Their cracked bodies and feet show shells of clotted blood. They were routinely tortured and killed as game. “They will come and just pick one and go kill” says the men who had nothing to lose, if they attempt to escape as death was their eventual outcome at the secret prison where they had been locked up for more than 3 months. “No shower for three months” another victim interjected. Some of the boys killed are named as Njie Aaron and Dickerson. The family of Njie Aaron the escaped victims say had even come looking for their child at the locked up area, but the French Cameroun Bulubeti soldiers refused that Njie was not there. They later took him out and executed him. The paranoid victim blame one soldier of the French Cameroun colonial forces popularly called Babyface for most of the extra-judicial killings in the area. The video which surfaced on the 22 November, 2020, is one more testimony of the secret killings ongoing in British Cameroon. The innocent men had been rounded up by French Cameroun colonial Forces after killing more than 17 civilians On Saturday 12 September 2020,


The Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa (CHRDA), alongside this platform had reported the events that led to their arrests and potential executions. “On Saturday 12 September 2020, 17 young men were executed in Muyuka, some alleged to be separatist fighters. 11 of the unarmed civilians, were rounded up and shot at close range. These incidents happened at Candev and Malende, all situated in Muyuka Local Government. On the same day, a group of young men were rounded up while extracting sand at a sand pit in Malende and shot dead by the same French Cameroun Colonial Soldiers. CHRDA of Agbor Balla says he received and analysed images and videos recorded and circulated on social media, showing dead bodies of at least five young men all covered in sand and being removed and carried away by inhabitants in a heavy-duty truck for burial. Many others were carried away.”.(Read the Details again here). Those carried away by the French Cameroun Bulubeti militias of Paul Biya have been executed as testified by the “WALKING DEAD” that escaped to tell their stories. Despite the widespread alarm to these atrocities, the world continues to give a blind eye to the genocide. Below is the video of the testimony of the escaped genocide victims.

Testimony of Escaped Genocide Victims 3 months after being kidnapped by French Cameroun Soldiers in Muyuka


Despite the tears from grieving mothers with colonial authorities calling them pretenders, the French Cameroun Bulubeti Militias/soldiers wrecked more havoc in British Southern Cameroons. They not only raped women, burnt homes and property but executed many in the most inhumane manner in modern times. Several innocent British Southern Cameroonians were pulled out of their homes and corpses later retrieved. Huge massacres took place in Lysoka and Muyuka in Fako County, Kumba in Meme County (where innocent school children were executed by the colonial bulubeti militias) to the use of Land mines in Ndop County. Looting and burning took place in Matoh, Big Babanki and other areas. The rapist colonial soldiers did not only molest women in mud, but gang-raped a 23-year-old nursing mother in Bamenda in front of her aunt and her young children; one less than 2 years. Below are the stories of some of the more than 300 innocent British Southern Cameroonians killed in the month of September and October 2020.


Family members describe him as a quiet and hard working young carpenter. He was as usual hustling to earn a living in Bamenda, but on 2 September, 2020, the French Cameroun colonial Bulubeti militias arrested the young Nshom Macubal. Family members speak of a desperate search for his location at all police precincts and colonial “Gerdame” stations in vain. On the 4th of September, 2020, their search was answered. The young carpenter, about 19 years old had been summarily-executed by the French Cameroun military and the corpse dumped for collection like trash. (Click here for Details)

3 Farmers Killed in Oku. Reports say they were in possession of farm tools. This according orders from colonial authorities was enough for their lives to be taken away. Farm tools such as cutlasses have been banned in the territory, as another punitive measure to facilitate the capitulation of the resistance of these colonized people. (See images below)

Died Chained to his bed: On 9 September, 2020, news came again that another British Cameroonian prisoner locked up in French Cameroun has died again. Sama-Ivo was chained to his bed at a filthy hospital. He had fallen ill months back, but the French Cameroun prison authorities did not bother to help him get help. He was only taken out to die at the said filthy hospital to show signs that they cared. The world watches this inhumanity in silence.

