British S.Cameroon Genocide: More Refugees, as French Cameroun Soldiers Kill and Burn in Bafut.

“I can’t stay here no more” Two parents in their late 60s leaving the community after more than 50 Frenchcameroun soldiers invaded the quiet community of Njimbee, Bafut, on 12 Oct, 2019. “I slept in a furrow 6 meters away, and saw them passing after they told me, not to run. I called on God to cover me with his blood. Amahbo whom we stood was caught n shot about half a km away”. A panic-stricken survivor narrates. “They then, proceeded to smash all doors, ransacking houses, collecting valuables including cell phones.In short, they are thieves. They went to the square (Business District), smashed into bars and emptied the drinks. After that, they then emptied their shells on the community, shooting randomly. Muma Orlando, another innocent civilian was also shot. They proceeded to burn the house of Pa Ngwa Mathew. It’s terrible. Our village has been peaceful all along. What they are looking for, I can’t tell” The shaky voice said. “I have remained in the village like others who dread the odds. Now I have to leave, to where, I don’t know?” the drained victim concludes.   

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British Southern Cameroonians forced out of their Villages, by FrenchCamerooun Appointed Administrators

This victim like others will now join the list of Internally-Displaced persons (IDPs) in the war in British Southern Cameroon (Ambazonia), declared by 86-year-old  Frail Paul Biya, in power since 1982. The refugee crisis began with French Cameroun Administrators, promising to eliminate villagers if they do not abandon their villages. Later on, it was the deliberate scorching of villages, which has continued till date. More than 10,000 homes, schools and hospitals have been burnt by the French Cameroun military, with the blessing of the frail president.

A Communique asking Villagers to abandon their villages or be killed by FrenchCameroun Administrator

Biya, has increasingly been isolated by the international community, but his Grand Son – President Macron, 41, of France.  France maintains a close exploitative economic relations with brutal regimes in mostly French Africa. In 2006, they forced Idriss Deby, of Chad to change his constitution. When he refused, the French changed the constitution, campaigned for him and maintained him in power against his will. Deby, came to power in in 1990.

Chad President.


British S.Cameroon Genocide: +241 Killed in October 2019 by France and French Cameroun Soldiers.

The month was brutal as usual with abundant War Crimes, enough to again display to the world. From Malende in the farming town of Muyuka, through Bome Bakundu to Mbot in the Northern part of the British Cameroun, the French Cameroun Bulubeti Militias/soldiers were competing for the highest killer prize of the innocent citizens of English Cameroon. In Muyuka, the soldiers invaded villagers in their makeshift homes in the forest killing and burning them and their shacks, with their cocoa as well. The same soldiers again arrested more innocent civilians (bike riders) in the village of Mbot in Northern Zone of the territory and transported them to a field where they were publicly-executed on 4 November, 2019, around 11:00 Am, as evidenced by the military photographer’s shots. As is typical of the soldiers they tried to justify their War Crimes by tagging the bodies with local farming tools. Apart from the silence of the international Community, this month alone, French War ships are reported to have docked in the waters of French Cameroun. The result was more military assistance to the sanguinary regime of Paul Biya. British Cameroon, it should be reminded voluntarily joined French Cameroun in 1961, as an autonomous entity.

The Map of the Evolution of Kamerun

While some morsel of condemnation has mostly come from the United States, the French and British have remained mute on the Atrocity Crimes on the people. The killings this month add to the casualty rate of the conflict that has claimed more than 15000 lives. Human Rights organizations have largely shied away from the Atrocity Crimes, issuing ill-informed releases on the conflict. Others that have attempted to visit the conflict region have been refused by French Cameroun. Sadly, some of these organizations have gone ahead to issue casualty figures, thus begging the question of when did they visit the conflict region, where more than 2 million children are out of school, with about a million internally-displaced. The need for a War Crimes Tribunal, independent investigation and a Peacekeeping Mission to the territory is long overdue. History of the two Trust Territories of the Kameruns are very clear in all global archives. British Cameroon got her independence in 1961, and French Cameroun in 1960. The two countries later came together in 1961 as two autonomous regions. French Cameroun later dissolved the status of the minority English people leading to the current conflict. The motivation being the rich oil reserves of the British Territory.

Below are some of the bodies of the more than 238 killed by French Cameroun soldiers, the villages burnt in their scorched-earth strategy. Included also is the refusal of consent by the people of British Cameroon to French Cameroun’s appointed administrators.

