As calls grow louder about the genocide in the English-speaking regions of Kamerun ahead of the African Nations Cup tournament (slated to start on the 9th of January, 2022), the French Cameroun “Colonial” forces have intensified their killings of the minority English-speaking people of he Former British Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia). Just in the past week, more than 28 innocent civilians and children have been executed by the brutal French Cameroun soldiers, backed by France. This latest intense killings began on December 22, in which the soldiers sniffed life out of two young girls, 4 and 16 in the town of Bamenda. The scofflaws now called occupying soldiers in their thirst for blood started firing indiscriminately at homes in the neighborhood of Ngomgham. The innocent children were killed in the process. Another girl, Naomi, had a fractured hand. In addition to torturing others to death and burning homes, five innocent mechanics in the village of Oku, were publicly executed by the French Cameroun soldiers, on 28 December, 2021. In Ndu Local Government Area of Ambazonia, a grand father -Pa Tantoh’s home was broken into by the soldiers around 3 am. Relatives found his body perforated with bullets the next morning. “We are lucky to see his remains. Our other relatives are still to be seen now for two years.” A mourner narrates. The only crimes of these people is that they are English-speaking and so can be killed anytime by a French Cameroun soldier who is having a bad day.

The Chomba Massacre

As the oppressed people continued to see their relatives executed silently, the master of these weekly executions came in from the village of Chomba in NW part of Ambazonia. After burning homes in the village, the French Cameroun soldiers forcefully arrested 4 civilians – Chi Apolo, Tiku Bright, Swirri Franka and Nsankwa Bright. All attempts by relatives to trace their whereabouts were futile. “All we could do was just pray for their lives to be spared.” A sobbing relative narrates. After raping the two women amongst the four arrested, they were then executed by the soldiers and abandoned in an uninhabited building. The bodies were discovered on the 29 of December, in an advanced stage of decomposition (Video below).

Extra-judicial Killings by French Cameroun Soldiers in Chomba Village, British Southern Cameroons


The  war in “Kamerun” pitting the minority English-speaking people of former British Southern Cameroons or Ambazonia and the French-speaking Cameroon or La Republique du Cameroun, declared by its 89-year-old missing president is in its fifth year. The atrocities committed by the central government of Paul Biya, based in Yaoundé, have seen minimal scrutiny like other conflicts in Africa for several reasons:

Firstly, the government of 89-year-old Mummified Paul Biya, has punitively restricted both national and international media from venturing to report the atrocities.

Secondly, the government has embarked on an aggressive global misinformation and lobbying campaign, even when the evidences are overwhelming. This began with doling out golden statues to some influential global leaders like the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres (Click here), Commonwealth Secretary General Patricia Scotland (click here), worth about $4 million. This partially explains  why these leaders have been mum on the atrocities committed by the French-speaking government. France and the Francophonie have cooked up a narrative of dismissing the atrocities thus emboldening Paul Biya.

Thirdly, the West has put up no concrete action to force the regime of one of Africa’s oldest and most brutal dictators to engage in concrete dialogue to seek solutions that respect the historical origin of this conflict. The absence of this global pressure has allowed the government of La Republique du Cameroun, to carry out mass Atrocity Crimes   – Crimes Against Humanity, War Crimes and Genocide.


Like Gambia that formed a union with Senegal and peacefully separated when the union could not work, British Southern Cameroons after conditional independence formed a union of two equals with French Cameroun in 1961. Marginalization by the majority French Speaking country, forced the English-speaking British Southern Cameroons (black Africa’s first democracy) to ask for a redress of their vexations by sticking to the terms of their 1961 union agreement. The French speaking Cameroun by virtue of its number, might and colonial instincts backed by France, deployed troops to kill and maim the English-speaking people. More than 32000 British Southern Cameroonians have been killed (click here for details). Villages four times the size of Gambia have been razed by the French Cameroun soldiers. (Click here for details)more than.

Please read the details of this dirty war her (click here)

Burning of Villages in British Southern Cameroons, as captured by the BBC


The burnings and summary-executions have principally been carried out in the rural areas, with no fire service to put out the inferno(Watch this report from the BBC). This time around on the 8 December, 2021, it was urban razing of neighborhoods by French Cameroun colonial soldiers, supplied and defended by France. As a stated mission to ethnically-cleansed the minority English-speaking people of the former British Southern Cameroons, France through French Cameroun accomplished one more step towards their mission.

