The recent peaceful transition in Tanzania (Tangayika and Zanzibar) is a story of truth and honesty embedded in history – the history of the two British protectorates that accepted each others uniqueness when they came together. On 26 April 1964, Tanganyika united with Zanzibar to form the United Republic of Tanganyika and Zanzibar. The name Tanzania is a blend of Tanganyika and Zanzibar.  Under the terms of this union, the Zanzibar Government retains considerable local autonomy. Tangayika like British Southern Cameroon was a UN-mandated territory, that ascended to self rule in 1961. Zanzibar, a former British protectorate gained her autonomy from the UK on 10 December, 1963.

As an autonomous part of Tanzania, Zanzibar has its own government, known as the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar. It is made up of the Revolutionary Council and House of Representatives. The House of Representatives has a similar composition to the National Assembly of Tanzania. Fifty members are elected directly from constituencies to serve five-year terms; 10 members are appointed by the President of Zanzibar; 15 special seats are for women members of political parties that have representation in the House of Representatives; six members serve ex officio, including all regional commissioners and the attorney general. Five of these 81 members are then elected to represent Zanzibar in the National Assembly.

John Magufuli (R) and his deputy Samia Suluhu Hassan in 2019
Newly-sworn in President of Tanzania, Mrs. Samia Suluhu Hassan (originally from Zanzibar and Late John Magufuli (Originally from Tangayika)


 While the UK government respected the terms of the UN Trusteeship Council by granting self-rule to Tangayika (by not asking her whether she wanted to join Zanzibar), in the other mandated territory of British Cameroon, she rather forced a union with other countries. Unable to come to a consensus, the UN, which became the supervisory authority of the former mandate territories, including British Cameroons imposed two options on them. The options were: whether they would like to achieve independence by joining with French Cameroon which as a result of their independence on January 1st, 1960 became La Republique du Cameroun or integrating with Nigeria which was already given independence too. Prior to the plebiscite, in 1959 Southern Cameroons organised democratic elections for a third time and effected the first peaceful and democratic transfer of power in the 20th Century Africa. Despite this solid political and economic self-rule since 1954, the UK and the UN forced the territory into a union with French Cameroon in 1961 as two autonomous countries/entities. Like in Tanzania where Zanzibar has maintained its government and other institutions, the majority French -speaking section completely abolished the autonomy of the English-speaking people. Their parliament and prime ministerial governing structure modelled on the UK and other Anglo-Saxon countries was abolished and an assimilation policy enforced. The self-governing territory saw French administrators imposed on them, their institutions abolished.

Queen Elizabeth with British Southern Cameroon Leaders in London, prior to the violation of the territory’s right to self-rule

Current British Southern Cameroon Genocide

On October 6, 2016, lawyer and teacher trade unions in the Anglophone regions initiated a strike. Led by Barrister Agbor BallaFontem Neba, and Tassang Wilfred, they were protesting against the appointment of French-speaking judges in the British Southern Cameroons. They saw this not only as threatening the common law system in the Anglophone regions, but as part of the general marginalization of Anglophones. The strikes were supported by peaceful protests in the cities of BamendaBuea and Limbe. The activists demanded protection of the Common law system of the Anglophone regions, and opposed the civil law system used by the Francophone magistrate in courts in British Cameroon, thus replacing the common law system. They asked for several laws to be translated into English. The greater population inspired by Mancho Bibixy with a coffin demanded for the respect of British Cameroon’s identity. He equally questioned the neglect of the region by the French Cameroun authorities (View Here).

The Cameroonian government deployed security forces to crack down on the protests. Protesters were attacked with tear gas, and many lawyers were brutally assaulted by soldiers. Throughout November 2016, thousands of teachers in the Anglophone regions joined the lawyers’ strike. The protest let to a civil war that has claimed more than 25000 lives. The UK and UN that violate the terms of the Trusteeship Council which was to prepare these territories in to self-rule have remined silent to the killings in which former State Department official – Dr. Gregory Stanton of Genocide Watch has called a genocide. Foe evidence of the Atrocity Crimes, click here.


With the passing of Tanzania’s president John Magufuli, on 17 March, 2021 , and his replacement by his vice Samia Suluhu Hassan, the unity of the country was consolidated. John Magufuli is from Tangayika and the vice, now president is from Zanzibar. Mrs. Samia Suluhu Hassan, has made history 19 Friday, 2021, when she was sworn in as Tanzania’s first female president. In the case of British Southern Cameroon, the world has stood by as the majority French Cameroun authorities backed by France are ethnically cleansing the minority Anglophones, who are asking for nothing, but their rights as an autonomous territory like Zanzibar. Will the Boris Johnson administration and her conservative allies finally act to end the annihilation of the once autonomous British Southern Cameroon – Black Africa’s first democracy?

