These pictures at the British Embassy in Yaounde, Cameroun, during condolences to the British people sums up the willingness of the British Government to allow Macron and French Cameroun to continue the genocide on the British Territory of Southern Cameroons(Ambazonia). The picture shows the late Queen Elizabeth, at Buckingham Palace with British Southern Cameroon leaders, (another with some leaders in Nigeria), in the 50s, as they prepare for their independence, as was prescribed in the 1919, Versailles Treaty( Trusteeship Agreement). This full independence has never been achieved as the Queen in complicity with De Gaulle, the UN, will violate the Trusteeship Agreement which was to prepare all the territories seized from Germany for self-rule.

The result of this blatant violation of the Trusteeship Council involved organizing a fake plebiscite for the territory in 1961, leaving out the option for independence. In its place the Queen asked the territory whether it wanted to gain independence by joining two different independent dominions. As an autonomous territory with a functioning Government, two democratic transitions, the British Southern Cameroons, was forced into a Union with France’s oversee province -French Cameroun in 1961. The Union never worked out as the territory’s vast resources forced French Cameroun (France) to abolish the Union (similar situations between Ethiopia and Eritrea etc), thus the start of marginalization of the territory. Despite years of warnings by the CIA, of an impending civil war if the apartheid-level treatment of the English-speaking Southern Cameroonians continue, France ramped up the assimilation with French schools, administrators etc. The English Common Law System was replaced with French Civil Law etc. Like the CIA predicted, the British Government(Queen) who created the mess were busy with the French sharing the rich oil potentials of the territory. This video of the Former UK Minister for Africa, Harriet Baldwin, defending Newage’s oil acquisition in the British Southern Cameroons in the midst of the genocide sums up the role of the Queen and the UK, like in apartheid South Africa – go for their economic interest first.

Harriet Baldwin, defends the UK’s BLOOD FOR OIL & GAS POLICY, in British Southern Cameroon (Ambazonia)


The civil war, that Gregory Stanton of Genocide Watch, has emphatically stated is a genocide based on his stages of genocide has seen the killing of more than 40,000 innocent civilians since 2016. Villages more than the size of the US State of Connecticut have been burnt down by the French Cameroun soldiers (now called colonial soldiers by the citizens of the territory). This genocide is backed by France and her diplomatic allies. Despite affirmations by US diplomats like Mr. Henry Balerin, that there is “Targeted Killings” by the French Cameroun soldiers, the White House has silently backed France in this extermination, while acknowledging the plight of thousands of displaced people from the territory around the world. The Biden Administration’s Temporary Protective Status for refugees from Kamerun is an acknowledgement of the genocide on the minority English-speaking people who are executed daily as they struggle to assert their colonial attachment to British/Anglo-Saxon values. The British Government on its part has remained silent on the killings as Paris violates whatever human rights provisions exist in the world.

Queen Elizabeth and Son Charles, now King Charles


Like in Apartheid South Africa, the civil rights movement in the USA, Gandhi’s silent resistance to British colonial rule, the English-speaking people of the British Southern Cameroons(Ambazonia) have shown to the world that, the UN’s forced Union with France/French Cameroun has come to an end. They no longer take control from Yaounde. Elections or other activities organized in the territory are boycotted, all forms of resistance to the French Cameroun is evident everywhere. However, as Black People, whose resources are more important to the western European allies, these civil disobediences that are celebrated worldwide as signs of peoples’ power have been ignored by these same western powers, as French Cameroun/France try to suppress them with tanks, bribery, corruption, daily executions etc. “We don’t want anything to do with French Cameroun, the territories interim Government led by Dr. Sako Ikome, affirms. “We find it hard to completely mourn the Queen’s passing, as she literally died with one key to our freedom. Thank God, we know our history and still have a copy of this key and will fight for our freedom.” He affirms. (Below are images of innocent civilians killed and burnt by French Cameroun soldiers, backed by Macron in Bali, British Southern Cameroons.


As the Queen becomes history, the genocide on the minority English-speaking people of the former British Southern Cameroons continues. France is bent on obliterating the territory to expand its Francophone empire. On her part, the British Government has practically acted like another French oversee Territory – watching in silence s the French violate every treaty. The UK has conducted a BREXIT for herself, but will not support the same vote for the people of the territory who have shown their hatred for the Queen’s 1961 decision. The British Monarchy, organized a SCOTXIT for Scotland, but has refused to take up the British Southern Cameroons genocide to those who matter for a democratic resolution, as the West claim democracy is the bedrock of stability. With King Charles on the throne and having visited the British Southern Cameroons, the genocide on this British Territory by French Cameroun can be ended if the British Embassy in Yaounde, look at the image of the Late Queen with Southern Cameroons leaders and remind the British Parliament and King Charles to organize a Referendum for the territory like they did for Scotland. For Six years now, it is clear that the people of the territory are done with the Fake Union with French Cameroun.