17 Killed in Muyka

On Saturday 12 September 2020, 17 young men were executed in Muyuka, some alleged to be separatist fighters. 11 of the unarmed civilians, were rounded up and shot at close range. These incidents happened at Candev and Malende, all situated in Muyuka Local Government. On the same day, a group of young men were rounded up while extracting sand at a sand pit in Malende and shot dead by the same French Cameroun Colonial Soldiers. CHRDA of Agbor Balla says he received and analysed images and videos recorded and circulated on social media, showing dead bodies of at least five young men all covered in sand and being removed and carried away by inhabitants in a heavy-duty truck for burial.

There has also been witness testimony against soldiers for killing and dumping young men in a river in Bamenda. On 27 September, 4 bodies were retrieved from Naka River, allegedly blindfolded and shot by the military at 02:00 am before being dumped in the river.

On 5 September, the body of the notorious fugitive Fonteh Lucas Ndefru was discovered abandoned at City Chemist roundabout in Bamenda. His death has been described as a cover-up by French Cameroun soldiers after he assisted the soldiers to rob a credit Union weeks earlier. (Click here for the full story)

15 civilians killed at Bopo-bakundu villag, Ebanga-bakundumbonge LGA . Unaccountable numbers were arrested and ferried to Kumba.

Civilian Pulled out of Home and Executed: On 10 September, a gun battle ensued between the Colonial French Cameroun occupying forces and restoration fighters at Cow-Boy Junction in Bamenda. As a result, one civilian died and another, a lady, sustained bullet wounds on her waist. An eye witness told CHRDA that after the cross fire between the two groups, the military killed the civilian. The witness said: “this guy stepped out of the house and, upon seeing the military, ran back inside in fear. After catching sight of him, the military followed him into the house, dragged him out, shot him dead and took off.”

On Friday 11 September 2020, three unarmed civilians, two men and a woman, identified as Suh Ngwa Wilfred, Ngallah Gilbert and Akum Charlotte were found dead in a public transport bus going to Bamenda, after a funeral in Bali. According to eye witnesses, the Cameroon military opened fire on the bus, under Operation Bamenda Clean. The murder of these three people brings to 9 the number of persons summarily executed in the very first week of Operation Bamenda clean following the death of the police officer, Petit Bikolo, on 1 September, 2020

4 more Summary-Executions: 15 September, 2020. Mr. Chi Kelvin was removed from his home in the neighborhood of Ngongham in Bamenda and later shot and abandoned elsewhere. He was an electrician by profession. His younger brother was later picked up, molested and taken away only to be found executed by the French Cameroun soldiers. The frail father from Obang Bafut, could not stand the pain. Still in Bafut on 20 September, 2020, the French Cameroun soldiers killed two innocent civilians, after searching in vain for British Cameroon Restoration forces said to be in the area. Some other two innocent villagers from Bafut were also killed, namely one Ogum Valentine and Abok. They were simply minding their businesses, but fit not to live as any French Cameroun soldier decides when any British Cameroon can live or die. (Click here for details)

11 Killed in Two Days in Ngomgham, Bamenda and Lysoka, Buea.

On 22 September, 2020, the French Cameroun soldiers pulled 5 civilians from their homes in the neighbourhood of Ngomgham in Bamenda and executed them. The following day 23 September, 2020, in the village of Lysoka in the territory, another six were still pulled out of their homes and executed. 24 September, 2020 still in Bamenda, 4 other innocent civilians were arrested as they went about their businesses, executed and dumped elsewhere. A witness narrates about the Lysoka massare: “….Another witness said that after they had killed Mama Eposi and her younger son Moses, they went to the next house, which is occupied by three male Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs). The three young men had escaped the violence in Ekona, in Muyuka Sub-division and found refuge in that house in Lysoka. The soldiers dragged the three teenagers from the bed and brought them out to the yard of the Baptist Church, where they had just killed Tate Tomeh. They shot two of the boys: Godwill, 17 years old and his brother Samuel, 19 years old. The third boy, a native of the Bakweri tribe, was let go“. Read Details here

Four Innocent youths picked up, killed and dumped by a river in Bamenda 24 September, 2020: The four were just minding their business as the narrator of the video explains when French Cameroun soldiers arrested/kidnapped them. The next day, their bodies were found near a river. (Video below)

Hands tied executed and dumped in Bui, 28 September, 2020. It was consternation, when family and neighbours woke up to find him dead with hands tied to his back. Scared witnesses said his door was smashed in the night with loud sounding French language people. They were the French Cameroun military he affirmed shaking. The body had gun shots. (Sad Images below)

Some October 2020 Massacres

The month began with images of another violation/abuse of a female in Bamenda by the French Cameroun Bulubeti Militias. She was paraded naked in mud, with threats of her life to be taken away.

