British Cameroon Genocide. here are the other gruesome massacres by africa's most brutal and oldest dictator – Paul Biya.

The 87-year-old Paul Biya’s massacre of more than 37 children fit to be his great grand children, but not worth living, at Ngarbuh, in Ndu area of British Cameroon, on 14 February, 2020, is not the first and wouldn’t be the last. For four years now, the octogenarian has committed far worse Atrocity Crimes since 2016, when the people of British Cameroon (Ambazonia), went to the streets to demand for structural changes to enshrine equality in the country whom they were treated as third class citizens. In addition to the double massacres of 22 September, 2017, and 1 October, 2017, Paul Biya’s crimes have surpassed Boko Haram, and ISIS combined. He has tortured, raped, beheaded, burnt villages and families alive, buried others in mass graves and submerged others in rivers. To stand aloft these stated terror groups, he has the backing of the world and owns a hordes of lobbyists in Washington and other major capitals who principally glue the lips of officials while writing press releases for them.

Foreign writes that, ““documents filed in the U.S under the Foreign Agents Registration Act show that the Biya government is channeling upward of $184,000 a month to some U.S lobbying firms. Squire Patton Boggs is currently receiving $100,000 a quarter from Cameroon. Glover Park Group—which just cut ties with the Saudi government—is providing public affairs and communications support to the Embassy of Cameroon in Washington for $51,000 a month, and in September 2019, Mercury Public Affairs secured a media relations contract with the government worth $100,000 a month”. This is from a dictator whose citizens live on less than a dollar a day. Below are the other massacres committed by the French Cameroun government of paul Biya in this four-year genocide that has claimed more than 20,000 lives.

2018 Massacres

  1. ISIS PLAYBOOK with Samsoya February 3, 2018

For full details of these 2018 massacres with videos and pictures, Click here

2019 Massacres


For full details, videos and other images on these 2019 massacres, Click here

Is the world still going to sit back and watch this genocide continue? Remember, close o 6000 were killed in 2019, alone. For detailes of the 2019 killings click here.

Africa's oldest Dictator massacres +37 on Valentine's Day

A day after Africa’s second longest-serving dictator, Paul Biya of French Cameroun posted pictures of his family celebrating his 87th birthday, the ailing commander-in-chief and his soldiers have killed at least 37 people including children in the village of Ngarbuh, in Ndu area of Bui County in British Cameroon. Cameroon News Agency quotes an eye witness: “A man, I know so well who is called Seka was killed inside his house, including his 5 children and pregnant wife. They also killed a woman who is a neighbor and all her grandchildren. They shot another boy and we are trying to get him to Nso land for treatment. It is an emergency”. The source further narrates that those in charge of the massacre were French Cameroun soldiers led by State-sponsored militias. “They moved from house to house, shooting and burning”, the site writes. Corroborating sources indicate the same people killed were mostly those the military forced to the polls on the 9th of February, 2020, in an election that was boycotted by British Cameroonians.


Here lie 35 souls which harboured in abject misery occasioned by demonic thievery and senseless greed in the corridors of power, but made the most of their lovable families to afford themselves inexplicable happiness. Even as they gave a hoot to the permanently despoiled national cake, their divinely authored lives were squeezed out of them with such weaponry as to set out in hunt for an invincible, invisible, yet omnipresent predator.

Here are some names of the killed

1 Papa Awudu 2 Papa Abdul Sunjo 3 Maman Kwicherreh 4 Yaya 5 Sikah 6 Justin 7 Alidou Bah 8 Kinuyui 9 Manjo Seka 10 Ringyu 11 Mami Suley
12 Ngond Hassana ( enceinte)

87-year-old Biya of French Cameroun Celebrating his birthday with his family, while razing families and children in BritishCameroon

The killings in Ndu add to several British Cameroonians killed in less than a week following the sham election, heavily boycotted by the British Cameronians and French Cameroun’s main opposition party of former Minister Maurice Kamto. In Bambui, still on 14 February, more French Cameroun soldiers burnt a woman in their family home. Reports say the house was set ablaze deep in the night when the occupants were asleep. Madame Asongwe, who was sleeping, was roasted. Prelates who visited the burnt compound express shock at the level of barbarism inflicted on the English-speaking people of the former British Cameroon. On the 13 of February, 2020, similar burning and killings were witnessed in the village of Bamendakwe were another lady was roasted alive by the same military under Paul Biya. In Bangem in the Southern Zone of the territory, more than 6 innocent civilians were caught, tortured, dragged behind army cars. Those who were still breathing after the torture were executed by the military. “These are crimes against humanity, where no basic principle of war are respected. An army arrests people and they are found dead, and nobody questions their actions. This is unheard of” A sympathizer laments. About 80 homes have been razed in less than five days following the election that was shunned by the people of the region.

