In an appeal to diplomatic authorities in Yaounde and beyond, citizens of Bali Nyonga have appealed to the world to help end the abuses being inflicted by the French Cameroun colonial soldiers on the people of the County. In a release detailing the abuses, the Chairman of the County, Mr. Nji, enumerated the incidents of abuses ranging from rape to executions. Girls as young as 14 are carried forcefully by the gun-wielding French Cameroun soldiers into the bushes and their makeshift military camp at a nearby abandoned school. Families and neighbors, the communique details report desperate cries for help by the young women as the military engages in the abuses. Some who refuse or challenge the arrogant soldiers are shot and dumped. Such is the case of Adama, a young girl recently kidnapped in her sleep by the soldiers and after raping her, was shot and dumped by the roadside in a neighbourhood in Bamenda.

Below is the Full Communique from the Bali LGA

BALI NYONGA LGA DECRIES THE SYSTEMATIC RAPE AND TORTURE OF YOUTHS IN BALI NYONGA BY THE CAMEROONIAN MILITARY ====================== The Bali Nyonga LGA vehemently condemns and abhors the war crimes committed by the Cameroonian Military in Bali Nyonga within the past weeks and days. We have received at the level of the LGA, many horrific complaints from civilians within Bali Nyonga about the ongoing break-ins into homes and the arrests of women and young girls, some as young as 14 years old, by the Cameroonian Military stationed at Government School Bali town. Eyewitnesses and corroborated statements from friends and families of those arrested have painted a horrific picture of what is unfolding which involves the raping of some of the women and girls arrested. It is reported that as many as 30 soldiers sometimes take turns in raping the girls and women arrested, as confirmed by our investigative teams on the ground. There have been reports of screams, loud cries, and wailings coming from the Government School campus mostly at nighttime. We are told that girls as young as 14 and 15 years of age are among those rounded up and being raped and tortured. These actions by the Cameroonian Military appear, endorsed by the French Cameroun Military hierarchy as a way of humiliating and dehumanizing our vulnerable population, especially the youths, into submission and bondage.

Grand Mother Tortured by French Cameroun Soldiers in Bali Nyounga

This is not the first time that we have had reports of such dehumanizing practices of systematic rape and torture of women and young girls in Bali, however, it appears to be of a wider and more alarming scale this time around. The unusually heavy presence of the Cameroonian Military in Bali Nyonga, which is now estimated to be in the thousands, has stalled all daily activities in Bali Nyonga as the population is now living in complete fear and panic about going about their daily business and activities. We continue to demand that the Cameroonian Government should withdraw all its Military forces from Bali Nyonga as their presence there is causing tremendous pain and suffering to the population. (Con’t after images)


We, at the LGA, decry the use of women as sex toys by the Cameroonian Military and the indiscriminate arrests and torture of our vulnerable civilian population daily, and with complete impunity. The Cameroonian Military has continued to commit war crimes in Bali Nyonga in complicity and with tacit approval from the Cameroonian Government. We are therefore holding the Biya Government responsible for such heinous acts committed by the Cameroonian Military which constitute war crimes. We are calling on sons and daughters of Bali Nyonga both home and abroad to continue to raise the alarm about the war crimes being committed by the Cameroonian Military using any means possible including Twitter and other social media outlets. On the same note, we at the LGA express our regret for the selective outrage often conveyed by some Bali Nyonga elites ……………. silent when acts of Genocide and war crimes are being committed by the Cameroonian Military on the civilian population. We want to appreciate all those who have raised the alarm on this issue, and we continue to call on our civilian population to stay away from harm’s way and remain vigilant for the safety of their families and loved ones. We also ask that we put the people of Bali Nyonga in our thoughts and prayers during these difficult and challenging times. Together, and in unity, we will overcome these moments together as we remain resolute and steadfast until our homeland Is free for us and our future generations. Bah Davidson Nji, Chairman Bali Nyonga LGA

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