British S.Cameroon Genocide: Biya Fulfills Murder Mission 60 years after.

Njenefor (also known as Mberegha) in Nkwen Fondom, Northern Zone of British Southern Cameroon, is the embodiment of British Southern Cameroons’ hospitality. Nkwen indigenes and those of nearby villages of Bafut and Bambui refer to the area as “Ntongtu”, the generic name for Bamileke people from French Cameroun. Most Citizens of the far off village (Njenefor), originated from French Cameroun. Running from persecution from Ahidjo, Biya and the French colonial administration in the late 50s and early 60s, the Fon of Nkwen at the time gave them refuge at this distant forest. The area was cut-off from the entire Nkwen Village; guarded by numerous hills, rivers and streams. It was poorly-accessible until the arrival of the Apostolic Secondary School in the 90s, and of late the Yong Sports Academy Complex. Here, these persecuted thrived and embedded in the local community. Though feeling relatively save for the time being, their fear of the Biya/Ahidjo regime was discernible through their stories.

On the 6 July, 2019, the Biya administration made real the fear these people harbored of the French Cameroun regime. The dreaded French colonial military whom they had escaped years back, stormed the area and assassinated more than seven individuals. Among them was Mangie Ille, whose parents had escaped the Biya and Ahidjo murder machines from French Cameroun during the pre and post-colonial eras. The hardworking lady was pulled out of her home with her two children and executed – memento of the Forchive/Biya/Ahidjo era in the Bamileke Regions of French Cameroun in the early 60s.

One survivor – innocent rock miner on his way to his mine site that morning, narrates how he was caught, tortured and forced to assemble the corpses. The traumatized man describes how, he heard the men planning to kill him after assembling the corpses. ” When I saw an opening, I fled. They fired at me. It is thanks to God, that I am alive”. The battered innocent man narrates. Investigations indicate that the mastermind is a former Okada rider, turn BIR – Mr. Awantang. The former Okada rider from Mbesi quarter in Nkwen, who now resides at Up Station, is versed with the quarter, and knows every home and occupant. Security men around Mawa Hotel in the area equally confirmed the said action was executed by BIRs from Up Station, ordered by the Governor of the area – Mr. Lele Afrique.

Ille pulled out of her home and assassinated, with her two children.

The French Cameroun colonial authorities do not give reasons for these extra-judicial killings, but grapevine has it that they assumed Ambazonia forces usually drink at her bar. Assuming this is true, how does killing a woman and her family help Fai Yengo’s Peace and Reconciliation Commission? How does it also win minds? French Cameroun colonial forces can only assassinate Ille and others thanks to the imposed unification that allowed French Cameroun soldiers to move across Matadzem (The boundary between the two territories), when they hitherto could not before 1961.

The Bamileke and Bassa Genocides

In the 1950s French forces were responsible for the massacre and exile of leaders of the dissident independent political party, the UPC, which was banned in 1955. “Cameroon’s independence from France was a bitter struggle,” Cameroonian editorialist Gabriel Mbarga told RFI (Read more). Nationalist unrest broke out at the end of France’s 10-year rule in 1955 and was brutally suppressed by French forces, leaving thousands dead. “It became very violent after the suspension of the UPC independence party and the assassination of its leader Ruben Um Nyobe on 13 September, 1958,” Mbarga said.

Estimates of the death toll, still debated by many experts, range from 100,000- 400,000 people killed between 1959 and 1964. In the Department of Sanaga maritime, largely populated by the ethnic group named the Bamileke,120,000 were killed in 1960 alone.The Bamileke people were a prime target because they were suspected of harbouring UPC separatists, who controlled the western province.This bloody repression lasted until 1971.(Read more…). The 86-year-old frail President Paul Biya, has been at the decision-making level of French Cameroun since the French colonial era. (Read more about him here)


Eye Witness Account of the 4th August, 2019 Massacre in Muyuka, by French Cameroun Bulubeti Militias.