This continuous killing and destruction by French Cameroun soldiers is expected to swell the number of refugees fleeing the territory to neighboring Nigeria. Prior to the election, the United Nations Refugee Agency, stated that, “nearly 8,000 Cameroon refugees have fled to eastern and southern Nigeria” two weeks to the election. With post-election extermination of the vulnerable people of British Cameroon, more are expected to leave the territory. The UN nation the architect of the genocide continues to maintain sealed lips.

Killings in Ngarbuh, Ndu 14 February, 2020

Killing and Destruction in Bambili

Bamendakwe Killing and Burning 13 February, 2020

Bangem Killing 09 February, 2020

Open Letter to Rep. Karen Bass: Don't Condone Genocide with S. Sudan. British Cameroon has no Riek Machar.

A guest on an American TV show was posed the question of which country Obama’s father came from, and her instant answer was Africa. Her answer reflects the knowledge of many Americans about what Africa is. The same applies to policy makers who know nothing about the colonial legacies of the continent which are very important in talking about democracy, freedoms and economics.

There are marked differences between Francophone and Anglophone Africa. Firstly, One is ruled from outside and the other from the inside. This is a reflection of their colonial upbringings. Anglophone Africa had indirect rule, where the British shared power with locals who administered their subjects. These subjects could question those leaders with the backing of the colonial administrators. The French ruled theirs as a part of France. All authority came from Paris. Paris was thus their boss, and they were made to feel and think French. None could ever question the authority of France (administrators). They grew up with this centralized system till date. The president appoints from ministers, Senators right down to school principals. These basic distinctions are very important for policy makers from Washington and New York, who generalized the political and economic situations in Africa.

British Cameroon Celebration in Buea, 1958

The Differences between Anglophone (british Cameroon) and francophone (French Cameroun)

An example is the situation between British Southern Cameroon (Anglophone) and French Cameroun (Francophone). While France and French Cameroun were busy killing their subjects in the 1950s, to entrench France’s domination, the British colony of Southern Cameroon was busy building its economic and political institutions in anticipation of her independence as stipulated by the UN Trusteeship Council. They severed links Democratically with Anglophone Nigeria in 1953 – Benevolence Neutrality. They walked out of the Eastern House of Assembly in Enugu, Nigeria, without firing a shot, after poor treatment by Nigeria and her citizens. The result was that they were made an autonomous thus self-governing territory in 1954, (by Queen Elizabeth II) with EML Endeley as its First Prim Minister. During this brief period between 1953 -1961, they became black Africa’s First DEMOCRACY – blossoming multiparty system, conducting peaceful elections in which the loser democratically handed power to a successor. In their short history of independence or self-rule, they had three Prime Ministers, and effective political parties. After the fake union with French Cameroun in 1961, the political parties were forcefully dissolved by the anti-democratic French Cameroun majority. Compare this , to French Cameroun (1961 – 2020), which has had 2 presidents, no democratic transition, the same political leadership since the 50s. Their economic and political life is remotely-controlled from the center – France.

Parliamentary elections were held in British Cameroons on 24 January 1959. The result was a victory for the Kamerun National Democratic Party, which won 14 of the 26 seats in the House of Assembly” . Of the twelve seats won by the Kamerun National CongressKamerun People’s Party alliance, eight were won by the KNC and four by the KPP. (More)

Kamerun National Democratic Party73,30553.414+9
Kamerun National CongressKamerun People’s Party51,38437.412+4
One Kamerun2,0211.50New
Registered voters/turnout205,576
Source: (Wikipedia)

The S. Sudan Civil War and the western Double Standard

Africa is repleted with this anomaly movie. Since 1990 several countries in Europe have re-adjusted their boundaries without bloodshed. The Latest are Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo (Former Yugoslavia). In Africa, the Western King-makers exercise the most flimsy diplomatic excuses while they sell arms to the warring factions. At the end, thousands are slaughtered to achieve what would have been achieved peacefully when the demands began, as most always begin peacefully. Thousands died in the Ethiopia-Eritrea conflict, South vs North Sudan and now British Southern Cameroon vs French Cameroun. These conflicts have everything in common -The believe by the bigger country that MIGHT and not FACTS are right, and that the minority must be assimilated.

