In 1994 when the Clinton Administration and its state department looked the other way on the Atrocity Crimes unfolding in Rwanda, he never wavered on his assessment of the bloodbath. He mustered the guts to dissent with the state department’s mute position at the time calling it GENOCIDE. Dr. Gregory Stanton was deemed a rebel by colleagues at the State Department at the time. At the end, after more than 800,000 had died, he was later awarded the American Foreign Service Association’s W. Averell Harriman Award for “extraordinary contributions to the practice of diplomacy exemplifying intellectual courage,” based on his dissent from U.S. policy on the Rwandan genocide . President Clinton has on several occasions apologized for his inaction despite secret government cables warning of the impending massacre and the massacre. This has been the case with anglophone Cameroon (British Southern Cameroon/Ambazonia) where an American Diplomat – Amb. Henry Balerin has called it targeted killing of the anglophones – a euphemism for Genocide. Despite these declarations, warnings, abundant social media evidences and testimonies in Congress, the killings continue. One of such rare gems on Genocide has added his voice again like he did in 1994.

Barely a year ago, when casualties were around 21000 (now above 23000), Dr. Stanton was blunt saying what was taking place against the anglophone minority was GENOCIDE. Sounding the alarm on ABC Television, Dr. Stanton, best known for his work on the 10 stages of genocide, on the site Genocide Watch was categorical that the stages have been exhausted in British Cameroon (Ambazonia), and intervention long overdue. The government of French Cameroon he says is now in the DENIAL STAGE, and since the world is silent, she continues the killings. According to Prof. Stanton, self-defense is a legitimate weapon of defense in a fight for survival like in Anglophone Cameroon, where women, children and their villages are killed and razed. On how the 10 stages of genocide by Dr. Stanton fits in the British Cameroon (Anglophone) genocide, click here. Biden has been a fierce critic of oppression of minorities since the days of apartheid. Now is the time not to repeat Clinton’s error. He can end this genocide now.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and President Joe Biden

Who is Dr. Gregory Stanton?

He is the finest gem on GENOCIDE. Dr. Gregory Stanton is the former Research Professor in Genocide Studies and Prevention at the George Mason University in Fairfax CountyVirginia. He is best known for his work in the area of genocide studies. He is the founder and president of Genocide Watch, the founder and director of the Cambodian Genocide Project, and the Chair of the Alliance Against Genocide. From 2007 to 2009 he was the President of the International Association of Genocide Scholars. He was the Research Professor in Genocide Studies and Prevention at the School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution, George Mason University, Arlington, Virginia.

Stanton served in the State Department (1992–1999). At the State Department he drafted the United Nations Security Council resolutions that created the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, the Burundi Commission of Inquiry, and the Central African Arms Flow Commission. He also drafted the U.N. Peacekeeping Operations resolutions that helped bring about an end to the Mozambique civil war. In 1994. Stanton wrote the State Department options paper on ways to bring the Khmer Rouge to justice in Cambodia. Stanton was deeply involved in the U.N.-Cambodian government negotiations that brought about the creation of the Khmer Rouge Tribunal, for which he drafted internal rules of procedure. (Click here for more of his biography

Dr. Stanton’s Interview on the Genocide on the Minority Anglophones

Dr. Stanton Issuing another Genocide Warning

British S.Cameroon Genocide: THE TIME Cardinal Tumi STARTED LYING to Deceive Anglophones

(REPUBLISHED) Retired Catholic Clergy, Cardinal Christian Tumi, of the Republique of Cameroun, has openly confessed that they deliberately tried to influence the outcome of a survey of British Southern Cameroonians on the form of the state of Kamerun. Speaking to Equinox Television, in the French Cameroun Economic Capital of Douala, on September 16, 2019, the prelate said the interviewees refused to hear about federalism, which they stated was the form of the state. “When we said what form of government will solve this problem, we made the choice for them like Federation, Decentralization. Just about 4 or 5 reacted out of a thousand“. The Cardinal said 69% of the respondents added the third option with the qualifier “ABSOLUTE” Separation. “We were taken aback” Cardinal Tumi said. To the man of God, it is clear that 69% of British Cameroonians are convinced that if Anglophones and Francophones want to live as brothers and sisters, then absolute separation is the form of governance. Quizzed on the idea of secession to be included in the dialogue, Cardinal Tumi was blunt that the subject must be included. President Paul Biya, he said cannot deny the will of the people, as the state is not God’s creation. The prelate equally stated that he firmly believes that separation can solve the problem from their research on the field.

