Reconstruction scam: more Homes Looted and Torched by French Cameroun Bulubeti Soldiers in Mankon

French Cameroun Bulubeti Militias/soldiers continue their looting and torching of villages in British Cameroons, while at the same time pretending to be busy with modalities for reconstructing earlier burnt villages. Their latest casualty was the neighborhood of Mile 8 in Mankon, Mezam County of the occupied territory, on 22 June, 2020. After scaring the residents with gun shots, the military/militias with empty trucks ransacked the little strip mall, that serves as the areas business hub, emptying the shops’ content onto the empty military trucks. Satisfied with their loot and to exact more pain on the residents, the empty stores were then set ablaze. Windows of shops they could not break into were smashed and embers thrown into the building to destroy what they could not steal.

Residents talk of none-stop military firing prior to the looting. “There was no confrontation with anybody, as the gun sounds were uniform” A resident narrates. A local cooking gas distributor lost more than 160 gas bottles/cylinders to the French Cameroun military looters. Frustrated by their inability to force-open a local Credit Union – Ntambang Credit Union, the angry French Cameroun military looters then smashed the institution’s window to ease their burning. Molotov cocktails were then thrown in. Residents display left over bullets from the indiscriminate firing. Charred vehicles could be seen from the destruction. Losses are estimated in their millions.

Since the conflict started more than four years, now an estimated 450 villages have been burnt by the French Cameroun Bulubeti soldiers. of mummified Paul Biya. So far, no organization or individuals have called for the soldiers to end such scorched earth policies on the people of British Southern Cameroons – Africa’s First Democracy South of the Sahara. For details of burnt villages in the conflict, click here

Video of French Cameroun Looting and Burning in Mankon 22 June, 2020.

UN official Caught on tape Raping Minor in a UN vehicle

The video caught in a busy street in Israel shows the UN predator in the back roll of the SUV, with a red-dressed young woman . Another official pretends to be dozing off in the passenger seat.The car then drives off into the busy city street. From every indication, three UN officials are responsible for the sexual assault.

Sexual assault is not new to the UN. Investigative reporter Julie Bindel, last year in a report entitled, “‘The UN’s sexual abuse shame” writes: “I have heard men justify buying sex from desperate, teen aged women in [African countries] by claiming that they are helping her feed her kids.”. the Secretary General of the UN Antonio Guterres is aware of the sexual exploitation of vulnerable people around the world by UN officials. In January 2017, he established a high-level task force within the UN to identify and eradicate sexual exploitation and abuse. “This was in response to the scandal in the Central African Republic in 2017 when several children were sexually abused by a French peacekeeping force that was under UN control”. According to Juli Bindel, the victims are usually women. She says the extent of sexual abuse during UN missions is shocking and disturbing. “The very men who are tasked with making life better for these already traumatized women are making their lives infinitely worse”. Read her article here A Whistler in 2018 claimed that the UNO carried out about 6000 rape cases in the past decade.

Video of UN Sexual abuse

Nigeria Braces for Extra refugees as more british cameroonians flee colonial french cameroun military assault

They look exhausted, some with bandages on their heads from French Cameroun Bulubeti Militia/soldier attacks. Women with luggage and babies on their backs. Their ages range from two to the late 70s and 80s. Reports indicate that they have been trekking and sleeping in bushes for three days following the invasion of their peaceful villages by the abhorrent French Cameroun arrogant Biya Militias. The dreaded militias/soldiers invaded the village of Buabua in Bum local area recently, according to citizens report. Knowing the killing abilities of these French Cameroun’s militias, the indigenes of the Village of Buabua in Menchum county of the territory left the village in their numbers. They could barely carry the minimum of their belongings. Estimates are in their thousands. Kids as young as five could be seen carrying their siblings on their backs. All their other possessions including livestock are left behind to the hungry French Cameroun militias, who even in their presence will not hesitate to kill their livestock for food.

nigeria; their safest risky destination

The community has been living in relative tranquility until the arrival of the French Cameroun Bulubeti Militias known for their barbarism. Due to the intensification of the war declared by the mummified” Paul Biya of French Cameroun, on the british Southern Cameroon, the destination of these villagers is likely neignhbouring Nigeria, where they are sure of relative peace. The abandonment of the village of Buabua by its villagers according to people versed with the genocide in the territory is to preempt another massacre like in the Village of Ngarbuh a few miles away. The same French Cameroun colonial soldiers invaded the village of Ngarbuh on 14 February, 2020, killing every living thing and setting homes ablaze with their occupants. A total of 37 peole were killed including at least 14 babies and pregnant women. Read details here

The conflict in the territory of British Southern Cameroons began in 2016 as a mere demand for structural adjustments in the educational and judiciary set up in the country. The French Cameroun ruling authorities in the territory responded with with brute force killing and maiming peaceful protesters. The situation later morphed into an armed conflict. Estimates show that more than 20,000 civilians have been killed by the French Cameroun Bulubeti militias, who are seen by the citizens of this once autonomous territory as occupational forces. The Norwegian refugee council for the second time describes the conflict as the most neglected in the world. More than 400 villages have also been torched by the French Cameroun Bulubti Militias who are backed by France. Below is the video of the displacement. To read the origin of the conflict, click here . For the killings and destruction, click here.