ln Kamerun, the minority British Cameroonians who as an independent territory joined French Cameroon in 1961, was described as two cubes of sugar waiting to be soluble in the large pond dropped into. They were reduced to sub-humans with names like dogs, foreigners etc. French Cameroun authorities claiming sovereignty over the people, later declared war on them and moved in with an extermination strategy that the U.S Ambassador to Cameroun, Mr. Henry Balerin calls, “Targeted Killings”. Villages are being razed and more than 20,000 have so far been killed. The embarrassing thing about this is that, the UN is the architects of these killings (Eritrea and British Cameroon were forcefully joined to inhumane and bigger countries, against their wishes and rules of the UN Trusteeship Council which was to prepare these territories to self-rule). The West that assigned itself the title of King-maker watches from the sideline while human life is wasted in conflicts arising out of such incompatibilities. For them their economic and geopolitical influence supersedes mostly “Third” World Lives. With modern technology, this pretense is now clearly documented. Programs like twitter and Facebook lay these happenings daily on the dinner tables of these Decision-makers.

In 2011, after fighting the same untrustworthy partner – North Sudan, the mostly Christian South that was persecuted by the North gained her independence. More than 2 million people are estimated to have died in the war leading to this separation. Little had they settled down to build their new country when another war erupted within South Sudan itself. As usual, the King-maker – West lump it within the narrative of a s..thole, savage continent, etc. The conflict was preventable, but because of economic interest, it was allowed to fester.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Riek-Machar.jpg
Riek Machar

riek Machar

A key player in South Sudan’s war and politics is Riek Machar. Actually, during the Sudanese Civil War, more South Sudanese died from Mr. Machar’s armies and actions than from the North’s. Here we remember the more than 2000 civilians killed at Bor, and the resulting deaths of others due to famine and diseases. We know he got more arms from North Sudan to fight John Garang’s faction. Riek Machar is a power-hungry sanguinary leader, whose mission is to be head-of-state no matter how much misery or deaths he incur on his way to that mission. In the height of the liberation war, he aligned with Omar El Bashir, against the South before switching again. The BBC says Machar is, “reputed to be a wily operator, switching sides on several occasions during the long north-south conflict as he sought to strengthen his own position and that of his Nuer ethnic group in the murky political waters of Sudan, and later South Sudan”.

The road to Sudan’s 2011 independence was murky. The North formed and equipped several groups against John Garang’s SPLM. Riek Machar was one of the conduits. In October 1993 the US Congress even hosted a meeting between Garang and Machar. This is to illustrate the point that the perpetrator will always try to muddy the waters – try to portray the victim as a few trouble makers. They will buy Washington lobbyists to write public statements. These self-determination conflicts are settled in the West through referendums, but not in Africa, as the masterminds know that a referendum will lead to a repudiation of their lobbyists and talking points. The Genocidal War of Independence in British Cameroon is mirroring the same trajectory, except that it exposes the hitherto hidden hypocrisy of some of the global policy-makers. The killings and burning are all available to them through social media.

Western Hypocrisy and the South Sudan Civil War

This hypocrisy was in full display in December 2013 when South Sudan’s new President Salvar Kiir fired his Vice President Mr. Riek Machar. He accused him and ten others of planning a coup. Mr. Riek Machar later withdrew to pick up arms. Knowing fully well of his intentions, the West never threatened Mr. Machar with firm consequences. The U.S attempted an embargo in December 2016, that would have targeted Mr. Machar, as well, but it failed for obvious reasons. Mr. Machar and his SPLM-IO (Sudan People’s Liberation Movement In Opposition) has sponsors who are hoping to get new oil deals if he succeeds. The outcome is the continuation of the narrative of Africa as a “s..thole”, savage place etc. The worst is using this external conspiracy against South Sudan, as a reason to justify silence on the genocide in British Cameroon, when Genocide Experts such as former State Department official Dr, Greg Stanton, of Genocide Watch, have stated categorically that it is a Full Genocide.

Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health, Global Human Rights and International Organizations

President Trump has every right and power to fire his Vice – Mike Pence. What Mike Pence cannot do is dispute his firing by picking up arms to fight Donald Trump, instead of challenging him at the ballot box. Riek Machar is notorious in using rebellion to seek office or position. Sadly he has not been confronted with serious consequences. His return to Juba this time is not the last. Each time he has come closer to leadership, he has seen it as the best way to achieve his long dream of being Mr. President, rather than the peace and stability of Sudan. British Southern Cameroon has no Riek Machar, and so for the Congress woman Karen Bass, to be comparing these two scenarios in the course of a Genocide on the minority British Cameroonians is wrong, and frustrating to the mothers and children killed each day by French Cameroun soldiers. Representative Karen Bass, holds the power to stop the genocide in British Cameroon now.