To read more about the current genocide and the history of the territory, now called Ambazonia click here.

To get a sense of the number killed over the years since 2016, please click here

Cameroon: Army Killings, Disappearances, in North-West Region

Investigate and Prosecute Abusive Security Forces

The destroyed remains of a house in Belo’s Sho neighborhood burned by Cameroonian soldiers during a counter-insurgency operation on June 11, 2022.
The destroyed remains of a house in Belo’s Sho neighborhood burned by Cameroonian soldiers during a counter-insurgency operation on June 11, 2022. © Private, Belo, North-West region, Cameroon, June 12, 2022

(Nairobi) – Cameroonian soldiers summarily killed at least 10 people and carried out a series of other abuses between April 24 and June 12, during counter-insurgency operations in the North-West region, Human Rights Watch said today. The troops also burned 12 homes, destroyed, and looted health facilities, arbitrarily detained at least 26 people, and are presumed to have forcibly disappeared up to 17 others.

“Instead of protecting the population from threats posed by armed groups, the Cameroonian security forces have committed serious violations against civilians, causing many to flee their homes,” said Ilaria Allegrozzi, senior central Africa researcher at Human Rights Watch. “Cameroonian authorities should conduct credible and impartial investigations into these serious abuses and hold the abusers accountable.”

Between June 3 and July 21, Human Rights Watch interviewed by telephone 35 people with knowledge of 4 incidents in which the security forces allegedly committed serious abuses. Interviewees included 16 witnesses, 8 family members of victims, a community leader, 3 journalists, 5 members of civil society organizations, and 2 human rights lawyers. The incidents took place in and around the towns and villages of Belo, Chomba, Missong, and Ndop. Human Rights Watch also reviewed 53 photographs and 16 videos, shared directly with researchers, showing evidence of the military violations.

The violations were committed during military operations against armed separatist groups seeking independence for the two English-speaking regions of Cameroon, North-West and South-West. Human Rights Watch has also documented serious abuses by separatist fighters during the same period, including the killings and kidnapping of civilians, and attacks on students, teachers, and schools.

Witnesses said that on April 24, soldiers from the Rapid Intervention Battalion (Bataillon d’intervention rapide, BIR) outside of Ndop, stopped, severely beat, and then detained between 30 and 40 motorbike riders who were part of a funeral convoy, allegedly because the soldiers suspected them of being separatist fighters. Up to 17 of those detained are presumed forcibly disappeared, as their whereabouts is unknown, but they were last seen in military custody.

“The soldiers selected those among us who had dreadlocks,” a bike rider who was later released told Human Rights Watch. “For them this is an indication that you are an amba boy [separatist fighter]. They forced us to undress and beat us savagely with an iron hammer and with their belts.”

On June 1, soldiers from the 53rd Motorized Infantry Battalion (Bataillon d’infanterie motorisée, BIM) killed nine people, including four women and an 18-month-old girl, in Missong village, in a reprisal operation against a community suspected of harboring separatist fighters.

On June 8, soldiers conducted an abusive military operation in Chomba, burning a home and looting the local health center. They also arrested a woman along with her 11-year-old foster child and held them for 24 days at the BIR barracks in Bafut, North-West region. Human Rights Watch has documented other cases of civilians detained on military bases, in violation of Cameroonian law.

From June 9 to 11, in Belo, security forces summarily killed one man, injured another, burned at least 12 homes, destroyed a community health center, and looted at least 10 shops.

Human Rights WatchAmnesty International, and other organizations have also documented a longstanding pattern of unlawful and incommunicado detention and torture in custody in Cameroon.

On July 28, Human Rights Watch sent an email to the Cameroon army spokesperson, Colonel Cyrille Serge Atonfack Guemo, detailing the alleged abuses and requesting answers to specific questions. Atonfack did not reply.

Since 2016, Cameroon’s English-speaking regions have been in the throes of a political and security crisis between armed separatist groups seeking independence for their self-proclaimed state of Ambazonia, comprising the North-West and South-West regions, and the Cameroonian security forces. The violence has caused about 6,000 deaths and a major humanitarian crisis, with almost 600,000 people internally displaced within the Anglophone and neighboring regions, and over 77,000 forced to become refugees in Nigeria.

Both Cameroonian security forces and armed separatist groups have committed serious human rights abuses but have faced limited or no consequences. Impunity remains a key driver of the crisis, emboldening abusers, and fueling further harm and violence.