Arrested, hands tie, Killed and dumped Kumba/Buea Hwy 22 Oct, 2019. Watch Video

Denial of Consent by the People of British Cameroon to French Cameroun’s Appointed Administrators.

Videos of the Killed in October 2019

Africa’s Most Brutal Dictator Snubs Trump.

Symbolic half-measures like revoking preferential trade status are not enough to force the repressive regime of Paul Biya to change. Canceling IMF loans and military aid would show that the White House is serious“. These were the opening words from following President Donald Trump’s poignant letter, last 30th October, 2019, to Congress on his intention to end Cameroun’s trade privileges with the U.S under the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) in 2020. Trump’s letter was clear that “Cameroun has failed to address concerns regarding persistent human rights violations being committed by Cameroon security forces,”. These human rights concerns are not new since the crisis in the former British Southern Cameroon (Ambazonia) began in 2016. The U.S’s own Ambassador to Cameroun, Mr. Henry Balerin, fell short of calling the Atrocity Crimes, Ethnic Cleansing. He called it “Targeted Killing” of Anglophones. These Atrocity Crimes which are placed daily on the table of Global Decision Makers/diplomats (through tweets etc) and now documented on the website have received less focus, despite UNICEF and Jan Egeland of the Norwegian Refugee Council calling it the most neglected, worst Humanitarian Crisis in the world. The Crimes by the Cameroun soldiers armed mostly by France include the burning of more than 9200 villages (here captured by the BBC). More than 14,500 people killed, with almost 1.5 internally displaced. An additional 2 million are out of school, and more than 75,000 as refugees in Nigeria.

Paul Biya of Cameroun and Donald Trump

Mocking President Trump

The ink had barely dried on President Trump’s letter when the government of Africa’s most brutal and second longest-serving ruler, Paul Biya, fired back. Authorities from the Cameroun Government claim the country barely benefits from AGOA, thus making a mockery of the U.S Government action. This treatment of the U.S by Paul Biya, is not new. The U.S Ambassador was openly threatened to shut up, or be sent back in a casket by regime loyalists, following his condemnation of the killings in the English Region/British Cameroon. Just as the Trump Administration in 2018 withdrew the U.S from the UN Human Rights Council citing slanted resolutions, the body admitted Cameroun as one of the members in January 2019. This admission follows the U.S Government’s curtailing of military assistance to the country due to Human Rights concerns.

“Biya can say anything to the U.S, as long as the U.S, pad him with ineffective actions, despite the overwhelming evidence of genocide”, a clergy man tells us. “Their citizen was killed and Trump never commented, even the ambassador to the country. Why shouldn’t Biya, be above international laws?” The prelate continues. “The first thing the U.S can do right now is to give an ultimatum for an unfettered investigation into the crimes in the British-Cameroon” the man-of-God pleaded.

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Is President Trump Going to Allow another Genocide in Africa like Bill Clinton in 1994?

Words alone were not enough. Less than a week following the letter, the fugitive authorities committed more Human Rights abuses in the Anglophone Regions (British Southern Cameroons), thus daring the US, as depicted by the images below. About 89 people were executed and burnt alive by the same security forces that the letter from the U.S government mentioned. In a farming community called Muyuka, the soldiers invaded villagers in their makeshift homes in the forest killing and burning their shacks as well. (Click image to enlarge).

More WAR CRIMES with Evidence Tempering

The same soldiers again arrested more innocent civilians (bike riders) in the village of Mbot in Northern Zone of the territory and transported them to a field where they were publicly executed on 4 November, 2019, around 11:00 Am, as evidenced by the military photographer’s shots. As is typical of the soldiers they tried to justify their War Crimes actions by tagging the bodies with local farming tools. Below are the images of the prepared corpses from the Cameroun military.

Independent Investigation and More Robust Sanctions Needed

According to estimates by the leadership of the Anglophone movement in the diaspora, more than 15,000 people have been killed in the Anglophone regions alone (click here to count). These figures are more than the paltry number put out by external organizations that have been refused access to the conflict region. As the prelate pleads, a robust independent investigation is needed. Biya has vehemently refused access to the British Cameroons from independent journalists from the Washington Post and other reputable organizations even the UN, preferring French-sponsored media who fly with the military to interview regime sources.