Tanzania’s Hassan, 61, a soft-spoken ruling party loyalist will complete Magufuli’s second five-year term, set to end in 2025. She was first elected to a public office in 2000. She only became prominent in 2014 as the vice-chairperson of the Constituent Assembly, created to draft a new constitution.

President Samia Suluhu Hassan, after her inauguration in Dar es Salaam
UK PM Boris Johnson has shied away from the genocide on its former colony perpetuated by France and French Cameroun


“We could identify them as coming from Nigeria because of their accent, and they were escorted by French Cameroun soldiers. They were armed, some on horse back.” A victim explains on ABC TV. “They killed, burnt and stole cows of the locals. Earlier, a victim who lost about 30 cows went to report to the French Cameroun Security office, located in the area and saw three of his cows tethered behind the office.” The source further explains. The invasion started on the 24th of February, 2021 with five locals massacred by the Fulanis from the area with their brothers from Taraba State in Nigeria. The eye witness further narrates that, the local French Cameroun colonial authorities in complicity with the Fulani/Mbororo community in the area, in an attempt to get more mercenaries from Nigeria lied to them that they are being exterminated by the locals in Nwa. This enabled more killer volunteers to join the killing spree with the aid of ammunition from the French Cameroun authorities who have since remained silent as the killings continue. In the village of Ntong, the killings were brutal with the knife-wielding Fulanis hacking to death a former retired administrator – Mr. Manasis Nchenkwi. He was executed alongside a woman. By the 9 of March, 2021, report say more than 15 villages have been destroyed and emptied of its content of both humans and properties. Some of the victims escaped to Nigeria, scared of French Cameroun soldiers who aided in the Fulani cleansing.


The inaction of the same French Cameroun authorities responsible for the Ngarbuh massacre has alarmed even their appointed parliamentarian. The hand picked and paranoid man was tongue-tied when speaking to an independent reporter (video below). Though frustrated with the game of his colonial bosses – the French Cameroun colonial authorities, he shied away from calling them out boldly. Same degree of frustration was seen in one anglophone regime loyal newspaper. The paper says the silence by the French Cameroun authorities further shows that there are two levels of citizenship in the country, where the anglophone minority are treated with disdain.

The Destruction in Nwa British Southern Cameroon, by French Cameroun and France


Since the civil war started in 2016, the destruction has been unrivalled with other conflicts in the world. Due to increasing refusal by the anglophone minority to cooperate with the French Cameroun colonial authorities, the Fulani and Mbororo communities have been armed and guarded to erase several anglophone villages, in what Dr. Gregory Stanton of Genocide watch has described as a genocide. In 2019, the French Cameroun colonial soldiers actually broadcast themselves escorting the Fulani/Mbororo communities to kill and burn villages of locals. (video below). Since 2016, more than 23,000 anglophones have been killed by the majority Francophones, with more than 400 villages erased.

Fulani/Mbororos being guarded by French Cameroun colonial soldiers to kill, and burn homes of locals in Wum, British Southern Cameroon


Carine, a nurse working at the Bishop’s House, Kumbo in the northern part of Anglophone Cameroon (Ambazonia) who was shot by French Cameroun armed terrorists on 24 February, 2021 in her hips has finally given up the ghost on 25 February, 2021. The targeting of frontline workers ( nurses) in Southern Cameroons by armed French Cameroun soldiers ordered by mummified Paul Biya backed by France is not new. Since the start of the conflict in 2016, health facilities have been burnt at times with patients. Innocent civilians have been shot in hospitals.

In the past four years, the French-Cameroun Bulubeti Militia’s cruelty is beyond the pale of hitherto genocidal boundaries. While a section of Biya’s militias target locals and their properties, another hit squad is bent on depriving other civilians who might have a chance of survival by targeting health facilities and personnel. Ngamsha Gilbert, was a nurse from the village of Oku who bikes the 25km journey daily to Kumbo, for work. This journey ended on the 29th of January 2019, when French Cameroun’s appointed Governor, Lele Afrique’s militias shot him point blank. His fresh, clean and lifeless body was not enough for the militias/soldiers. A bomb was lazed in his body as the soldiers covered their ears for an explosion that shattered Gilbert’s body into chunks

health personnel
Some Killed Nurses by French Cameroun Soldiers

Fomonyuy Ornella, a pregnant 19-year-old nurse from Kumbo, is now part of the statistics of killed health personnel. Her January 18, 2019, gruesome killing and that of her unborn baby failed to deter the sanguinary Governor Lele Afrique. Prior to Mbuh Priscilia and her colleague’s massacre at the  Mbingo Baptist Hospital on April 1, 2019, she and her colleagues were in emergency mode two weeks prior assisting the same French Cameroun Bulubeti militias, said to have been attacked by the rag-tag Ambazonia guerillas operating in the municipality. Little did she know that her life shall be sniffed out by those they worked professionally to save. Priscilia and three of her colleagues were mangled by Lele Afrique’s marauding Militias, who attacked the hospital under Lele Afrique’s instructions.