As a black leader, European interest in Africa supersedes Human Rights. Since the U.S scaled back its assistance to French Cameroun citing credible Human Rights abuses, no European country has followed suit, thus begging the question of, HOW MANY HUMAN RIGHTS STANDARDS ARE THERE? As of now, more than 20,000 people have been killed, with almost 6000 killed in 2019 alone (Click here for more). It is time to correct the injustice forced on British Cameroon by the UN and allies because of her resources. Assuming the false narrative about South Sudan as a failed state, (with no external blame), it doesn’t justify INJUSTICE on these people who were asking for rights as every American has done throughout history. It is wrong to force one’s daughter with a broken eye, to stay in an abusive marriage simply because, you are scared she wouldn’t make it alone when she was the breadwinner of the marriage. What British Southern Cameroon needs is an honest truth about their history and whether they want to renew their vows like Scotland did in 2014 or move out as the UK just did with the EU. Why must Africans be allowed to kill each other over facts that the world knows and is pretending. The same powers that partitioned the continent for themselves in 1884, have suddenly turned around to defend the unity of two unrelated and irreconcilable people and territories. Shouldn’t black lives matter when an African Dictator is killing his own people? Thanks for Reading.


The U.S has spoken through its Ambassador to the UN Kelly Craft and that for Africa, Mr. Tibor Nagy. Both have stressed the need for an inclusive dialogue citing the Swiss Initiative as vital. Both the Netherlands and Belgian Ambassadors to the UN have echoed same route to peace. The U.S Congress has equally voiced support for a negotiated settlement. From the renewed and intense burning and killing of the English-speaking minority by the French Camroun majority under Paul Biya and backed by France, these words are proving to be hogwash. The Atrocity Crimes on the colonized people of the British Cameroons has continued unabated. Former excuses like, “we were unaware of the gravity” of the situation as did former diplomats on Rwanda in 1994 have been quashed by social media that has enabled an instant serving of these happenings on the menu tables of these power-brokers. A content analysis of tweeter tags to Ambassador Tibor Nagy, Rep. Karen Bass and Ambassador Kelly Craft, show that these personalities receive a minimum daily tag of British Cameroon issues of about 30. This is enough to lure these powerful personalities to muster the courage and do the right thing of STOPPING THE GENOCIDE by forcing French Cameroon to the table and to initiate a fact-finding mission. Mr. Tibor Nagy has been categorical that, a military solution is unattainable. He has however shied away from any action to help stop the killing and burning, unheard of in the 21st century. His many tools in his tool box are still untested.

Innocent Farmer Killed in Fako.

In Limbe villagers heard night shots only to find unidentified bodies near security posts.There was no doubt from the inhabitants, what the French Cameroun military have done. “They surely kidnapped him somewhere and came and killed him here”, One resident said. We cannot identify him. The same random killings to traumatize families by deliberately disposing the corpses elsewhere was evident in Awing, where another strange corpse was burnt alive. In Bangem, the destruction both in human and material was visible from space. Amnesty International writes, “satellite imagery from 20 January confirms that more than 50 houses in Babubock and neighbouring villages were burned to the ground during a military operation around 14 January 2020“. The death toll was more than 50, with aerial bombings reported.

Amnesty International’s Satellite Images of French Cameroun Burning in Bangem.

Bekora Ekondo Titi, which had been razed earlier in 2018 by the French Cameroun Bulubeti militias saw more burning and killings. More than 13 innocent civilians were executed by the soldiers. In Ekona similar executions were reported. In the distant village of Mbiame in Bui County, homes were torched by the soldiers including a church. Three innocent civilians were executed and burnt by the military (see images and video below). In all, more than 200 British Cameroonians were executed by the French Cameroun military. More than 230 homes were also burnt including livelihoods. The village of Balinyonga was severely burnt including market shops. Pigs in pens were not spared. ” It is a scorched-earth policy”, one resident concluded. “Why kill livestock, and nobody is saying anything?” Amnesty International concludes that the increase militarization of the British Cameroons in view of elections was a “pretext for a much more sinister operation”. (Read more of Amnesty’s Report) . Below are Some of the images of killings and destruction in the month of January 2020.

Images of Some Victims

Torched Villages of balinyonga, Pinyin, Awing, OKu, Mbiame and Victims

Videos of Some of the Killings in January 2020 by French Cameroun Bulubeti Militias
Some of the Burning at Balinyonga

What Ocha Cameroun hid from its tweet on french cameroun destruction in Owe & Ikatha Villages in british Cameroon.