Cry My Beloved British Cameroon

The man of God also made it clear that his position has always been a federal system, as he personally fought for it. He however regretted the bad faith of French Cameroun ruling authorities, who neglected the 1996 constitution. To him, effective decentralization would have prevented the conflict. Nostalgic about British Cameroon, the soft-spoken Tumi, decried abuses by the French Cameroun ruling authorities. “I first saw a Policeman with a gun, after unification. Police men had batons in British Cameroon. After unification, we see a police man with a gun, ready to fire, and brutalize”. On the abysmal French judicial system, he decried arbitrary arrests and jailing of people for years without trial. “Everything here is force, force, force. We are not used to that. This country is a different thing”. Cardinal Tumi stated

Christian Cardinal Tumi

On the neutrality of the host of the the trumpeted national dialogue, including its chair, Mr. Dion Ngute, of the ruling CPDM party, the Cardinal, called on participants to give him the benefit of doubt. He however warned of chaos if transparency is found wanting. He equally endorsed the presence of the military, claiming the military has played an important role in the conflict.

The conflict it should be recalled started in 2016 as a peaceful demand by people of the former British Southern Cameroon, (an autonomous entity that voted to join an independent French Cameroun in 1961 as two equal partners ) for equality. Their demands were met by the full weight of the French Cameroun military leading to a planned ethnic targeting of the English-speaking people. Till date more than 23,300 people have been killed by the French Cameroun military. (click here for corpses), close to 10,000 homes burnt. (Click here for evidence). Refugees in Nigerian number more than 50,000, while close to 2 million are internally displaced. For three years schools in the British Cameroons have remained ineffective. Worthy of note is the fact that life in French Cameroun has remained unperturbed while their military rape and annihilate villages in British Cameroon. Of all the clamour for talks, the participants have refused to talk about the people killed. According to a victim whose mother was shot by the Cameroun military on her way to church, dialogue should begin by counting the killed. This he said can only be done by a neutral party. It should be noted that despite a call for some sort of talks, the killings in British Cameroon by the French Cameroun military continues. More than 450 have been killed in the past two months.(Click here for evidence )

Watch the entire interview here.

For more about British Southern Cameroon, click here.


Neighbours at the Metta Quarter, Bamenda where the killing started 23 January, 2021), reveal hearing the kids pleading that they were not Ambazonian forces, but the French Cameroun military wasted no time in sniffing life out of them. Others say the young boys were at an abandoned building smoking cigarettes as they were too young to smoke in front of their elders. Video from the scene shows pool of blood where the kids were shot. The wailing in the neighbourhood was unanimous. The average age was 16. The killing brings to over 10 in two days. Three others were also executed by the same soldiers in Ntamulung Quarter in the same town of Bamenda (24 January, 2021). The three boys were minding their own affairs when the soldiers rounded them up and executed them by firing squad.

Innocent Teens Executed in Bamenda by French Cameroun Soldiers


The little village of Maumu in British Cameroons has seen a series of French Cameroun massacres in the past few months. what is different in this current massacre is the reason for it. The young military recruits under firm instructions were asked to prove themselves as fit for the killing fields of English Cameroon (Ambazonia). Their test ground was not far from the office of the French Cameroun colonial governor who calls the anglophones (British Cameroonians) dogs. The wailing by the villagers sum up the pain of the family of one of the innocent farmers who received more than 15 bullets from the French Cameroun young recruits on 21 January, 2021. This is not the first time that the said appointed French Cameroun Colonial Governor – Okalia Bilai is sending the French Cameroun Bulubeti militias into the farming village of Maumu. The last time, the same soldiers were on a killing and burning spree in the village (Click here for videos of the burning). The genocide which began in 2016 has claimed more than 23,000 lives.

Maumu Killings 21 January, 2021


The shooting was indiscriminate; women, children and men. Shattered bodies, punctured faces from the French-supplied bullets. After tying the hands of others and shooting in the nearby bushes, the arrogant soldiers were non-repentant. “A soldier told us to go check in the bushes nearby for more bodies.” a survivor tells reporters. “He was a good Satan.” she intimated. The French Cameroun soldiers backed by France invaded the farming community of Mautu, near Buea-Limbe in British Cameroon where CAF in the days ahead has scheduled her African Nations Football Championship (CHAN), from January 16 to February 7, 2021. The French Cameroun soldiers invaded Mautu, Southern part of the occupied territory of British Southern Cameroon on Sunday afternoon 10 January, 2020, shooting indiscriminately. “We have counted six bodies now,” a sympathizer narrates. At the end nine were killed with others wounded.


Inside sources say the invasion and killings is aimed at creating fear within the communities of Fako County where the tournament is scheduled to take place. British Southern Cameroon liberation soldiers who controlled part of the territory have warned teams scheduled to play in the territory to desist or face their war prowess. The massacre in Mautu is not the first, but is coming one month to the massacre of other women and children in the village of Ngarbuh in North West British Cameroon. Read the Ngarbuh details here .Since the genocide began in 2016, more than 23,000 innocent civilians have been killed by the French Cameroun soldiers, backed by France. The founder of genocide watch, Dr. Gregory Stanton has describe the killings as a pure genocide. In addition to the killings, more than 450 villages have been burnt by the soldiers. Below are the gruesome killings in the village of Mautu.