On July 19, speaking from Bamenda, the capital of the North-West region, while appointing new generals to command troops fighting separatists, Joseph Beti Assomo, Cameroon’s defense minister, said that the military should take all necessary precautions to prevent human rights violations during operations and hold those responsible for abuses accountable.

In a June 7 news release, Atonfack, the army spokesman, acknowledged military responsibility for the killings in Missong village and announced that an investigation had been opened. Promising to investigate violations is a positive step, but the Cameroonian government has failed to make good on previous such commitments, Human Rights Watch said.

More than two years after the massacre of 21 civilians, including 13 children, in Ngarbuh, North-West region, by Cameroonian soldiers, and the government’s acknowledgement of military responsibility, the trial of those accused of involvement in the killings has dragged on. This slow pace raises concerns about the justice system’s efficiency and ability to deliver justice to the victims and fight impunity.

The crisis in the Anglophone regions has received little media and international attention and has been considered one of the most neglected worldwide. In her June 8 briefing to the United Nations Security Council on the situation in the central African region, Assistant Secretary-General for Africa Martha Pobee urged “the international community to step up support to national efforts toward a peaceful resolution” of the Anglophone crisis. On July 25 and 26, French President Emmanuel Macron visited Cameroon, and met with his counterpart Paul Biya. Macron did not publicly address crucial human rights issues, including human rights abuses committed by both security forces and separatist groups in the Anglophone regions.

“Cameroon’s international partners, including the African Union and United Nations, should insist that there can be no peace in the Anglophone regions without justice,” Allegrozzi said. “Cameroon’s bilateral partners should send a strong and clear message to the Cameroonian government that engaging in atrocities with impunity has consequences.”

For more details on recent abuses and accounts from victims and witnesses, please see below.

Arbitrary Detention and Other Abuses

On April 24, BIR soldiers detained and severely beat between 30 and 40 motorbike riders who were part of a funeral convoy heading to Oku from Ndop, suspecting the motorcycle riders of being separatist fighters. The soldiers took them to their base in Ndop and divided them into two groups. Twenty-three were transferred to the BIR base in Bafut, about 44 kilometers from Ndop, where they were held for approximately three weeks incommunicado.

Then, they were moved to two gendarmerie stations in Bamenda, where they were held for another five days. On May 21, all 23 were transferred to Bamenda’s central prison, where they remain. They have been taken before the Bamenda’s military court at least twice since May but are yet to be formally charged, and their trial has not started.

The situation or whereabouts of the approximately 7 to 17 men other detained on April 24 in Ndop has not been revealed and they are presumed forcibly disappeared, as they were last seen in military custody in April.

Human Rights Watch spoke to two motorbike riders who were at the Ndop BIR base on April 24, to five relatives of three motorbike riders currently held at Bamenda’s central prison, and to a relative of one of those missing.

A 22-year-old bike rider who had been at the base said:

The BIR stopped us in the middle of the road. They selected those whom they suspected to be amba fighters [separatist fighters]. Some were chosen because they had dreadlocks, others because the BIR said they had their pictures on file and they knew they were amba boys [separatist fighters]. The soldiers started beating them with a hammer, kicking them with their boots. After more than four hours like this, the BIR took them to their base, in Ndop. As a president of the motorbike riders’ union, I followed them there. I wanted to speak with the BIR commander to negotiate their release. I wanted to tell him that these people were not amba fighters, but ordinary men. Instead, the soldiers beat me and kicked me.

A female student whose 20-year-old brother is among those in Bamenda central prison said:

As soon as I was informed that my brother had been arrested, I started looking for him. I went to all police and gendarmerie stations in Bamenda, but I couldn’t find him. I was very worried. For about 10 days, I had no news about him. I thought he had been killed. Then, someone told me that he was detained at Bafut BIR camp. So, I went there, but the soldiers refused me access. They did not confirm he was held there but said that I should wait in Bamenda because “they will be taken there”.

The uncle of a 22-year-old man who is among the disappeared said:

My nephew is missing. We don’t know where he is now. The last time he was seen was at BIR base in Ndop. That’s what other motorbike riders told me. I went to the Bafut BIR base, but the soldiers told me he wasn’t there. Rumors circulated that he was held at the gendarmerie station in Kumbo. So, I went there, but I didn’t find him. I searched for him in Bamenda, at multiple police, and gendarmerie stations, no avail. I am very worried. I hope we find him alive.

Abusive Military Operation in Belo

Five witnesses described a three-day army operation in and around the town of Belo from June 9 to 11, during which the security forces summarily killed 47-year-old Ndifoin Clement, known as Bo Luh, injured a 33-year-old man, burned at least 12 homes, destroyed a community health center, and looted at least 10 shops.