Shockingly, this is Muyuka 4/08/2019, precisely Makanga. You won’t believe that being on Sunday in a peaceful atmosphere after churches have closed people in their various quarters, occasions going on, funerals and normal businesses, at around 8 pm military men just storm the quarter with armor vehicles, dangerous war equipment, surprised people with constant saturating gunshots such that people confused what was happening, as the people scattered and ran to either directions, many unfortunately fell into the hands of military who carried them to GBHS front gate and shot them all death. Some happen to be missing only to discovered they were carried to another location after their station called Meanger and killed there. From many points of view they were killed in that way so that it won’t be like mass massacre. Among those in the photo are Mr Abraham with Jean and tennis a palm wine tapper, Mr Joe a road side petrol seller with black trousers, a man called Pa Faith a chemist seller in the middle,  a bike rider whose name am still to know. All were at their business centers when they were caught and taken to murder. Heart breaking, Pa Faith is supposed to have his marriage ceremony on the coming Saturday at Catholic Church Makanga. God sees this, nature sees this, the world sees this; what Cameroun government prefer to do southern Cameroon for crime they haven’t committed except seeking for independence from the brutal colonial rule over them. I don’t know if Paul Biya is now the world president or God of gods, pharaoh, Herod and Nebuchadnezzar ……..

British S.Cameroon Genocide: Here are the Corpses of the +202 Killed in July 2019.

She was not a freedom fighter/secessionist/terrorist, and not a trouble maker. She violated no rules, laws, ordinances or traditional injunctions. She was a fish monger in Ndop, who toils daily to fend for her family. Despite her clean sheet, she had the Sword of Damocles hanging over her head as a British Southern Cameroonian – a dog (chien), idiot, vermin to be eliminated. Their killers are praised and promoted for doing just that. Mama Ngholepeh Pauline(in her 70s), was on a bike at Bambalang in Ndop on the 24th July, 2019, after procuring some seasoned fish (Bambalang fish) to go dispense when the trigger-happy French Cameroun Bulu/Beti militias unloaded their bullets on her. The Bullet oozed out a hole in her stomach (video below). She died instantly.

Gaping hole in Mama Pauline’s Belly

Cyborg, a mentally-ill, guy had several bullets on his chest on 21 July, 2019. His crime first and foremost, was that he was a British Southern Cameroonian. Secondly, his undies was red. Thirdly his life was worthless. Yes, a red clothing in British Southern Cameroon is enough to be made a statistics by the French Cameroun colonial authorities.

Mentally-ill Boy Cyborg

24-year-Carine, a nurse pleaded for the soldiers to spare her life, but they did not. She had made the mistake of accepting her British Southern Cameroonian heritage, when the marauding soldiers stormed her house. “They asked us, if we were anglophones” the sister of the late Carine told sympathizers from her hospital bed. Carine joins a long list of medical personnel killed by the American-trained French Cameroun Bulu/Beti Militias under 86-year-old frail Paul Biya.

Yes you might think, Mami Fish (Pauline) in her 70s and Cyborg a sick person might prick the consciences of the perpetrators, but No! Papa Fru Abenego in his early 80s was shot in front of his brother on July 20, 2019 in Mankon. He was an innocent British Southern Cameroonian, who lived the country’s brief independence from 1954-61. The painful image of the weeping Pa Abenego’s brother, is a reminder to all that dictators are Satan(hell’s) appointees.

These dictators can only thrive in a world where economic interest supersedes human life and dignity; where religious values and messages are guided by economic and fiscal interest. Where the fear of the “Fuhrer” and not the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. The main churches in British S.Cameroons are mute. We discern the dictator is brutal, but there is a moral case that can be made beyond the confines of the brutal regime. No priest in the Cameroons has seized the moral authority to call on the Holy See or the global Christendom to help stop the genocide on his flocks. The holy scripture is clear: Exodus 20:13: “Thou shalt not kill.” Prelates shouldn’t preach only forgiveness, when they did not try to stop the crimes of murdering/offending the victim, whom they are quick at asking to show forgiveness. AGL challenges the British Cameroonian priests to fly out of the country and campaign for the end to this genocide. It’s not enough for Cardinal Tumi, to give local radio interviews, when he can have access to Vatican Radio in the Vatican. He equally has access to the core of global episcopal power, that can help save a life in his native British Southern Cameroon. Do it now and shame the pirates of your flocks.

Papa Abenego and his brother.