Buabua Villagers Forced out f their homes by French Cameroun Militias/Soldiers

british s. Cameroons’ genocide: Mummified Paul Biya of French Cameroun Kills +189 in May 2020

With the world drenched in Covid-19 fever and later racial tensions in the US, the genocidal regime of mummified Paul Biya of French Cameroun continues its murders in British Southern Cameroons. From Ngarbuh area where homes and civilians were again executed, Bamenda where Extra-judicial killings are a daily recipes, the genocidal acts by French Cameroun were barbarous. Rape was not out of the Equation as French-speaking soldiers tied and raped Lizzy (Lizette) , a 21 -year-old in her hostel in Buea, the Capital of British Southern Cameroons. Unlike the mother in her 60s in Bafut whose life was spared after the French Cameroun soldier’s gang-raped her, Lizzy’s lifeless body was retrieved with hands tied behind her back in her birthday suit. She was severely abused. Sadly, the world continues to consolidate their love for British Cameroon’s economic endowments, while turning a blind eye to the Atrocity Crimes of the colonial French Cameroun occupying forces, aided by France.

Desmond in his early twenties was picked up by the French Cameroun colonial military officer called Butcher Bakary in Tubah. He was an orphan whose younger siblings depend on him for survival. According to friends, they say he knew Ambazonian Freedom fighters. As relatives and friends went the next day 11 May, 2020, to check on him at the Mile 9, colonial jail, the blood-thirsty Bakary arrogantly referred them to where he had killed and dumped young Desmond’s body. On retrieving the body, his chest was riddled with Mr. Bakary’s bullets. Desmund was not a terrorist. He was learning to be a truck driver. Mr. Bakary it should be known has been responsible for a series of murders in the area, including the killing of the mother of a 4-month-old in Babanki Tungo in Mezam County. The four-month old was abandoned the on the seeping blood of the mother’s lifeless body.

As Bambui (Tubah) was reeling with such executions from the French Cameroun Bulubeti soldiers, A senator – Mbella Moki Charles was exhibiting the greatest hypocrisy to British Southern Cameroonians. With four innocent youths executed at Bonduma, a few miles away from his home, the faint-heart stooge Senator of Biya’s oligarchy was expressing sympathy for George Floyd, killed by a white Police officer in the Unite States, thousands of miles away. The four innocent British Cameroonians were just one in the series of extra-judicial killings in the Senators area, A few days back -19 May, 2020, two innocent boys were kidnapped by the French Cameroun military in the locality of Mautu. Their bodies were discovered two days later in an advanced state of decomposition. They had been shot and dumped. Same shooting was evidenced on the corpse of an elderly farmer in the locality (video below). In Bafut, the killing and destruction continue. Homes were scorched by the French Cameroun militias.(images below).

Dialogue is imperative

From the voices in the jungles and funeral ceremonies of murdered British Southern Cameroonians, one thing is clear: their disdain for colonial French Cameroun is rock-solid. For many, French Cameroun and France will have to kill and burn all the villages and villagers of British Cameroons to get a White Flag from the determined people. This doom for French Cameroun has been echoed by the U.S Ambassador for Africa, Mr. Tibor Nagy. Mr. Nagy has stated that there is no military option to the conflict that is rooted in colonial history. A mediated Dialogue remains the viable way out. Despite these facts, halting the genocide has remained elusive. Below are the images, videos and stories of the more than 185 British Cameroonians killed by the colonial French Cameroun Bulubeti Soldiers of Mummified Biya, in the month of may 2020.

Videos of May, 2020 killings in British Southern Cameroons by French Cameroun soldiers

some images and stories of the civilians killed

killed in Fako 6 May, 2020

Destruction in Bafut, mezam county

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Hong Kong Unrest: just one in a String of the queen’s Colonial Fiascos

The unrest in Hong Kong depicts a broader frustration of not only these islanders, but hordes of former British colonial possessions. It historically highlights Britain’s insensitivity to the pain citizens of some of its former possessions are witnessing. Apart from Hong Kong, a string of former British territories are undergoing agitations and strive against their new colonial masters imposed on them by the bequeathing British authorities. Eritrea had to regain its independence from Ethiopia thru a brutal war of independence that saw about 570,000 lives lost for it to achieve what the British willfully denied her, when they handed the territory over to Ethiopia.The British colony of the Southern Cameroons has been in a genocidal civil war since November 2016, with its British-imposed administering masters – France and French Cameroun or La Republique du Cameroun. Here more than 20,000 people have been killed. The Volta Region in Ghana is threatening to regain their own freedom from their British-imposed masters – Ghana. The history and origin of Boko Haram, points to the neglect of the portions of British Northern Cameroons, that was forced to join Nigeria in 1961. Former Boko Haram towns like Baga, Bama, Marte, Magdali, Chibok and Gwoza, are all areas in the former British Northern Cameroons.

how did we get here?