The Killing of Bo Luh

A 29-year-old woman who lives in Belo’s Njinkfuin neighborhood described what happened when soldiers killed Bo Luh and burned his home on June 10:

The soldiers came in the morning, shooting. I saw them going toward Bo Luh’s home. I hid in the house and watched. I saw smoke and flames coming out from that house. They [the soldiers] burned it. When they [the soldiers] left, I went there and found Bo Luh’s body on the ground. He had been shot in the back. I ran away and waited until about 4 p.m. Meantime, Bo Lu’s body had been taken to his family’s home. I went there and helped relatives washing and dressing the body. I saw a bullet wound on the right side of the back.

Human Rights Watch also reviewed five pictures showing Bo Luh’s body and a 28-second video showing Bo Luh’s home after the burning. Witnesses and Belo residents told Human Rights Watch that soldiers targeted Bo Luh because they suspected him of having ties with separatist fighters.

Soldiers also shot a 33-year-old man in the right leg in Belo, injuring him. The victim, who asked to remain anonymous, said:

At about 3 a.m., I was coming back home from a wake, when I was caught by the soldiers. I was riding my motorbike. They shot at me at close range. I fell off the motorbike, but I managed to run away. I heard a soldier saying in French: “Je l’ai raté” [I missed him]. I went to the Mbingo Baptist hospital where I underwent surgery to extract the bullet. I was discharged seven days later.

Looting and Burning of Property

A humanitarian worker living at Belo’s Njinkfuin neighborhood said that he saw soldiers ransacking several stores on June 10: “They broke into shops and looted what they found, electronics, drinks, food. I saw them loading these items on their trucks. Up to 10 stores were looted.”

Another Njinkfuin resident said that soldiers burned homes on June 10 and 11 in his neighborhood, as well as in nearby areas, including Aboh, Ashing, Bobong, and Sho. He said:

The BIR and regular army soldiers entered Belo with up to 13 armored vehicles. They came to the area where I live shooting indiscriminately. On June 10, they burned four houses: one at Njinkfuin and three at Aboh. On June 11, they burned two houses in Ashing, three in Sho, and three more in Bobong. I filmed some of the burned homes.

The destroyed rooftop of a house burned by Cameroonian soldiers in Belo’s Bobong neighborhood on June 11, 2022
The destroyed rooftop of a house burned by Cameroonian soldiers in Belo’s Bobong neighborhood on June 11, 2022. © Private, Belo, North-West region, Cameroon, June 12, 2022

Human Rights Watch reviewed 29 photographs and 9 videos showing the burning of homes in these areas and consistent with accounts provided by witnesses.

Billy Burton, from the Cameroon Database of Atrocities, a nonpartisan group of academic researchers and civic leaders, analyzed a 1-minute and 14-second video posted on Facebook showing a burned building. He geolocated the video in Sho, one of the areas targeted by the soldiers during their abusive operation, and reviewed satellite images showing the building intact before June 6 and burned out after that date.

A June 14 report by prominent Cameroonian human rights group, Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa, also documents the military abuses in Belo, including the burning of homes, and looting of stores.

Destruction, Looting of a Community Health Center

A 43-year-old doctor said that soldiers attacked, damaged, and looted the health center where he used to work on June 10.

At about 9 a.m., I was at the health center with four patients. We heard gunshots. Suddenly, a bullet passed through the wall of the room where we were sitting. Blocks of the wall started falling down, as more bullets hit the wall. The room became dusty. We hid under the beds. Then, soldiers broke into the health center by destroying two iron doors. They took the patients out. They also took me out at gunpoint. They asked me questions about the amba [separatist fighters], like “Where are they? Do you know their positions?”. They intimidated and threatened me with harm. Then, they started looting what they found in the center and ordered me to pack it.

Abusive Military Operation in Chomba

On June 8, regular army soldiers and BIR soldiers carried out an operation in Chomba searching for armed separatist fighters. During the operation, they arrested at least one woman and her 11-year-old foster child and burned a house. On June 12, they occupied, vandalized, and looted the local health center. Human Rights Watch spoke to three witnesses to the incident, two relatives, and the lawyer of those arrested, and reviewed a 46-second video showing the house set ablaze by the soldiers.

It is not the first time the military conducted abusive operations in Chomba, which is in a separatist-held area. Human Rights Watch documented that on December 10, 2021, BIR soldiers searched door-to-door in Chomba, gathered about 80 residents in the village square, accused them of harboring separatist fighters, and threatened them with death. The soldiers forcibly disappeared four villagers, two of them women, during the raid. They were found dead by villagers on December 29, 2021, with apparent gunshot wounds to their heads.