Abesolo and four of his friends were arrested at Yoke, in Fako. Four days later – 30th July 2019, the French Cameroun genocidal Governor of the area, Okalia Bilai ordered their bodies to be dumped for the family pain. Their extra-judicial assassinations will certainly go unmentioned by the purported “Human Rights world”. Okalia certainly picked up the monthly assassination script and cue from another French Cameroun colonial governor in the northern Zone of British Cameroon, Lele Afrique.


Residents around Ntahsen in Balinyounga, under colonial Governor Lele Afrique, woke up on 21 July, 2019, to find one of theirs earlier arrested by the French Cameroun colonial military lying in the vicinity. He was not only shot in the eye, but his body was laced with tortured lacerations and bullet holes from the French Cameroun Bulu/Beti militias. Their new recruits must have used his body for mock torture class and a shooting range.

Earlier in the month (1st July, 2019), Che Sam, a resident of Nkwen who crossed the street for a drink was hauled back for burial. Eye witnesses said the French Cameroun military guys in a pickup shot the quiet guy at close range for no reason. The question from the melancholic mourners was, “what did Che do to be killed?” The answer is same – British Southern Cameroonians are filth or vermin to the French Cameroun colonial authorities and their enablers. Che’s wasted blood could be seen by family in desperation (video below). The colonial bullet got right into his heart. Similar shots or bullets the BuluBeti militias are scared to use on renowned terrorists – Boko Haram in Northern French Cameroun.

Che Shot in the heart by French Cameroun Bulubeti militias

Rifem (Mbiame) Bui, 19 July 2019

The images and pain is sullying to all. The couples killed in their home by the French Cameroun colonial BuluBeti militias. The pain from relatives, is another reminder to the global community, that their silence is an endorsement of genocide. The couples did nothing wrong. They were killed for being British Southern Cameroonians. The psychological toll of this early morning assassination on the family and community is gigantic, and unforgettable. (Watch the painful video below on our July 2019 Video compilation)

Motor Bike Inferno

While the commando-style assassinations are rife in the rural areas; remote from the global propaganda media, the towns where the French Cameroun colonial authorities still hold pockets of authority is different. Scared of mass torching of residents in these towns due to the presence of French Cameroun residents, the Biya oligarchy’s modus operandi of coercion, bribery, lies and corruption is rife. In the face of a gullible media, the colonial authorities present a different picture in these areas. While they were busy bribing bike riders to violate ghost towns and hailing them as nation-builders in Kumba Meme County, the rural areas witness massive destruction of the same bikes (main sources of livelihoods for many). From Ossing, Jakiri, Bafut, Muyuka, Nkwen etc, it was a bike inferno. More than 200 bikes were set ablaze by the zonked French Cameroun colonial military – a deliberate act to wreck as much pain and suffering to the people of British Cameroun, if their lives have to be spared for the time being. According to sources, the military’s action they say is good for business for their French Cameroun brothers, as they are owners of most Motor Bike retail outlets. This no doubt is an authoritarian style to govern without consent as the people of this once autonomous country have shown their disdain for the French Cameroun colonial authorities.

How Many did French cameroun Kill in July 2019?

July 2019 like the previous months and years in this ongoing genocide, the French Cameroun colonial regime backed by France killed more than 203 innocent civilians in British Southern Cameroons. Hundreds of houses were also burnt/destroyed in areas such as Djong in Santa, Bawum in Bafut, Weh and Esu in Wum, Kumbo, Ekona, Muyuka, Eyumujock, Meme and Tombel areas. These are just conservative numbers, as only an independent investigation can ascertain the number of innocent British Southern Cameroonians killed in this French Cameroun and Francophonie genocide on a peace-loving people. Conservatively, the number killed are more than 13,000 now.

Some of the Non-image Deaths in July 2019

Epie Sona from Dubai was killed at Mpundu Balong in Muyuka on 1 July, 2019.

Carine, Nurse, shot at Ngomgham in Bamenda, on 4 July, 2019.

6 July, 2019, A teacher and pastor were killed, and several houses set ablaze in Lus Village, in Donga Mantung.

Two young civilians shot death and others arrested to unknown destination in Bafmen, Wum, on 24 July, 2019.

10 Killed in Mautu, in Muyuka, Fako County 14 July, 2019. Village was invaded around 2am. Shooting was random. The target was any young man. CNA

3 killed and dumped on the roadside Muea/Ekona stretch. Mimi

1 person killed in Bamenda on 16 July, 2019. Mr. Suh, was a former teacher at GTC Njinikejem

5 killed in Bafut – 1 on the 18 and others on the 20th of July, 2019, including a lady.