At Least 100 Killed in Bali Nyonga and Dumped into the river: “The military transport the young boys around 2:00 AM ….. Residents heard more than 30 gunshots. As we speak now, some of the corpses are behind the bridge”, the frustrated man tells the appointed Mayor, imposed on the Local Area of the territory by French Cameroun authorities to facilitate their ethnic cleansing. “The bridge is still bloody and for the past one month, at least more than 100 innocent young men have been executed and thrown on the Nahkah Bridge by the French Cameroun authorities“ The whistleblower tells the mayor, who accepted knowing about it. (Read details here) and watch video below.

5 KILLED IN AKO: Colonial French Cameroun soldiers and their armed Mbororo proxies some from Nigeria on the 20 October, 2020 invaded Adere, a village in Ako and killed 5 people, setting several houses on fire. Amongst those killed is Pa Nji Tabor, a 60-year-old man. He leaves behind 2 wives and many children.

AWING MASACRES: ON 19 October, 2020, about 6 innocent civilians mostly boys were killed in Mekemtekong, Awing and others captured by French Cameoun soldiers. They will surely be executed and bodies will be dumped or buried elsewhere.

KUMBA SCHOOL MASSACRE OF +8 KIDS, 24 OCTOBER, 2020: At least 8 students shot and killed in Kumba, British Cameroon, by French Cameroun soldiers/authorities on 24 October, 2020. This is not the first and will not be the last massacre in the ongoing genocide in the British territory. more than 23, 000 have been killed so far. The images show broken skulls and mangled bodies. The killings reminisces similar killings in Mpundu, Muyuka early 2019, of school-age children at a soccer pitch. According to a list said to have been hurriedly published online by the French Cameroun Colonial authorities, six students, five girls and one boy lost their lives, while thirteen were wounded when the gun men (French Cameroun soldiers) attacked the Mother Francisca International Academy in Fiango, Kumba II, Saturday October 24, 2020. (Click here for details and videos) and (here).

At Least 5 killed by French Cameroun Land mines in Ndop: Barely five days after the murder of more than 9 school children in Kumba, and the outcry, French Cameroun Colonial soldiers upped their killings, this time in Ndop with land mines which violates the UN Treaty –Ottawa Treaty, the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention, or often simply the Mine Ban Treaty. The Convention was concluded by the Diplomatic Conference on an International Total Ban on Anti-Personnel Land Mines at Oslo on 18 September 1997. The video shared online on 29 October, 2020, shows a dugout hole from the ground where the mines were planted in Ndop in the ongoing genocide in British Cameroons. Bodies of more than four innocent civilians are strewn a few meters from the epicenter of the mine (Click here for details with video)

SPECTACULAR RAPE OF A 23-YEAR-OLD NURSING MOTHER OF TWO: In their “Operation Clean Bamenda“, the French Cameroun bulubeti militias of mummified Paul Biya wrecked physical and psychological havoc on the peace-loving population of Bamenda. The Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa ( CHRDA), based in the Buea documents that “On Sunday 13 September, 2020, military officers targeted Ntumazah Hill and K-Place all situated in Ntarinkon to carry out searches. In one of the houses, three soldiers entered and raped a 23-year-old girl, who is a mother of 2 children. Her last child is 1 year, 6 months old. “…. he asked me to follow him to the back of the house. While there, he asked me in French to choose between him sleeping with me or killing me, I don’t understand French, so he was mixing words in Pidgin.… (CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS)