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) is a United Nations (UN) body formed in December 1991 by General Assembly Resolution 46/182. The resolution was designed to strengthen the UN’s response to Complex Emergencies and Natural Disasters. The genocide in British Cameroon by France, UN and French Cameroon is not a Complex nor Natural Disaster. It is a man-made disaster fueled by an expansionist/colonialist state of French Cameroun, backed by France

French Cameroun gained independence in 1960 and became a UN member same year, while the autonomous territory of British Cameroon gained her own independence in 1961 and under the same UN mandate voted to form a union of two equals with French Cameroun in 1961. Due to violations of the terms of their union in 1961, British Cameroonians in 2016, asked for a redress of their grievances, but were met with brutality and war of elimination, which morphed into a genocide. History has a lot to learn from on how such union conflicts are handled. Britain never declared war against Scotland before the 2014 referendum. The UK simply gave them the option to stay or leave and campaigned to convince the Scots why it was good for them to remain part of the UK. English Canada never declared war on Quebec’s demand for independence. The EU never declared war on the UK for deciding to leave the union. In all these cases, the majority has simply consulted the will of the dissatisfied people through a free and transparent vote. This has not been the case in Cameroon. The UN which is versed with this history has enhanced this genocide through pretense. The result is that the conflict has now killed more than 20,000 people, rendered more than 50,000 as refugees in Nigeria, the burning down of more than 10,000 homes. An additional 1.5 million are internally-displaced with more than 3 million children out of schools in the English region alone. With facts of history and evidence of loss of legitimacy by French Cameroun over the British Cameroonians, the UN has continued to pretend by advancing flimsy notion of territorial integrity, when it knows French Cameroon as a UN member-state in 1960 never included the territory of British Cameroon. The basic principle of a democratic vote to test the will of the people have been ignored.

OCHA Official. Why are they not Seeing the Evidence?

With embers from the burnt bodies and homes still hot, blood from the mangled bodies still fresh, from the 2 February, 2020, incident at Owe and Ikatha where +13 people were killed, the authorities of the UN Agency – OCHA-Cameroun, deliberately omitted these killings as has been the strategy of all the UN Agencies in Cameroun charged with providing facts to the body to avert such Atrocity Crimes. The greatest liar has been the Head of the United Nations Regional Office for Central Africa (UNOCA), Mr. François Louncény Fall, falsifying history and lying about the killings. Most often he has used Boko Haram and Central Africa as decoys. To him the notion of territorial integrity supersedes human life and genocide. The question has been which territory, if the organization he incarnates can respect the historical obligation to the UN mandate of British Cameroon? In line with this deliberate deception of the world, OCHA Cameroun used the visit to the destruction in Ikatha and Owe in Fako by French Cameroun soldiers to solicit donations for them to carry on with humanitarian needs. There is no mention of the killings by French Cameroun soldiers, whose Prime Minister, Dion Ngute, was in the vicinity two days after the Atrocity Crimes, to wine and dine. OCHA’s tweet, never tagged UN Scribe Antonio Guterres or any other Security Council member for intervention despite the overwhelming genocidal evidence for intervention.

HERE’S THE RAW VIDEO OF OCHA’S OMISSION: The question is why the disregard for the Human Rights of British Cameroonians whose history and cradle of their extermination are incubated by the UN? British Cameroon is the jewel of the Gulf of Guinea, with abundant oil and gas resources. For Antonio Guterres and France which currently milks the territory, Human Life isn’t worth their economic interest. Below is the video of what the irrelevant United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in Cameroon (OCHA), ignored in Composing the tweet. Irrelevant as stated earlier because the Genocide in British Cameroon (see Genocide Watch’s Assessment) is not a Complex Emergency or Natural Disaster, as is the role assigned to OCHA.

French Cameroun’s Continuous cleansing of British Cameroonians.

POTUS Must Act Now: The Army General who Executed an American Preacher and Burns Thousands of others Alive

The pride of an American travelling around the world is the confidence that his/her life is worth not less than every other American anywhere, even the President. People from other countries are aware that America leaves no one behind and nobody who harms an American is too big, strong or old to pay for that crime. From the closed country of North Korea with no diplomatic presence, to the scary hills of Afghanistan, no one who harms an American goes free. Jihadi John can testify in hell that, even behind the mask in the dreaded Raqqah, America got justice for the Americans he publicly displayed and killed.