2 killed in Bambui on 19 July, 2019, around the mission. Boy of about 18 years-old and another around 10.

3 Killed at Bamessing in Ndop, 24 July 2019

20 Killed in Bui: 2 Sop, 5 Wainama, 5 Jakiri, 3 Rifem, 3 kikaikom, 2 Killed at a place called Makenene.

Some Images of British S.Cameroonians Killed in July 2019.

Nkogho (Eyumujock) Massacre, 28 July, 2019. Nine Killed

click for enlargement

Some Videos of the July 2019, Massacres.

Some Torched Villages

British S.Cameroons’ Genocide: Divide and Murder – The Donga Mantung Massacre.

Last June 2019, the world watched with shock again, how French Cameroun colonial soldiers practically guarded irate “Mbororo youths” with machetes and guns to maim, kill and torch civilians, villages, in Menchum, Northern Zone of British Cameroons. For observers, it was baffling to watch a military that kills innocent people and tag with Dane guns and machetes to be escorting and praising Fulanis brandishing same weapons with their diabolical intentions known. (Read more here). The soldiers shamelessly executed their masters’ script with perfection, narrating the next step of the Tutsis vs Hutus-style mayhem. (Watch the Video). Their mission was to ignite the same mass killings between the mostly Mbororo/Fulani herders and the locals (farmers), as it unfolded in Rwanda in 1994. The two communities have historically had differences over whether grazing or farming should have priority over arable land. These differences have over the years been exploited by numerous French Cameroun colonial administrators for their selfish benefits.

Although the Fulani/Mbororo communities in Menchum, later realized that they were being duped into attacking their brothers, the non-Fulanis and apologized, the French Cameroun colonial regime was popping champagne for another victory in its premeditated annihilation of the minority English-speaking people of British S.Cameroons. The colonial Governor of the region, Mr. Lele Afrique, (a potential ICC candidate for his crimes) was unapologetic, of the strategy. As usual Mr. Lele Afrique defended their colonial forces for guarding the Mbororo youths to kill innocent civilians. (Here are some of Mr. Lele Afrique’s Murders)

While the Mbororo communities of Wum, were more apologetic for the errors, those of Donga Mantung in the same region remain loyal to the DIVIDE AND MURDER strategy from French Cameroun colonial soldiers. The strategy first came to the consciousness of the world on the 20th of October 2018. It was a massacre that showed just how worthless British Southern Cameroonians’ lives had become in the hands of France and French-Cameroun colonial soldiers and authorities.

The Genocidal Pact between some Fulanis and French Cameroun Colonial Soldiers.

The French-Cameroun tactics of DIVIDE AND MURDER, was unleashed in Donga-Mantung Area of the Northern Zone of British Southern Cameroons on the 20th of October, 2018, with targeted killings of innocent youths . Lured by the French Cameroun authorities, some gullible Fulanis, saw an opportunity to settle their old farmer-grazier conflicts with the locals. It was the most diabolical and genocidal fashion, the Fulanis could have done to their ancestral hosts – the local people. With the assistance of the French-Cameroun colonial armies, more than forty-one young men in the area were rounded up and summarily-executed in the Fulani grazing field to the glee of the Fulani community. Sympathizers believed some form of chemical weapons were used on the innocent civilians, evident by discoloration on the bodies.

Discoloration on the Massacred Bodies.

The world as usual watches in silence, hoping the 86-year-old dictator Paul Biya, can kill his way to a resolution of the historical conflict, of these uniquely two different peoples and cultures that were forcefully yoked together in 1961.

Some Images of the massacre

British S.Cameroon Genocide: “Man pikin no be Kanas”. Genocide Survivors’ Tale

The French Cameroun Military men suddenly appeared, and after opening fire on some guys in the river, turned to us, and one of them, a Hausa man said with pride: “I am going to kill all six of you“. Quickly he forced us on the ground and immediately we heard the sound, “pappapapap” as he unloaded his bullets on Sona. Now is your turn, he said as he pulled me up from the ground. He was about to pull the trigger on me, when his boss miraculously appeared and asked him not to execute us. As we stood there shaking like a rain-soaked kitten, I heard Sona’s last words, ” Awilo, na die this a di die so” (Awilo am dying).

