The premordial role of any government is to protect its citizens from harm, more urgent when the attack is external. Such lofty tasks involve treating as urgent any information or warning of an eventual attack to the homeland. Come to think of an American president failing to act on security intelligence and Americans end up losing their lives. The genocide happening with the Minority English-speaking people of the former British Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia) has been going on for the past four years and Nigeria has acted like a colony of French Cameroun. The barbarism of these Soldiers on Nigerians is well documented at the Bakassi Local Government Area before 2016 civil war in the Cameroons. Unable to defeat the Ambazonian Restoration Forces (ARF) with carnage, beheadings, extra-judicial killings etc, the French Cameroun colonial forces have resorted to unorthodox means not only to end the genocide but to solicit Nigeria’s involvement. Support at the level of Abuja has failed to dent the love and hospitality the British Southern Cameroonians are enjoying from the border communities in Nigeria, most of whom are the same people before the Whiteman torn them apart. All attempts by the French Camerounian authorities in breaking this harmony have failed.

Emmanuel Bwacha, unable to call out French Cameroun Attacks on his Constituents

Their last cards were thus to invade Nigerian territory. This they did in Taraba State in October 2021, harassing the inhabitants of the area as narrated by, Amamzalla John Danladi Joseph, the Chairman of Kurmi Local Government Area of Taraba State. “The residents of Mairogo and Tosso villages were repeatedly intimidated by the Cameroonian soldiers who claimed they were searching for Ambazonian agitators who fled Cameroon at the heat of their clash recently and took refuge in some communities in the area.” These invasion of Nigeria’s territory by the brutal French Cameroun soldiers were reported in some Nigerian newspapers and broadcast media. A leading English-speaking Cameroonian newspaper – The Voice, equally alerted the Nigerian authorities about the invasion of their territory, where they harassed Nigerians. These earlier invasions were not condemned by Taraba authorities nor the Federal Government of Nigeria. Senator Emmanuel Bwacha, who represents Taraba South at the National Assembly, of Nigeria, was mute, prompting observers to pontificate that the corrupt French Cameroun government cannot be counted out. Below is a Nigerian Broadcaster crying over the absence of Nigerian authorities to protect its own citizens from the barbaric French Cameroun soldiers.


In a press briefing to the Nigerian Media on 3 September, 2021, the Interim President of the British Southern Cameroon (Ambazonia), Dr. Sako Samuel Ikome, was emphatic about intelligence from their sources within the French Cameroun authorities in Yaounde, relating to the attack at Manga community in Takum Local Government Area (LGA) of Taraba on Tuesday 16 November, 2021. In the 3 September, 2021 interview published in some Nigerian papers like Guardian, The Punch etc, Dr. Ikome Sako, shared the intelligence that French Cameroun Colonial Soldiers were planning to disguise as ARF and attack the border communities harboring their refugees. This he says is meant to achieve two main purposes: First to get Nigeria to be involved in the genocide by attacking the freedom fighters of Ambazonia, and secondly to poison the amicable relationship the Nigerian host communities have been providing to the Ambazonian refugees whose villages have been razed by the French Cameroun soldiers. This in turn will force the refugees to return to Cameroun, thus achieving French Cameroun’s aim of calm and normalcy. This warning was never taken seriously by the Nigerian authorities, neither did they react when the same French Cameroun soldiers first crossed into Nigeria before later disguising as Ambazonia forces to attack and killed Nigerians. With Nigeria’s silence, the French Cameroun Soldiers executed the plan that Dr. Sako Ikome had previously leaked to the world on 3rd September, 2021.

Nigeria’s Vanguard Newspaper Gaffed

According to reports from Nigerian press, about twelve citizens of Taraba State were killed including a traditional leader. Nigerian Newspapers such as Vanguard, went extra miles to report baseless information that Ambazonia forces first attacked villages in Cameroon before crossing to Nigeria to attack the Nigerian villages.

Prior to last Tuesday’s attack on Manga village, the locals who spoke to Vanguard claimed there has been numerous attacks on some villages in Cameroon whom they share similar heritage. This resulted to the influx of their kinsmen into Manga and other Nigerian Communities in that axis, whom they share the same Shibong language and cultural heritage in order to escape the onslaught of the separatists. They claimed that Manga was targeted specifically by the separatists for being a generous host of their kits and kin who fell on the Cameroon side after the 1961 plebiscite.

This is furthest from the truth as Ambazonia Forces are locals, and will not attack their own villages before crossing over to Nigeria to attack the same people who are providing refuge to their relatives whose homes have been razed by French Cameroun soldiers. More so, these border communities share the same ancestry, language and customs. The idea of burning communities is a trademark of French Cameroun Colonial soldiers. More than 470 Villages have been erased in British Cameroon. This collective punishment they say is meant to turn the villagers against the Ambazonia forces. A move that has not worked as no parent will direct a foreign colonial soldier who speaks French to kill their own children.

The locals love the Ambazonia forces and regard the French Cameroun forces as rapist colonizers. The Vanguard also quoted locals in Taraba as saying: “Before now, we have not had any problem with either Cameroon Gendarmes or the Separatists….” This too is inaccurate, based on the reports above of French Cameroun soldiers harassing Nigerians. The paper at no time contemplates on getting a word from any of Ambazonia’s leaders. The killing of the traditional leader of the Village of Manga, in Taraba, is the handiwork of French Cameroun Colonial soldiers disguised as ARF. A day prior to the attack in Taraba State, homes and the palace of a local chief in the village of Balinyounga was burnt and destroyed by the same French Cameroun soldiers who attacked Taraba. Below are images of the chief’s palace in Balinyounga burnt down by the French Cameroun soldiers .(click here for details) (Here also is the BBC report on French Cameroun burning of villages in Ambazonia).

Dr. Sako Ikome Reacts to Latest Taraba Attack

Dr. Sako, reacting to the accusation by Nigerian newspapers that the recent attacks were carried out by his Freedom fighters, the president was clear, “What gain is there for us to attack those who have been of immense help to our people?” Ambazonia Freedom fighters he says have no reason today, tomorrow or at any time to attack communities that are housing their own families. The action he says was carried out by French Cameroun soldiers disguised as Ambazonia forces. He called on Nigeria to do a thorough investigation, going back to when he sounded the alarm. Below is Dr. Sako Samuel Ikome, reacting to the recent attack and the accusation by the Nigerian press and Senator Emmanuel Bwacha. Listen to Dr. Sako.

The conflict which began in 2016, has claimed more than 32000 lives. More than 475 Villages have also been burnt by the French Cameroun soldiers. Nigeria currently hosts more than 120,000 of the Ambazonian refugees and French Cameroun has tried in vain to lure them back to be killed in vain. The plan now is to force their repatriation by antagonizing the locals who have been good to these poor refugees. For details of the killings click here.

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