The night skyline was comparable to the blitzkrieg WWII, or the opening day of the 1990 Operation Desert Storm. The difference this time around was that, instead of German planes and B-52 bombers, it was the colonial French Cameroun soldiers backed by France who lighted up neighborhoods in Bamenda, British Southern Cameroons. Armed with French supplied weapons and armored cars, they sprinkled gasoline on the buildings before setting them ablaze with content including humans.



“I begged them to allow me take only my drugs.” A woman with chopped lips and bruised eye from the butt of a French Cameroun soldier narrates. Black smoke smolder on her provisions. The French Cameroun Colonial Soldiers sprinkled gasoline on her store before setting it on fire. Her medications were burnt. “I can die now, I have not taken my drugs the disfigured face lady laments. ” Come and see the atrocities of the French Cameroun people another voice beckons on those present to come see. “What have we done to them. We are not politicians, let them go back to their politicians who declared war.” As the camera dread the angry darkness, an older man moans on some local bamboos. He was a handicap bamboo chair maker shot by the French Cameroun colonial soldiers. A few meters from him was another mourning, two kids who seek refuge at a metal makeshift shop from the marauding French Cameroun soldiers were smoldering from fire after they shot and incinerated their bodies. “What have these kids done?” the frustrated and lucky ones still alive question. ” We will fight to the last man.” A voice echoes through the wailing. As they left the Mbengwi road neighborhood with its golden skyline from the night fire from burnt homes, shop owners at a busy business district succumbed to the wrath of the colonial soldiers. Shops were sprinkled with Gasoline after looting and lighted.




Though the Fire Department is epileptic, their tardy arrivals at other infernos was at least consoling to the colonial authorities that they were pretending to be doing something. As the colonial soldiers set the entire BAMENDA neighborhoods ablaze, their colonial Fire Department was absent; thus allowing their colonial bosses to achieve their annihilation mission. Informants closer to lay fire fighters at the ill-equipped Bamenda Fire Department, intimate that the colonial authorities threatened them with sanctions if they tried to visit the burning zones. At the end, more than 60 buildings were razed, more than eight innocent civilians executed. Cost of Shops burnt, is estimated in hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The Solution to the Killings

The genocide which has killed more than 32000 people is drenched in history. The conflict is one of the rare deadly conflicts in the world in which the architects like Queen Elizabeth are still live. Southern Cameroons became a self-governing trust territory in 1954 under a democratically-elected government led by Dr. EML Endeley. With a genuine democratic and constitutional evolution, in 1957 Southern Cameroons was granted a House of Chiefs, thus like Britain, Southern Cameroon operated a bicameral legislative system. In 1959 through free and fair general elections, Premier Endeley-led Cameroon People’s National Convention (CPNC) government was defeated and he peacefully handed over to the winner, J.N. Foncha of the Kamerun National Democratic Party(KNDP). This was followed by the adoption of a new constitution – Constitution (Order) in Council 1960, which was meant to lead Southern Cameroons to independence. However, through international colonial conspiracy, instead of granting complete independence in conformity with Art. 76(b) of UN Charter and UN Resolution 1514 of 1960, the colonial powers misled the UN to impose “independence by joining” either Nigeria or La Republique du Cameroun. In addition to imposing this, the UN was led to adopt two obnoxious questions that denied Southern Cameroons their inalienable right to self-determination and sovereign independence. By this colonial manipulation, effective and genuine decolonization in Southern Cameroon was postponed. The mission of all Southern Cameroonians right now is RIGHT THE WRONGS OF YESTERDAY – restore Southern Cameroonians to the dignity, their natural rights as the legitimate owners and masters of the Southern Cameroon territory, masters of their destiny by peacefully leading Southern Cameroons to take her deserved seat within the comity of sovereign nations.



Her tears were uncontrollable. Like the young JFK (John, John on 25 November, 1963), her son, about three-year-old, was smiling on her laps, oblivious to the fact that his father will never bring home candy from the weekly village market. Like JFk’s son, this baby’s life this day (24 November, 2021) will be transformed forever. Her mother’s story is one more chilling episodes of the extra-judicial killings in Southern Cameroon (Ambazonia) by French Cameroun soldiers backed by France. She is one more young window in a senseless war, where women of power have used their plight to position themselves.

"Our home was broken into and ransacked by the French Cameroun soldiers. they found nothing. They then forced him to accompany them. the neighbours house was ransacked as well. Later we heard gunshots. Neighbours started wailing, and as I proceeded, I saw his body."