According to foreign policy, AGOA exclusion alone wouldn’t deter the Biya regime. The Trump Administration in order to resolve the conflict they insist should “curtail all military assistance, imposes targeted travel and economic sanctions on individuals, and uses its considerable leverage to punish the Biya regime through international financial institutions and at the United Nations”. The greatest defender of the sanguinary French Cameroun government has been António Guterres and France with its military equipment. Of late, French soldiers have been spotted in palm plantations in English-Cameroon (Ambazonia), alongside the soldiers President Trump accuses of gross human rights abuses. This assistance and defense of the Atrocity Crimes at the UN by France and Francophonie has strengthened the regime of 86-year-old Paul Biya, to not only snub the U.S government, but other world authorities that have called for an inclusive dialogue to end the conflict.

Trump’s Rwanda?

The US government must act boldly to halt this ethnic cleansing of the minority English-speaking people of British Cameroon, who went on the streets to demand just constitutional changes to the system in the country that treated them as a captured people, with no rights. The crisis if not resolved risked tainting President Trump’s Presidency as was Rwanda in 1994, when Bill Clinton failed to act on the evidence presented to him at the time, only to regret when more than 800,000 had lost their lives. It should be noted that the people of English Cameroon voted in 1961 to join the French Cameroun, as two equal states, not as a special status. The French Cameroun (La Republique du Cameroun) achieved her independence in 1960.

French Weapons used in Abuses in English Cameroon.

Last Day in Office: Dr. Arikana Chihombori-Quao, pledges to Rid Africa of French Exploitation.

Barely three weeks after independence on 28th September, 1958, Guinea Conakry’s Sekou Toure, rejected France’s conditional independence. For the daring Toure, ” It is better to be poor and free, than to live in opulence and be a slave. The result was French vexation, manifested through the withdrawal of all Financial, economic and technical assistance to the country. French Infrastructural installations were even removed in offices and streets of Guinea. It was a lesson, for the other French colonies not to try to buck France’s dictum.Till date, that loyalty has remained intact, with France changing constitutions and organizing elections for leaders they want in the continent. Click here.

Dr. Arikana Chihombori-Quao,

When the African Union’s Ambassador to the United States, Dr. Arikana Chihombori-Quao, was fired for standing up against France’s exploitation of Africa, on 7 October, 2019, the French-controlled African Union like France in Guinea ensured her positive footprints in the organization were deleted. “They have undone everything I did for the African Union”, the unrepentant advocate says. ” They took out my arts work, they shut down the radio station, shut down the Facebook and social media accounts”, Dr. Arikana told well-wishers at her farewell message in Washington DC, this week. The true PanAfricanist was firm, that France cannot be allowed to bully Africa into handing over their wealth to her. This is not even stealing, for a thief is scared of the owner. France is simply bullying these countries into surrendering their wealth Dr. Arikana states. She pledges to gather more than a million signatures to confront the UN and Human Rights organizations to ensure this colonial pact with France is severed. France it should be noted rules the African Union through Francophonie puppets who take care of her interest. Click here to read more about France’s rule over the AU.

Part of Dr. Arikana’s Farewell Speech to Sympathizers.

Dr. Arikana pledging to Fight for Africa

How France and Francophonie Rule the African Union.

It’s indisputable that France maintains a firm grip on its former colonies in the continent. Till date, she is still the kingmaker in all these countries maintaining dictators who guarantee their unconditional domination of the political, economic, social and cultural life of these countries. France today, still controls the fiscal health of these countries with their French Franc, (now memorabilia in France itself after the inception of the Euro). This currency – Communauté Financière Africaine (“African Financial Community” – CFA) has been imposed since colonial days. Twelve former French colonies use this colonial currency. Apart from these countries’ gold reserves stored in France, 50% (down from 100%) of all foreign reserves, received from the export of these African countries’ natural resources are held at the French Central Bank, not in these countries. The French can then invest this money in global financial markets for their benefits. These countries principally have to borrow these their reserves from France in excess of the 50%. France thus has one of the highest gold reserves in the world, thanks to these countries. A Senegalese Economists Mr. Samba Ndongo, author of a book about the CFA, describes the currency as France’s Monetary Imperialism in Africa.