Daring the US by Killing her citizens and Defying Calls for Dialogue to Stop Atrocity Crimes

One American whose life has proven to be worthless is that of Missionary Charles Wesco, murdered by General Agha Robinson, on 30th October, 2018, in front of his family in Bamenda, UN-mandated Territory of British Southern Cameroon. His death unlike other Americans was barely mentioned by the White House, nor White House Media corps . Very scary to many Americans around the world. Baffling that Mr. Wesco paid the price of a dictator’s defiance of the US, which had called for an inclusive dialogue to end the conflict. The US as a rising Super power after WWII, had voted for the Independence of the British Southern Cameroon in line with the rules of the UN Trusteeship Agreement which was to prepare these territories for complete independence, not Association with another (Mandated) territory. General Agha and his fellow soldiers from the former mandated territory of French Cameroun, have, embarked on relentless Atrocity Crimes on the once self-governing people of British Southern Cameroon, which was forced into a Union by the UN (in defiance of the UN Trusteeship Rules) with an “Independent” French Cameroun in 1961. The Wesco family had no iota of doubt about the killer and the reason: “quite probable he was targeted because he was a white, English-speaking American “ They told ABC News. The beautiful Wesco family had moved to Africa’s first democracy – British Cameroon, to live a peaceful life and to spread the word of God, to these welcoming people.

Journalist Mimi Mefo was clear that the killers were Gen. Agha’s boys. For speaking the truth, she was jailed. The “targeted killing” of English-speaking people by Gen. Agha has been known to the Americans since May 2018, when the U.S Ambassador in Yaounde Mr. Henry Balerin, told the world of Agha’s extermination tactics –“Targeted Killing of Anglophones” . This strategy as of today according to genocide expert Dr. Greg Stanton, is a Full Genocide. The Washington Post, captures the killing of Mr. Wesco, in the following report by which the interviewed Mimi and others fault Gen. Agha and his master – Paul Biya.

Washington Post’s Report on the Killing of Missionary Wesco

Who is Gen. Agha the Incinerator?

Gen. Agha Robinson was a timid kid at Cameroon Protestant College (CPC) Bali in the 70s. He was fondly called Mbuyang (Boredom), by his classmates. He was an average intelligent student, when compared to the competitive nature of CPC Bali at the time. He joined the French Cameroun Army with a single Advanced Level. Being an indecisive, and low – esteemed person, he became a stooge for the sanguinary Paul Biya. When Biya declared War on British Cameroon in December 2017, all he did was send the academically gullible Agha Robinson to annihilate his own people. This he did with a passion. Agha embarked on the most bloody killing of the minority English-speaking people. They were killed and burnt in their homes. Babies as young as six months and men as old as 92 were burnt at home. Handicaps beheaded, others killed on crutches and wheelchairs. Hospitals were burnt with patients in; nurses and doctors (some pregnant) summarily-executed. Villages and foodstuffs were razed. Others were killed and submerged in rivers, or buried in mass graves. His own Division of Origin Menchum, (his village is Eshimbi) was decimated with extra pride and arrogance, to please the 87-year-old Paul Biya. Christians were killed with no mercy. Young girls were sexually assaulted at gun point, others raped in broad daylight. Classmates of the gullible Agha wonder how a man should be sent to kill his own people, burn their villages, while building his own house, with imported materials. He disgraces the proud “Bali Old Boys”, who are known for their wit, some lament. Agha fails to learn from John Garang, who when sent to kill his own people, decamped and only returned to Khartoum for a peace agreement with North Sudan. His actions show just how vulnerable, insecure and unprincipled he still is. They concluded.

A Religious Tint to his Atrocity Crimes

Ethnic/Religious Cleansing by Aghaa in Wum, borrowed from the French in Rwanda in 1994.

Worst of the Genocidal tactics of Aghaa was religious extermination, in which the minority Fulanis/Muslims were armed and aided by his soldiers to kill and burn Christians and their homes. In total, Gen. Agha has killed more than 10,000 innocent British Cameroonians including Missionary Charles Wesco, and other Christians, and Bible Translators. He razed hundreds of villages, and disappeared others. For the brutal General Agha, allowing the families to identify and bury the corpses was leniency, which he detested. In order to exacerbate and immortalize the family trauma, the bodies were burnt by him and his soldiers. Sadly, Aghaa has remained a free man.

Men-of-God Murdered

Sexual Assault of Females: Gen. Aghaa, began his Ethnic/religious cleansing by convincing jittery parents of his Alma Mater CPC Bali to send their children to school in the ravaging war. Little did they know that he had a mission to not only execute teachers but abuse mostly the female students. Soldiers were not only allowed to abuse the students sexually, but those who resisted their sexual overtures were molested and humiliated publicly like swimming in mud to the glee of Agha’s boys. “Soak your breast well in the mud” Agha’s boys could be heard coercing the young girls at gun point to swim in mud, while they continue to laugh about their sexual organs.