Post-WWI marked the second balkanization of Africa. Just like Berlin, almost 30 years earlier, the victorious powers with one defeated power – France, found themselves on the decision-making table in 1919. In addition to reparations from Germany, Britain and France shared the losers’ colonial possessions. In some of the possessions like German Kamerun and Togoland, the territories were split again between the UK and France, with no input from the Africans, just like in Berlin in 1884/85. In German Kamerun, the British took just a smaller portion (20%) and attached to its earlier possession – Nigeria. The same smaller section of Togoland (Volta Region) was attached to Gold Coast (Ghana). In the case of Eritrea, (after Italy was defeated in WWII), the British looted the territory and later enmeshed her with Ethiopia, with no input from the Africans.

Queen Elizabeth II, Presided over the Decolonization of British Colonies and thus the current mess, which she can correct.

During the struggle for independence in the 1960s, while the French were willing to make their own possessions independent countries, as mandated by the UN Trusteeship Council , the British unilaterally with the complicity of some UN member states denied their own possessions the right to self rule or full independence, thus laying the foundation for most of the conflicts we find in Africa today. These territories were forced as (minorities) into a so-called independence by becoming part of other countries; a gross violation of the UN Trusteeship Mandate, which was to prepare the UN Trust Territories for self-autonomy or independence. Worst of it was the absence of firm guarantees of these countries’ unique linguistic, cultural and colonial legacies inherited from the British as they joined (in the case of Southern Cameroons and Eritrea) completely different countries with different cultures and systems. In 1961 for example, the British colony of Cameroons (Northern and Southern Cameroons) were asked whether they wanted to gain independence by joining either Nigeria or La Republique du Cameroun (French Cameroun); both countries that had got their independence in 1960. Like Hong Kong, the British refused to seek the opinions of the citizens of these territories whether they wanted to gain independence as separate countries; a choice the French gave to their own portions.The French at no time ever asked their own portions whether they wanted to gain independence by joining the British portions.This notion of full independence by joining other independent countries, defeated the very purpose of independence, as no one gains independence by becoming part of another country. Talk less of dumping them into bigger and more powerful countries with no firm guarantee of their minority rights.

Atiku abubakar is not a nigerian

The results of these conditional independence for these former British territories have been catastrophic. The section of the Cameroons that was forced to join Nigeria in 1961 – today parts of Borno, Taraba and Adamawa states in Nigeria, have been marginalized leading to the birth of Boko Haram. (Read exhaustive details here). Till date, they remain neglected and treated as non-full citizens of Nigeria. The region has the second highest poverty rate in Nigeria. In April (2019), the ruling  All Progressive Congress (APC), of President Buhari, stated categorically that the opposition Presidential contender Mr. Atiku Abubakar, of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) was not a Nigerian, and thus can’t be president of the country It was a direct reference to British Northern Cameroons that only became part of Nigeria, more than a year(1961) after Nigeria’s independence (in 1960). Mr. Atiku, no doubt was born in British Northern Cameroons village of Jade in 1946. The region will not be part of Nigeria until 1961, when the British in complicity with the UNO, violated terms of the Trusteeship Council. A violation still endorsed by the UN today, despite the bloodshed it is causing these former colonies that were denied full independence.

Queen Elizabeth II is presented to people from the Southern Cameroons at a garden party held in the grounds of Government House in Lagos, Nigeria during a royal tour of Nigeria in February 1956.

From Marginalization to genocide

The same marginalization became the modus operandi in the British Southern Cameroons – the section that joined French Cameroun. The British like with Hong Kong, principally handed over the territory to the Bigger French Cameroun and France, hoping for an equal treatment. It did not happen. La Republique du Cameroon (French Cameroun), abolished the Federation of the two countries, militarized the territory and introduced a robust assimilation process. French teachers and administrators were sent to the territory. The British judicial system of the territory was systematically abolished with French judges to administer the French Civil Judicial System to a territory that practices the British Common Law System.Their crucial infrastructure like seaports and airports were abandoned. The once self-governing people of British Southern Cameroons practically became a colony of France and French Cameroun with its people treated as second class citizens. Their well-established democratic culture was abolished. It is worth remembering that in 1959 British Southern Cameroons, then a self-autonomous territory, organized democratic elections for a third time and affected the first peaceful and democratic transfer of power in 20th Century Africa . Any agitations against their treatment were violently crushed by the majority French-speaking country.

