From Muyuka where the script was re-enacted on 24 October, 2020 in Kumba to Ngarbuh, Small Babanki, Mautu, Lysoka, etc, they have shown that you have no interest in the lives of your own people. Remember it was in 1953, that a few standard six politicians walked out of the Eastern House of Assembly in Enugu in Nigeria, without a shot or a life lost, paving the way for you to have such window-dressing role for French Cameroun. If Niat Njifenji were to be mummified like Biya, it is Cavaye Yegue who will still order the guns against your people. For now since, they can only send a slave to catch a slave, you are riding on a powerless role. As soon as the rebelled slaves are muzzled, your worth will be restored. This reminds you and us of your quisling role -use and dump. Even the French Cameroun soldiers are laughing at you anglophones in Yaounde for being “anglofools”, dogs etc, who allow their people to be massacred daily for French interest? These so-called politicians dancing with effigies of a late man, who are they representing? Ngalla Gerard will surround himself with the same killers who massacred women and children, erased villages in the name of late Biya. I call him late because, he DIED months back. If you think he is alive, show him bragging about his immortality as he did in 2004. Show him on zoom calls like other leaders do. Mbella Moki Charles, will extend sympathy to George Floyd millions of Kilometers away, when the corpses of 4 innocent youths executed by French Cameroun soldiers are still oozing out fresh blood meters away from his home and constituency.

Mbella Moki Sympathizes with George Floyd, instead of his own Executed closest to him


The Anglophone “man-of-god” will pay 2 million Francs ($4000) ransom to disguised French Cameroun soldiers who kidnapped other’s children under him, without telling their parents. He had no time for them, while hurrying to go kiss the feet of King Biya at his enthronement (inauguration) in Yaounde in 2018. A renowned Cardinal Tumi, will boldly tell the world that he lied in a survey to anglophones about the solution to the genocide on them. “I deliberately left out the question on independence” the supposed truthteller quips. As a child and old man of the Bible, wasn’t he to tell the truth to the people by not hiding what he knew they loved? The fear of Biya and French Cameroun to them is the beginning of wisdom cookies. His blood envelop(money), no doubt was thicker than the blood that flows on their streets and rivers. What a disgrace to humanity. Tired of the killings of anglophones, a French Cameroun priests dreads the odds to march to call for attention to the killings. The Anglophone priests who have buried right down to fetuses’, seen their customer’s (parishioner’s) homes and livelihoods destroyed are busy raising money from the same poor victims, some for their cars. What a shame!


The killings in Kumba should be the least action for a true representative to quit the killer’s cookie boxes for good, but Not You. Some will rush to the gullible press and attribute it to the oppressed. What in the world happened to you British/Anglo-Saxon people? How much can you eat alone? Why should the lives of the poor citizens of this territory be so cheap? On the 22nd of September, 2020 when some sane minds in French Cameroun came out on the streets, nobody was shot at. In short the same killer boys in British Cameroon, were disarmed to scout levels for them. Yes, they came out to welcome them with batons. Your people in British Cameroon locked their doors at home, but were executed by the French Cameroun soldiers. When is enough enough? when are YOU going to walk out like the DIGNIFIED illiterates did in 1953?

The people you are supposed to represent have spoken loud and clear that the union forged in 1961 has failed. Why don’t you listen to them? How do you kill them to submission? In the worst anglo-saxon dictatorship in the world, if the people dread all the odds to come out like British Cameroonians did in 2017, that dictator will accept and make a statement like “I heard you”. He does not fuel the elites’ cars, buy ammunition for his soldiers and ask the elites to lead a massacre of those his people.

Late John Garang was sent by Khartoum to quell a rebellion against his own people, he arrived back in Khartoum, years later but for peace talks on the status of South Sudan. He was a true African who knew that, you can’t win a war against your own people. From Elokobi, Atanga Nji, Aghaa Robinson etc. They have happily led the annihilation of their own in the guise of amassing more ice cream, which will melt once the sun shines (the conflict is over). Do you all Anglophone “elites” sleep? How can you sleep when bodies of children float in rivers in your towns and villages. Aren’t those children like yours?


