“We are here today to shut up our enemies and detractors that our resolve has been muted.” He reminded all Ambazonians on 4 June, 2022, at the fundraiser. This follows months of blackmail by French Cameroun authorities and paid Ambazonia Quislings, claiming that the interim Gov’t under the quiet, focused and no-nonsense Dr. Sako Ikome was no longer dissolved. “We are here to tell these social media fire lighters that the Interim Gov’t under my leadership controls Ambazonia, and we will not pass this burden to the next generation.” He calmly assures. Matching words with action, donors opened their wallets to him, such that in less than six hours, about $500,000 was raised on the first day of a two month fund drive to push ahead with their fight for independence from French Cameroun, backed by France.

Interim President of Ambazonia, Dr. Samuel Sako Ikome

Most of the donors cited as a motivating factor, an audio earlier released by a former member of Dr. Sako’s Government, Mr. Chris Anu, trying to discourage donors from giving to the interim government in its humanitarian drive aimed at assisting more than 120,000 refugees displaced in neighbouring countries. “Mr. Anu, can’t tell me what to do with my money ,” A donor quips. The huge amount many observers say is another sign that the 6-year-old genocidal war is far from ending as French Cameroun and its lobbyists are trying to sell to the world. Mr. Sako also reminded the global Community that, Ambazonians are ready for their freedom. French Cameroun he said has failed again to destabilize the people of Ambazonia, reason why the world must pressuure French Cameroun to hasten genuine talks.” The fund drive will run for about two months. About $5million is expected to be realized.

A Genocide Which was Predictable

The genocide which has killed more than 32000 people is drenched in history. The conflict is one of the rare deadly conflicts in the world in which the architects like Queen Elizabeth are still live. Southern Cameroons became a self-governing trust territory in 1954 under a democratically-elected government led by Dr. EML Endeley. With a genuine democratic and constitutional evolution, in 1957 Southern Cameroons was granted a House of Chiefs, thus like Britain, Southern Cameroon operated a bicameral legislative system. In 1959 through free and fair general elections, Premier Endeley-led Cameroon People’s National Convention (CPNC) government was defeated and he peacefully handed over to the winner, J.N. Foncha of the Kamerun National Democratic Party(KNDP). This was followed by the adoption of a new constitution – Constitution (Order) in Council 1960, which was meant to lead Southern Cameroons to independence. However, through international colonial conspiracy, instead of granting complete independence in conformity with Art. 76(b) of UN Charter and UN Resolution 1514 of 1960, the colonial powers misled the UN to impose “independence by joining” either Nigeria or La Republique du Cameroun. In addition to imposing this, the UN was led to adopt two obnoxious questions that denied Southern Cameroons their inalienable right to self-determination and sovereign independence. By this colonial manipulation, effective and genuine decolonization in Southern Cameroon was postponed. The mission of all Southern Cameroonians right now is RIGHT THE WRONGS OF YESTERDAY – restore Southern Cameroonians to the dignity, their natural rights as the legitimate owners and masters of the Southern Cameroon territory, masters of their destiny by peacefully leading Southern Cameroons to take her deserved seat within the comity of sovereign nations.

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