How French Cameroun Soldiers Execute a Baby, 8 others in Fungom, English Cameroon.

The greatest honor these innocent civilians received was a lying communique from the colonial French Cameroun authorities in Yaounde, praising their soldiers for turning their guns against innocent civilians. Fungom is an isolated village in the Northern part of English Cameroon(Ambazonia) where countless massacres have been carried out by the French Cameroun soldiers in the past six years. Unlike other disenclaved areas, these genocidal actions are least reported. This recent massacre last week (2 June, 2022), has forced the villagers to again flee their community.

A similar baby killed in Kumbo, British Southern Cameroons

According to eyewitness testimony, one of the French Cameroun colonial soldiers in the area had forcefully and secretly taken a lady to an unknown destination (definitely to rape her). When the other soldiers could not ascertain his whereabouts, their anger descended on the poor villagers as they poured their bullets on them. In total, a 12 month old baby, her parents and six others were executed. After raping the lady, the soldier re-appeared, but of course the massacre had already happened. Like Ngarbuh, Santa, Bangem etc, nobody will take any action. More than 32,000 innocent civilians have been killed since the start of the war in 2016. Below is a video of French Cameroun soldiers escorting Muslin/Fulani youths to go massacre innocent civilians in the same area – Wum (Fungom). Some of the massacres are planned and executed by the French Cameroun colonial authorities as reported in this link.

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