Arbitrary Detention and Extortion

During the military operation on June 8, soldiers arrested an 11-year-old boy and his foster mother. “Nobody knew where they had been taken, and for 24 hours we thought they had been killed, we were worried,” a friend of their said. “Then, someone told me they had been taken to the BIR base in Bafut, so I informed the child’s biological parents, who went there.”

The child’s biological mother said:

I went with my husband and an uncle to the BIR base in Bafut, on June 9. The military only allowed my husband and uncle in. They saw the child from a window but did not talk to him. They did not see the child’s foster mother. They discussed with one BIR officer who said we should give him 500,000 CFA [USD $777] to release the child. So, on June 10, before 3 p.m., we raised the money and gave it to him. But he didn’t release my boy.

The lawyer representing the child and his foster mother told Human Rights Watch that the two were illegally detained at the BIR base in Bafut, about 25 kilometers from Chomba, from June 8 to July 3, when they were transferred to a gendarmerie station in Bamenda. He said that the child was released on July 3, while the mother was transferred to Bamenda’s central prison on July 14 on charges of secession.

Occupation, Looting of the Local Health Center (June 12)

A nurse working at the Mbachongwa integrated health center – the only medical facility in Chomba and its surrounding villages – said that in the morning of June 12, more than 100 soldiers invaded the health center, vandalized it, looted important medical equipment and drugs, and occupied it until the following day. Two other Chomba residents and a local religious authority corroborated the account of the incident to Human Rights Watch.

The nurse said:

A four-month-pregnant woman came to my home for medical attention on June 12 at around 10 a.m. She was in a lot of pain, but I couldn’t take her to the health center because the soldiers had invaded it and I was afraid. In the evening, as the woman continued to be very sick, I found courage and took her to the health center. Soldiers initially pushed us back, then let us in.

When I got into the center, I was shocked. Everything had been turned upside down. The mattresses were spread all over the place. The soldiers were everywhere, in all the rooms and wards, they were smoking, chatting, drinking, talking, cooking. I looked for the instruments I needed to check on the pregnant woman but didn’t find any. The soldiers had taken them away. I went back home feeling desperate. The following morning the soldiers left. I called the doctor. We went back to the center, only to find out that the miliary had stolen important medical equipment and drugs.

From HRW



In its 6th year, with no end in sight, victory impossible as earlier warned by the international community, the French Cameroun, soldiers backed by France, have intensified the executions in English-Cameroon(Ambazonia) unseen in any recent conflict. Alarmed by the silence of the church, international community, the vulnerable English-speaking press in Kamerun, is staying mute no more. Conversant of the consequences which is silent disappearance like their colleague Simon Wazizi, the Post Newspaper is biting the bullet. In its latest edition, the paper describes the stench from decomposing corpses in villages and rivers executed by the French Cameroun soldiers backed by France and the West in English Cameroon. Corroborating the paper, reports in Kumbo, Bafut, Bamenda and other areas see families narrate how their relatives were simply picked up in their sleep and if lucky their corpses will be seen for burial. Communities report how they have been busy burying corpses dumped in their vicinities and rivers by French Cameroun soldiers.

“My brother was arrested by these soldiers at home. I was sleeping with him, till today I have not heard about him. Its been two months now.” A tearful man in his thirties narrates. His mother’s plea to the Presbyterian church where his son used to worships has fallen on deaf ears. “The moderator is the one helping these soldiers to kill us.” an observer in the village of Bali chimes. “He lied about a Christian killed in the church here by the French Cameroun soldiers, the angry woman continues. She is referring to a Christian – Mrs. Numvi. Read her story here.

Corpse Flooding in a River in Bafut, English-Cameroon, killed and dumped by French Cameroun Soldiers

Below is the image of one of the Atrocity Crimes Committed by the French Cameroun soldiers this week in Kumbo. Two civilians burnt in their sleep.

TARGETED KILLINGS SINCE 2016: Former U.S Ambassador to Cameroon, Henry Balerin, as the sole diplomat horrified by the atrocities attempted to walk a fine line by describing the genocide as “targeted killings of anglophonesThese “targeted killings” are evident in the killings and burning mostly in rural areas in English-speaking Cameroon, where the French-Speaking population is unlikely to be present. However, there are overwhelming evidence of genocide. These incorporates asking  entire villages to leave or be exterminated, calling English-speaking people dogs or terrorists (Click here), scorching entire communities (Click here),killing of innocent civilians (and justifying their extermination with fake Dane guns), mass raping (Click here) and purposeful humiliation like asking citizens to swim in mud, (Click here)among others.