The crew of the most dependable site on the genocide in British Southern Cameroons – ambazoniangenocidelibrary shall be publishing the stories and images of the more than 316 innocent British Southern Cameroonians killed in the past two months by French Cameroun Bulubeti militias of mummified Paul Biya backed by France. The site has been tallying these killings since 2016. For killings since 2016, click here. The research team through its elaborate sources and sister reliable news organs publishes these statistics to help would be investigators to have an accurate account of the Atrocity Crimes being committed by French Cameroun on the people of the territory. The site’s last publication of more than 600 innocent Southern Cameroonians killed in May-July included a bike rider killed in Bamenda for not giving the colonial French Cameroun soldier a bribe of $1 (500 francs cfa). Also the extrajudicial killings in Bafut where 3 innocent civilians from the DDR center were transported in an armored car and shot into a river around 2:00 am. The bodies were later retrieved four days later – 8 August, 2020 and buried on the river bank. These are children whose parents are still hoping will return home one day. For a reminder of the past body counts, click and read: “THEY PULLED OFF THE MASK AND SHOT THEM INTO THE RIVER “. HORRIBLE STORIES OF THE +600 BRITISH CAMEROONIANS EXECUTED IN JUNE – AUGUST, 2020.


In her unwillingness to engage in a mediated effort to end the genocide on the occupied territory of British Southern Cameroons, the French Cameroun genocidal government continues to eliminate those who remain loyal to their people while propping up stooge traditional leaders. T he aim is to portray a sense of subservience by the rebelled SLAVES (British Cameroonians), In the same days when he repatriated the abdicated King of one of the villages – Nso in the territory with the aim of arming and imposing him as their stooge in their sham House of Chiefs, at the same time they are eliminating other traditional leaders who are not ready to dance to the colonialist’s Machiavellian actions or KUMBAYA. The King of the small village of Lewu La Maleleh in Muea village of Fako County was executed on 6 November, 2020, when the French Cameroun Soldiers invaded the village. Apart from killing King Molinga Francis, his palace was burnt to ashes by the marauding French Cameroun Colonial soldiers. Villagers spoke of hearing the gunshots that ended the life of the King who unlike the others who exiled themselves and asked for their subjects to be killed, he stayed and provided solace to victims of the genocide. The French Cameroun appointed representative of the area, shed crocodile tears on camera blaming every other thing but the French Cameroun colonial authorities. Watch the video about the late King and his remains.


First they denied, and lied about it. Later they acknowledged and instead of building a monument to remember them, they built a military post to remind the villagers of the devils who massacred their children on 14 February, 2020. As the crocodile tears were shed in Kumba on the 5th November, 2o2o, for the more than 6 innocent children massacred by their colonial military, the killings continue to unfold. The Kumba killings of 24the October, 2020, was just one more massacre by French Cameoun in the ongoing genocide in British Cameroon. As the killers forced the parents to allow them pretend to show sympathy to them, the questions would not stop coming. With more than 23,000 killed, why the pretense? The answer is simple: the population is fed up with the killings and is ready to revolt. Another question worth asking is where and how where the other kids they murdered buried? Here is a reminder of how the more than 35 innocent civilians and children French Cameroun Soldiers and authorities accepted they murdered in Ngarbuh were buried. For the details of how the massacred of Ngarbuh took place, click here. and read – ANATOMY OF THE NGARBUH MASSACRE: HOW AFRICA’S OLDEST DICTATOR 87-YEAR-OLD PAUL BIYA, PLANNED AND EXECUTED CHILDREN SOME 87 YEARS YOUNGER THAN HIM



If it is not rape, it is killings, and if you are lucky, you are tortured to near death. This is the story of French Cameroun colonial forces in British Southern Cameroons. Women as old as 64 have been gang-raped, breastfeeding mothers raped by the roadside. The story of this innocent woman with swollen face and a bloody nose encapsulates the abuses women continue to suffer from the hands of the brutal French Cameroun Bulubeti miltias of mummified Paul Biya of French Cameroun.