Few are lucky as Nelson (Awilo), and five of his other British Southern Cameroonians, who missed death by the skin of their teeth recently in the Southern Zone of British Southern Cameroons. “Man pikin no be kanas”(To be a man is simply not the possession of balls (Kanas) ), one of the still frightened victims told reporters. “To watch your brother shot in front of you, knowing that you are the next takes a heart to still breath even after your life is spared”, the British Southern Cameroonian narrates their ordeal in the hands of the genocidal Bulubeti militias of French Cameroun. They had gone to repair their canoe at the river banks, when the French Cameroun killer soldiers ambushed them. Listen to the chilling testimonies.

Temporal Ethnic-Cleansing Survivors.

Their case is the new normal in the ongoing ethnic cleansing or targeted killings in British Southern Cameroon by French Cameroun colonial forces, who have gotten a free ride from the western world that credits itself with abundant human rights laws. On July 4, 2019, the same BuluBeti Militias stormed Ngomgham in Mankon, in the Northern Zone of British Cameroon, and to be sure their target was a British Southern Cameroonian, they demanded to know if the occupants of the home were English-speaking. “They asked us , are you anglophones, and we say yes, they shot us“, a bedridden victim told the voice newspaper. After emptying their magazines on the innocent girls, the eldest – Fru Carine, a nurse by profession kicked the bucket on the spot, while her sister is between life and death. Carine’s ETHNICALLY-MOTIVATED killing is best captured by this clipping from one of English Cameroon’s most read Newspapers – the Voice.

Sona and Carine are just two in an elaborate list of extra-judicial killings in the ongoing genocide in British Southern Cameroon

Similar actions have been reported all over the territory like the Buea Massacre, where two British Southern Cameroonians (Esambe Roland Ndone and Monono Emmanuel Evakise) were killed while the French Cameroun citizen among them was set free. All three were arrested at Bakweri Town on July 30, 2018. The French Cameroun Bulubeti Militias provided taxi fare to the French Cameroun citizen to return home safely, while the British Cameroonians were executed and dumped by the road side at Muea, some miles away from home. Read the details of the Buea massacre here

NB: We of AGL are pleading with the U.S and other Human Rights Organizations to ensure the safety of these survivors, after these testimonies. Thanks.

British S.Cameroon Genocide: +15 Massacred at BOLE-BAKUNDU Market

An examination of conflicts around the world reveal that only lawless non-state actors like ISIS, Boko Haram, can launch attacks in hospitals, churches and markets. However, since declaring war on the minority English-speaking people of British Cameroon, the French Cameroun Bulu/Beti militias of frail Paul Biya, have violated every rules governing armed conflicts. The quiet, industrious community of Bole Bakundu in the Southern Zone of British Cameroon, was dealt an arrow through their heart by the arrogant French Cameroun soldiers ordered by her colonial French-speaking Governor and ICC candidate Okalia Bilai.

The gloomy and tearful day was 2 February, 2019. The scene was their usually joyous local market day where the ruthless soldiers visited and unloaded their magazines indiscriminately. When the pandemonium ended, more than 15 innocent marketers were massacred. The claim from government-sponsored media both nationally and internationally was that these innocent peasants were terrorists. These bogus media outfits are the government’s mouth piece, as the colonial government of French Cameroun has never bothered to comment on the gruesome massacres done by its ill-mannered soldiers on British Southern Cameroonians.

British S. Cameroon Genocide: Close to 200 Murdered in June 2019.

He is a handicap with Kyphosis (roundback or Kelso’s hunchback). Friends and the public know him as the Stickman, for his use of a specially-contoured stick as a cane. He lives at Fiango, Kumba, British S. Cameroun, beside St. Jude, adjacent to where the French Cameroun colonial military base is located. 
Reports say he was picked up on 29 June, 2019 by French Cameroun Hutu Militias/soldiers under Paul Biya, and taken to an intersection commonly called 3 corners and publicly executed (extra-judicial killing) in the wee hours of June 30th, 2019. Video footage indicates the poor handicap had gone to procure a snack.

