.The first invasion of the St Elizabeth Catholic General Hospital and Cardiac Center, Shisong, on the 19th of July, 2021 was in the thick of the night at 2: 15 AM. This time around on the 14th of November, 2021, the lawless murderers came in the early afternoon around 1:15 pm, when the predominantly Christian community and patients had just relieved themselves from devotion. This time around, they came in three armored cars, ready combat gear and sophisticated weapons. Uncountable. These threatening behavior was traumatizing to not only the patients, but hospital staff, as they imposed their unkempt behavior on them. At gun point, before torturing some members of staff, they led the Directress and Cardiologist of the hospital, Dr. Sr. Anshoma Helen M, to private wards and other surgery sections of the hospital. “The maternity and the theater were all bumped into with patients and little children and babies and pregnant women in them….” The Directress writes in a three page communique (below) to the world.

Staff to be Executed and Hospital Razed

They promised to shoot the staff on their legs as well. Their next rendez vous they affirm will be to burn down the hospital. This action has been done several times by the French Cameroun sanguinary soldiers. Innocent patients have also been killed in hospitals in Wum, Bambui, Muyuka amongst other localities. In February, 2019, the Kumba General Hospital, Southern Zone of British Cameroon, was burnt down with four patients. Before razing the hospital, the French Cameroun soldiers ensured property belonging to any French Cameroun speaking staffer was moved to safety as seen in the video below.

French Cameroun Colonial Soldiers seen moving to safety Property of a French Cameroun Staffer before Burning the Kumba, General Hospital in February 2019.

The Catholic Mission General Hospital, also known as St. Elizabeth Hospital Shisong or simply Shisong is the first and oldest of the health institutions of the Tertiary Sisters of St. Francis in Cameroon. Founded in 1935, it has grown to the present day structure with the General Hospital and the Cardiac Centre as two entities. The two belong together but function autonomously. Shisong is located in the County of Bui, British Cameroon (Ambazonia).

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