Think of the pain of that mother losing a child, and not ever having closure? Every time he hears a foot step, she will hope it was the child missing since the French Cameroun officers picked him up. How do you feel, if the 23-year-old lady raped by French Cameroun soldiers in Bamenda was your child? Think of the pain of the family, having to be in the room, and listening to the cries of the mother of two being raped. Think of the 17-year-old breastfeeding mother raped at the roadside in Bamenda by the same soldiers that you deploy to suppress the demand for change. Think of the 63-year-old mother gang-raped in Bafut. Our ancestors never endured such humiliation from Nigeria. Enough! Who are you claiming to represent? More than 23,000 have been killed, yet you claim silence and still holding tight your cookies from the colonizer’s largess. Sadly, you still go to the church to pray. What a mockery to God and though shall not kill etc. The genocide has reached a stage where parents have given their lives to death, than be ruled by your slave masters. For many, the slave master you adore, and who does not even respect you can’t and will not be their master. For once, search your souls. It is never too late to do the right thing as long as a soul is saved from your master’s bullet. BENEVOLENCE NEUTRLITY NOW.


After the gruesome murder of innocent students in British Southern Cameroons on the 24 October, 2020, French Cameroun and France were quick to blame British Southern Cameroonians for killing their own. According to the spokesperson for the Interim Government of the British Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia), Mr. Chris Anu, the French Cameroun soldiers masterminded the killing of the innocent students. He puts more blame also on the international community for its silence on the atrocities in the territory. Prior to school resumption, Mr. Anu, says the Interim Government which he represents, had reminded the global community of the insecurity ranging in the territory. They ignored, and continue to watch as innocent people are massacred daily by the French Cameroun colonial authorities and soldiers who have been vomited by the people of the territory. According to a list said to have been hurriedly published online by the French Cameroun Colonial authorities, six students, five girls and one boy lost their lives while thirteen were wounded when the gun men (French Cameroun soldiers) attacked the Mother Francisca International Academy in Fiango, Kumba II, Saturday October 24, 2020.

According to Pastor Boniface Tamungwa, who lost his only son, “ my first son, 11 year six months old was a form one student. I was just trying to do some laundry in the house when a little child came and was shouting, pastor pastor, they have shot your son, Victory is dead. My wife fell after getting the news. I ran to the school and I saw him dead and he was among the three who died instantly.” Watch the video: For some of the massacres in this genocide since 2016, click here.

Parent who lost only son at the Kumba Massacre 24 October, 2020


For additional information on this story click here


At least five students shot and killed in Kumba, British Cameroon, by French Cameroun soldiers/authorities on 24 October, 2020. This is not the first and would not be the last massacre in the ongoing genocide in the British territory. more than 23, 000 have been killed so far. The images show broken skulls and mangled bodies. The killings reminisces similar killings in Mpundu, Muyuka early 2019, of school-age children at a soccer pitch.


Mpundu Balong, 25 January, 2019.

Another sad day for British Southern Cameroonians where about 10 innocent teens were massacred by the French-Cameroun-appointed governor of the Southern Zone of British Cameroon, Okalia Bilai. The young men were at their regular pass time sports soccer when life was squeezed out of them in the most inhumane way. Empty Skulls of human heads were visible, showing the ferocious nature of the massacre. Due to the quickness of the massacre, no cooked up Dane gun was used to place on the bodies to claim they were Ambazonia forces.. Government sponsored media as usual call the innocent youths terrorists. Inhabitants tell a story of continuous annihilation of any British Southern Cameroonian youth. Details of the Kumba Killings later.


The abuses by FrenCH Cameroun soldiers on the citizens of British Southern Cameroon will go down in history as the greatest Crimes Against humanity in the digital era. The sad thing is the inaction by the global community on these crimes that are well-documented. Innocent breastfeeding women have been raped in broad daylight, and yet religious and human rights organizations continue to maintain silence. In their “Operation Clean Bamenda“, the French Cameroun bulubeti militias of mummified Paul Biya wrecked physical and psychological havoc on the peace-loving population of Bamenda. The Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa ( CHRDA), based in the Buea documents that “On Sunday 13 September, 2020, military officers targeted Ntumazah Hill and K-Place all situated in Ntarinkon to carry out searches. In one of the houses, three soldiers entered and raped a 23-year-old girl, who is a mother of 2 children. Her last child is 1 year, 6 months old.