“Three persons, all young boys including a local player of a musical instrument known in Bali as ‘Lun’ were killed, breaking 2 November, 2020, in North West British Southern Cameroons, by French Cameroun Soldiers backed by France. The young man was just coming from mbufung, a small farming locality in Bali in the occupied territory only to meet his death. A corn mill operator only escaped by chance leaving his machines steaming while he dashed in to the bushes. Several persons were wounded and many motor bikes set ablaze,” A retired Gendarmarie officer told DrayInfos, a dependable online news outlet in the town of Bamenda. Mumified Paul Biya’s French Cameroun Colonial Soldiers had invaded the quiet neighborhood of Boh Etoma, to commit their Atrocity Crimes.(Video Below).

Three Innocent Civilians Killed by French Cameroun in Bali Nyonga 2 November, 2020.

The killings come barely a week, following a global outrage, after the same French Cameroun Colonial soldiers massacred more than 9 innocent students at the Mother Francisca International Bilingual Academy in Kumba, British Cameroons on 24 October, 2020. (Click here for Details). The killings, which is just one of the many massacres carried out by the French Cameroun colonial military backed by France garnered global sympathy. The Royal See, Pope Francis extended sympathy to the victims and called for an end to the genocide that has claimed more than 23,000 lives. “I hope that the weapons will be silenced and that the safety of all and the right of every young person to education and the future can be guaranteed,” The Pope states. The pop’s appeal fell on deaf ears, as his friend, Africa’s most Brutal dictator, Paul Biya (not seen since March, 2020) continues his killing spree in the territory.

Africa’s Most Brutal Dictator Paul Biya, wife and Pope Francis at the Vatican

These Bali killings add to more than 15 innocent civilians killed since the Kumba Killings. To show his disdain for the global appeal for him to end the war, Africa’s most brutal dictator, Paul Biya (who is believed died since March, 2020), upped his disregard for life, and International Treaties. He violated the Ottawa Treaty on Land mines by killing more than 4 civilians with mines in Ndop, Northern territory of British Camerons on 29 October, 2020 . Click here for details . Three other civilians were also pulled out of their homes and shot in Ndian County on the 28 of October, 2020.

The genocide has claimed more than 23,000 lives. The French Cameroun soldiers have also burnt more than 400 villages, sending more than 100,000 refugees into neighboring Nigeria and Ghana. More than 800,000 are internally displace with schools barely functioning in the territory for 4 years now running. For setails of monthly killings and burnings, click here


The video shared online on 29 October, 2020, shows a dugout hole from the ground where the mines were planted in Ndop in the ongoing genocide in British Cameroons. Bodies of more than four innocent civilians are strewn a few meters from the epicenter of the mine. A voice over then narrates that they were Ambazonian Restoration Forces. A family member of one of the civilians killed, states that none of the people killed were any British Cameroon freedom volunteers or Ambazonia Restoration forces. The voice over she says must have been made by the French Cameroun bulubeti military to dilute global opinion. To buttress her argument, the grieving family member says there were no weapons on the scene. The Ambazonia volunteer forces usually walk with their weapons. French Cameroun Colonial soldiers are known for killing innocent civilians and dressing them like Ambazonia Restoration forces. At times, Dane guns are placed on innocent civilians to deceive the world that they were engaged with the colonial military.

The use of these land mines once again highlight the gross abuses of rights and laws by the French Cameroun soldiers backed by France in the ongoing genocide in British Cameroons. The genocide has claimed more than 23,000 lives. The French Cameroun soldiers have also burnt more than 400 villages, sending more than 100,000 refugees into neighboring Nigeria and Ghana. More than 800,000 are internally displace with schools barely functioning in the territory for 4 years now running. French Cameroun ratified this convention which she has violated in front of the global community on 19 September, 2002.