These crimes have largely been under-reported by organizations that governments around the world depend on for informed decisions such as Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, International Crisis Group, Genocide Watch among others. These organizations that are still to independently and thoroughly investigate these killings continue to use fake figures from the government of Cameroun that has no credibility in the eyes of its own subjects, talk less of the global community. Despite social media evidence of these crimes, the continuous use of these fake figures have helped to an extent to reduce the conflict to a courtyard feud of two kids, thus providing cover for the continuous extermination of the English-speaking population with no remorse. Bold face lies of recent by the French-speaking Cameroun government include denial of its soldiers executing innocent women and children in the Northern part of the country (BBC, Click here), denial of killings of men-of-God among others (Read more at globalgong website). At least 33,000 have been killed since 2016.


Despite the global hike in food prices and the suffering people in English-Speaking Cameroon (Ambazonia) go through daily to feed their families, French Cameroun soldiers have intensified the destruction of crops and food items in the territory. Although this has been one of the features of the genocide that has been going on now for six years, the intensification of the destruction at this time when the world is facing hunger due to cut in supply from Eastern Europe is no doubt war crimes. The recent destruction (pic below), was in the locality of Belo, in the northern Part of the territory where a food warehouse for market women was deliberately burnt by the soldiers. Locals in their hideouts could hear the soldiers saying in the colonial language – French that, “nous détruirons toutes leurs récoltes. Ils mourront de faim. C’est de la nourriture terroriste….” Loosely translated as, “we will destroy all their crops. They will die of hunger. This is terrorist food…” Boh Luh, a farmer, was also killed by the French Camerounian military (11 June, 2022) and his body dumped in a corn field

Food Genocide

WFP, OCHA and Other UN Agencies Prefer to Fund Raise on Hunger, instead of Ending the Genocidal Actions

Since the start of the genocidal civil war in 2016, the actions of destroying means of sustenance of the population of the English-speaking part of the country has been consistent. Reports of the destruction of farms, burning of pantries, grocery stores etc have been covered by the press, but no condemnation has ever come from the United Nations or its agencies based in the French Cameroun Capital of Yaounde. They have rather opted to fund raise of the plight of the people instead of calling on the French Cameroun soldiers and their bosses to stop the action. The same French Cameroun authorities who assigned the soldiers have in face-saving actions seen at times with scanty bags of rice, pretending to console the more than 2 million internally-displaced. “We don’t want all these rubbish they call food.” An internally-displaced recounts. “We can grow our food. Just end this war and these wicked soldiers destroying our crops and food items” She begs. Below are some images of crops and food items from other villages, destroyed by the French Cameroun soldiers.

French Cameroun Soldiers backed by France Raze +26 Homes, Execute +11 more Innocent Villagers in English Cameroon.

Ngalla Genesis and Mr. Tamfu Christian were gunned down by Mbororos, armed by French Cameroun authorities early Thursday morning 6/16/2022, in NDU. The random killings by Fulanis equipped and protected by the French Cameroun soldiers has rendered several thousands homeless as homes have been razed as well. These latest killings accompany 9 innocent villagers including a baby executed by the sanguinary French Cameroun troops, in Missong, Fungom locality of the territory. This was duly acknowledged by the colonial authorities in Yaounde. This latest killing in Ndu, incensed the population who dreaded the odds to descend on the town of Ndu to tell the world to help end the killings in their communities, mastermided by French Cameroun soldiers and their appointed colonial authorities.

Villagers in Ndu, marching against French Cameroun atrocities 16 June, 2022


During a raid by the Cameroonian army in the village of Djinfuin, not far from BELO, Boh Luh, a farmer, was killed by the French Camerounian military on June 11 and his body dumped in a corn field. The murderous soldiers were searching for camps of Anglophone Defense Volunteers, said to be located in the village. Pah BOH LUH was murdered and dumped in a nearby bushes by the soldiers backed by France in the ongoing genocide.

Widowed with three young children: One disabled Ma Margaret Nah was shot dead by French Cameroun genocidal military near Mbengwi Monastery, 09/06/22. Her children could not bear the pain of losing their mother.

Mother of 3 Executed by French Cameroun Soldiers

Ndop Massacres: French Cameroun colonial military, June 9, 2022, stormed Bamunka, in Ndop Local Government in British Cameroun (Ambazonia) setting houses on molesting villagers, setting homes on fire and executing many. In the murdering process, a popular business man whose brother is in the French Cameroonian army was shot and killed after having his provision store burnt down. The French Cameroun Military accusedhim of marchng with Ambazonia Defense Volunteers

Other business and training facilities for orphaned women and girls were also burnt down by the French Cameroun soldiers. Sources say they accused the facilities of helping provide life skills to girls who are friends to Ambazonia self defense volunteers. “…the military went to Bamunka early in the morning when people were still asleep….and started burning houses,” a source narrates. At least 13 houses houses were burnt. Some victims of the arson, according to the reports were business people. “The man who owns one of the biggest provision stores in the area had his shop burnt,” the source continues. “This man’s brother is a military man. He was abducted and forced to march with Ambazonia Defense Volunteers on October 1, 2021, the local said adding that , “when the military came and asked why, he categorically refused taking part in any parade.” “…………the military went on to show a picture of him marching. He was then pulled out of his house killed, and the house and his shop set ablaze.”