It was widely-shared in their chat groups and became the rallying cry from Africans in America who have seen their countries transformed into a black apartheid system. Their reason in particular was the genocide in British Southern Cameroon, now colonized by French Cameroun and backed by France. This genocide has taken more than 23000 lives. The voters describe Joe Biden’s stand against Apartheid as a cursor to his believe in human rights and dignity, which has been erased by France in its brutal support of French Cameroun killings in the territory. With the appointment of a black woman – Linda Thomas- Greenfield, as UN Ambassador, Africans in America are hoping for a drastic change of western policy against the continent that has been carved into spheres of influence by the greedy colonial masters. The effect of this obnoxious European colonialist policies is reflected on the global black person, hence the appellation of Africa as a shit hole continent and the calling on black law makers in the US to go back to Africa. The immediate hope for Africans in America is for the new administration to immediately end the genocide on the people of English Cameroon (Ambazonia) that are currently being “excoriated” by France and French Cameroun. British Southern Cameroon remains black Africa’s first democracy in the 50s and early 60s, until the UN forced the territory into a union with French Cameroun in 1961, as opposed to full independence as was prescribed by the UN’s own Trusteeship Agreement.

Below is the video:

Video of 37 villagers executed by French Cameroun soldiers in Ngarbuh 14 February, 2020. Amongst them were 13 children, some as young as 3 months.


The biggest human massacres happened in Bafut, of the Northern part of the territory. In total about 75 innocent civilians including breastfeeding mothers were killed by French Cameroun Bulubeti militias under mummified Paul Biya, backed by France. A reporter describe the carnage thus: “Shattered skulls, perforated eyes, mangled bodies, hollow necks and stomachs from the French Cameroun military bullets. Leaking milk from shattered breasts of breastfeeding mothers. The penetrations and chasms depict the closeness of the weaponry. Sounds like a natural disaster, but NO. It is man-made, masterminded by France and the UN.” details here. In Mbiame, still in the northern part of the territory, two brothers arrested were killed and dumped. The two brothers were kidnapped by the French Cameroun soldiers as they went about their activities in the village of Mbiame, Northern part of British Southern Cameroon. As the villagers got up on 13 December, 2020, the bodies of the two brothers had been killed and dumped in a bush for the family pain. Adamou Taf and his brother, Mumini….Details here. In Ekondo Titi, French Cameroun’s window-dressing Prime Minister, not only were the soldiers on a killing spree, they also torched village houses. The most gruesome acts which smacks of international law was the execution of two innocent civilians in a hospital in Bambui, on 26 December, 2020. Lum Janet cheated death when she was kidnapped by the French Cameroun soldiers at her residence in Nkwen on 17 December, 2020. Her crime was that her younger sister had fathered a child with a dead Ambazonia soldier. She was tortured and minutes to be executed, when someone from somewhere saved her life with a phone call. read her chilling story here. In Akwaya , seven innocent Kids were executed by French Cameroun soldiers as they came back for food after being deliberately abandoned by the UN Refugee Agency. An eye witness reports: On the morning of Thursday, November 26, 2020, seven innocent young boys were on their way to the village of Ehembado, carrying on their heads jute bags containing cocoa beans for some traders. At the outskirts of Mavas, they fell into a military ambush.  Many believe this targeting of refugees is engineered by French Cameroun in order to coerce their return to their villages most of which have been burnt by French Cameroun authorities and soldiers.

Below are some of the images and stories of the killed. Details in our next publication

Some images of November Killings (Double click for location and date)

Some December 2020 Killings


“They didn’t mince their words, after overnight torture in which my hands were tied to my feet. They told me that they will go shoot me and dump where they dump others at Akum, and nothing will happen.” Lum Janet narrates her ordeal in the hands of the French Cameroun Bulubeti militias after they stormed her refugee home at Mile 5 Nkwen, Bamenda, British Cameroon on 17 December, 2020 and kidnapped her. Her crime was that her younger sister has a child with a “dead” Ambazonia soldier about 27 years ago. The civil War turn genocide in British Cameroon began in 2016. “The only time I was given breathing space was when they will untie me to go use the restroom. They beat me with machetes, iron rods and belts.” The bedridden woman narrates. “They had taken me to go and kill and dump as they do others, when half way a phone call came from someone. They turn around and I could hear them saying that they have not beaten me. You can see my body. My hand here is shattered, you can feel and here the noise of the cracking bones” The traumatized lady explains. They later accused me of cooking food for Amazonia soldiers. “I told them that I know no soldiers and that I was homeless and begging this home, but they say I was lying.” She weeps through her pains. “If the woman who told us is brought here to testify know that, you will be finished” The French Cameroun soldiers bullied “as they hit me with the cutlasses etc.” She was finally let go after coughing out $1000 (500,000) as freedom bond.