U.S. Army Africa with Former U.S Ambassador to Cameroun, Henry Balerin Providing Training to the Rapist French Cameroun Military. More here

The survivor narrates that at about 15:00 on Sunday 13 September, 2020, she was at home with her aunt and her two children. In her own words: “We heard a heavy knock on our door. It was so hard and because I was carrying my 1-year 6-month old child, I delayed to open. They threatened to break open the door if I didn’t open in 1 minute. When I reached for the door, I saw 3 soldiers wearing brown and dotted uniforms and with guns. One of them asked me to keep the child I was carrying and step outside. All this happened while my aunt and other child were inside the room. When I stepped out as commanded, one soldier went into the siting room. I don’t know what he did in the house but when he came out with his colleagues still outside, he asked me to follow him to the back of the house. While there, he asked me in French to choose between him sleeping with me or killing me, I don’t understand French, so he was mixing words in Pidgin.”

The survivor further narrates all attempts by her to beg the soldier not to rape her proved futile as he lifted her gown and forcefully raped her and while she screamed for help and in pains, he threatened to strangle her to death. When she was screaming, the other two soldiers in front of the house responded with sporadic gun firing in the air so as to distract people from getting her loud cry and to come for her rescue. When this was happening, they spotted two boys coming from the other side of the house so they abandoned me and chased after those boys.

“When they left, my aunt, who had been inside the house and heard everything that was happening but had been afraid to come out for fear of being shot, as well as our neighbour, came to see me, only to discover that I had been raped. After this incident, we went immediately to the Quarter-Head’s compound and reported the incident. He called Doctors Without Borders and they came and took us to St. Mary hospital. While at the hospital, the Quarter-Head reported the incident at the Brigade Ter (Colonial security office) Ntarinkon, and I was later summoned by the Commander for interrogation. At about 18:00 the Commander sent us to the police station to meet the commissioner in charge of the soldiers who were searching houses around Ntarikon, and as we got there, we met a police commissioner who told us it was already late and that my aunt and I should come back the next day. On Monday 14 September, when we got up to go as invited by the doctor, I had my bath before leaving the house. This was because I hadn’t had any bath since the incident happened, and when we got to the police station, the commissioner said he cannot help me again because I have taken a bath and so there was no big evidence again. When he said this, he asked us to go back and speak to the commander who sent us to him, and that he would give us CFA 15,000 ($30).

Medical Report of the Rape

As recounted by the survivor and corroborated by her aunt, from Brigade Ter at Ntarikon, they were sent to meet the director of the Bamenda General Hospital. At the hospital, they were received by Dr Denis Nsame N, who carried out several tests on her. “From the hospital until we were sent home, they have been taking me from one place to another but I don’t know what they were saying. The Commissioner at Brigade Ter asked me to identify the perpetrator but the other one in charge of soldiers refused.” The young girl fears her life will be at risk as it involves military officers yet she seeks for justice”. (Read details of CHRDA’s reports here)


Rape as a Weapon has been deployed by French Cameroun soldiers since the start of the genocide in 2016. Hundreds of innocent women have been raped, others raped and killed by the French Cameroun soldiers. In 2018, a breastfeeding 17-year-old was raped in broad daylight by French Cameroun soldiers by the roadside in Bamenda. Click here to watch the video

woman in her 6os gang-raped as well, by the French Cameroun Soldiers. She looks shaken on her hospital bed, after she was taken away and gang-raped by French Cameroun Bukubeti militias on a scorched-earth policy in Bafut, North West British Cameroon. The mother in her sixties said she bled profusely after the rape on 3 April, 2020. She says she lost a sizable amount of blood and was only taken to the poorly-equipped hospital in the area the next day.  Read her story here


One of the Ex-Combatants – Clovis of DDRC in Buea, Deceived by French Cameroun with Money into luring his former colleagues into surrendering to French Cameroun

