The Anglophone Who Killed Samsoya: “He made us Kill Samsoya for nothing…” A Murderer’s Confession.

It was the first gruesome murder of a handicap in the ongoing genocide in British Southern Cameroon. It was straight from an ISIS script, as the terror group was receiving global scorn for their beheading in the middle East. while the Obama administration was busy formulating strategies to eliminate the evil ISIS, it was at the same time propping up a dictator who has proven to be as sanguinary as ISIS – Paul Biya of French Cameroun

Late Mr. Chiabah Samuel, popularly known for his jovial nature as Sam Soya, Father of 5, was mangled and beheaded in Belo, in Northern Zone of British Southern Cameroon, on February 3, 2018 by French-Cameroun soldiers, trained and equipped by the U.S government and other Western countries like France. The late Mr. Chiabah, at the time was a handicap on crutches, shot on the knee by the same soldiers during a peaceful demonstration 4 months earlier – 22 September, 2017.

In the video arrogantly posted by the military killers, the late handicap is seen denying the charges leveled against him by his killers. Another tortured victim is equally seen claiming the handicapped Mr. Chiabah was behind a recent killing of a female Bulubeti militia/military on a killing spree in the village; trump up charges the soft-spoken Mr. Chiabah denied. The fake witness (not known by Belo inhabitants), and who was later killed alongside Samsoya, unconsciously revealed that the soldiers had already killed some other people. Hear him, “those lying outside…”. These American-trained soldiers with the complicity of French Cameroun’s-appointed administrative officers apart from killing Mr. Chiabi, equally destroyed his home and burnt his transportation bikes, even though he was survived by a wife and five children.

Mr. Chiabi’s confession, of ignorance, before his public execution did not go unnoticed. Some Participants to the gruesome murder truly saw his innocence, but were coerced into murdering the handicap, who could barely stand. According to one of the unwilling participants, to the ISIS-style beheading of Samsoya (name still in a time capsule), their boss was the French Cameroun’s appointed Divisional Officer (D.O) for Belo Mr. NICHOLAS NKONGHO MANCHANG. As an Assistant D.O for Fundong , interim for Belo and later D.O for Belo, Mr. NICHOLAS NKONGHO MANCHANG, knew Samsoya very well. Mr. Sam Soya was a regular supplier of Weed to most of the colonial Gerdames in Belo, under Mr. NICHOLAS NKONGHO MANCHANG. It was no secret to Belo indigenes that the Gerdames, together with some of the youths they later murdered usually enjoy their “nkuh” or marijuana under a Kola tree, well known to inhabitants of Belo and the D.O.


In order to please his masters, and the few BetiBulu militias who had descended on Belo following the killings of the colonial Gerdame, the DO did not fail to do his job as a quisling. He personally interviewed Samsoya, asking the questions that only an anglophone, familiar with the locality could. After the interrogation, and like Pontus Pilate, the D.O – a son of Kembong in the Southern Zone of British Cameroon /Ambazonia visaed the elimination of Samsoya and his friends with no remorse.

According to our source, “if the D.O had not ordered for Samsoya’s beheading, we wouldn’t have done it. He was the top administrator of the sub-divison. He said. In a baffling mood he said, “il était anglophone et nous a donné l’ordre de les tuer. C’est terrible. (He was an anglophone and gave us orders to kill them. It’s terrible). I know maybe he was scared of a revenge if they would have been set free”. He continued. “But to take away their lives in such gruesome ways, is sickening. It drains me daily”. He wept. “I feel saddened till date about the murders. I saw innocence in Sam soya’s confessions, but he made us kill him for nothing. If I can apologize to the victims, I will”. The disturbed witness lamented. Our source’s testimony is confirmed by Samsoya’s torture video. The D.O’s power is evident when he ordered Samsoya’s assassins to “wait first” (Attendez d’abord…) during the torturing process, as evident by this torture video.

The Gruesome Video of the ISIS-style Beheading of Samsoya.

Danpullo’s Hit Man.

Alhadji Baba Ahmad Danpullo and Mr. Nicholas Nwanchang

The unwilling murderer equally described the D.O, as Danpullo’s hit man in the area. Many disappearances in Belo, he said were masterminded by the D.O in cohort with Alhadji Baba Ahmad Danpullo, the pro-Biya and ruling party backer, who wields a lot of power in the country. He has been accused severally for usurping land from farmers, with no repercussions, as Biya’s appointed administrators provide every protection, lawfully or otherwise. Our source equally revealed that many were also killed and dumped in rivers in the area ordered by the D.O. For complete details of Mr. Chiabi’s (Samsoya’s), murder story with videos and testimony from his wife, please click here

Killed and Dumped in Rivers

Decree Appointing Mr. NICHOLAS NKONGHO MANCHANG, to Lord over elected Mayors in British Cameroon.

Nomination de sous-préfets
Décret N°2016/179 du 05 avril 2016.
Le président de la République, décrète :
Article 1er. – Sont, à compter de la date de signature du présent décret, nommés aux postes ci-après :

Monsieur NICHOLAS NKONGHO MANCHANG, Secrétaire d’Administration. précédemment Deuxième Adjoint Préfectoral de FUNDONG, poste vacant.

Yaoundé, le 05 avril 2016
Le président de la République,
(é) Paul BIYA

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