Video of the Landmine used by French Cameroun Soldiers on Civilians in Ndop British S. Cameroons


The Convention on the Prohibition of the Use, Stockpiling, Production and Transfer of Anti-Personnel Mines and on their Destruction, known informally as the Ottawa Treaty, the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention, or often simply the Mine Ban Treaty, aims at eliminating anti-personnel landmines (AP-mines) around the world. The Convention was concluded by the Diplomatic Conference on an International Total Ban on Anti-Personnel Land Mines at Oslo on 18 September 1997. In accordance with its article 15, the Convention was opened for signature at Ottawa, Canada, by all States from 3 December 1997 until 4 December 1997, and will remain open thereafter at the United Nations Headquarters in New York until its entry into force. By resolution 52/38/A, the General Assembly of the United Nations welcomed the conclusion  of the Convention at Oslo and requested the Secretary-General of the United Nations to render the necessary assistance and to provide such services as may be necessary to fulfil the tasks entrusted to him. Read details of the convention here.


When they join the Mine Ban Treaty, states commit to:

  • never use antipersonnel mines, nor to develop, produce, otherwise acquire, stockpile, retain, or transfer them
  • destroy mines in their stockpiles within four years
  • clear all mined areas in their territory within 10 years
  • in mine-affected countries, conduct mine risk education and ensure the exclusion of civilians from mined areas
  • provide assistance for the care and rehabilitation, and social and economic reintegration, of mine victims
  • offer assistance to other States Parties, for example in providing for survivors or contributing to clearance programs
  • adopt national implementation measures (such as national legislation) to ensure that the terms of the treaty are upheld in their territory
  • report annually on progress in implementing the treaty.


Even in their grief, the French Cameroun Colonial Officers can’t for once acknowledge their pains seeing their children being executed daily by the colonial military of French Cameroun. Following the gruesome murder of at least 7 innocent children at  Mother Francisca International Bilingual Academy in Kumba, British Cameroons on 24 October, 2020, the women who bore the pain of pregnancy took to the streets of British Southern Cameroons on Tuesday, 27 October, 2020, to denounce the French Cameroun killing of their children. In Bamenda, the grieving mothers confronted the colonial administrators to air their frustration, but as usual, the arrogance of the colonial officers were astounding. At the premises of the Colonial Divisional Officer for Bamenda II, the women were reminded that their lives and pain was nothing to the killers of their children. The D.O, of anglophone origin, minced no word to defend the execution of the innocent civilians in the territory. Apart from describing the tears of the grieving mothers as hypocritical, he promised more killings, ” “Most of them who are out here today know where the boys ….are hiding, but they pretend. If we keep on pretending, we are going to register more of these incidents”. For some of the women, the genocide is a long way from abating. “This is true that for these people we are really dogs and cockroaches”, One protester confided.

Bamenda 2 Colonial Divisional Officer Nicholas Nkongho as DO for Belo

Equally reacting to the Colonial D.O.’s statement, one of the protesters whose names we got as Mama Mary, a food vendor at the Bamenda food market said angrily that, the words of the DO is clear indication that, he doesn’t want this crisis to end because of the gains he and others are making from it:“WE EXPECTED THAT THE WIFE WAS EVEN GOING TO JOIN US, CALLING US PRETENDERS IS PROOF THAT, HE IS ONE OF THOSE BENEFITING FROM THE CRISIS. MARK MY WORDS, THEIR DAYS ARE NUMBERED. THEY WERE SHOCKED TO SEE US OUT IN OUR NUMBERS BECAUSE THEY THOUGHT THE MANY SOLDIERS AROUND TOWN WERE GOING TO FRIGHTEN US WITH THEIR GUNS. WE HAVE REFUSED TO BE FRIGHTENED! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! THEY WHO  KNOW WHERE THE BOYS ARE, WHAT IS STOPPING THEM FROM GOING THERE AND ARRESTING THEM? WE JUST WANT TO SEE AN END TO THE KILLINGS,”  SHE STATED. They grieving people carried  placards bearing  messages like, ”Education is a must for our children, Education is not negotiable,” ”End the war in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon,” ”We need peace” among others,

The First ISIS Style Beheading by the DO

The colonial DO of anglophone origin is not new to the massacres in British Southern Cameroons. As DO for Belo Local Government in Boyo County in 2018, Mr. Nicolas Nkongho Wanchang, presided over the first beheading in the ongoing genocide. A soldier who took part in the murder, and is living in regret till date recounts that, Mr. Nicolas ordered the killing of Late Mr. Chiabah Samuel, popularly known for his jovial nature as Sam Soya, Father of 5. The handicap was mangled and beheaded in Belo, in Northern Zone of British Southern Cameroon, on February 3, 2018.