The Story of 24-year-old Carine

24-year-Carine, a nurse pleaded for the soldiers to spare her life, but they did not. She had made the mistake of accepting her British Southern Cameroonian heritage, when the marauding soldiers stormed her house July 5th, 2019, in Mankon, Bamenda. “They asked us, if we were anglophones” the sister of the late Carine told sympathizers from her hospital bed. Carine joins a long list of medical personnel killed by the American-trained French Cameroun Bulu/Beti Militias under 87-year-old frail Paul Biya.

The Story of the Pregnant Nurse and Husband BLINDFOLDED and Shot

The Story of Njong Patrick and Azah Nancy, killed at Tad, Nyen near Mbengwi in Momo Division in August 2018 remains fresh. Both were blindfolded and shot at close range.”The couple, both heading health units in Kob and Nja Etu were returning from work on board their motor bike when military stopped them on the way. Njong Patrick and Azah Nancy had their eyes blindfolded before receiving several bullets at close range according to witness account.Their corpses were only discovered later abandoned under plantains beside the bush. The deceased couple leaves behind five children. Surrounding residents confirmed that they were shot by military who accused them of treating Ambazonia fighters”. (More). The destruction continues till date. No hospital is spared. Muyuka District hospital was destroyed as well on 31st March, 2019. (see Video). Prior to the Muyuka hospital destruction, on 11 of February, 2019, the French Cameroun military set the Kumba General Hospital on fire. Four civilians were killed. To show the love they have for their French Cameroun brothers, a motor bike belonging to one French Cameroun personnel was removed before setting that portion of the hospital on fire. (See video)

French Cameroun Military saving a French Cameroun Employee’s Bike

More Images of destroyed hospitals and Killed patients and health personnel



 After quenching their thirst with water, they turned around and beheaded him. Awa Pius was a handicap and could not run away that morning when the French Cameroun soldiers entered his village. The head like a pig’s in the book Lord of the Flies, was displayed on a pole by the road side as a symbol of their cruelty. The weeping by the family beneath the hanging head epitomizes the trauma. From there, the soldiers headed to the next block and raped a 64-year-old granny.

Video of Awah Pius’s Execution by French Cameroun Soldiers

 “I bled profusely as the soldiers took rounds on me.” The poor old mother narrates after she was transported to a bare health center the next day by a sympathizer. (Watch her painful video here). When they finally retreated, more than seventeen homes were torched and more than 22 innocent people killed. Awah Pius’ killing is the daily staple of life in English-Cameroon. His killing was not new to us, but it happened at the time that George Floyd, was brutally murdered in Minneapolis igniting a global movement to remind the world that “Black Lives Matter.” In fact the day Mr. Floyd was murdered (25 May, 2020) marked exactly 2 years that the first massacre of at least 27 innocent teens started in English Cameroon (British Southern Cameroon aka Ambazonia) in the village of Santa. Other known massacres include the execution of about 37 villagers including 13 children and pregnant women in the Village of Ngarbuh on 14 February, 2020. Till date, more than 23,000 have been killed with millions displaced internally and externally.

Children and pregnant women massacred by French Cameroun Soldiers backed by France in Ngarbuh, British Cameroon


The Norwegian Refugee Council has twice in a roll calls it the most neglected conflict in the world, as daily on camera executions like ISIS persists.  The former US Ambassador to Cameroun Peter Henry Balerin in 2018 fell short of calling it genocide (We know why) by terming it “Targeted Killing” of Anglophones (Watch his declaration here.) Leading global genocide expert and researcher – founder of  Genocide Watch, Dr. Gregory Stanton, categorically describes what is happening to the minority English-speaking people as a genocide. Dr. Stanton, is no minion to genocide. He remains the lone staff at the Clinton State Department to call what was happening in Rwanda in 1994  genocide. He was despised, but paradoxically, was later honored with the Foreign Service Association’s W. Averell Harriman Award for Exemplary bravery on his dissent from U.S. policy in relation to the Rwandan Genocide.


