“The Hausa/Moslem attacks were ensured by the army and gendarmes who escorted the attackers across the villages targeting homes and businesses. They have virtually wiped out all liquor bars and entertainment places in some villages. They were shouting Allah Huakubah (God is Great) as they attacked businesses and homes. They have a plot to take over the Aghem lands. They say it openly. The Aghem population is helpless. They cannot defend themselves because the army and administration will slaughter them. Hausa’s now own the biggest shops in Wum as they have forced many business people to flee over these few years. “

The source and victim above narrates the ordeal of the Aghem people in Northern Zone of British Southern Cameroon (Ambazonia), whom on the 16-17 October, 2021, witnessed another bloody attack by Muslim/Fulanis militias and sympathizers, armed and guarded by the French Cameroun colonial soldiers.

Cooked up Charges:

Contrary to reports that the burning, looting and killing was triggered by the killing of a French Cameroun Soldier, according to our source, the French Cameroun soldier (BIR) was mistakenly stabbed by one of the members of the Muslim vigilante groups, sponsored by the government. They mistook him for an Amazonia Restoration Force. The said soldier later died in the hospital. To buttress his facts that the French Cameroun soldier was killed by a member of their vigilantes, our source says the BIR was stabbed at a Hausa/Muslim neighbourhood where the Vigilantes operate. Using the stabbing as a ruse to achieve their mission of erasing the Christians indigenes of Aghem from Wum, the Muslim/Hausa vigilantes left their neighbourhood and head straight to the Christian Villages, burning and looting while shouting in Arabic, “Allah HuakubaH.” With Allah as their greater power then, they proceeded to burn more than 21 homes, guided by the French Cameroun soldiers. The homes were emptied of their precious content by the Muslims arsonists and French Cameroun soldiers, before being set ablaze.

Muslim Administrators and Security Bosses Switch off Phones during Attacks

Powerless as he is and at the time of the burning, the French Cameoun appointed Mayor of the area, reached out in vain to the Colonial Senior Administrator (SDO) of the area, Abdoullahi Aliiou, the French Cameroun Colonel commanding the soldiers in the area and the BIR Commander in the area in vain. Their phones were simultaneously switched off.

These three personalities who would have reigned in the marauding Muslim Militias and BIR Bulubeti Militias, by design are all Muslims. “It was not by error that they could not be reached. I See that they have a religious solidarity and brotherhood that binds them into one. Their mission is to eliminate all the indigenous Christians.” Our source narrates. “They don’t hide it the source continues. They have seized all our farmlands and we have nowhere to go.” He cries. The killings and destruction are captured in the Voice Newspaper, an authoritative English-Cameroon Newspaper. “Helpless Aghem Population Weep as Hausa Militia Freely Burn Businesses and Loot Homes.”

The Executions

In addition to Pa Mvo who was burnt alive in his store, two innocent civilians Zack Toh and Kuri, were abducted in the village of Bu, in the area around 3:am by the French Cameroun soldiers. They were later killed and dumped at Kogho, a few kilometers from the town of Wum. These killings were indiscriminate; Zack Toh, was a strong French Cameroun ruling CPDM party sympathizer. Cameroon News Agency (CNA) says at least seven were killed. Scores were also stabbed by the Fulanis aided by the French Cameroun soldiers.

Zack Toh and Kuri, were abducted in the village of Bu, in the area around 3:am by the French Cameroun soldiers. They were later killed and dumped at Kogho, a few kilometers from the Town of Wum.

Silent Protest:

After allowing the Fulanis/Muslims and the French Cameroun soldiers to wreck their havoc, the Colonial Administrative Officer later pretentiously summoned a meeting with the mourning indigenes. To his surprise, the meeting lasted in less than fifteen minutes. A question of the way forward, got no reply from the anguished Aghem indigenes. The killings and destruction are sponsored and defended by France. More than 31000 people have been killed since 2016. Also, more than 450 villages have also been erased by the French Cameroun colonial soldiers backed by France.

The Cleansing as Filmed and Distributed by the French Cameroun Soldiers themselves; Scenarios that mimic France’s role in the 1994 Genocide in Rwanda

Same Killings in 2019.

The Menchum(Wum) Destruction in Pictures

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