon, when teens were again massacred. The French Cameroun soldiers equally torched several homes before reporting back to the genocidal French-appointed Governor Mr. Lele Afrique.

Balinyonga Massacre again 13 April, 2019. +11 Killed and Incinerated.

Once again the dictator shows that global noise-making about inclusive talks is wishful thinking. Like the previous killings and burning in the same village on 11 November, 2018, the same French-appointed governor repeated the same barbarism with no remorse on 13 April, 2019. More than 13 youths were again killed and incinerated by the French Cameroun Hutu Militias of Paul Biya, in Balinyonga NW British Southern Cameroon. One wonders how a government with such record should be trusted and respected by the victims’ families. The world watches on.

Killed and Burnt in Balinyonga by French Cameroun Military

Killing and Dumping in Manyu and Ikiliwindi, Southern Zone British Southern Cameroon.

All genocidal tactics have been used by French Cameroun on the minority English-speaking people of British Southern Cameroon. In these cases, the innocent victims were killed and dumped in the bushes, in Manyu discovered on the 4 April, 2019, and the other at Ikiliwindi on 12 April, 2019. They were later found at an advanced stages of decomposition. No words from the French Camerou Hutu militias and their leaders. one victim in Manyu was simply tied to a tree and allowed to rot.

Worst Crimes against Humanity by French- Cameroun. Victim tied to a tree
in a forest in Manyu.

Assassination of Health Personnel Continues

Ngamsha Gilbert, was a nurse from Oku who bikes the 25km journey daily to Kumbo, for work. This journey ended on the 29th of January 2019, when Lele Afrique’s Hutu Militias shot him point blank. His fresh, clean and lifeless body was not enough for the militias. A bomb was lazed in his body as the soldiers covered their ears for an explosion that shattered Gilbert’s body into chunks

Fomonyuy Ornella, a pregnant 19-year-old nurse from Kumbo, is now part of the statistics of killed health personnel. Her January 18, 2019, gruesome killing and that of her unborn baby failed to deter the sanguinary Governor Lele Afrique. Prior to Mbuh Priscilia and her colleague’s massacre at the  Mbingo Baptist Hospital on April 1, 2019, she and her colleagues were in emergency mode two weeks prior assisting the same French Cameroun Hutu militias, said to have been attacked by the rag-tag Ambazonia guerillas operating in the municipality. Little did she know that her life shall be sniffed out by those they worked professionally to save. Priscilia and three of her colleagues were mangled by Lele Afrique’s marauding Militias, who attacked the hospital under his instructions.

Forest Massacre in Manyu, 2 February, 2019.

The family’s melancholic pain is heart-wrenching. They had established a shelter in the forest after the military torched their villages and killed several people. They thought without a roof over their head, the French Cameroun Hutu militias, will spare them their lives in the forest hideout.They were wrong. The military followed them into their hideout and executed them. Many more were executed and their temporal abodes razed. One family’s pain is captured in this video.

Mamfe Masacre by French Cameroun Militias of Mr, Paul Biya

The Mbaw Massacre, 1 March, 2019.

Cruel is an understatement. The French Ca h Southern Cameroonians. From village to village the disregard for human life is crude and cruel. The local petrol sellers, bystanders and the villagers of Mbaw in the Northern Zone of British Cameroon, saw their peace and tranquility shattered on 1 April, 2019 when the French Cameroun genocidal machine commanded by the French governor of the region Mr. Lele Afriquestormed their quiet community. As the pictures below illustrate, not only were their houses burnt, but their innocent loved ones killed were equally burnt as well.

Abuses by French Cameroun soldiers.

Pictorial Explanation of some killings in the Northern Zone, January – April 2019 (Read More Here)

Images of More Killings in 2019.