In addition to social media deliveries of these daily Atrocity Crimes to the world, personal mail have been sent to former President Trump and wife, VP Pence and wife and prominent senators like Lindsey Graham and Tom Cotton. Attempts also to get the Black Community in America to care for these black lives with personal letters to all the Senior members of the Congressional Black Caucus and even a call in on Al Sharpton’s radio show have been made. No action till date as the wasting of these black lives persist. Rep. Karen Bass is versed with the killings. In addition to daily social media delivery to her, she has personally visited French Cameroun, with nothing to show for as the daily killings with on camera  executions especially by the French Cameroun soldiers have continued uninterrupted. Even Rep Ilhan Omar, who prides herself as having lived in a refugee camp in Kenya is insensitive to the thousands of Refugees in neglected refugee camps in Nigeria and Ghana. Don’t let them tell you that, it is not their role to intervene in every conflict around the world. This conflict is not any other conflict. Renowned diplomats and experts have provided every evidence of why these black live must be saved. Asking a dictator to abide to UN-agreed terms and to respect human rights is not a healthcare or spending vote in Congress. It is the right thing to do. A bill banning asylum seekers from Cameroon from being deported back to be killed is not a solution of why these people are risking their lives to the US. A dictator who is using U.S-donated weapons to ethnically erase a people is the reason. Paul Biya has been in power for almost 4o years.

My Letters to DC


Never in the history of the world has a conflict whose solution is available and whose architects are still alive like Queen Elizabeth been allowed to destroy innocent lives. The root cause of the genocide is a botched decolonization process masterminded by the UN and Great Britain.

As an autonomous UN Trust Territory, British Southern Cameroon witnessed unprecedented economic and political development from 1953-1959, becoming Black Africa’s  First Democracy with several peaceful elections with peaceful transfers of power. These entrenched democratic values were crashed when the UN and Great Britain out of Cold War gimmicks violated the terms of the UN Trusteeship Council with impunity by attaching the territory to the Independent Mandated-territory of French Cameroon indirectly ruled from France in 1961. The colonial and democratic developments in the territory were forcefully abolished following the discovery of oil in the British Southern Cameroons, leading to a deliberate marginalization and assimilation policy by the majority French Country. (Here is the French-speaking president of Cameroun, Paul Biya confessing that he wanted to assimilate the English-speaking people into the majority French-speaking country). This frustration reached boiling points in 2016 with peaceful demonstrations in the territory asking for a return to their terms of union as two independent entities in 1961. The majority French-speaking country and its leadership responded by killing and burning entire villages, leading to a resistance that has now destroyed millions of lives only in the English areas. Sadly, the same flimsy reason given in 1960 that the autonomous territory was not ripe for self-rule despite ruling its self for more than 8 years (1953-61) leading to today’s genocide are still being echoed by the same power-brokers who created the conflict at the UN.

Charred body of a baby burnt alive in the Village of Tiben, English Cameroon by French Cameroun soldiers 11 February, 2021

Joe Biden has been here Before

Like Apartheid, on 23 July, 1986 when then Senator Joe Biden challenged Reagan’s then-Secretary of State, George Schultz, on the US policy of doing nothing against apartheid, action is needed now to end the genocide in English Cameroon. Like the Blacks in South Africa, being “excoriated by a repugnant regime”, the English-speaking people are killed daily by a repugnant regime in power for 40 years as well with the only difference being that this time around, it is a Black man who is doing the killings on behalf of France’s and UK’s economic interest. Like in 1986, when President Biden, then Senator called on Mr. Schultz to stop the killings immediately and think of the after-effects later, the genocide on the minority English-speaking people must end immediately. “Deeply Concerned, Worried, we are monitoring, we call on…etc.” have been the dog whistle for France and French Cameroun to continue with the killings. In the midst of the killings and burning of entire villages in Anglophone Cameroon, the UK government with Newage signed a 1.5billion oil contract with the killers of these people for oil and gas to be exploited in the area where these people are being killed and driven out of their villages (Here is the then British Minister for Africa shamelessly defending the act). This shows that the architects of these killings don’t care about these BLACK LIVES, but only about their resources.

President Joe Biden in 1986, standing up against the maltreatment of Blacks in South Africa during apartheid

British Southern Cameroon is Ripe for Self-rule

The western media, lobbyists and diplomats must desist from the deceptive use of the phrases: “The entire region will be plunged into chaos etc.” anywhere in Africa when citizens rise up to effect change. We are not savages. This lie, like apartheid has enabled dictators to continue to kill with impunity in Africa. The West has precipitated these Atrocity Crimes by defending the dictators with colonial mindsets and derogatory statements like this from former US Assistant Secretary of State for Africa Mr. Tibor Nagy:  “We don’t want to create mini-state that will depend on the west for aid.” Mr. Nagy is talking about a territory (British Southern Cameroon) that today provides 60% of the entire Cameroun’s GDP; where its abundant oil and gas fields in the Gulf-of Guinea are exploited by Western multinationals, with no benefit to the people. A territory larger than Belgium, Holland and other UN-Member States. An autonomous territory with a democratic history, forcefully annexed by an autocratic territory.