In order to please his masters, and the few BetiBulu militias who had descended on Belo following the killings of the colonial Gerdame, the D.O did not fail to do his job as a quisling. He personally interviewed Samsoya, asking the questions that only an anglophone, familiar with the locality could. After the interrogation, and like Pontus Pilate, the D.O – a son of Kembong in the Southern Zone of British Cameroon /Ambazonia ordered the elimination of Samsoya and his friends with no remorse.

In the video arrogantly posted by the military killers, the late handicap is seen denying the charges leveled against him by his killers. Another tortured victim is equally seen claiming the handicapped Mr. Chiabah was behind a recent killing of a female Bulubeti militia/military on a killing spree in the village; trump up charges the soft-spoken Mr. Chiabah denied. The fake witness (not known by Belo inhabitants), and who was later killed alongside Samsoya, unconsciously revealed that the soldiers had already killed some other people. Hear him, “those lying outside…”. These American-trained soldiers with the complicity of French Cameroun’s-appointed administrative officers apart from killing Mr. Chiabi, equally destroyed his home and burnt his transportation bikes, even though he was survived by a wife and five children.

Mr. Chiabi’s confession, of ignorance, before his public execution did not go unnoticed. Some Participants to the gruesome murder truly saw his innocence, but were coerced into murdering the handicap, who could barely stand. According to one of the unwilling participants, to the ISIS-style beheading of Samsoya (name still in a time capsule), their boss was the French Cameroun’s appointed Divisional Officer (D.O) for Belo Mr. NICHOLAS NKONGHO MANCHANG. As an Assistant D.O for Fundong , interim for Belo and later D.O for Belo, Mr. NICHOLAS NKONGHO MANCHANG, knew Samsoya very well. Mr. Sam Soya was a regular supplier of Weed to most of the colonial Gerdames in Belo, under Mr. NICHOLAS NKONGHO MANCHANG. It was no secret to Belo indigenes that the Gerdames, together with some of the youths they later murdered usually enjoy their “nkuh” or marijuana under a Kola tree, well known to inhabitants of Belo and the D.O.

According to our source, “if the D.O had not ordered for Samsoya’s beheading, we wouldn’t have done it. He was the top administrator of the sub-divison. He said. In a baffling mood he said, “il était anglophone et nous a donné l’ordre de les tuer. C’est terrible. (He was an anglophone and gave us orders to kill them. It’s terrible). I know maybe he was scared of a revenge if they would have been set free”. He continued. “But to take away their lives in….. Please click here and read the details, with pictures and video of Mr. Nkongho Nicolas, ordering the murder of an innocent handicap – Samsoya. After the killings and the executions of many alongside Ndawara, Mr. Nkongho was promoted to Bamenda in the same colonial capacity and responsibilities.


From Muyuka where the script was re-enacted on 24 October, 2020 in Kumba to Ngarbuh, Small Babanki, Mautu, Lysoka, etc, they have shown that you have no interest in the lives of your own people. Remember it was in 1953, that a few standard six politicians walked out of the Eastern House of Assembly in Enugu in Nigeria, without a shot or a life lost, paving the way for you to have such window-dressing role for French Cameroun. If Niat Njifenji were to be mummified like Biya, it is Cavaye Yegue who will still order the guns against your people. For now since, they can only send a slave to catch a slave, you are riding on a powerless role. As soon as the rebelled slaves are muzzled, your worth will be restored. This reminds you and us of your quisling role -use and dump. Even the French Cameroun soldiers are laughing at you anglophones in Yaounde for being “anglofools”, dogs etc, who allow their people to be massacred daily for French interest? These so-called politicians dancing with effigies of a late man, who are they representing? Ngalla Gerard will surround himself with the same killers who massacred women and children, erased villages in the name of late Biya. I call him late because, he DIED months back. If you think he is alive, show him bragging about his immortality as he did in 2004. Show him on zoom calls like other leaders do. Mbella Moki Charles, will extend sympathy to George Floyd millions of Kilometers away, when the corpses of 4 innocent youths executed by French Cameroun soldiers are still oozing out fresh blood meters away from his home and constituency.