Young Girls Being Sexually Abused by Agha’s boys in front of his Alma Mater, CPC Bali

The Incinerator: Gen. Agha is called the incinerator as not only people were burnt alive, but their corpses were after being killed. Gen. Agha and his Crimes Against Humanity have remained unsanctioned. His brutality was rewarded with millions of dollars, that enabled him to construct a king’s mansion in Bamenda, worth millions of dollars in the midst of a war, despite depriving others of their own refuge/huts. He remains one of the luckiest in the world for killing an American, presiding over ethnic and Religious cleansing of a people with documented evidence. Doesn’t the Wesco children and British Cameroonian Americans owe closure for their relatives eliminated by Agha Robinson and his acolytes? How different is a Killer of an American in the Middle East from that in Africa? Below is a precursor to Agha’s Crimes Against Humanity.

Video of Some of Agha’s Victims Burnt Alive.

Few Victims of Agha’s Genocide

"it's ethnic cleansing 101 – genocide, when you burn their villages, kill them, their livestock etc."

The  war in “Kamerun” pitting the minority English-speaking people of former British Southern Cameroon and the French-speaking Cameroon or La Republique du Cameroun, declared by its 86-year-old president is in its second year. The atrocities committed mostly by the central government of Paul Biya, based in Yaoundé, have seen minimal scrutiny like other conflicts in Africa for several reasons: Firstly, the government of 87-year-old Paul Biya has punitively restricted both national and international media from venturing to report the Atrocities Crimes (Crimes Against Humanity, War crimes and Genocide). (Read More)

Crimes Against Humanity: A serious criminal act committed within the context of a “widespread and systematic attack directed against a civilian population”. A crime against humanity can occur during war or peace, and can include murder, rape, slavery, persecution, extermination, and torture.

War Crimes: Serious criminal acts committed within the context of an “armed conflict”: a resort to armed force between states. They can also be committed in a civil war. The criminal act must be related to the armed conflict, so a murder or a theft during a war but unrelated to the war is not a “war crime”. A war crime can be many different things, from illegal seizure of property to attacking civilian objects to using prohibited gases.

Genocide: Act committed with the intent to destroy in whole or in part a national, ethnic, racial, or religious group. It can include killing or causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group. It can also include deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction, or imposing measures to prevent births. Genocide can happen during war or peace. (Read more)

A Pictorial Confirmation Summary of French Cameroun Atrocity Crimes in British Cameroon.

Deliberate hunger, as food sources and stocks are destroyed
Villages and their occupants erased
Get it from the BBC

British S.Cameroon Genocide: The Soccer Teens' massacre at Mpundu-Balong, A year on

MPUNDU BALONG, 25 JANUARY, 2019 – 25 January, 2020. Justice in the winds

It was another sad day for British Southern Cameroonians on 25 January, 2019 when about 10 innocent teens were massacred by the French-Cameroun-appointed governor of the Southern Zone of British Cameroon, Okalia Bilai. The young men were at their regular pass time soccer or football field, when life was squeezed out of them in the most inhumane way. Empty Skulls of human head were visible, showing the ferocious nature of the massacre. Due to the quickness of the massacre, no cooked up Dane gun was used, to tag them as terrorists. Government-sponsored media as usual call the innocent youths terrorists. Inhabitants tell a story of continuous annihilation of any British Southern Cameroonian youth. (Click here for the details of the Genocide)Four years on, the Genocide has continued, to the silence of the global community. Below are the images and videos of the killings of the teenagers at Mpundu Balong, in the Southern Zone of British Cameroon on 25 January, 2019.

+5900 Killed in British Cameroon in 2019. Complete Images and Videos of Killings and Destruction.


Dictators are not pampered with words alone. This is by no means asking the U.S to launch a full-scale invasion of French Cameroun, but if history is anything to go by, then Neville Chamberlain would have saved more than 6 million Jews from Hitler, with his “Peace for our Times” agreement in 1938. Mr. Paul Biya of French Cameroun, can be Hitler with his brutality on the British Southern Cameroonians, but he is no Hitler in economic or military might, and above all having the strength to defy the values that make the U.S feared and respected globally – Human Rights. Former State Department Official, Prof. Gregory Stanton, of has stated emphatically that the situation in British Cameroon is a full-fledged Genocide.

Mounting Evidence of Serious Crimes

Relief Web, which works extensively with religious entities around the world updated these dire statistics: “Out of 789 protection incidents in the month of July 36.4% are related to the destruction of houses and villages. Out of the 74 rape cases recorded only 13 were able to obtain health care services due to the absence of services in their localities. 785 cases of GBV were reported in the same month with indications that both are on the rise”. Concerning dialogue, the organ also wrote: On the 19 of July 2019, the Swiss Ambassador and the Africa Director for Humanitarian Dialogue met with the Prime Minster of Cameroon. In a declaration on 27 July 2019, the chairperson of the AU Commission welcomed the initiative for dialogue to resolve the NWSW crisis. He reaffirmed AU support for any initiative aimed at peace, stability and national reconciliation in Cameroon. (Read More here).

