• More than 8000 Killed,
  • More than 500,000 displaced
  • More than 50,000 registered refugees in Nigeria.
  • More than 200 villages burnt.
  • More than 15 hospitals burnt/destroyed. Health workers killed as well.
  • More than 2 million children out of school
    • Below are the few images of the killed. To deceive the world, local Dane guns were confiscated from the people of the region. Little did they know that those guns were to be used as justification for the genocide, by killing innocent civilians and then placing on them as the attackers. This mirrors UN Sec. General Antonio Guterres pronouncement that the French Cameroun soldiers were provoked into opening fire, by the peaceful protesters.

The Dane Guns at Work.

Some of the Massacres

ISIS Playbook.

No world leader can claim he is not abreast with happenings around the world. Social media has and is always putting the issues on the table of decision-makers. It is thus left for them to pick and choose which they attend to. For the case of Cameroon, they deliberately ignored thinking the 86-year-old Biya, can kill the minority English-speaking people of Southern Cameroon to victory. Actions that the same world leaders abhor with other non-state actors like ISIS and Boko Haram, were passed on from “state actors”. What a travesty! The lack of mere condemnation from Human Rights Organizations and governments of the utilization of ISIS war tactics by Cameroun military on civilians in British Cameroon enabled the most dreadful civil war in recent African history.

Late Mr. Chiabah Samuel, popularly known for his jovial nature as Sam Soya, Father of 5, was beheaded in Belo in North West British Southern Cameroon on February 3, 2018 by French-Cameroun soldiers, trained and equipped by the U.S government and other Western countries like France. The late Mr. Chiabah, at the time was a handicap on crutches, shot on the knee by the same soldiers during a peaceful demonstration 4 months earlier. In the video arrogantly posted by the military, the late handicap is seen denying the charges leveled against him by his killers. Another tortured victim is equally seen claiming the handicapped Mr. Chiabah was behind a recent murder of a security officer, trump up charges the soft-spoken Mr. Chiabah denied. The fake witness who was later killed unconsciously revealed that the soldiers had already killed some other people. Hear him, “those lying outside…”.

First Beheading in the genocide by French Cameroun Hutu Militias loyal to Paul Biya.

The gruesome images of a chopped head of Mr. Chiabah and the others were later released by the military with some showing the soldiers hopping on the corpses like a trampoline. (Read Mr. Chiabah’s Story here). These horrible images went viral, and no government, even Human Rights Organizations condemned them nor the actions of a military that received enormous support from the West. The seeds of “everything goes” by the Cameroun military were laid for this bloody conflict, that turned into a genocide after, as evidenced by the French Cameroun military’s horrors that followed the global silence of Mr. Chiabah’s beheading.

The Handicapped Mr. Chiabah before his Beheading

Using the ISIS playbook, was just fashionable at this time because the terror group, was doing same in the middle East. A deeper look reveals that 86-year-old Mr. Biya and the French were the first to use beheading as a war tactics in the late 50s and early 60s against their opponents on the eve of French-Cameroun’s independence when a faction of the country opposed the french dictated terms of independence. (read more here).

French Colonial Beheading in Africa.

The Beheading of Sam Soya and Five others by French Cameroun Soldiers in Pictures.

The Wife of Mr. Chiabah Samuel (Sam Soya), narrates her ordeal.

Santa Massacre 25th May, 2018.

On this day, French Cameroun soldiers stormed an evening gathering of youths in the village of Menka-Pinyin in Santa local council of the northern Zone. They were massacred and the lone survivor picked up later from his hospital bed in a nearby village alongside his two siblings and eliminated as well to conceal the truth. Government propaganda say they were terrorists – a genocidal designation of sub-humanity, thus good for extermination. The claim of their children as terrorists was condemned by the grieving parents. In total more than 37 were massacred by French Cameroun soldiers. Amongst the so-called “terrorists” was young Sidoni.

Genocide Pain: Door-to-door delivery of corpses.

Buea Massacre 30th July, 2018

Bakweri Town, Sandpit area in Buea, on Monday, July 30, 2018, experienced one of their greatest horrors in memory, when masked elements of the Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR) moved into the locality and massacred youths. Some were taken away and executed in neighboring Muea town, leaving the entire community wailing and mourning their children and friends. (read more here). While the casualty here is pale comparable to the other massacres in the ongoing genocide on the minority English-speaking people of British Southern Cameroon, the uniqueness of this Buea massacre was that among the two ( Esambe Roland Ndone and Monono Emmanuel Evakise) later executed at Muea town, was a French-speaking Camerounian. When he identified himself as having originated from French Cameroun, his brothers from the French Cameroun military gave him taxi fare and executed the two British Southern Cameroonians. Thank God he relayed the whereabouts of the two innocent British Southern Cameroonians, whose corpses were retrieved for burial.

Donga-Mantung and Babessi Massacres.

It was another massacre that showed just how worthless British Southern Cameroonian lives had become in the hands of France and french-Cameroon soldiers. The French-Cameroon tactics of divide and rule was unleashed in Donga-Mantung region of the Nothern Zone of British Southern Cameroon on the 20th of October, 2018, with targeted killings of innocent youths . Lured by the French Cameroun authorities, some gullible Fulanis, saw an opportunity to settle their old farmer-grazier conflicts with the locals. It was the most diabolical and genocidal fashion, the Fulanis could have done to their ancestral hosts – the local people. With the assistance of the French-Cameroon armies, more than forty-one young men in the area were rounded up and summarily executed in the Fulani grazing field to the glee of the Fulani community. Sympathizers believed some form of chemical weapons were used on the innocent civilians, evident by discoloration on the bodies.

About two weeks after the Donga-Mantung massacre was the turn of the quiet village of Babessi on the 12 of October, 2018. While the Babessi massacre were less in number than Bafut, Wum, Mamfe and other areas, the uniqueness was in its savagery. In addition to executing them in front of their families, the French Cameroun soldiers equally set the bodies ablaze. This torching of bodies was the new modus operandi or official genocide strategy of the French Cameroun government on the minority English-speaking people. It continues till date with no repercussions.

Bali Nyonga Massacre 22 November, 2018

Extra-judicial killing of Pregnant Medical Officer and Husband in Mbengwi, Northern Zone. One of the Thousands of killed Health workers in 2018

Njong Patrick and Azah Nancy, were blindfolded and shot at close range. Both were accused of treating Ambazonia self-defense volunteers. (Read More)

Pregnant Nurse and Husband killed by French Cameroun Soldiers.

Brief pictorial Explanation of some of the 2018 Killings in the Northern Zone (click for enlargement)

Images of About 500 of the More than 7000 Killed in 2018 by French Cameroun Military

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