In an attempt to avoid a meaningful dialogue to address the root cause of the genocide in British Southern Cameroons, the Colonial French Cameroun Authorities have engaged in all ruses to deceive the global community. One is the creation of Demobilization Centers for willing ex-combatants of the British Southern Cameroons Restoration Forces. With no end in sight on the crisis and the deceived ex-soldiers having not been REINTEGRATED INTO ANYTHING, their manipulators had promised them, frustrated is rife. In these self-quarantine pig-style lodging units, poverty and hunger is abundant, with the once proud, free and rich boys now scavengers. The result is that the so-called ex-soldiers are now inflicting more pains on vulnerable citizens of the territory, with their molders giving a blind eye (Click here for Ex-Combatants Killed secretly by French Cameroun Bulubeti Militias). Others have been secretly killed by the French Cameroun authorities, while others have escaped into thin air. A recent investigation of the Atrocity Crimes Committed by the French Colonial Administration on British Southern Cameroonians, by the Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa (CHRDA), of Barrister Felix Agbor Nkongho, based in Buea, the Capital of British Cameroons, reveals that occupiers of the Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Centre (DDRC) are engaging in RAPE, EXTORTION AND DRUGS.

“…..approximately 20 young men from the Disarmament, Demobilisation and Reintegration Centre (DDRC) invaded the building and beat them severely. “They came and had us well-beaten. They told us that all drug points and dealers in Buea answer to them, and pay a certain amount to them. They told us that everyone, except us, was paying. After beating us, we pleaded to pay them money, and they accepted and took a sum of CFA 100,000. They took the money and left, but they kept coming back to take drugs too. They would often come before us and would leave before we arrived. Recently, before the shooting, they came there, and after they left, we came in to smoke and saw women’s underwear thrown around. We became afraid but did nothing because ‘Black’ told us that he would try to negotiate and pay them off. I suspect that they might have told the gendarmes that we had money since we paid them CFA 100,000 bribe…..” Read CHRDA’s story here

The pain of the four innocent civilians killed, were felt only by the family and sympathizers of the British Cameroon plight, as the Colonial French Cameroun’s quisling Senator Mbella Moki, sympathizad but with George Floyd, killed by Police in the United States. The Senator assured the Floyd family that justice will prevail, even though mayhem was committed a few blocks away from his own residence in Buea.

Mbella Moki Sympathizes with George Floyd, instead of his own Executed closest to him

Since 2016, more than 23,000 british Southern Cameroonians have been killed by the French Cameroun Colonial Authorities. More than 400 villages have been razed as well by the French Cameroun Colonial Authorities who are now called occupying forces. More than 600 were killed in the last three months with beheading of innocent civilians by the French Cameroun Military, backed by France. For details of the killings since 2016, click here


The appointed Mayor of the Balinyounga Local Government of the territory attest to being informed of the corpses of innocent British Southern Cameroonians shot over the Nahkah Bridge into the river, by French Cameroun Soldiers. In a phone chat (BELOW), a whistleblower narrates the vicious actions of the French Cameroun Soldiers.

“The military transport the young boys around 2:00 AM ….. Residents heard more than 30 gunshots. As we speak now, some of the corpses are behind the bridge”, the frustrated man tells the Mayor, who like Petain of Vichy France is a quisling imposed on the territory by French Cameroun authorities to facilitate their ethnic cleansing. “The bridge is still bloody and for the past one month, at least more than 100 innocent young men have been executed and thrown on the Nahkah Bridge by the French Cameroun authorities“. The sympathetic man narrates. A seemingly unsympathetic Mayor says he can’t do anything. The narrator calls it a genocide and directs the mayor to the shallow lower part of the river where some of the corpses come afloat and blocked by debris. “An old mother, even picked up one of the tarpaulin’s in which the bodies were wrapped”. The whistleblower gives more evidence of the genocide.

Paranoid Civilians also speak of having heard the gun shots from the French Cameroun soldiers. An eye witness talks of more than 10 male youths shot that day 28 September, 2020. The river he says has become the dumping ground for French Cameroun soldiers who continue their ethnic cleansing in the territory. The act follows similar ones reported in the Village of Bafut, more than 50 miles away (Click here for evidence). Religious authorities have remained mute to these Atrocity Crimes on their flocks.