“Human life is really worthless in our region” a voice could be heard. “I heard the shot at dawn”, another baffled onlooker interjected. The blood-clotted body indicates that the brutal French Cameroun military bullet had caught the innocent handicap around his chest, forcing its way to the neck. To the bewildered onlookers, the blood on the lifeless body of the vulnerable handicap reveals nothing but the fact that the life of any British Southern Cameroonian, (or dogs as the French Cameroun authorities call them) rests with the genocidal French Cameroun armies that now kill for fun. For others, it is a genocide or extermination of any English-speaking Southern Cameroonian, else a harmless man, whom neighbors say could not harm a fly, wouldn’t have been killed like a rabbit on a highway.

Stick man

is just one more in a list of innocent British Southern Cameroonians killed in the genocide. June turned out to be brutal and ferrocious like other months in the ongoing genocide in British Southern Cameroon (Ambazonia). The genocide continued with hundreds again massacred by French Cameroun colonial forces.

In Babungo in the Northern part of the territory a cherished cultural practice of honoring the departed saw three innocent mourners gunned down by a trigger-happy French Cameroun military. Still in the same locality, four innocent men were picked up in a village called Bamunka, and publicly shot at Sabga, about three miles away. The innocent British Southern Cameroonians were struggling to go look for jobs. Still in the Sabga (Small Babanki) area, on Friday, June 14, 2019, the Cameroon Military invaded a local market near a farm in the area and picked up 9 people, all were later shot. Reports say six died on the spot while three were hospitalized. In Big Babanki, scores of farmers were also killed in their farms. Two innocent civilians were killed as well in Ntaankaa in Mankon, by the military, claiming to be after ambazonia self defense units.

In Manyu in the Southern Zone, Agbor Samuel Eyong fondly called Vekpem was killed and the neck chopped off by unidentifiable gunmen on Sunday June 16, 2019. Still in Manyu, on 12 June, 2019, National Telegraph reports that the French Cameroun military killed a pregnant nurse and three of her children in their hide out in a village called Talangaye. Still in Ekona Southern Zone, Two male youths of about 19 and 23 were gunned down on Saturday June 22, 2019, by French Cameroun forces.

The Kumbo diocesean Commission for Justice and Peace reports that between April 5th and 17 June, 2019, some 89 houses were burnt and 61 people killed in the Kumbo diocese alone. Kumbo Diocese comprises Bui and Donga Mantung Divisions (11 Sub-divisions). The commission concludes that the figures are likely higher as many of the areas are inaccessible due to poor network and insecurity. Below are some of the killed in June 2019, by French Cameroun soldiers.

Sabga: Door Market Killings

Babungo Killings

Innocent victims going for a funeral were just massacred by French Cameroun soldiers. These are crimes against humanity, being condoned by the global brokers masterminded by France.

Bamunka (Ndop) Killings

Caught in Bamunka, Ndop. Killed and dumped at Sabga.

Mbiame: Ringtone Massacre.

These are two brothers pulled out of their homes and executed by French Cameroun colonial soldiers in Mbiame, Bui Division, British S.Camerooon, on 22 June, 2019. Their crime was having a ring tone that resembles the Ambazonia national anthem. Should a ringtone be enough to take away a life? The answer was given by the American Ambassador to Cameroun, Mr. Henry Balerin when he accused the French Cameroun Government of “Targeted killings” of Anglophones or British Southern Cameroonians/Ambazonians. Here is Mr. Balerin to French Cameroun Authorities (View). Since his declaration, more than 10,000 British Southern Cameroonians have been killed by French Cameroun colonial forces.

Kurt, Nwa Region, Donga Mantung

All these young men were arrested by LRC terrorist soldiers in complicity with some Mbororos and later on murdered in front of family members. The images show them being rounded up, tortured, and their corpses retrieved later by mourning families. As usual, the French Cameroun colonial forces tagged them with Dane guns, oblivious to the fact that during the arrest and torture, no gun was present.

Beyond Human Cruelty

Killed and abandoned in a toilet in Ekona by French Cameroun colonial Hutu Militias, 14 June, 2019. He was discovered in an advanced stage of decomposition.