The U.S Congress has a duty immediately to call for an urgent end to the conflict, an inclusive dialogue and an independent Investigation to British Cameroon. It is imperative, the UN will not do it, because of economic interest which supersedes human life.

The UN has Failed to stand up for LIFE because of Corruption.

Below are the images, videos and stories of some of the more than 6000 British Southern Cameroonians Killed in 2019:

Some of the killed from January – APRIL 2019:

Click here for Their stories

+134 Killed in May 2019

Here are the images:

+200 Killed in June 2019

Here are the images

Handicap called Stick Man, Killed in Kumba, Southern British Cameroon

+202 Killed in July 2019

Here are the images:

+161 Killed in August 2019

Here are the images:

Six Month Abigail and mother Killed in Ndop, Northern British Cameroon

+146 Killed in September 2019

Here are the images:

Innocent Kid and family members massacred in Mutengene,
Southern British Cameroon

+241 Killed in October 2019

Here are the images:

Scores of Innocent Bike Riders, rounded up and Shot on a hill in Mbot, Northern British Cameroon

+218 Killed in November 2019

Here are the images:

Blindfolded and ready to be killed in Fako, British S. Cameroon

+251 Killed in December 2019.

Extra-judicial Killings in Donga-Mantung, British Cameroon

Here are the stories and images:

For Some of the More than 10,000 Homes burnt, Some with people Click here

For more Killings Click here

Massacred at their hiding place in the bush

US, Diplomats Maintain Sealed Lips over Intensified Burning of +500 Villages/Homes in British Cameroon by French Cameroun Soldiers.

Barely a month after French Cameroun authorities assembled UN officials, Foreign donors and NGOs to solicit aid to reconstruct villages its soldiers have been burning in British Southern Cameroon since 2017, the French Cameroun soldiers intensified their burning this week with much anger and urgency. Like Iraqis when they were leaving Kowait in 1990, reports indicate that more than 500 homes were erased including livestock and humans by the French Cameroun Soldiers between January 15 -17, 2020. So far, the attendees of the rebuilding meeting last November 5th in Yaounde Cameroun such as the UN and US Ambassador to Cameroun have maintained sealed lips to these Atrocity Crimes. According to former State Department Expert Dr. Greg Stanton of Genocide Watch, the actions of French Cameroun soldiers in British Cameroon have risen to the level of a full Genocide. The actions of these soldiers including beheading of civilians are still to be sanctioned by anybody or organization in the world, reason why they continue to be relentless.

United States Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs., Mr. Tibor Nagy. How many more before any firm action to end the genocide?
Diplomats in Yaounde Cameroun for the Scam meeting on Rebuilding British Cameroon.

The Atrocities: From Oku, home to the only Montane forest in West Africa, to Balinyonga, families have been rendered homeless, by the soldiers who spared nothing. Animals, hospitals, pharmacies, and shops were looted first before being set ablaze by the French Cameroun soldiers. The village of Nyos, known for the 1986 gas explosion was leveled by 87-year-old Paul Biya’s soldiers who continue to receive backing from France for Atrocity Crimes in British Southern Cameroon. This version’s of the burning began at Bangem, in the Southern Zone of the territory to Bui, and Nkambe to Balinyonga in the nothern Zone. The picture in the Nyos community looks thus.

1-Buabua – About 100 houses, 8 persons killed and many missing.
2-Su-Bum- 3 persons killed and 34 houses burned
3-Kimbi- 1 person skilled and 24 houses burned
4-Mulung- 76 houses burned.
5-Ngunakimbi- 2 persons killed and 17 houses burned.
6-Kichowi – 70 houses burned. (Courtesy Y.K.Aaron)

Since the conflict started since 2016, more than 10,000 homes have been torched by the French Cameroun Soldiers. (Click here for more). In addition to villages destroyed, more than 20,000 people have also been killed by the ruthless French Cameroun soldiers. (Click here for more on the killings)

Below are some of the burnt houses in the Village of Balinyonga on 17 January, 2020.

Video of Balinyonga Burning 17 January, 2020
Balinyonga Burning 17 January, 2020

Since the conflict started since 2016, more than 10000 homes have been torched by the French Cameroun Soldiers (Click here for more). In addition, more than 20000 people have also been killed by the ruthless French Cameroun soldiers. (Click here for more on the killings)