Some of the Corpses of Innocent Civilians Dumped in the River by French Cameroun Military


The king of the Village, who doubles as a French Cameroun-appointed Senator, is said to have been directing the French Cameroun Military in his village, in order to instill fear for him to return to his throne desecrated sine the start of the conflict. The King – Ganyonga III, has been in exile since the start of the conflict 2016, after siding with the French Cameroun authorities against his kingdom. More than 900 people have been Killed in the village, with homes and properties set on fire by the French Cameroun colonial soldiers. The King/Senator has offered no word against the cleansing of his own people. Below are some of the images of innocent civilians killed in Balinyounga in complicity with the King – Fon Ganyonga III. (For More Killing stories from Balinnyounga, clock here).

Some of the Images of Innocent Civilians Killed in Balinyounga in Complicity with the King – Fon Ganyonga III.



On the 22 September, 2017, British Cameroonians took to streets of their territory demanding for the return of the two-state federation that let to their being in 1961. They were carrying peace plants with slogans like “No Violence” etc. French Cameroun Colonial Forces were on stand by and shot to kill. Helicopter gun ships fired at protesters. At the end, hundreds were killed. Others were deliberately maimed to discourage them from ever expressing themselves freely. Read the Detatails here. At no time during the demonstrations did anyone call for the overthrow of sit-tight dictator Biya. Fast forward to 22 September, 2020. Citizens of French Cameroun came out on the streets of their towns, with the sole purpose to evict Paul Biya from his Etoudi Bunker. They were met with scouts in the name of soldiers. Prior to the demonstrations, a secret circular filtered out from the Etoudi mausoleum, said to be from the missing Paul Biya. The circular instructed the French Cameroun officers not to shoot at the demonstrators. That day in British Southern Cameroon, a special ghost town was observed, sadly, the French Cameroun soldiers pulled 5 civilians from their homes in the neighbourhood of Ngomgham in Bamenda and executed them. The following day 23 September, 2020, in the village of Lysoka in the territory, another six were still pulled out of their homes and executed. Today 24 September, 2020 still in Bamenda, another 4 civilians were arrested as they went about their businesses, executed and dumped elsewhere. While the population of the territory mourn these extra-judiial killings, the two individuals who were paramount in trying to unseat the dictator Paul Biya – Maurice Kamto of the MRC Party and Renowned Barrister AKERE Muna of the PDF Party, whom relatives of those being killed in French Cameroun voted for them in 2018 have remained mute to the public executions in British Cameroon. Barister Akere Muna who hails from the British Cameroon and doesn’t hide his global connectedness to leaders of organizations and countries that claim to uphold human rights has been no where to be found. He has selectively tweeted about killings linked to the British Cameroon restoration forces, but not the daily executions ongoing in the territory. In all his tweets with global leaders, he has shied away from taling about the Genocide in his own place of origin. He deviated from this selective attention when he condemned the2020 Valentine day massacre in Ngarbuh. The rally in French Cameroun was called by Mr. Kamto who insists he won the 2018 presidential election in Cameroun.

Prof Maurice Kamto and Barrister Akere Muna
Mr. Akere Muna with the Special Representative of the UN Sec Gen and Head of the MONUSCO H.E. Leila Zerrougui

A closer look at the activities of this presidential aspirant in the days ahead including his underground work of trying to negotiate a safe passage to and from prison of British Cameroon prisoners locked up in Yaounde to attend a conference on the crisis with former African Head-of-states in East Africa. Worthy of note is the fact that these leaders were returned to Cameroon as refugees, violating international law as Cameroon and Nigeria are still to have an extradition treaty. Our write-up will try to examine the kind of leader Barrister Akere would have been, if after his failed bid, he hasn’t been able to stand for the oppressed people in British Cameroon in which renowned genocide expert Prof Gregory Stanton of genocide Watch has affirmatively states that what is happening to the people of the territory is GENOCIDE. (Read Prof. Stanton’s Declaration here). This write-up is in no way trying to question his stand on the future of Kamerun, but his silence in the face of a GENOCIDE – to be accurate, ATROCITY CRIMES ON THE MINORITY ENGLISH-SPEAKING PEOPLE OF BRITISH CAMEROON.