Ekombe Massacre

27th June, 2019. This happened in Small Ekombe, Mbonge local government Area, where French Cameroun soldiers killed this young girl and the pregnant mother, threw them beside the stream.The population discovered them at this stage of decomposition. Two other people were also shot; one on the jaw and the other on the leg. Survival for them was slim.

Rwanda Playbook by French Cameroun Soldiers in Menchum

Still in the month of June, the genocide took the Rwnada 1994 lane, when French Cameroun soldiers guarded Fulanis (mostly Muslims) in Menchum county to attack other non-Fulanis of the area. The blood bath that followed was filmed by the same armies and shared as victory. Torched homes included King (Fon) palaces. For observers, it is baffling to watch a military that kills innocent people and tag with Dane guns and machetes to be escorting and praising Fulanis brandishing same weapons with their intentions. Scores were also killed by the French Cameroun military after a three-day onslaught in which about 100 houses were burnt, crops destroyed and severe looting as well. To keep the world in the dark, telecommunication to the area was cut off by the French Cameroun authorities. In a village called Esu, the last hospital was also destroyed. Some of the civilian casualties in Esu include:
1)  Nong Tah( Chéché) brother of Nfua Tah bike rider 2) Mih Valentine (Drawn) .3) Fuh Godwill  son of Chu Bern Ughi ukpwe. 4) TEM MEH IVO (OMEGA) son  Joe Meh Keluam. 5) KELLY KELVIN son of Martin Ettia 6) Roger Meh 7) Alang Andre (short boy). 8) Satan, a boy from Wum. (Short boy). 9) Meh Kum. 10)  Kpwe Eweh son Peter Eweh Ukpwe. 11) KANG David. 12)  Adela Chuo Buh, (shot in Weh village).

French Cameroun Military Guiding Fulanis to Murder

In Ekona, several corpses were discovered in an advanced state of decomposition. Reports say they were randomly arrested in Ekona on the 9th of June, 2019 by the french Cameroun colonial army and Executed but dumped elsewhere. On the same day a total of ten civilians are said to have been executed with live ammunition the same armies. 

Tan Village Jakiri, 11 June, 2019.

The were pulled out of their homes in the middle of the night and massacred by French Cameoun militias/soldiers loyal to Mr. Biya.

More Images of British Southern Cameroonians Killed in June 2019.

Still to be Identified by Our Team

Food Crops were not Spared. Maize Farm Destroyed in Kumbo (BUI)

British S.Cameroon Genocide: The Buea Massacre, 30th July, 2018

Bakweri Town, Sandpit area in Buea, British Southern Cameroon, on Monday, July 30, 2018, experienced one of their greatest horrors in memory, when masked elements of the Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR) of the French Cameroun colonial army moved into the locality and massacred youths. Some were taken away and executed in neighboring Muea town, leaving the entire community wailing and mourning their children and friends. While the casualty here is pale comparable to the other massacres in the ongoing genocide on the minority English-speaking people of British Southern Cameroon, the uniqueness of this Buea massacre was that among the two ( Esambe Roland Ndone and Monono Emmanuel Evakise) later executed at Muea town, was a French-speaking Camerounian. When he identified himself as having originated from French Cameroun, his brothers from the French Cameroun military gave him taxi fare and executed the two British Southern Cameroonians. Thank God he relayed the whereabouts of the two innocent British Southern Cameroonians, whose corpses were retrieved for burial.(Read the full eye-witness details here)

Innocent British Southern Cameroonians murdered for Being English-Speakers
Images of the Massacre by French Cameroun Soldiers under 86-year-old Paul Biya

British S. Cameroon Genocide: What if he were Dion Ngute’s Son? Time for “Benevolent Neutrality” is Now.

To all British S.Cameroonian politicians Beyond the Moungo.

Under the Eastern Region, British Southern Cameroon suffered what was known as the Ibo domination. The Ibo established their hegemony over Southern Cameroons and caused them to be further frustrated by foreign domination. However, it was during this period that the first parliamentary elections were organised in the territory to choose representatives to the Eastern Regional House of Assembly and Federal House in Lagos. Following discrimination they faced as a minority group in the assembly, they walked out in protest and declared Benevolent Neutrality in Nigerian politics. This led to the holding of the first Southern Cameroons Conference in Mamfe in 1953. This Conference adopted a petition addressed to the United Kingdom Government that demanded for a separate regional status in conformity with Southern Cameroons’ status as a UN Trust territory. It was from here that Southern Cameroons nationalism began. This political action yielded the desired results. In 1954, Southern Cameroons achieved self-governing status, with Dr. EML Endeley as first Premier. Read more here.