The same mantra was never advanced with similar conflicts in Europe. Yugoslavia never plunged Europe into chaos when it dissolved. A Brexit vote or Scotxit vote never plunged Europe or the UK into chaos. The congressional Black Caucus must frown at such pronouncements that qualifies us black people as wretched and primitive, good at destabilizing wars. The same diplomats and lobbyists have used South Sudan as an example of a failed state due to the civil war after independence. This narrative is bought by BLACK politicians in Washington, which at the end portrays the Black man as incapable of self-rule, fueling derogatory statements like go back to … Shithole Africa. The truth which must be sounded by all black people about South Sudan is the fact that, external powers engineered the civil war for oil interest. A president in the West is right to fire his VP. What that VP cannot do is to retreat to his/her state to pickup arms. The fired South Sudanese VP Riek Machar retreated to the bush to pickup arms and was supported by external powers that missed out on oil deals under Salva Kiir, when South Sudan got her independence. Their hope was for Riek Machar to overthrow Salva Kiir, thus fulfill their oil interest.

President Biden: Support and enforce a negotiated settlement now to end this bloodshed

President Biden, the Genocide in British Cameroon needs to stop now. An attempt by Switzerland to end the killings by bringing the parties to the table like the UN did in 1961 has been thwarted by French Cameroun backed by France, as the world watches in silence as the genocide continues. Like in the Apartheid days, where you could only bark and not bite, the difference today is that you are the president. Your video opposing the apartheid regime was the chief motivating factor in the African in American community in the 2020 election. They see you as a fierce defender of truth and justice.

Please President Biden, It is time to end this Black apartheid/Genocide through an unconditional ceasefire first and an unfettered independent investigations into the Crimes Against Humanity perpetrated by the French Cameroun soldiers and authorities. This Truth Commission will facilitate a genuine return to the table by authorities of the two territories as they did in 1961, prior to their fake union, this time around with representatives of the UN, US, Russia France and the UK. The UN must right the wrongs of forcing two incompatible cultures together, which has resulted to this disaster and bloodshed. I thought Eritrea and Somaliland were enough of a lesson that one can’t force a woman to stay in an abusive relationship to please her parents?

President Biden this is my back, please have it.(Please forward my message to the Whitehouse)

Thanks. Joyce


“Killing us and denying our pain and corpses is indication we are worthless.” A native whose parents shared the grief when the father carried the remnants of his charred baby out of the rubble of his smoldering home. The wailing was enough for any parent whether in authority, be it in politics or the church to condemn, but none has. The perpetrator – French Cameroon authorities have again sent out another lie about the gruesome roasting of the toddler. Thy blame an inexistent Ambazonia forces in the area. An act the locals say confirm their status as worthless human beings. The French Cameroun authorities have increasingly resorted to lying about the genocide, after willfully executing innocent people.


According to our source (under wraps), the French Cameroun Bulubeti militias had invaded the village of Tiben, Batibo Subdivision (Moghamo Local Government) of the territory of British Southern Cameroon (Ambazonia) on 11 February, 2021. Known for their killings, burning, torture, rape and harassment, the villagers all fled to the bushes for safety. In the midst of the confusion, Mr. Jonas Ndi and wife forgot their child in the house. The least one can expect is infanticide of the type he got. The soldiers on reaching the village and finding no one to exact their default acts of torture, execution rape and execution, set homes on fire before leaving. The result was Mr. Ndi’s child roasted alive; the body was charred like coal (video below). There was no exchange of fire by any Ambazonia Freedom fighters as peddled by the French Cameroun authorities.

Mr. Ndi with his burnt baby in Tiben, Batibo in British Southern Cameroon (Ambazonia)


Killing and roasting of babies is the hallmark of the French Cameroun authorities in this ongoing genocide that has killed more than23000 innocent civilians. More than 450 villages have been burnt by these French Cameroun soldiers. Only an impartial foreign commission can ascertain the extent of the Atrocity Crimes conducted on these vulnerable people. Below are images of a few of the more than 4,000 burnt alive in their homes in anglophone Cameroon by French Cameroun soldiers.


Eye witness say the French Cameroun military invaded the farming village of Essoh Atah, Lebialem County in anglophone Cameroon (British Southern Cameroon/Ambazonia) on 13-14 February, 2021. Alongside with informants (alleged to be ex-fighters of Ambazonian forces in the area) assembled the villagers, claiming to be there for their good. The lead informant in the name of Njinjuh Christopher then singled out three local kings said to be loyal to one of the Ambazonian Freedom fighters in the area. The French Cameroun military then publicly-executed the three kings alongside five other civilians.