Still in Ndop, a BIKE RIDER AND OTHERS SUMMARILY EXECUTED: He was falsely accused of being an Ambazonia Defense Volunteer (ADV) and shot with many others by the LRC Terrorist Soldiers. He sustained life threatening injuries but did not die. His family took him to the hospital in Ndop for treatment. The terrorists French Cameroun Military, backed by Macron of France, came back to the hospital, took him to the junction, and executed him in the view of the general population. Below are the images.

Burnings and other Destruction

In Ndop, more than 15 houses were burnt. In the locality of Belo, it was more fire with tears coming mostly from women as penned by this reporter: “Amongst the shops burned is a plank room in which market women keep their plantains and other belongings. Further report says that pipes that were kept in the the room for a water project that just started were equally burned to ashes. According to our source, ” The total number of houses burnt on 11 June 2022, by the French Cameroun military along the Belo, Fundong route are at least 10. Stores looted and property destroyed Others were burnt in Ashing 4 burnt , sho 3, kikfuini 2 and Bobong2.” Below are some of the destruction.

Video Massacre of a Baby, 8 Innocent Civilians in Fungom, Anglophone Cameroon, by French Cameroun Soldiers, backed by France.

Read the details of the massacre by clicking on this link: According to eyewitness testimony, one of the French Cameroun colonial soldiers in the area had forcefully and secretly taken a lady to an unknown destination (definitely to rape her). When the other soldiers could not ascertain his whereabouts, their anger descended on the poor villagers as they poured their bullets on them. In total, a 12 month old baby…..

Missong Village, Fungom District English Cameroon (Ambazonia)

How French Cameroun Soldiers Execute a Baby, 8 others in Fungom, English Cameroon.

The greatest honor these innocent civilians received was a lying communique from the colonial French Cameroun authorities in Yaounde, praising their soldiers for turning their guns against innocent civilians. Fungom is an isolated village in the Northern part of English Cameroon(Ambazonia) where countless massacres have been carried out by the French Cameroun soldiers in the past six years. Unlike other disenclaved areas, these genocidal actions are least reported. This recent massacre last week (2 June, 2022), has forced the villagers to again flee their community.

A similar baby killed in Kumbo, British Southern Cameroons

According to eyewitness testimony, one of the French Cameroun colonial soldiers in the area had forcefully and secretly taken a lady to an unknown destination (definitely to rape her). When the other soldiers could not ascertain his whereabouts, their anger descended on the poor villagers as they poured their bullets on them. In total, a 12 month old baby, her parents and six others were executed. After raping the lady, the soldier re-appeared, but of course the massacre had already happened. Like Ngarbuh, Santa, Bangem etc, nobody will take any action. More than 32,000 innocent civilians have been killed since the start of the war in 2016. Below is a video of French Cameroun soldiers escorting Muslin/Fulani youths to go massacre innocent civilians in the same area – Wum (Fungom). Some of the massacres are planned and executed by the French Cameroun colonial authorities as reported in this link.


“We are here today to shut up our enemies and detractors that our resolve has been muted.” He reminded all Ambazonians on 4 June, 2022, at the fundraiser. This follows months of blackmail by French Cameroun authorities and paid Ambazonia Quislings, claiming that the interim Gov’t under the quiet, focused and no-nonsense Dr. Sako Ikome was no longer dissolved. “We are here to tell these social media fire lighters that the Interim Gov’t under my leadership controls Ambazonia, and we will not pass this burden to the next generation.” He calmly assures. Matching words with action, donors opened their wallets to him, such that in less than six hours, about $500,000 was raised on the first day of a two month fund drive to push ahead with their fight for independence from French Cameroun, backed by France.

Interim President of Ambazonia, Dr. Samuel Sako Ikome

Most of the donors cited as a motivating factor, an audio earlier released by a former member of Dr. Sako’s Government, Mr. Chris Anu, trying to discourage donors from giving to the interim government in its humanitarian drive aimed at assisting more than 120,000 refugees displaced in neighbouring countries. “Mr. Anu, can’t tell me what to do with my money ,” A donor quips. The huge amount many observers say is another sign that the 6-year-old genocidal war is far from ending as French Cameroun and its lobbyists are trying to sell to the world. Mr. Sako also reminded the global Community that, Ambazonians are ready for their freedom. French Cameroun he said has failed again to destabilize the people of Ambazonia, reason why the world must pressuure French Cameroun to hasten genuine talks.” The fund drive will run for about two months. About $5million is expected to be realized.