These achievements and self-rule were achieved without any villages torched with occupants, thousands killed and the bodies burnt, women and children raped in broad daylight. Worst of it, being labelled dogs and a different language imposed on you. Living witnesses of this history such as Nfon Mukete, Achidi Achu, Fon Angwafor, Dorothy Njeuma, John Fru Ndi, etc should be able to compare the fact that the scare of the Ibos cannot be compared with this genocide from French Cameroon. Which representative in a true democracy sits mum when his/her constituents are killed, maimed, homes destroyed, children raped, places of worship desecrated? How do you go back to them for votes? Worst of all is how do you sit in the pews and ask for God’s blessings?

What if this killed and dumped body in Ekona by French Cameroun Soldiers was Mr. Dion Ngute’s son?

What is this constituent’s crime to be killed and abandoned like this? What if this human turns out to be Prime Minister Dion Ngute’s son? Would he praise the military for a job well done? AJL will never get an answer, cause such answer will not resurrect the more than 12,000 killed or more than 9000 homes razed. Neither is your wealth able to absolve this pain that British Southern Cameroonians are going through since Akum Julius was shot in November 2016.

Isn’t it time to walk back across the Moungo like the Angwafor’s and Mukete’s did in 1953? Why must the union be built with your peoples’ blood? Why is French Cameroun not fighting to regain the portions of Kamerun ceded to Chad, Central African Republic, Congo and Gabon in 1919? The answer is simple: those portions are part of the Francophonie and so the British Southern Cameroon and its language and values must be replaced. Chief Nfon Mukete , Achidi Achu, Enoh Tanjong, Fon Angwafor, as the oldest living architects of unification, it is time to walk back to your people NOW and be HEROES. The UNION experiment has failed and the blood of your people can’t glue it back together again.

Cameroun’s PM, Mr. Dion Ngute

Mr. Dion Ngute is Cameroun’s ceremonial Prime Minister since January 2019. Constitutionally he is irrelevant in Cameroun’s succession or power arrangement. He however remains the most senior member of English Cameroon extraction in the predominantly French Cameroun government of the Republic of Cameroun. The post of Prime Minister in Cameroun has often been seen more as a PR stunt to goad English speakers than one with a real portfolio. Although he is often called the head of Government, he has never formed a government. Most often he is appointed simultaneously with the government he is rhetorically to lead. Lead functions domestically include galvanizing the remnants of the disillusioned population to sing the praises of the now 86-year-old frail Paul Biya, who has governed Cameroun since 1982.

Frail Paul Biya being aided to Wave by Wife Chantal Biya, at a state dinner last May 2019.

Video-Evidence of Corpses of British S. Cameroonians Killed and Dumped in Rivers.

Horrors of the genocide on British Southern Cameroonians are beyond human imagination. From Manyu to Donga Mantung, victims and families continue to narrate their ordeals of loved ones massacred, with some immersed in rivers by French Cameroun soldiers, commanded by sons and daughters of the territory. Some English-speaking newspapers in Kamerun published some of the horrors of corpses retrieved in rivers in Menchum, following the 1st massacre in that region in August and September 2018. The silence from global leaders and organizations have no doubt provided impetus to the marauding French Cameroun soldiers. They have continued till date to kill, burn and fan ethnic rivalry. This has resulted in more than 8500 houses burnt with more than 12000 killed.

Newspapers such as this continue to cry out against French Cameroun Excesses in British S. Cameroon.

Apart from killing and burning the remains of innocent British Southern Cameroonians, the arrogant and seemingly untouchable French Cameroun soldiers have added more pains to grieving families by either secretly burying, dumping or thrusting the bodies of loved ones in rivers. This gruesome method in rivers involves pressing the corpses with heavy objects like stones and wood. The video below is just one of many innocent British Southern Cameroonians killed and dumped in rivers by French Cameroun soldiers. Global intervention is needed to hold these perpetrators of these Atrocity Crimes accountable for their actions.

Body Retrieved from a river, dumped by French Cameroun Soldiers