Like ISIS, French Cameroun soldiers beheading innocent British Cameroonians.

Complains Ignored: These complaints and agitations over the years to the British authorities to correct the error and the UN to respect its Trusteeship Articles of granting full independence to the former UN Trust Territories have been met with silent rebuke, thanks to a robust French lobbying influence. Like Atiku Abubakar, the English people of British Southern Cameroons who joined French Cameroun were made clear by the French majority that none of them will ever rule Cameroun. They have been called several names like the Biafrans (meaning they are Nigerians), dogs, and cubes of sugar ready to dissolve into the bigger French pond, enemies in the house etc. The result is a genocidal civil war, that has been raging on since 2016. More than 20,000 people killed and more than 10,000 homes burnt (click here for detailes and images) by the French Cameroun military supported by France to complete the assimilation of the English-speaking people.

BBC Report on the Burning of Villages by French Cameroun Soldiers

UK Missing in Action

While the French and Francophonie have robustly supported the French Cameroun to complete the colonization/assimilation of the British Cameroons, Britain and the Commonwealth have stayed on the sidelines, acting like colonies of France, even with demonstrable Atrocity Crimes. The U.S Government recently scaled back its military aid to French Cameroun citing questionable human rights abuses. The British reaction has been to pump in more money ($1.5m) to the French Cameroun government to defend their oil interest in the seas of British Cameroons, while their citizens are being killed and forced into exile by the French Cameroun military . About 75,000 are registered as refugees in Nigeria. Others are spread across English-speaking West African countries like Ghana. More than a million are also internally-displaced. Numerous organizations like the Norwegian Refugee Council describe the conflict as the most neglected in the world. Close to 10000 homes have been burnt and close to 20,000 civilians killed by the well-equipped and funded French Cameroun army (click here for more details)

Mass Burial of Mothers and Babies Killed in Ngarbuh, British Cameroon by French Cameroun Soldiers (Details here)

Hong Kong: Lessons not Learnt by the British

The agitations in these regions forcefully joined to strange countries started long before the 1997 British handover of Hong Kong to China. British authorities despised these concerns, despite warnings from the U.S State Department of an impending war in Cameroun due to the maltreatment of the English-speaking people by /France and /French Cameroun. Had the British Government paid any attention to these legitimate grievances in these other former dominoes, there is no doubt that it would have had an impact on Hong Kong, probably forestalling the unrest by helping the UK put in place robust guarantees that protect Hong Kong’s unique British colonial heritage of freedom and democracy, prior to the 1997 agreement with China. Like in Africa, the British shied away from directly asking the Hong Kong people about their future. The notion of one country, two systems was wishful thinking and gross naivety on the British. It did not happen in Eritrea, Nigeria, British Southern Cameroons, Volta Region, and will never happen in Hong Kong.

1997 Hong Kong Handover

In all these cases, the majority has attempted to assimilate or erase the colonial identities of the smaller countries that joined them. The bogus claim of territorial integrity or domestic affair has been used to commit Atrocity Crimes on these minorities, even by countries that depend on foreign aid like La Republique du Cameroun (French Camerooun). Hong Kong is on the last leg of its complete annihilation of its English values. China will gradually wean the territory of any trace of western values. The writing is on the wall. Shanghai is increasingly being projected by the Chinese as the new financial capital of the area, instead of Hong Kong, acknowledged globally for that. The same scenario has been playing out in British Southern Cameroons for decades leading to the current civil war which is still being ignored by the British.

Ongoing Genocide in British Cameroon. Villagers rounded up and executed by French Cameroun Soldiers.

Britain’s Hypocritical Insensitivity

Former British Minister for Africa, Harriet Baldwin, Defending the genocide on British Cameroonians because of UK’s economic interest.

 It is no coincidence that the unrest all involve British former colonies or spheres of influence like Kashmir, which became fodder for Pakistan and India. Britain had the power to constitute a holistic independent Kashmir before colonially-leaving the Indian-sub continent. Like British Cameroons, Eritrea, and recently the Volta Region in Ghana, the British have remained insensitive to the pain these former colonies are facing with their new colonial masters. They have also been busy pulling out of Europe (BREXIT), while shunning similar referendum for these aggrieved colonies. Nationalism is a stubborn feeling that once a people with legitimate and founded reasons rise to assert it, no amount of fire power or diplomatic hypocrisy can eliminate. At the heart of this is the colonial inheritance. African nationalism is centered on colonial lines, not religion or ethnic makeup. Central to this nationalism is language, which is a potent weapon of power and influence. The French know this and are bent on protecting and expanding their global influence through language. This explains their forced imposition of the French language in all facets in British Southern Cameroon. This is tantamount to nothing but re-colonization. The territory is administered by French Cameroun appointed administrators answerable to the French Cameroun authorities.(watch French Cameroun’s president admitting their assimilation plan of British Camroons). It is time the British stepped up and re-examine their colonial disasters and correct now to forestall the unrest and genocidal killings especially in British Southern Cameroons.