Mbella Moki Sympathizes with George Floyd, instead of his own Executed closest to him


The Anglophone “man-of-god” will pay 2 million Francs ($4000) ransom to disguised French Cameroun soldiers who kidnapped other’s children under him, without telling their parents. He had no time for them, while hurrying to go kiss the feet of King Biya at his enthronement (inauguration) in Yaounde in 2018. A renowned Cardinal Tumi, will boldly tell the world that he lied in a survey to anglophones about the solution to the genocide on them. “I deliberately left out the question on independence” the supposed truthteller quips. As a child and old man of the Bible, wasn’t he to tell the truth to the people by not hiding what he knew they loved? The fear of Biya and French Cameroun to them is the beginning of wisdom cookies. His blood envelop(money), no doubt was thicker than the blood that flows on their streets and rivers. What a disgrace to humanity. Tired of the killings of anglophones, a French Cameroun priests dreads the odds to march to call for attention to the killings. The Anglophone priests who have buried right down to fetuses’, seen their customer’s (parishioner’s) homes and livelihoods destroyed are busy raising money from the same poor victims, some for their cars. What a shame!


The killings in Kumba should be the least action for a true representative to quit the killer’s cookie boxes for good, but Not You. Some will rush to the gullible press and attribute it to the oppressed. What in the world happened to you British/Anglo-Saxon people? How much can you eat alone? Why should the lives of the poor citizens of this territory be so cheap? On the 22nd of September, 2020 when some sane minds in French Cameroun came out on the streets, nobody was shot at. In short the same killer boys in British Cameroon, were disarmed to scout levels for them. Yes, they came out to welcome them with batons. Your people in British Cameroon locked their doors at home, but were executed by the French Cameroun soldiers. When is enough enough? when are YOU going to walk out like the DIGNIFIED illiterates did in 1953?

The people you are supposed to represent have spoken loud and clear that the union forged in 1961 has failed. Why don’t you listen to them? How do you kill them to submission? In the worst anglo-saxon dictatorship in the world, if the people dread all the odds to come out like British Cameroonians did in 2017, that dictator will accept and make a statement like “I heard you”. He does not fuel the elites’ cars, buy ammunition for his soldiers and ask the elites to lead a massacre of those his people.

Late John Garang was sent by Khartoum to quell a rebellion against his own people, he arrived back in Khartoum, years later but for peace talks on the status of South Sudan. He was a true African who knew that, you can’t win a war against your own people. From Elokobi, Atanga Nji, Aghaa Robinson etc. They have happily led the annihilation of their own in the guise of amassing more ice cream, which will melt once the sun shines (the conflict is over). Do you all Anglophone “elites” sleep? How can you sleep when bodies of children float in rivers in your towns and villages. Aren’t those children like yours?


Think of the pain of that mother losing a child, and not ever having closure? Every time he hears a foot step, she will hope it was the child missing since the French Cameroun officers picked him up. How do you feel, if the 23-year-old lady raped by French Cameroun soldiers in Bamenda was your child? Think of the pain of the family, having to be in the room, and listening to the cries of the mother of two being raped. Think of the 17-year-old breastfeeding mother raped at the roadside in Bamenda by the same soldiers that you deploy to suppress the demand for change. Think of the 63-year-old mother gang-raped in Bafut. Our ancestors never endured such humiliation from Nigeria. Enough! Who are you claiming to represent? More than 23,000 have been killed, yet you claim silence and still holding tight your cookies from the colonizer’s largess. Sadly, you still go to the church to pray. What a mockery to God and though shall not kill etc. The genocide has reached a stage where parents have given their lives to death, than be ruled by your slave masters. For many, the slave master you adore, and who does not even respect you can’t and will not be their master. For once, search your souls. It is never too late to do the right thing as long as a soul is saved from your master’s bullet. BENEVOLENCE NEUTRLITY NOW.