Lum Janet’s story captures the reason the people of British Southern Cameroon rose as one man in 2016 to demand a return to their status of union in 1961 as two equal states and systems. The English system of justice – Common Law presumes a person innocent until proven guilty, but in the French/Napoleonic or Civil Law system you are guilty until you prove yourself innocent. Still battling with her pain, Lum Janet says her life is definitely in danger, but she is just telling the truth of her pain. His deaf son had earlier been beaten too with a fractured hand by the French Cameroun Soldiers claiming he was an Ambazonian soldier and pretending. Read his story here.

“Article 5 of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Signatories of the Geneva Conventions of 1949 and the Additional Protocols I and II of 8 June 1977 officially agree not to torture captured persons in armed conflicts, whether international or internal. Torture is also prohibited for the signatories of the United Nations Convention Against Torture, which has 163 state parties.” The UN and Guterres don’t care whether French Cameroun violates these international agreements or not. Below is the chilling video of the evidence of her torture, even though denied by the French Cameroun Colonial Soldiers.

Lum Janet showing the extent of the torture by French Cameroun Soldiers


Come to think of the silent pain and frustration he went through. Pause for a moment to ask yourself, if you were in his shoe, what would you have thought as you saw their lips moving as the whip keep descending on you like a lazy donkey. Think of the agony of his arm being shattered as the French Cameroun soldiers smashed and kicked him. Some intentionally and repeatedly jumped on his arms threatening him in the colonial French Cameroun language, “tu dois parler, pretendant” (you must speak pretender). That was the fate of deaf Chenwi, in Bambui, British Southern Cameroon. Those who live in the area know him so well, that he has been deaf since birth. When the French Cameroun Colonial bulubeti militias kidnapped the good-looking handicap, as usual they started beating him asking him to talk. As he remained mute, they increased their beating intensity claiming he was pretending.

Deaf Chenwi with Broken arm.

At their colonial barracks, their miracle to make him confess, that he was a pretender through torture did not work out. Even after fracturing his arm and ribs, with their torture-healing miracle, the deaf Chenwi could not still speak, but moan and moan at the pain. Exhausted of their action, Chenwi was later abandoned for the family to incur medical expenses. As this torture on her son was not enough, the mother Mangie Janet was on the 18 December, 2020 picked up at her refugee home in Nkwen, Bamenda and well-tortured claiming her younger sister had a female child with one “dead” Ambazonia Restoration Force member 27 years ago. It should be remembered that Mummified Paul Biya declared the civil war in late 2017. Read her story here. The conflict which has now killed more than 23,000 has seen innocent handicaps killed as the French Cameroun Soldiers continue their ethnic cleansing of the minority English-speaking people of the former British Southern Cameroons. For more on the killings, click here.

One of the handicaps Killed by French Cameroun Soldiers for being English-speaking


She had earlier left her business in Bambui after French Cameroun Colonial soldiers tortured his deaf son, Chenwi. The French Cameroun colonial officers claim he was pretending that he was a handicap. Chenwi was born deaf. He was left with broken arms and ribs. In order to save his life, Mrs. Janet Lum, temporarily re-located to Yaunde. After consistent deception that normalcy has returned to Bamenda, Mangie Lum Janet returned and since she had lost everything including her home, a good Samaritan provided shelter for her at Mile 5, Nkwen, Bamenda.

On 18 December, 2020, French Cameroun Colonial Officers stormed her borrowed home and kidnapped her to their station, where she has been undergoing torture. Family members say she is being accused of knowing a certain Alhadji whom they say is married to her younger sister. A bogus claim as the said dead Alhaji whom French Cameroun authorities had claimed they deleted of late had fathered a child with Janet’s younger sister more than 27 years ago. The said Alhadji family members say fathered a child and abandoned to the family. “He never supported us for these years, only for our sister to be beaten and locked up for something that happened before this crisis”, a weeping family member narrates. To up the cash demand from the family, the French Cameroun Colonial soldiers also claim she prepares food for Ambazonian Restoration forces and take to them in the bushes. A fat lie one family member describes. After continuous torture all night breaking 19 December,2020, the said French Cameroun soldiers are now demanding for a bribe of 2 million cfa ($4000) for her temporal freedom. Please help save Mangie Lum Janet’s Life. Send to the Presbyterian Churnch Authorities in the territory as she is a strong member.

Deaf Chenwi, Tortured and forced to speak (Details later)