Boris Johnson, must assert UK’s role in British Cameroon, and not capitulate to France’s assimilation of this rich British Territory that is proud to still sing “Long Live the Queen”

What about the treaties?

Some have argued about treaties signed in the case of Hong Kong, with China. No African country was colonized without treaties with the local chiefs or Kings. The Germans had those treaties. None was ever respected by the British and French, who seized the territories. Also, a treaty (in the case of Hong Kong) signed with a few fishermen a century earlier cannot really be binding to 6.5 million people more than a century later. The British had no interest in consulting with the citizens of these colonies, even though they were to live with the British decision about their future. Hong Kong residents, British Cameroonians, Eritreans or the Volta regions were NEVER asked about their right to full independence. This as has proven, was a fetal error that the British government still doesn’t bother to correct. These errors have largely been done under the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. With her still alive, it’s time for Buckingham Palace to end the genocide in British Southern Cameroon. Her Majesty’s government must correct the error by asking the UN and Its Trusteeship Council to conduct another referendum for the people to include the right to full independence as was mandated by the Trusteeship Council. Anything short of this is a continuation of the genocide that her majesty’s office and the Commonwealth have ignored, despite the abuses that smack of the values of the Commonwealth of Nations, which she leads.

NB: This article was initially written for the British Press in 2019, but never published.

The scam Ngarbuh Investigation: How Chemuta divine’s Human Rights commission was used to Deceive the World about the Ngarbuh massacre.

The French Cameroun militias were ruthless. It was a scene that mimics the 1984 movie, “Killing Fields”, (movie about the atrocities of the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia). Yes Ngarbuh was a tip of the iceberg of the carnage and savagery of an unperturbed French Cameroun State militia and its local affiliates. Ngarbuh unfortunately created a global jolt to the lethargic global community. For a moment, they came face-to–face with the tragedy of British Cameroon – Black Africa’s first democracy, currently under French Cameroun occupation since 1961, and genocide since 2016.

No age group was spared by the 87-year-old dictator – Paul Biya; pregnant women, children, some 87 years younger than him were executed. Others were burnt at home. A total of 37 innocent peole including 13 children were massacred. (Please read a true and detailed report of the massacre here). When the world accused the French-supported colonial French Cameroun government of the Atrocity Crimes, the initial answer was to deny, deny and deny it as usual. The world like the last wish of a dying man, called for an independent investigation. Willy-nilly, the same killers were allowed to investigate themselves.

Newly-Released Ngarbuh Video showing the mass Burial

Deceiving the World

To give a semblance of credibility to the world, the lying oligarchy in Yaounde enlisted individuals/organizations with global appeal titles like the National Commission for Human Rights and Freedoms, the Catholic Church etc, all controlled by the regime. The military that killed the innocent women and children piloted the whole scam investigation. At the end, the outcome barely accused the military, but shift the blame to the “boogie man” – Ambazonian soldiers in the name of terrorists. It is a well-documented fact that, no restoration forces were present in the area. While some members of the global community appreciated the result of the scam investigation, the facts remain that the Ngarbuh 2020, Valentine’s Day massacre was a War Crime that must be prosecuted at the known courts, set up to prosecute such crimes. The Catholic Church that had earlier concluded who carried out the massacre, when the government was sending its men to lie about the killings went along with the fake verdict, through her silence – a body that is supposed to stand for life, truth, freedom and justice. From every indication, the Church and the National Commission for Human Rights and Freedoms, had no meaningful input in the scam Ngarbuh military investigation, but the presumed credibility of these bodies zonked the global community.

Some of the Ngarbuh Government Liars

The Political National Commission for Human Rights and Freedoms in French Cameroun

It is a body well named with a global appeal, but an arm of the genocidal regime in French Cameroon. It is headed by one of their party militant – Mr. Chemuta Divine Banda, until his death on the 18th of May, 2020 in Yaounde. Mr. Chemuta was a former diplomat with several ambassadorial years in the West. As usual with the ruling Cameroun Peoples’ Democratic Movement (CPDM) Party in Cameroun, being a senior citizen is one of the cherished criteria for acceptability and advancement in the party. Returning home, Mr. Banda did not fail to enlist in the party. He ran unsuccessfully as a CPDM member of parliament in his native Bafut, British Cameroon. Such open militancy was no doubt assuring to the king pins of the party. As a former diplomat as well, he was conversant with the West. , after all, they have known him well as a diplomat. With such firm beliefs, Mr. Chemuta Divine was thus appointed by dictator Biya as the Chairman of the National Commission for Human Rights and Freedoms in 2003. With abuses documented all over the country, the Human Rights boss refused to assert his authority. His title no doubt was used as a ruse to the global community that, there is a watch dog on abuses in Cameroun.