Having such firm grip, isn’t enough for the French, the fear thus is the eventual overthrow of these puppets in the continent. This has been more imminent with social media and citizens journalists instantly beaming excesses to the world. To ensure there is continuous guarantee of the continuity of these puppets, the French have embarked on influencing African organizations to help entrench this interest in less awkward ways. Of late the French have emphasized the relevance of the African Union in having a voice in conflicts in the continent. The reason is simple: her stooges have been implanted in the organization, thus guaranteeing that excesses from French Africa receive less attention on the world stage.

An example is the Atrocity Crimes being committed by France and French Cameroun on the minority English-speaking people of British Southern Cameroon, who joined the large French-Speaking country in 1961, as two independent territories. The discovery of oil in the English region, which today is owned by French companies like Elf, led to a complete annexation of the autonomous region. With more than 14,400 killed so far, the reaction from the African Union has been mute, thanks to France, Francophonie and French African domination of the body. Their intention is clear – expand French African influence through language and culture to not only British Cameroon, but Anglophone Africa. After Macron’s visit early this year to Ghana, and with a promise of France’s robust funding, President, Nana Akufo-Addo, myopically pledged to make the French language, the second official language in the country after English. The French have not shied away from trying to expand their language influence in the world and Africa in particular – a first step towards French ownership, control and enslavement. Macron was clear in 2018, of his resolve to make French the number one language in Africa.

Queen Elizabeth in London with British Cameroon Leaders prior to their independence in 1961.

France and Francophonie Colonization of British Africa

In the British Cameroon, after their complete annexation in 1972, the French through French Cameroun imposed the French language and culture on all aspects of these proud Anglophone people, who prefer their British colonial heritage. When they finally had enough and called for a return to their status as an autonomous territory, the Francophonie resisted, and so began the GENOCIDE on them, by their new colonial masters – France and French-Cameroun. Till date, more than 14400 have been killed and +9000 homes burnt by the French Cameroun soldiers equipped and defended globally by France.

While all these machinations are happening, the Commonwealth and the UK, have been acting principally like French dominions/colonies. When pressed about the Atrocity Crimes in its former colony, and the signing of a deal for British Southern Cameroon oil and gas, with French Cameroun, authorities, in the midst of the killings, here is the wobbling response from the British Minister for Africa, Harriet Baldwin. listen:

British Minister for Africa, defending French/Francophonie Atrocity Crimes in British Cameroon

Francophonie’s African Union

Apart from the ceremonial head of the union that is usually a current president of one of the 54 countries of the continent, the organization is controlled principally by Francophone Africa. This can partly explain why the excesses of abuse, anti-democratic practices, Atrocity crimes, mostly from Francophone Africa, have failed to receive due attention from the body. Below are some of the French/Francophonie puppets of the African Union.

1. The Chairperson’s from Chad

This is the most powerful position of the organization. “The Chairperson’s functions, include: overall responsibility for the Commission’s administration and finances; Promoting and popularising the AU’s objectives and enhancing its performance; Consulting and coordinating with key stakeholders like Member States, Development Partners, RECs, etc; Appointing and managing Commission staff; Acting as a depository for all AU and O.A.U treaties and legal instruments.

It is headed by Mr. Moussa Faki Mahamat, born on 21 June 1960. He was formerly Prime Minister of Chad from 24 June 2003 to 4 February 2005 and Minister of Foreign Affairs from April 2008 to January 2017 . Yes Mr. Mousa Faki, was Prime minister for one of Africa’s sit-tight leaders – Idriss Deby, who is on camera saying the French in 2006, asked him to change the constitution of his country to stay in power. According to Mr. Deby, when he refused, the French organized the elections, brought in fake constitutional experts and did the campaign for him. View below

Idriss Deby: President of Chad since 1990.

2. Commissioner for Peace and Security Smaїl Chergui, from Algeria.

In 2013, he was elected as the African Union Commissioner for Peace and Security. He is an Algerian diplomat, born on 4 September 1956. He was re-elected Commissioner of the African Union Peace and Security Commission after a four-year term in 2017. Ambassador Chergui has more than 30 years of experience in the Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and more than 20 years in a position of high responsibility. He served under, one of Africa’s sit-tights, who wanted to govern Algeria on a wheelchair- Abdelaziz Bouteflika, who served as President of Algeria from 1999 until forced out of power this year (2019).