22 September, 2017: THE DAY THE WORLD VISAED BIYA’S GENOCIDE IN BRITISH CAMEROON (+122 Killed, 150 Missing and around 2000 Deliberately Maimed. IMAGES AND VIDEOS

Their chant in addition to “Let my people go” was “No Violence”. However, as inferior humans or dogs as the French colonial governor, Okalia Bilai calls them, the Police, French para-military – Gerdames, Biya’s personal military – the BIR, undercover officers and regular armies unloaded their magazines on the innocent civilians. The results were chilling. Many were killed indiscriminately. “I will see how you go march again” A victim in Kumbo narrates what a French Cameroun military said to him before shattering his legs  Amongst the wounded was 12-year-old Eileen, whose eye was oozed out by one of the French Cameroun Colonial military backed by France. Read full details with images here.

Deliberately Maimed in her father’s house in Kumbo


For almost 4 years today, the people of British Cameron (Ambazonia) continue to show the world that the Administration of the territory handed over to French Cameroun has ended. With weekly ghost towns in which the French-appointed officials have no control, the leadership of the territory also reserves the right to assert their authority over the territory any time they want. They have for specific and sometimes security reasons shut down the territory from any French Cameroun administration officials. Starting Monday 14 September, 2020, the leadership of the British Cameroon in the diaspora again flexed its administrative muscle and declared a week long ghost town in the territory’s biggest city Bamenda. This follows what the Communication Secretary of the Territory’s Interim Government based in the USA Mr. Chris Anu calls the overreach of the French Cameroun colonial authorities. The French Cameroun authorities had banned the circulation of bikes in the city, thus rendering hardship on the operators of the sector. Due to the absence of any urban planning and infrastructural development in the territory since 1961, Motor bikes remain the most accessible means of transport in the territory. Mr. Chris Anu says they will continue to show the International Community that French Cameroun has come to the end of its colonial mandate in the British Cameroon corruptly handed to them by the UN in 1961. This assertion is shared by the US Secretary for Africa, Mr. Tibor Nagy recently, ” The people of English Cameroon (Ambazonia) want to control their affairs”. The diplomat affirms in a recent conference. The weeklong ghost town follows a similar tw0-day one earlier declared by another faction of the territory’s liberation movements.

During the Week long ghost town which was in solidarity with the Bike Riders, even the colonial authorities that continue to pretend they still have control over the territory were no where to be found. The streets were completely deserted, shops and colonial government offices grounded as well. The bike riders in the city are frequent target of the French Cameroun Colonial military through extortions and executions. Last July, 2020, a young bike rider, Ndifon Promise Nkuah , who could not afford a bribe of $1 (500 cfa) was killed by the officer demanding the bribe. (Read his story here). With defeat visible everywhere for the French Cameroun Colonial authorities, they have resorted to killing and torching of civilian villages as a way to subdue the unbending citizens of the territory.


” The go kill to the last man, but we hate them” A relative narrates of two of her family members executed by the French Cameroun Colonial authorities on 15 September, 2020. Mr. Obang was removed from his home in the neighborhood of Ngongham in Bamenda and later shot and abandoned elsewhere. He was an electrician by profession. His younger brother was later picked up, molested and taken away only to be found executed by the French Cameroun soldiers. The frail father from Bafut, could not stand the pain. Still in Bafut on 20 September, 2020, the French Cameroun soldiers killed two innocent civilians, after searching in vain for British Cameroon Restoration forces said to be in the area. The two innocent villagers killed were one Ogum Valentine and Abok. They were simply minding their businesses, but fit not to live as any French Cameroun soldier decides when any British Cameroon can live or die.


