How Canada Failed Woefully in Playing Khartoum’s Role in the Six-year Civil War in British S.Cameroon(Ambazonia)

Though only in its 7th year, the ongoing civil war in the Cameroons, pitting the two former UN-Trust Territories (French Cameroon and British Southern Cameroons Ambazonia), bear striking resemblance to the second Sudanese Civil war that lasted from 1983- 2005, between the Central Sudanese Government and the Sudanese Peoples’ Liberation Army (SPLA) under Dr.John Garang. Throughout the conflict, Khartoum’s involvement was discernible through other factions that pretended to fight for the discriminated people of South Sudan, by multiplying their pains with Khartoum’s money and ammunition. Khartoum like Yaounde under Biya, temporarily succeeded in sowing discord amongst the South Sudanese liberation leaders, with its goal being to sideline Dr. John Garang, whose mission although cloudy at the start of the war later became an embodiment of hope for the South Sudanese people.

The Riek Machar’s of the Ambazonia War of Independence

IN Sudan: Machar was a rebel leader with the Sudan People’s Liberation Army/Movement (SPLM/A) headed by John Garang from 1984 until he fell out with Garang in 1991. (Like Chris Anu in the Ambazonia Civil War) in “August 1991 Riek Machar, Lam Akol and Gordon Kong announced that John Garang had been ejected from the SPLM. Their own faction called SPLA-Nasir accused Garang of ruling by force, in a “dictatorial reign of terror”;    As part of SPLA-Nasir, Mahar, was involved in 1991 Bor Massacre. The Southern Sudanese communities became more divided than ever before in their history. These organic divides among the Southern Sudanese communities were exacerbated by the deliberate “divide and rule” policies instituted by the regimes in Khartoum, in order to maintain their power over the Southern Sudanese peoples.” The same divide and rule by French Cameroun in sponsoring and assisting some of the groups that were present at the Canadian talks that were held in secrecy.

IN Ambazonia

Just like Riek Machar in the above quotes, Chris Anu, assumed the same role in the Ambazonia Struggle; Lying and faking evidences against the Interim government under Dr. Sako Ikome, who can be likened to Dr. John Garang of the Ambazonia Struggle. Dr. John Garang, like Dr. Sako Ikome believed that, “.. his troops’ courage came from “the conviction that we are fighting a just cause. That is something North Sudan and its people don’t have.” Rejected and cursed by the Pro-Khartoum groups in Sudan, like Dr, Sako Ikome, is being “blasphemed” in the Ambazonia civil war, both leaders were steadfast in their belief and commitment to the freedom for their people.

The Failed Canadian Mediation Attempt and Khartoum

With Khartoum and Yaounde believing that “divide and conquer” has succeeded in shelving John Garang, and Dr. Sako Ikome, the power-hungry Riek “Machar in 1996, signed a Political Charter and in 1997 the Khartoum Peace Agreement with the government of Sudan under Omar El-Bashir. Under this agreement, Riek Machar, was assistant to Omar el-Bashir, President of Sudan, and President of the Southern States Coordinating Council. He was also made commander in chief of the South Sudan Defense Force (SSDF), which included most of the ex-rebels who had signed the Khartoum agreement. “This was Khartoum’s desire to pick its own leader for the South Sudanese fighting for independence. All Dr. John Garang did was maintain his focus on the independence desire of the majority of South Sudanese people. The Khartoum attempt failed as Riek Machar later joined the SPLM.

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mélanie Joly

Enter Canada in the Ambazonia Liberation War:

On the 2oth of January, 2023, the world woke up to a release from the Canadian Global Affairs on Peace process in Cameroon. The communique by the ” Honourable Mélanie Joly, Minister of Foreign Affairs,” outlines her own Ambazonian leaders that they have reached an agreement with for “peace process aimed at resolving the ongoing crisis in the North-West and South-West regions of Cameroon.” Akin to Omar El- Bashir, announcing his agreement with Riek Machar and the other South Sudanese rebel groups without the main group of Dr. John Garang, or a deal with Buthelezi for the end-of-Apartheid without the ANC. The Canadian release further xrays Canada’s ignorance of the main actors in the Ambazonia War of Independence. She enumerated the parties known to her:

“The parties to this agreement are the Republic of Cameroon, the Ambazonia Governing Council and the Ambazonia Defence Force, the African People’s Liberation Movement and the Southern Cameroons Defence Force, the Interim Government, and the Ambazonia Coalition Team. The parties further express the hope that other groups will join the process.’’

Dissecting the Parties

The Ambazonia Governing Council is owned by Dr. Ayaba Cho, while their atrocities are not the issue here, the fact that the Canadians will further sign another agreement with his defense wing – Ambazonia Defense Forces(ADF) , is tantamount to De Klerk signing separate agreements with the ANC and The Spear of the Nation (ANC’s military wing. Same goes for the African People’s Liberation Movement of Dr. Akwanga and its military wing – the Southern Cameroons Defence Force (SOCADEF). Worth noting is that these two defense groups form less than 18% of the military fighting in the Ambazonia War of Independence. The bulk of the military and humanitarian burden of the war is under the Ambazonia Restoration Forces (ARF), under the Ambazonia Interim government headed by Dr. Sako Ikome, who like Dr. John Garang was sidelined by the Canadians in their pursuit of peace in ” the NorthWest and South West parts of Cameroun.” A statement in which some of the lone rangers calling themselves groups leaders at the Canadian “pre-talks” like the forgotten Yerima-led IG, have been diving in dark corners, after the French Cameroun Government denied ever asking Canada to engage in any mediation or negotiations on her behalf. After the statement, what has not been in short supply is the baseless claim that the French Cameroun Government gave its blessing. As for any document to ascertain the explicit authority to Canada to carry on such initiative, none has been forth coming.

Below is the Canadian Release about the failed Peace process.

What’s Next?

Canada, her allies and backer of French Cameroun know best what to do. The general sentiments among British Southern Cameroonians is the fact that Canada’s leadership is bent on aiding France extend its sphere of influence by erasing the English-speaking people of the British Southern Cameroons. The killings have been going on now for the 7th year and Canada has failed to sympathize with the minority English-speaking people who from the onset like Quebec wanted nothing other than to be treated as equals. The Canadians and their allies treated Ukrainians differently and sanctioned Putin after the invasion of Ukraine. They did same in the 90s after Saddam took over Koweit. They helped South Sudan and North Sudan to reach a peace deal after more than 25 years of war, the UK gave Scotland a vote about the their union with the UK. The UK herself organized a vote about Brexit. French Cameroun is supported and defended by Paris. They can end the Atrocity Crimes now by forcing Paul Biya and French Cameroun to commit to negotiations without pre-conditions. Without such economic pressure and threats of isolation, French Cameroun and France will continue to sleep-walk to any idea about independent mediators as the facts and logic of history are not on their side. Also the resources of the territory of Ambazonia are too important for them than human life The genocide has claimed more than 45,000 lives, more than 600 villages burnt by the French Cameroun soldiers, now called occupational forces. Close to two million are internally and externally displaced. What Ambazonians want is a well-backed and independent mediator, who will begin by recognizing the equality of the two Trust Territories.

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