3. Department of Political Affairs (DPA) from Burkina Faso.

The Department of Political Affairs (DPA) is responsible for promoting, facilitating, coordinating and encouraging democratic principles and the rule of law, respect for human rights, participation of civil society in the development process of the continent and the achievement of durable solutions for addressing humanitarian crises. It is headed by another Francophonie – Ms. Cessouma Minata Samate. She is from Burkina Faso and was born on 14 July 1961. Ambassador Samate amongst other positions is also the Permanent Representative to the African Union (AU) and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA). One wonders what she has done to promote human rights in Francophone Africa – the bastion of the continent’s dictatorship. This Francophonie in charge of humanitarian crisis for the AU is nowhere to be found in the British Cameroon Genocide, which Jan Egerland of the Norwegian Council describes as the most neglected conflict in the world.

4. Commissioner for Economic Affairs, from Madagascar.

One would have believed that, two of the continent’s biggest economies -Nigeria or South Africa would have had a citizen occupy such an important position, but NOT. France and Francophonie with their dismal closed economic model, are still charged with formulating Africa’s economic policy. France’s CFA dominions are out of the ten largest economies in the continent. At least four of France’s African dominions are among the bottom 10 weakest economies in in the continent, yet one of theirs is in charge of economic policies in the continent. The head is Mr, Victor Harison, a Professor with over thirty-four (34) years of experience in academia, with specialty in Mathematics, Project Management, Business Ethics and Leadership from the University of Antananarivo.

Mr. Faki at the background in France with French Africa’s most Brutal Dictator Paul Biya at the Fore.

Our Dictators

While the African Union and Francophie (led by Senegal) were quick to partner with the EU to oust Yahya Abdul-Aziz Jammeh, in Gambia in January 2017 (not an endorsement of Jammeh), after a disputed election, that was not the same in French Cameroun under 86-year-old Paul Biya, in 2018. In an election where the English Region (British Cameroon) boycotted, Paul Biya was declared a winner, by his appointed judges, despite the opposition, Mr. Maurice kamto, protesting and declaring himself president. Paul Biya, even went ahead to jail the opposition leader and protesters (actions that the Anglophone, Yahya Jammeh, did not do). The French-Francophonie African Union was mute, rather they endorsed the credibility of the election. Similarly with more than 9000 villages burnt, in British Cameroon, +1.5 internally-displaced, +75,000 as refugees in Nigeria and +2 million children, not attending school all caused by French Cameroun soldiers, backed by France with French-made weapons, the Francophonie African Union has remained mute. Their little attention has been on a lesser deathly conflict – North Sudan (a non-Francophonie) country.

French President Macron and Mr Moussa Faki at the AU Headquarter in Ethiopia, earlier this month.
France’s Weapons used by French Cameroun for Genocide in British Cameroon

While French Africa has been united in defending theirs, Sadly some of the colonial leaders from Anglophone Africa like Nigeria’s Buhari, have enabled this Francophonie domination. Buhari’s administration has been forcefully returning British Cameroon, refugees fleeing Atrocity Crimes back to French Cameroun, for torture and execution. President Buhari is old enough to be aware of the history of the British Southern Cameroons, that had its autonomy from British-controlled Nigeria in 1953, before forming a union with French Cameroun in 1961(Read More here). Buhari’s actions received praise from French President, Mr. Macron, who visited Nigeria in July 2018, and affirmed his support for Nigeria in tackling insecurity, which was an allusion to the British Southern Cameroons, whose oil fields are exploited by the French following a 1959 colonial agreement she signed with colonial French Cameroun, as a condition for independence.

Time to stop the Genocide

While France/Francophonie have continued to protect French interest, rather than Africa’s, as seen with the firing of a Zimbabwean (Anglophone Africa) diplomat, Mrs. Arikana Chihombori-Quao, the other non-french-speaking countries have been silent. Mrs. Arikana’s firing experts belief is not unconnected with her strong views against France’s hold over its African colonies. (Please listen to her frank discussion). She was fired by none other than the Francophonie/France stooge of the African Union – Mr. Moussa Faki Mahamat, whom till date has shielded the genocide in British Cameroon by France and French Cameroon, from the world. It’s time for Anglophone Africa, to stand up and defend Anglophone Africa’s member currently under France and Francophonie colonization and genocide. The same strategies adopted by the French in Rwanda in 1994 are currently taking place with the minority British Cameroonians, prompting the U. S Ambassador to Cameroun to term it “Targeted Killing” of British Camerooians by French Cameroun soldiers. The OAU and now African Union, charter in 1963, codified that African boundaries should be frozen at independence. French Cameroon gained independence in 1960, while British Southern Cameroon gained hers in 1961.