After the execution, the villagers were then tied and ferried to a local soccer field. An action that mimics yoked slaves in the 14 century in preparation for slave ships. Some whose lives were spared were severely tortured. In one of the pictures circulating on social media, one of the “yoked” villagers is seen with a swollen head and almost deformed right eye. The torture and killing of innocent civilians in Essoh Atah follows another gruesome torture of an innocent man in the village of Ndu, still in the anglophone region.

Severely Tortured by French Cameroun soldiers and feared dead

Image result for slave caravans from african interior


At her confirmation hearing last month, Biden’s Director of National Intelligence (DNI) Nominee Avril Haines, was categorical: “Waterboarding Is Torture….. unlawful both in the national and international perspective and should not be used.” (Watch her video here). Foreign Policy magazine reminds the west in November 2020 thus: “Paul Biya’s regime is ignoring the battle against Boko Haram and the Islamic State and using foreign counterterrorism assistance to fund its brutal repression of citizens with legitimate grievances.”

This is not the first time US-related assistance to Africa’s oldest and most brutal dictator mummified Paul Biya is being used to commit crimes against humanity. Between 2013 – 2017, the same French Cameroun military engaged in serious torture and abuses in Northern Cameroon at a base used by US military to help and to train French Cameroun soldiers. Victims told Amnesty International that the Americans could hear them crying and did nothing. The same inaction of today was seen on the part of the Obama-Biden Administration. Amnesty sums up some of the torture tactics thus: “

“In a common suspension technique known as ‘the swing’, the victim’s arms and legs are again tied behind his back, before he is lifted and suspended on a bar fitted between two poles … and further beaten,” Amnesty said. Other torture documented included being tied standing up in stress positions for 24 hours, being subject to simulated drowning, being deprived of food, forced to drink urine, given electric shocks and burned.”

From Obama and now Biden, Lip Service can’t stop a GENOCIDE

With no action taken by successive US governments to reign in dictator Biya who benefits from military help from the US, the abuses have continued unabated. The Trump administration scaled down military aid to the country and even suspended French Cameroun from privileges under the AGOA trading arrangement. With the impunity continuing on the minority anglophones, the Trump action has proven to be a mere window dressing, thanks to backing from US ally – France. in a recent resolution calling for the end of the conflict, the US Senate urged France to take action to end the conflict. They accuse the colonial French authorities as being interested only in resources. Despite the talking since 2016, no action has been taken by the US government to end the brutality in which former state department staff Dr. Greg Stanton of Genocide Watch has called a pure GENOCIDE. The mere minimum of the The Leahy Laws or Leahy amendments (that prohibit the U.S. Department of State and Department of Defense from providing military assistance to foreign security force units that violate human rights with impunity) is still to even threaten Biya with any sanctions despite the abundant documented abuses

The videos below summarize the gradual extinction of the minority English-speaking people of British Cameroon (Ambazonia) forced against their will into a union with French Cameroun in 1961. In the two videos attached (which is just a tip of the daily abuses), the innocent victims are waterboarded, tortured and killed. The killers are heard saying that their brother is part of the anglophone self-defense forces in the territory. The gruesome incident was recorded in the village of Ndu, on the 12 February, 2021. Some of The soldiers are trained by the US.

An innocent Anglophone man being waterboarded, tortured and killed by French Cameroun soldiers in Ndu, Anglophone Cameroon.
Another Anglophone tortured and killed by the same French Cameroun soldiers.


He refused to be silent Mallam after his people were massacred in the most gruesome manner. Mallam Danjuma of Ngarbuh, provided the details of the French Cameroun military executions of children and women on 14 February, 2020. His details were vital in aiding organizations like Human Rights Watch to assemble the details to confirm that French Cameroun Soldiers committeed the massacre. This audacity caused his disappearance till date. The French Cameroun colonial authorities initially denied the massacre, but the indelible evidence backed by eye witnesses forced them to sheepishly accepted being the executioner in-chief. Sources say the pressure brought to bear on the lying regime of mummified Biya, causing him to acknowledge one of the few massacres angered the administration. Mallam Danjuma was thus to pay the price. Till date since he was arrested days after the Ngarbuh massacre by the French Cameroun colonial government, he has not been seen or heard. The organizations he helped provide details about the gruesome massacre like Human Rights Watch have failed to provide closure to the traumatized family. Sources in the Kumbo alleged he was killed and dumped in a bush far off from the presence of anyone. Mallam Danjuma joins the list of thousands killed and buried or dumped in bushes in the ongoing genocide in Anglophone Cameroon by the French Cameroun authorities. Since the crisis began in 2016, more than 24000 people have been killed. To ascertain the true estimate, a true and an impartial fact-finding mission to the territory. People like Danjuma, are scared for their lives to talk to anybody or organization without safety guarantee before and after any interview.