Dr. Chemuta Divine Banda

Dr. Divine Banda Challenged by biya loyalists

The last evidence of the commission’s worthlessness was on 9th May, 2019, at a conference in Yaounde, when the chairman was rudely interrupted by his two vices from dictator Paul Biya’s Bulubeti clan – James Mouangue Kobilla and Professor Atangana nee Ngo Oum Therese). Mr. Chemuta Divine Banda, had revealed that he had called the octogenerian – Paul Biya, to ask him to halt the war in British Cameroon and engage in inclusive dialogue. The vice persons, in the midst of observers and journalists made it clear to Mr. Chemuta Banda, that he as chairman was to get an authorization from them to mention anything about the killings and burning in British Cameroon. Since then, Mr. Chemuta went mute on the Atrocity Crimes. His message shifted from inclusive dialogue to the sweeping chant by genocide apologists that many British Cameroonians are for effective decentralization. He even went further to lie about the killings in the Southern Cameroons. Of the more than 7000 killed in 2018 alone, Mr. Divine Banda and his Human Rights Report for 2018 specifically states that only “…193 civilians were killed in the North West and South West Regions with 114 of the killings attributed to separatist groups, 69 to the defense and security forces, and 10 on unknown persons. It adds that 50 security personnel were killed as a result of separatist attack while two gendarmes were killed by their colleagues”. (For a full report of the more than 7000 killed in the British Cameroon in 2018, including vilages burnt and refugees, please click here). Mr. Divine Banda remained silent even when his native village Bafut was torched severally with heads of his tribesmen hung on poles by the French Cameroun Bulubeti Militias. All these while the French Cameroun authorities use his position to deceive the world. It was him and his organization that was put forth as the lead body for the Fake Ngarbuh investigation, by French Cameroun, while the French Cameroun military was actually in charge..

Mr. Chemuta Must have died a frustrated man.

Many o f the journalists who covered Mr. Divine Banda over the years, all testified that he was virtually muzzled at his role as the head of the National Commission for Human Rights in Cameroun. While he abhors the regime he served privately, publicly he remained glued not only to the fake directives from Biya and his Bulubeti clique, but the juicy compensatory package that comes with serving as a toothless dog to Africa’s oldest and most brutal dictator. ” He hated what was going on in Cameroon” one journalist said. Like most Anglophone elites who have stuck their head in the sand to the atrocities on their people, nothing keeps them glued to the regime, other than the initial scheme set up by French Cameroun in the 60s to destroy West Cameroon – artificially imposed dependency. While the territory was flourishing with limitless potentials in the 60s, French Cameroun Under its 1st president Ahmadou Ahidjo, made sure he decapitated such vitality to impose a fake dissolution of the federal system under the ruse of poor liquidity and insolvency. Today, decent and respectable men have sold their dignity, values and people for crumbs from the bully who steals from you, and later asked you to beg for crumbs of your looted bounties. One thing that the likes of Chemuta Divine Banda had that could have saved their legacy for generations to come is the ability to resign rather than impose a conflict on their values. Dr. Chemuta is an honorable man and a devoted christian, Like Chinua Achebe says in “Things Fall Apart“, “a man belongs to his “fatherland” when things are good and life is sweet. But when there is sorrow and bitterness, he finds refuge in his motherland. Most British Southern Cameroon Elites have failed to commune with their kinsmen. They have sided with the fatherland – French Cameroun in wrecking havoc to their communities of birth, which is where one finds refuge and solace in times of danger and rejection by the enemy. From one victim in Bafut, whose son was brutally killed by the Bulubeti Militias of missing Paul Biya, Chemuta Divine Banda died a coward.

Ritual Beheading in Bafut amongst the +231 British Cameroonians Killed in April 2020. Shocking Details.

British Southern Cameroonians are used to blood on their streets, and so when one of theirs is beheaded by the French Cameroun Bulubeti Militias with no trace of blood as is usual, then tongues must be wagging of why. From Samsoya, Eileen, 4-month-old baby Martha or the six month old Abigail in Ndop murdered with her mother, the surface was flowing with blood. Another 4-month-old in Babanki even slept overnight on the blood of her murdered mother. Human Blood to British Cameroonians is a gift they have come to acknowledge from the genocidal regime of Paul Biya. Back in their camps, and with conversations with friends and families, the Bulubeti militias pride themselves of having rained blood on the “terrorists” (innocent British Cameroonian civilians).