Rwanda 1994 and British Cameroun: France’s Genocide Remake.

Genocide Tactics: French Cameroun Aknowledges Sponsoring Militias – Atanga Nji Boys.

With its military Atrocities having earned an apartment at the ICC, the French Cameroun authorities have devised a scheme to shield these soldiers from the inevitable. For the first time they have acknowledged the ownership of more than 30 well-funded non- military groups in British Southern Cameroons. Through its global propaganda partner, the Xinhua News of China, the authorities acknowledged that these groups (responsible for kidnappings and attacks on innocent civilians), receive funding from them.

Scared of a blow-back, the authorities tried desperately to embellish these government militias/boys by calling them vigilantes, whose aim is to protect communities. This acknowledgement goes to confirm the cry by leadership of the British Cameroon Resistance Movement and activists that these so-called Atanga Nji, boys responsible for Atrocity Crimes were sponsored by the French Cameroun Government. Their mission they say is to discredit the Ambazonian Resistance Movement. On the claim of protection, one activists asked, ” which protection after having burnt our communities and raped our girls and women?”. The name Atanga Nji boys comes from Mr. Atanga Nji, a loyalist of the ruling party, and graduate of one of French Cameroun’s notorious prisons – New Bell. He was appointed French Cameroun’s Minister for Territorial Administration, by the 86-year-old Paul Biya, in 2018. For more on Atanga Nji’s atrocities, (Click here).

On the Right are Atanga Nji’s Boys in Wum carrying matchetes to go kill..
Atanga Nji Boys on a Killing Spree in Wum, British Cameroon

The atrocious activities of the Atanga Nji Boys cum Vigilante Groups have been seen in Wum, in the Northern Zone of British Cameroon, where the French Cameroun Military, guided them to kill and burn people and villages. The actions was recently seen again with a fake burial of a lady alive in Guzang, Northern Zone of British Cameroon, only for the lady to resurrect and joined forces with those who killed her to demagogue for the French Cameroun authorities early this month. Despite public identification of the same people acting different roles the French Cameroun authorities remain adamant in casing the same people.

Video of Atanga Nji Boys in Action

U.S Authorities Aware of the Atanga Nji Militias.

The existence of these militias or Atanga Nji Boys have been known to citizens of British Cameroon and U.S authorities such as Rep. Karen Bass, who visited French Cameroun recently, and acknowledged being briefed on these government militias. The official acceptance by the French Cameroun authorities is seen by many as an attempt to shield the French Cameroun Military on impending charges of Crimes Against Humanity and other Atrocity Crimes. This military stand accused of burning more than 9100 homes in British Cameroon (evidence here), and killing more than 14,300 including babies as young as four months-old (Evidence here).

A mother and her baby killed in Bambui, NZ British Cameroon, by French Cameroun Bulubeti militias.

Resurrected Atanga Nji Militia

The fear among the population of the British Cameroons, is that these Atanga Nji, boys knowing they are paid and protected by the French Cameroun authorities will amplify their rape, torture and abuses on the innocent populations. A concerned parent whose child is in the miitary warned all other parents to ensure their children are not part of this so-called vigilantes, as the French Cameroun authorities are out to scapegoat them. he equally said the so-called vigilantes are made up of French Cameroun soldiers. Their mission is to continue with the military atrocities in a different manner. Below is one of those abuses of a 17-year-old breastfeeding mother raped by the roadside in broad daylight, in Bamenda, British Cameroon, by the French Cameroun Military/Militias.

Raped in Broad Daylight by French Cameroun Soldiers

These so-called Government Militias or Atanga Nji, boys have not shied away from displaying their wedding with the French Cameroun authorities. Many who impersonated the Ambazonia self-defense groups, were present at a recently-organized dialogue in the French Cameroun Capital Yaounde,
(September 30th – October 4, 2019), singing a different tone of being defected Ambazonian soldiers. The Chinese State News site Xinhua has been a regular partner of French Cameroun authorities relaying the genocide in British Cameroon, by calling innocent civilians killed terrorists. Here is the full story from Xinhua:

“YAOUNDE, Oct. 15 (Xinhua) — Community defense forces, otherwise known as vigilante groups, are growing in Cameroon’s two English-speaking regions of Northwest and Southwest for crime crackdown, local authorities said Monday.