Southern Cameroons became a self-governing trust territory in 1954 under a democratically-elected government led by Dr. EML Endeley. With a genuine democratic and constitutional evolution, in 1957 Southern Cameroons was granted a House of Chiefs, thus like Britain, Southern Cameroon operated a bicameral legislative system. In 1959 through free and fair general elections, Premier Endeley-led Cameroon People’s National Convention (CPNC) government was defeated and he peacefully handed over to the winner, J.N. Foncha of the Kamerun National Democratic Party(KNDP). This was followed by the adoption of a new constitution – Constitution (Order) in Council 1960, which was meant to lead Southern Cameroons to independence. However, through international colonial conspiracy, instead of granting complete independence in conformity with Art. 76(b) of UN Charter and UN Resolution 1514 of 1960, the colonial powers misled the UN to impose “independence by joining” either Nigeria or La Republique du Cameroun. In addition to imposing this, the UN was led to adopt two obnoxious questions that denied Southern Cameroons their inalienable right to self-determination and sovereign independence. By this colonial manipulation, effective and genuine decolonization in Southern Cameroon was postponed. The mission of all Southern Cameroonians right now is RIGHT THE WRONGS OF YESTERDAY – restore Southern Cameroonians to the dignity, their natural rights as the legitimate owners and masters of the Southern Cameroon territory, masters of their destiny by peacefully leading Southern Cameroons to take her deserved seat within the comity of sovereign nations. (FOR MORE ON THE HISTORY, CLICK HERE)


The month of August will go down as one of the deadliest in the ongoing genocide in British Cameroon. Gruesome pictures erupt from the nooks and crannies of the territory masterminded by Colonial French Cameroun Soldiers, backed by France. Extra-judicial killings top the most brutal acts. From Kumbo, Ikiliwindi to Mautu and Muyuka in Fako County, the French Cameroun soldiers upped their executions. Some were not only blindfolded and shot into rivers, but were picked up, killed and dumped elsewhere. Others were simply killed softly in chains. “My husband excreted and urinated in his pants for four days…..We pleaded with them to unchain Pa, but they refused.” A family member of Mr. Tangem Thomas Nganyu, who died chained to his bed in Yaounde on the 5th of August, 2020 laments. The metal sheet engineer had been arrested in Mile 16, Buea in 2018. The deceased was subjected to inhumane and barbaric treatment in underground prisons. before his death on August 5, 2020.Mr. Tangem , 57, had been sick for over five months, but was allegedly neglected and abandoned in jail, until his last breath when he was rushed to one of French Cameroun’s hollow hospitals. In 2018, Mr. Tangem alongside other prisoners sneaked out a video of their jailed condition in a light less room, with a filthy toilet. The world watch and stayed mute. (Read more here)

Women were not left out of the Atrocity Crimes, as two gruesome executions were done in Bamenda and Muyuka. In both cases, the roles of the French Cameroun military were stamped all over the acts. In Muyuka, a woman was executed close to a French Cameroun military base. Accusations and counter-accusations filled the air of who was responsible for the killing of Miss TumassangComfort. Same was the case of Miss Treasure in Bamenda executed after being seen with military officers.

In Bafut, two DDR tenants were transported more than 20 miles away and shot overnight at a river in Bafut. The bodies were retrieved 4 days later – 8 August, 2020 and buried on the river bank. (Video below). Other extra-judicial killings were recorded in Wum, Kumbo, Ikiliwindi, Bamenda, Muyuka.

In Mbalangi in the Southern Zone of the territory, it was pain and anguish on 1 August, 2020. Family members could be heard wailing and calling the name of their brother slain by the French Cameroun military. “Aboyoyo” was his name. He was one of more than 4 pulled out of their homes and executed by the French Cameroun Bulubeti soldiers of mummified Paul Biya. (Details with video here)

At least 5 Killed in Mbiame: The French Cameroun colonial Bulubeti Militias continue their genocide in British Cameroon with killings and torching of villages. On 13 July, 2020, they invaded the peaceful village of Mbiame, where innocent civilians were pulled out of their homes and shot. Homes were equally torched. In Kedjum Keku (Big Babanki), a good chunk of houses were equally torched by the French Cameroun colonial soldiers backed by France. (Click details with images here).

15 MASSACRES IN TWO DAYS : In Kumbo on the 24 of July, 2020, in addition to the killings, the innocent civilians were stripped naked. Eye witnesses speak of carnage, bodies mutilated. A source labelled some of the victims as French Cameroun military informants. (Details with images here)

In Nsongwa, on the outskirt of Bamenda, an attempt to obey the confusing colonial military’s order was enough to take life out of an innocent bike rider (Details with Video here)

KILLED FOR $1 : Still in Bamenda, a young enterprising young bike rider in the city was executed for not doling out $1 (500 cfa) as bribe to the French Cameroun colonial military. On this fateful day 5 July, 2020, the 18-year-old, Ndifon Promise Nkuah, was stopped by the French Cameroun coloinal forces at Foncha Street in Bamenda and asked to pay $1(bribe) before carrying out his normal transportation business. When the 18-year-old said he could not afford the money, (Full story with images here).

