The seven-year-old Brenda Tataw was murdered by French Cameroun Colonial Military in Bamenda, as they opened fire on a civilian car that refused to pay their daily compulsory bribe of $1 (500frs CFa), on 12 November, 2021. The child was returning from school when the Colonial military bullet pierced through her skull. The killing prompted an instantaneous demonstration from the aggrieved population of the city. “We are tired of these French Cameroun killers. One day this will end. Bad people, go back to French Cameroun” were just some of the angry words from onlookers. The demonstrations were clear with their own chant, “How many people Paul Biya go kill. You go kill we tire…” as they marcher along the streets of the town with the corpse of the child. The almost 90-year-old dictator – Paul Biya (not seen live) for almost two years now, declared the war in 2017.

Video Compilation of the Killings and Demonstrations

Colonial Military Open Fire

The peaceful march was met with brute force by the French Cameroun colonial soldiers stationed in every street corner of the town. Their mission was clear – Kill more. This they did, by opening fire from their fortified armor cars. In the process, about 8 civilians were shot by the French Cameroun military. More than 3 were also killed in the process. The poor Brenda was buried the next day in the Village of Kom.

Burial of Tataw Brenda in Kom, British Southern Cameroon, 13 November, 2021

Extra-Judicial Killings After the Protest

as usual, the population that came out to voice their frustrations with the murder of the 7-year-old Tataw Brenda, were not safe. The French Cameroun military later on executed more innocent civilians. In addition to one corpse killed around the street of Longla, the next day saw abandoned corpses at certain streets of the City. Eye witnesses identified an abandoned corpse around Mile 3 Nkwen, killed by the French Cameroun military. Another person was killed and dumped at the Nanga Junction area as well. More corpses were also identified at the Bamenda food market, killed by the same colonial military on the 15 November, 2021. Since the start of the conflict in 2016, more than 32000 people have been killed, with more than 460 villages burnt by the French Cameroun colonial soldiers. Below are the image of the abandoned corpses at the Bamenda Food Market.

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