Growing kidnapping for ransom and armed robbery had prompted communities to form vigilante groups to track down the perpetrators, Benoît Emvoutu Mbita, prefect of Ngoketunjia, one of the worst-hit divisions in the Northwest region, told reporters.

“They are tired of the atrocities committed by separatists and have decided to defend themselves. We are asking all communities to form their own vigilante groups and collaborate with the military to make sure that these atrocities are stopped,” Mbita said during an event to support the vigilante groups in the Northwest region.

More than 30 vigilante groups have been formed in the regions since conflicts between government forces and armed separatists started in 2017, according to local authorities.

“These boys have tried their best in their various quarters. They are available to secure the population and their properties,” said Ndong Chamberlin Ntou’ou, prefect of Meme division of the Southwest region.

The Cameroonian government has provided financial and material support to the groups “to fight separatist atrocities.”

The government said the atrocities are committed by separatists who want to create an independent nation in the two Anglophone regions. However, separatists have denied the accusations and blamed the government for staging the crimes to tarnish their international image.

A national dialogue to end the separatist conflict was held in the country in early October, and recommended that a special status should be granted to the two regions”.


African Union(AU) Issues Lame Communiqué about Ambassador Arikana Chihombori-Quao, AU Permanent Representative to Washington, DC

Africa Union Commission (AUC) Chairperson, Mousa Faki Mahamat Behind 86-yr-old Biya of French Cameroun, in power since 1982

Communiqué on the end of tenure of Ambassador Arikana Chihombori-Quao, AU Permanent Representative to Washington, DC

Addis Abeba, 15 October 2019:

The African Union Commission is aware of reports circulating on social media making claims surrounding the circumstances of the recall of the Permanent Representative of the African Union Mission to the United States of America, Dr Arikana Chihombori-Quao.

Political appointees at the African Union, including Dr Chihombori, are appointed at the discretion of the appointing authority. The duration of such political appointments is also determined at the discretion of that appointing authority.

Dr Chihombori received a letter on 7 October 2019 bringing her tour of duty to an end, in line with the terms and conditions governing her contract of appointment, after serving three years as Permanent Representative of the African Union Mission to the United States of America, and appreciating her contribution to the Union during her tenure. This is normal diplomatic practice for political appointees everywhere.

Dr Chihombori has never been sanctioned by the Commission on any public pronouncements she has made during her three-year tenure and nor has the Commission ever thought the need to do so. On the contrary, Dr Chihombori has maintained a public presence freely without fear or prejudice to voice her opinions. Therefore to state or suggest that Ambassador Chihombori’s termination of service is due to any pronouncements she has made, or opinions she may have held during her three-year tenure, is patently untrue.

We wish our esteemed colleague the best in her future endeavours and trust her successor will build on the solid foundation she has laid.

Ebba Kalondo
Spokesperson to the Chairperson of the AfricanUnion Commission
Mobile: +251911510512

For more about AU’s failure to stop genocide on the minority English-speaking people of British Cameroon (Click here to see the corpses of the more than 14,300 killed by French Cameroun soldiers/militias under Paul Biya, backed by France and the AU)

The Anglophone Who Killed Samsoya: “He made us Kill Samsoya for nothing…” A Murderer’s Confession.

It was the first gruesome murder of a handicap in the ongoing genocide in British Southern Cameroon. It was straight from an ISIS script, as the terror group was receiving global scorn for their beheading in the middle East. while the Obama administration was busy formulating strategies to eliminate the evil ISIS, it was at the same time propping up a dictator who has proven to be as sanguinary as ISIS – Paul Biya of French Cameroun

Late Mr. Chiabah Samuel, popularly known for his jovial nature as Sam Soya, Father of 5, was mangled and beheaded in Belo, in Northern Zone of British Southern Cameroon, on February 3, 2018 by French-Cameroun soldiers, trained and equipped by the U.S government and other Western countries like France. The late Mr. Chiabah, at the time was a handicap on crutches, shot on the knee by the same soldiers during a peaceful demonstration 4 months earlier – 22 September, 2017.