17 Killed in Ntale, a village in Nguti subdivision, Kupe Muaneneguba County. (Read Details here)

Pastor Executed at Mautu (Details with video here)

MITAYEN PINYIN 14 AUGUST, 2020: This no doubt was one of the most gruesome acts of the genocide in the month. After escaping to the bush from the French Cameroun military, the villagers were fished out like rats in holes. After killing one innocent civilian, his body was dragged for about half a kilometre with repeated gun shots on the corpse. The body was dumped on a pile of other innocent civilians earlier executed by the French Cameroun colonial forces. (Video Below).

Some of the extra-judicial executions were equally reported by the Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa (CHRDA), based in Buea, British Cameroon.

Ebang Brice: On Saturday 4 July 2020, Ebangi Brice, a native of Bangem was shot at close range and killed by the military. The military killed him for ringing a church bell. They claim he was alerting the local population to escape after they arrived in the village to carry out an operation. He was actually ringing the bell as his normal routine to summon christians for prayer.

 On Friday 20 August 2020, the military, in a search for separatist fighters, invaded Ikiliwindi, a locality in Meme Division of the SWR, and shot dead two unarmed civilians known by their nicknames ‘Pogba’ and ‘Bushfaller.’ Eyewitnesses told CHRDA that the military invaded the locality and people began fleeing into the bush, except for the two men who chose to hide in the house. The army came and arrested them. They presented their identity cards, but the military took them into the bush where they were shot and abandoned

On 13 August, soldiers raided Mautu village on the outskirts of Ekona in Muyuka LGA of the teritory and shot dead seven unarmed civilians. The victims, including an old man and a pregnant woman known as ‘Mami Blessing,’ were shot in their home at close range. Before these killings, the military had raided a local church on the outskirts of Mautu town and shot the church’s pastor and three other boys. The soldiers executed two boys alongside the pastor and shot one as he tried to escape. The soldiers invaded the church because the worshipers share a separatist ideology (More on the pastor’s killing here).

On 13 August 2020, the French Cameroun Colonial soldiers open fire on three children in Tiko, Fako County of British Cameroon, and killed a 17-year-old girl called Bessem Blandine, in Form Two. They shot her in the backyard of her home, as she and two other boys searched for snails. Her neighbour’s son, 14-year-old Elijah, escaped with a bullet wound after he was shot in the hand and was later taken to the hospital. The other boy is 16-year-old Ojong, who ran into the military, was arrested and taken to the army camp.

Military operations in Menchum Division, NWR

On 20 July 2020, the military stormed Modelle Village, in Menchum Valley Sub Division, and attacked the civilian population in reprisal for the death of three soldiers killed by separatist fighters. A witness to the attack told CHRDA that when the forces of law and order arrived Modelle, they burnt down houses and shot three people. Among the victims was Igang Mica, a young man resident in Bamenda, who had arrived in the village that same day for his father’s memorial service and was arrested by the military. An eye witness said he pleaded with the soldiers, offering the sum of CFA 100,000 for them to spare the victim, to no avail. The military later took him in their vehicle to an unknown destination. Igang Mica’s corpse was discovered one week later by a woman on her way to the farm.

Another witness told CHRDA that a man called Mr Kuta Daniel was equally arrested and tortured to death by the military. He was arrested in his compound while clearing his farm and taken to a quarter called Bouzeh, where the soldiers made him drink whiskey. Kuta Daniel rejected the offer, as he didn’t like alcohol and was in pain from the soldiers’ beatings. He was immediately shot dead by the military. After they had killed him, they arrested another young man called Iba, who was on his way to sell goat meat. They ask him to show them where separatist fighters were hiding. He said he did not know, but they took him to the house of General Agha Robinson, a top-ranking military official and killed Iba by stabbing him in the neck. Soldiers were on guard at the General’s compound at the time. (Read More of CHRDA’S OWN REPORT HERE).



Miss Treasure Killed in Bamenda