Mallam Danjuma of Ngarbuh, not seen since February 2020 after being arrested by French Cameroun soldiers for speaking to human rights organization

Some Victims of the Ngarbuh Massacre

Mass Burial of Ngarbuh massacre victims

For details on the Ngarbuh Massacre, Click here


The latest killing in the village of Tiben in Batibo Local government further shows not only how sanguinary this French Cameroun appointed governor is, but how much his genocidal killings since 2016 have been encouraged with no sanctions. He presided over the gruesome Ngarbuh massacre and still have the audacity to go condole with the grieving mothers. He has killed, burnt, buried in mass graves of countless women and children in Anglophone Cameroon (British Southern Cameroon/Ambazonia). For four years, the world has watched with lip services. The latest is in the locality of Tiben in Batibo on 11 February, 2021. Governor Lele Afrique’s commanded soldiers not only burnt villages, but deliberately set a baby on fire as they retreat (video below). The world watches in silence. More than 24000 have been killed since 2016. The crisis started as a mere demand for a return to the article of union between these two UN-mandated territories of English-speaking Cameroon and French-speaking Cameroon in 1961. The majority French-speaking population embarked on deliberate killing and burning of the entire territory. For details of some of the killings, click here.

Father pulls the charred body of his child burnt alive by French Cameroun soldiers in Batibo Anglophone Cameroon.


From Ngarbuh, Mbiame, Kumba, Bafut, Muyuka, and all over the territory of British Cameroon/ Ambazonia, the killings were cruel. Women as old as 70 were also gang-raped by the French Cameroun soldiers. Innocent civilians were beheaded and others incinerated in their homes. Pregnant women were killed with pride. In all, more than 3500 Anglophones (British Southern Cameroonians/Ambazonians) were killed by the French Cameroun bulubeti militias in 2020. Below is a month-by-month tally of the killings and destructions in 2020.


 “satellite imagery from 20 January confirms that more than 50 houses in Babubock and neighbouring villages were burned to the ground during a military operation around 14 January 2020“. The death toll was more than 50, with aerial bombings. In that month alone, about 217 innocent Anglophones (British Southern Cameroonians/Ambazonians) were killed. In the distant village of Mbiame in Bui County, homes were torched by the soldiers including a church. Three innocent civilians were executed and burnt by the military (see images and video below). In all, more than 200 British Cameroonians were executed by the French Cameroun military. More than 230 homes were also burnt including livelihoods. The village of Balinyonga was severely burnt including market shops. Pigs in pens were not spared. “It is a scorched-earth policy”, one resident concluded. “Why kill livestock, and nobody is saying anything?” (Click here for details of stories and images of the killings and destruction in January 2020).


In February, the 88-year-old Paul Biya, who wears the crown as Africa’s oldest and most brutal dictator upped his game, slaughtering more than 160 in February, 2020. Amongst the killed were at least 14 children and 7 pregnant women in Ngarbuh on Valentine’s day – 14 February, 2020. The anatomy of the Ngarbuh massacre failed to rained in the dictator whose thirst for blood multiplied. A week later he massacred at least 13 in Babanki Tungo, allowing a 4-month old baby to spend the night in the pool of his own mother executed by the French Cameroun Bulubeti colonial soldiers. (Click here to read the details and watch videos of the killings and destruction in February 2020).


With Covid deads rampaging the rest of the world in March 2020, French Cameroon soldiers were busing killing innocent anglophones. In total, about 220 non-covid deaths were registered. Notably were 4 innocent boys pulled out of a restaurant in Mamfe and shot. The execution in Ndu in the northern part of the territory, on the 12 March-2020, of Grand Mama Ngwafku Adama, in her late 70s or early 80s. She was on her way to the fields, when the happy trigger Bulubeti Militias unleashed their French-paid cartridges on her. (For details of the killings, destruction with images of March 2020 executions, click here).


The gruesome Killings continued in April interspersed with beheadings and the gang-rape of 70-year-old mother by French Cameroun soldiers in Bafut. in Bangem in the Southern Zone of the territory, the executions were remorseless. Six young men arrested in their homes were massacred in the most cruel means imaginable. Cameroon News Agency says, French Cameroun colonial soldiers had invaded the area under the pretext of meeting any restoration fighters but “failing to meet the armed separatist fighters, they waited till about 6 a.m. before beginning the process of arresting 6 young men, most of whom were removed from their homes and killed before their relatives. in Bafut, Awah Pius’ head was cut off and placed on a post for the world to see. He had even provided the soldiers water to drink. Little did he know his gift was energy for his own beheading. (For all the killings, rape, beheadings and destruction in April 2020, click here)