In the video arrogantly posted by the military killers, the late handicap is seen denying the charges leveled against him by his killers. Another tortured victim is equally seen claiming the handicapped Mr. Chiabah was behind a recent killing of a female Bulubeti militia/military on a killing spree in the village; trump up charges the soft-spoken Mr. Chiabah denied. The fake witness (not known by Belo inhabitants), and who was later killed alongside Samsoya, unconsciously revealed that the soldiers had already killed some other people. Hear him, “those lying outside…”. These American-trained soldiers with the complicity of French Cameroun’s-appointed administrative officers apart from killing Mr. Chiabi, equally destroyed his home and burnt his transportation bikes, even though he was survived by a wife and five children.

Mr. Chiabi’s confession, of ignorance, before his public execution did not go unnoticed. Some Participants to the gruesome murder truly saw his innocence, but were coerced into murdering the handicap, who could barely stand. According to one of the unwilling participants, to the ISIS-style beheading of Samsoya (name still in a time capsule), their boss was the French Cameroun’s appointed Divisional Officer (D.O) for Belo Mr. NICHOLAS NKONGHO MANCHANG. As an Assistant D.O for Fundong , interim for Belo and later D.O for Belo, Mr. NICHOLAS NKONGHO MANCHANG, knew Samsoya very well. Mr. Sam Soya was a regular supplier of Weed to most of the colonial Gerdames in Belo, under Mr. NICHOLAS NKONGHO MANCHANG. It was no secret to Belo indigenes that the Gerdames, together with some of the youths they later murdered usually enjoy their “nkuh” or marijuana under a Kola tree, well known to inhabitants of Belo and the D.O.


In order to please his masters, and the few BetiBulu militias who had descended on Belo following the killings of the colonial Gerdame, the DO did not fail to do his job as a quisling. He personally interviewed Samsoya, asking the questions that only an anglophone, familiar with the locality could. After the interrogation, and like Pontus Pilate, the D.O – a son of Kembong in the Southern Zone of British Cameroon /Ambazonia visaed the elimination of Samsoya and his friends with no remorse.

According to our source, “if the D.O had not ordered for Samsoya’s beheading, we wouldn’t have done it. He was the top administrator of the sub-divison. He said. In a baffling mood he said, “il était anglophone et nous a donné l’ordre de les tuer. C’est terrible. (He was an anglophone and gave us orders to kill them. It’s terrible). I know maybe he was scared of a revenge if they would have been set free”. He continued. “But to take away their lives in such gruesome ways, is sickening. It drains me daily”. He wept. “I feel saddened till date about the murders. I saw innocence in Sam soya’s confessions, but he made us kill him for nothing. If I can apologize to the victims, I will”. The disturbed witness lamented. Our source’s testimony is confirmed by Samsoya’s torture video. The D.O’s power is evident when he ordered Samsoya’s assassins to “wait first” (Attendez d’abord…) during the torturing process, as evident by this torture video.

The Gruesome Video of the ISIS-style Beheading of Samsoya.

Danpullo’s Hit Man.

Alhadji Baba Ahmad Danpullo and Mr. Nicholas Nwanchang

The unwilling murderer equally described the D.O, as Danpullo’s hit man in the area. Many disappearances in Belo, he said were masterminded by the D.O in cohort with Alhadji Baba Ahmad Danpullo, the pro-Biya and ruling party backer, who wields a lot of power in the country. He has been accused severally for usurping land from farmers, with no repercussions, as Biya’s appointed administrators provide every protection, lawfully or otherwise. Our source equally revealed that many were also killed and dumped in rivers in the area ordered by the D.O. For complete details of Mr. Chiabi’s (Samsoya’s), murder story with videos and testimony from his wife, please click here

Killed and Dumped in Rivers

Decree Appointing Mr. NICHOLAS NKONGHO MANCHANG, to Lord over elected Mayors in British Cameroon.

Nomination de sous-préfets
Décret N°2016/179 du 05 avril 2016.
Le président de la République, décrète :
Article 1er. – Sont, à compter de la date de signature du présent décret, nommés aux postes ci-après :

Monsieur NICHOLAS NKONGHO MANCHANG, Secrétaire d’Administration. précédemment Deuxième Adjoint Préfectoral de FUNDONG, poste vacant.

Yaoundé, le 05 avril 2016
Le président de la République,
(é) Paul BIYA