The Bafut Ritual Beheading of Awah Pius, by French cameroun Soldiers

Handicapped Awah Pius, an innocent prison graduate from French Cameroun colonial prison, was at home that 26 April, 2020 in Bafut, minding his own business, when the sanguinary Bulubeti Militias, beckoned on him to come. When he approached them, they demanded for drinking water, which he gladly quenched their thirst like a good Samaritan. Later on, a second batch of the soldiers came along, passed the young man with no issues, and descended into a nearby compound and shot an innocent elder man called Mr. Nditha Raphael, before realizing his age wouldn’t be suitable for the ritualistic mission set for them. Since no young man could be spotted in the village, the Bulubeti troops hurriedly returned to Awah’s home and took him and killed him. Like the pig in “Lord of the Flies“, his head was cut off and the blood carefully collected by some of the soldiers for the rituals. “I was taken aback, one of the informants narrates”.

Video of Awah without any blood.

Practically emptied of his blood, the body was dumped in front of his home and the head like the pig in “Lord of the Flies“, posted on a pole for the family and village pain. Like other savage killings, no blood was where Awah was decapitated. The poor family members could be heard demanding whether their son was a cow to be slaughtered like one. By the time they left the village, more than 22 innocent civilians whom they call terrorists were mercilessly murdered and about 20 homes burnt. To crown their ritualistic action, a mother in her 60s was gang-raped by the Bulubeti Militias. ” I bled profusely for two days before I was taken to the health center”, the traumatized woman narrates. (Read her story here). The image of the health center was void of anything worthy of a health unit. The main hospital in the village was destroyed by the French Cameroun militias/soldiers, with equipment and mattresses carted away by the soldiers in the night. Domestic animals like goats and pigs were either roasted by the soldiers or skinned and taken away.

Bangem Massacre 22 April, 2020

Bafut was not the only massacres in the month of April in British Cameroon. Four days earlier in Bangem in the Southern Zone of the territory, the executions were remorseless. Six young men arrested in their homes were massacred in the most cruel means imaginable. Cameroon News Agency says, French Cameroun colonial soldiers had invaded the area under the pretext of meeting any restoration fighters but “failing to meet the armed separatist fighters, they waited till about 6 a.m. before beginning the process of arresting 6 young men, most of whom were removed from their homes and killed before their relatives, except for one who was captured while returning from hunting overnight in the bush. He was killed and the game he caught taken away. The names of these boys killed include inter alia: 1. Epie Thiery, 2. Ebong Blaise, 3. Ngole Justice, 4. Nzime Lawrence Mesumbe, 5. Sone Desmond Muabe and 6. Nsime Peter. They were executed and carried on the military truck and dumped along the road as they drove out of the village”.

Through out the month of April, the Genocide intensified, with innocent victims tied and shot in Bamnda, Ndop, Kumbo, Oku, Muyuka, Mamfe and other towns and villages in the territory. Others were shot for not putting on face masks by the arrogant Bulubeti militias. Several villages were also torched by the colonial soldiers like in Muyuka were several persons were also killed. Below are the figure count of those killed in the month of April 2020 in the British Southern Cameroons, by the colonial French Cameroun soldiers backed by France and the Francophonie. Intensified also this month is the looting and destruction, comparable only to the withdrawal of Iraqi troops from Kuwait in 1991. Double click the image for enlargement and details.


Burnt Alive by French Cameroun Bulubeti Militias/soldiers

Videos of Killings and Destruction in April 2020 in British Cameroon by French Cameroun Bulubeti Militias/Soldiers

French Cameroun Bulubeti Militias wreak Havoc in Human Rights Boss’ Village, with Beheading, Looting etc

In William Golding’s 1954 book “Lord of the Flies“, savagery and evil engulf innocent youths unchecked on an island. Here they manifest this freedom with cruelty by first viciously killing a pig and perching its head on a pole where flies congregate. Just around the time, Golding wrote this fictional novel, true heads of humans adorned French colonial Cameroun roadsides in the Bamileke and Bassa regions. Till date France has concealed this genocide from the world. Colonial French Cameroun citizens who were scared of being the next trophy head to be displayed by the roadside emigrated to the Free, peaceful British Southern Cameroon for safety. The French Cameroun colonial beasts could not trespass into British Cameroon to get any more heads to put on staffs, until the UNO and Britain handed over the British Southern Cameroons to the beast – France and French Cameroun in 1961. Like Jack and his friends in Lord of the Flies with no laws, nor formal control on the island, thus the anarchy and cruelty, French Cameroun soldiers are scofflaws, violating every global law, ethics or biblical cannons in the British Southern Cameroons.

The Invisible smoke?

