The recent massacre is in a village called Guzang in the northern part of the territory, where at least 15 innocent young men were executed in their sleep by the French Cameroun soldiers backed by France, supported by the West. Mourning parents could be heard at the mass grave site where their children were dumped(buried). One mourner could be heard saying all the victims were innocent, but for one who was a self-defense volunteer. The killings on 26 April, 2022, tally to about 62 innocent civilians from the minority English-speaking people of the former British Southern Cameroons(Ambazonia), murdered by the French Cameroun soldiers, backed by France and allies in the past 10 days alone.

Killing of Innocent Boys in Guzang, British Southern Cameroon(Ambazonia), by French Cameroun Soldiers

Two days prior to the Guzang Massacre, at least two other innocent civilians were executed and dumped in a river in the town of Bamenda, by the French Cameroun soldiers. According to Cameroon News Agency (CNA), one of the victims dumped in the river was an innocent boy called Mkong Roland, arrested later that day by the French Cameroun soldiers only for his remains to be found dumped in the river. This particular killing of Mkong and the other was followed by the execution of three laborers in the village of Balinyounga, by the same sanguinary soldiers. Details of more of the killings with images can be read daily on this site’s twitter handle –

More than 600 British Southern Cameroonians have been killed by French Cameroun soldiers since the start of the year. About 33,000 have been killed since 2016, when the crisis began. The world has maintained sealed lips on this conflict that has been described as the most neglected conflict in the world. More than 120,000 refugees are scattered in Nigeria and other West African countries. The French Cameroun soldiers have also raped women and burnt more than 470 villages. Below are some of the images of the killings in the last 10 days.

Video of the Balinyounga Massacre

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