A Genocide Which was Predictable

The genocide which has killed more than 32000 people is drenched in history. The conflict is one of the rare deadly conflicts in the world in which the architects like Queen Elizabeth are still live. Southern Cameroons became a self-governing trust territory in 1954 under a democratically-elected government led by Dr. EML Endeley. With a genuine democratic and constitutional evolution, in 1957 Southern Cameroons was granted a House of Chiefs, thus like Britain, Southern Cameroon operated a bicameral legislative system. In 1959 through free and fair general elections, Premier Endeley-led Cameroon People’s National Convention (CPNC) government was defeated and he peacefully handed over to the winner, J.N. Foncha of the Kamerun National Democratic Party(KNDP). This was followed by the adoption of a new constitution – Constitution (Order) in Council 1960, which was meant to lead Southern Cameroons to independence. However, through international colonial conspiracy, instead of granting complete independence in conformity with Art. 76(b) of UN Charter and UN Resolution 1514 of 1960, the colonial powers misled the UN to impose “independence by joining” either Nigeria or La Republique du Cameroun. In addition to imposing this, the UN was led to adopt two obnoxious questions that denied Southern Cameroons their inalienable right to self-determination and sovereign independence. By this colonial manipulation, effective and genuine decolonization in Southern Cameroon was postponed. The mission of all Southern Cameroonians right now is RIGHT THE WRONGS OF YESTERDAY – restore Southern Cameroonians to the dignity, their natural rights as the legitimate owners and masters of the Southern Cameroon territory, masters of their destiny by peacefully leading Southern Cameroons to take her deserved seat within the comity of sovereign nations.


The recent massacre is in a village called Guzang in the northern part of the territory, where at least 15 innocent young men were executed in their sleep by the French Cameroun soldiers backed by France, supported by the West. Mourning parents could be heard at the mass grave site where their children were dumped(buried). One mourner could be heard saying all the victims were innocent, but for one who was a self-defense volunteer. The killings on 26 April, 2022, tally to about 62 innocent civilians from the minority English-speaking people of the former British Southern Cameroons(Ambazonia), murdered by the French Cameroun soldiers, backed by France and allies in the past 10 days alone.

Killing of Innocent Boys in Guzang, British Southern Cameroon(Ambazonia), by French Cameroun Soldiers

Two days prior to the Guzang Massacre, at least two other innocent civilians were executed and dumped in a river in the town of Bamenda, by the French Cameroun soldiers. According to Cameroon News Agency (CNA), one of the victims dumped in the river was an innocent boy called Mkong Roland, arrested later that day by the French Cameroun soldiers only for his remains to be found dumped in the river. This particular killing of Mkong and the other was followed by the execution of three laborers in the village of Balinyounga, by the same sanguinary soldiers. Details of more of the killings with images can be read daily on this site’s twitter handle –

More than 600 British Southern Cameroonians have been killed by French Cameroun soldiers since the start of the year. About 33,000 have been killed since 2016, when the crisis began. The world has maintained sealed lips on this conflict that has been described as the most neglected conflict in the world. More than 120,000 refugees are scattered in Nigeria and other West African countries. The French Cameroun soldiers have also raped women and burnt more than 470 villages. Below are some of the images of the killings in the last 10 days.

Video of the Balinyounga Massacre


The world watches as the ethnic cleansing continues for 5 years now. January 2021, was more than just bloody in the territory; from Bamenda where innocent kid weed smokers were killed to Mautu where the French Cameroun soldiers encircled villagers and opened fire on them. By the time they popped their champaigns at the colonial administrative office in Buea, the village was flowing with blood from shattered skulls, hollowed stomachs from the colonial bullets. The wailing was piercing and irresistible, but to the global community that remains mute to abuses by the French Cameroun soldiers. Below are some of the videos of this massacre like others.

With 90-year-old Paul Biya, physically and mentally dead, it is time for the world to put an end to these Atrocity Crimes, on the minority English-speaking people of British Southern Cameroon(Ambazonia). This can be done now by tackling the root causes of the genocide that has also seen more than 500 villages burnt by the French Cameroun colonial soldiers, backed by France and her allies. More than 120000 refugees are currently in refugee camps in Nigeria and other West African Countries.


Six more Killed in Mautu 23 January, 2021 by French Cameroun Soldiers