At least 189 Killed in May 2020

Desmond in his early twenties was picked up by the French Cameroun colonial military officer called Butcher Bakary in Tubah. He was an orphan whose younger siblings depend on him for survival. According to friends, they say he knew Ambazonian Freedom fighters. As relatives and friends went the next day 11 May, 2020, to check on him at the Mile 9, colonial jail, the blood-thirsty Bakary arrogantly referred them to where he had killed and dumped young Desmond’s body. On retrieving the body, his chest was riddled with Mr. Bakary’s bullets. Desmund was not a terrorist. He was learning to be a truck driverAs Bambui (Tubah) was reeling with such executions from the French Cameroun Bulubeti soldiers, A senator – Mbella Moki Charles was exhibiting the greatest hypocrisy to British Southern Cameroonians. With four innocent youths executed at Bonduma, a few miles away from his home, the faint-heart stooge Senator of Biya’s oligarchy was expressing sympathy for George Floyd, killed by a white Police officer in the Unite States, thousands of miles away. The four innocent British Cameroonians were just one in the series of extra-judicial killings in the Senators area, A few days back -19 May, 2020, two innocent boys were kidnapped by the French Cameroun military in the locality of Mautu. Their bodies were discovered two days later in an advanced state of decomposition. (For details of May 2020 killings and destruction with images. Click here)


The month of August will go down as one of the deadliest in the ongoing genocide in British Cameroon. Gruesome pictures erupt from the nooks and crannies of the territory masterminded by Colonial French Cameroun Soldiers, backed by France. Extra-judicial killings top the most brutal acts. From Kumbo, Ikiliwindi to Mautu and Muyuka in Fako County, the French Cameroun soldiers upped their executions. Some were not only blindfolded and shot into rivers, but were picked up, killed and dumped elsewhere. Others were simply killed softly in chains. “My husband excreted and urinated in his pants for four days…..We pleaded with them to unchain Pa, but they refused.” A family member of Mr. Tangem Thomas Nganyu, who died chained to his bed in Yaounde on the 5th of August, 2020. (For complete details with images of the killings and destruction from June, July to August, 2020, click her)


The rapist colonial soldiers did not only molest women in mud, but gang-raped a 23-year-old nursing mother in Bamenda in front of her aunt and her young children; one less than 2 years. Below are the stories of some of the more than 300 innocent British Southern Cameroonians killed in the month of September and October 2020. Family members describe him as a quiet and hard working young carpenter. He was as usual hustling to earn a living in Bamenda, but on 2 September, 2020, the French Cameroun colonial Bulubeti militias arrested the young Nshom Macubal. Family members speak of a desperate search for his location at all police precincts and colonial “Gerdame” stations in vain. On the 4th of September, 2020, their search was answered. The young carpenter, about 19 years old had been summarily-executed by the French Cameroun military and the corpse dumped for collection like trash. (Click here for Nshom’s Details). 17 Killed in Muyuka: On Saturday 12 September 2020, 17 young men were executed in Muyuka, some alleged to be separatist fighters. 11 of the unarmed civilians, were rounded up and shot at close range. These incidents happened at Candev and Malende, all situated in Muyuka Local Government. On the same day, a group of young men were rounded up while extracting sand at a sand pit in Malende and shot dead by the same French Cameroun Colonial Soldiers. CHRDA of Agbor Balla says he received and analysed images and videos recorded and circulated on social media, showing dead bodies of at least five young men all covered in sand and being removed and carried away by inhabitants in a heavy-duty truck for burial. School children were also gunned down by the French Cameroun soldiers in Kumbo. More than nine students were killed. (For Details and images of the killings, destruction in September – October 2020, click here)


The biggest human massacres happened in Bafut, of the Northern part of the territory. In total about 75 innocent civilians including breastfeeding mothers were killed by French Cameroun Bulubeti militias under mummified Paul Biya, backed by France. A reporter describe the carnage thus: “Shattered skulls, perforated eyes, mangled bodies, hollow necks and stomachs from the French Cameroun military bullets. Leaking milk from shattered breasts of breastfeeding mothers. The penetrations and chasms depict the closeness of the weaponry. Sounds like a natural disaster, but NO. It is man-made, masterminded by France and the UN.” details here. In Akwaya , seven innocent Kids were executed by French Cameroun soldiers as they came back for food after being deliberately abandoned by the UN Refugee Agency. An eye witness reports: On the morning of Thursday, November 26, 2020, seven innocent young boys were on their way to the village of Ehembado, carrying on their heads jute bags containing cocoa beans for some traders. Two innocent patients were also pulled out of the hospital in Bambui and shot in front of other patients and family members.(For details of the killings and destruction with images, for November- December, 2020, click here)

2021 has begun again with more extra-judicial killings. More than 156 have been killed. With about 50 killed within 10 days in Bamenda and Buea areas.

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