With the world seeing the smoke rising like it rose for rescuers in Lord of the Flies, but deliberately looking the other way, French Cameroun Bulubeti militias – soldiers, have not only hung heads on sticks, but charred villages, and roasted citizens in their abodes. Like in Lords of the Flies, where the kids first lit their fires in the night, thus delaying their rescue, French Cameroun authorities have not only lobbied western governments to silence, but have silenced internal opposition. Churches have been silenced through co-option with threats and largess. Formal institutions with global appeals have been choked with cronies, ready to write a clean Bill of Rights to the international community.


The latest reality is in Bafut, home of the Chairman of the ruse called National Commission for Human Rights in Cameroun, Mr. Chemuta Divine Banda. Mr. Chemuta is a former diplomat with several ambassadorial years in the west. As usual with the ruling Cameroun Peoples’ Democratic Movement (CPDM) Party in Cameroun, being a senior citizen is one of the cherished criteria for acceptability and advancement in the party. Returning home, Mr. Banda did not fail to enlist in the party. He ran unsuccessfully as a CPDM member of parliament in his native Bafut. Such open militancy was no doubt assuring to the king pins of the party. As a former diplomat as well, he was suited to conceal abuses to the West, after all, they have known him well as a diplomat. With such firm beliefs, Mr. Chemuta Divine was thus appointed by dictator Biya as the Chairman of the National Commission for Human Rights and Freedoms. With abuses documented all over the country, the stooge has remained mute, with his title used as a ruse to the global community that, there is a watch dog on abuses in Cameroun.

The Genocide in British Cameroon and his weakness

Dr. Chemuta Divine Banda

With thousands killed and villages burnt in the territory by French Cameroun Bulubeti militias, the commission was no where to be found. The last evidence of the commission’s worthlessness was on 9th May, 2019, at a conference in Yaounde, when the chairman was rudely interrupted by his two vices from dictator Paul Biya’s Bulubeti clan – James Mouangue Kobilla and Professor Atangana nee Ngo Oum Therese). Mr. Chemuta Divine Banda, had revealed that he had called the octogenerian – Paul Biya, to ask him to halt the war in British Cameroon and engage in inclusive dialogue. The vice persons, in the midst of observers and journalists made it clear to Mr. Chemuta Banda, that he as chairman was to get an authorization from them to mention anything about the killings and burning in British Cameroon. Since then, Mr. Chemuta has remained mute on the Atrocity Crimes, while the French Cameroun authorities use his position to deceive the world.

The Bafut Rape, massacres, Beheading and Chemuta’s silence

Mr. Chemuta has remained silent on the destruction in his own village, Bafut since the onset of the British Cameroon uprising. Several people have lost their lives from the Bulubeti militias. Bafut has been burnt, with the soldiers attacking even the sacred Bafut Palace – UNESCO world Heritage site. In all, more than 300 people have lost their lives in the village.

Gallery of Some of the Killings and Destruction in Bafut since 2016

Bafut Fon’s Palace: UNESCO World Heritage Site; Attacked Severally by the French Cameroun Bulubeti Militias

The latest gruesome murder was on the 26th of April, 2020, when the marauding French Cameroun soldiers invaded the quiet village. The shooting, destruction and looting were the rule. The sacred palace was desecrated, personal properties like goats and chickens were seized, some roasted in the same compounds after chasing the owners away. A lucid warning was sent to the world and to Mr. Chemuta in particular, that titles and positions don’t matter as long as you are from British Cameroon. Awa Pius, an innocent civilian who had quenched the thirst of the marauding soldiers was beheaded by the same soldiers and his head hung by the roadside for all to see their “professionalism”. An innocent mother in her sixties was gang-raped by the soldiers. More than 32 people were also killed with more than 15 homes torched by the soldiers (details later). In all these Atrocity Crimes,, the Human Rights crusader – Chemuta Banda, is no where to be found. His close collaborators and friends at their social groups are still to get a word of remorse from the head of the National Commission for Human Rights and Freedoms in Cameroun. Who doubts the fact that, when a people (British Cameroonians) are called dogs, they deserve to die.

Woman in her 60s Raped by the French Cameroun Betibulu Militias in Bafut

Woman in her Sixties Gang-Raped by French Cameroun Bulubeti Militias in Bafut, British Cameroon

She looks shaken on her hospital bed, after she was taken away and gang-raped by French Cameroun Bukubeti militias on a scorched-earth policy in Bafut, North West British Cameroon. The mother in her sixties said she bled profusely after the rape on 3 April, 2020. She says she lost a sizable amount of blood and was only taken to the poorly-equipped hospital in the area the next day. The main hospital – Manji, was destroyed by the soldiers who also beheaded a civilian. Despite calls by the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres for a global ceasefire to enable an inclusive fight against the Covid-19 virus, French Cameroun colonial forces have rather used the occasion to intensify the killing and destruction in the British Cameroons, while the world’s attention is trailed on the virus. More than 20,000 people have been killed since 2016, when the uprising began. For more on the genocide, click here. Below is the victim in her own words.