The 5-month pregnant woman narrates in tears. The innocent man’s body was perforated with bullets from the French Cameroun soldiers’ guns. She was just one of more than 21 British Southern Cameroonians (Ambazponians) killed in a single day. More than 4 were also killed in a school in Ekondo Titi. Watch her tearful narrative.



Livinus, a civilian is down in Dinku a village inside Widikum LGA. BIRS stormed the village around 3 am firing gun shots in the village. Corpses in Mbengwi Central, one in Tad and one in Njindom Credit Union making a total of two!” Blogger Kemi Ashu reports.


Another gun attack of students in English-speaking Cameroon (Ambazonia) that has killed at least three students today 24 November, 2021. The victims so far identified includes; Emmanuel Orume 12, Joyceline Ikem 16, and Kum Emmanuel 17 years and a teacher, Ms. Celestina Song. “According to sources in the area, the victims were massacred when gun men, said to be French Cameroun soldiers stormed the campus in search of of Ambazonia Restoration Forces (ARF), who they say were hiding in uniform in the school.” Evidence of French Cameroun instigated attacks are always first published on their surrogate sites, this again was the same.

Cameroon News Agency also published testimonies from victims some of whom state the attack was carried out by Ambazonia Restoration Forces. The Amba soldiers the site says had vowed to attack schools being guarded by French Cameroun soldiers, however the soldiers were not present during the attack. . “Several students wounded during the blazing attack on them were transported to different hospitals across Ndian Division, while others whose cases were more serious were taken to Limbe, via Idenau. The number of wounded victims has not been determined.” CNA reports. Details of this massacre later . This is the third attack on students in less than 3 months. Below are the links to the two previous attacks. The conflict has now claimed more than 32000 lives.




The premordial role of any government is to protect its citizens from harm, more urgent when the attack is external. Such lofty tasks involve treating as urgent any information or warning of an eventual attack to the homeland. Come to think of an American president failing to act on security intelligence and Americans end up losing their lives. The genocide happening with the Minority English-speaking people of the former British Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia) has been going on for the past four years and Nigeria has acted like a colony of French Cameroun. The barbarism of these Soldiers on Nigerians is well documented at the Bakassi Local Government Area before 2016 civil war in the Cameroons. Unable to defeat the Ambazonian Restoration Forces (ARF) with carnage, beheadings, extra-judicial killings etc, the French Cameroun colonial forces have resorted to unorthodox means not only to end the genocide but to solicit Nigeria’s involvement. Support at the level of Abuja has failed to dent the love and hospitality the British Southern Cameroonians are enjoying from the border communities in Nigeria, most of whom are the same people before the Whiteman torn them apart. All attempts by the French Camerounian authorities in breaking this harmony have failed.

Emmanuel Bwacha, unable to call out French Cameroun Attacks on his Constituents

Their last cards were thus to invade Nigerian territory. This they did in Taraba State in October 2021, harassing the inhabitants of the area as narrated by, Amamzalla John Danladi Joseph, the Chairman of Kurmi Local Government Area of Taraba State. “The residents of Mairogo and Tosso villages were repeatedly intimidated by the Cameroonian soldiers who claimed they were searching for Ambazonian agitators who fled Cameroon at the heat of their clash recently and took refuge in some communities in the area.” These invasion of Nigeria’s territory by the brutal French Cameroun soldiers were reported in some Nigerian newspapers and broadcast media. A leading English-speaking Cameroonian newspaper – The Voice, equally alerted the Nigerian authorities about the invasion of their territory, where they harassed Nigerians. These earlier invasions were not condemned by Taraba authorities nor the Federal Government of Nigeria. Senator Emmanuel Bwacha, who represents Taraba South at the National Assembly, of Nigeria, was mute, prompting observers to pontificate that the corrupt French Cameroun government cannot be counted out. Below is a Nigerian Broadcaster crying over the absence of Nigerian authorities to protect its own citizens from the barbaric French Cameroun soldiers.


In a press briefing to the Nigerian Media on 3 September, 2021, the Interim President of the British Southern Cameroon (Ambazonia), Dr. Sako Samuel Ikome, was emphatic about intelligence from their sources within the French Cameroun authorities in Yaounde, relating to the attack at Manga community in Takum Local Government Area (LGA) of Taraba on Tuesday 16 November, 2021. In the 3 September, 2021 interview published in some Nigerian papers like Guardian, The Punch etc, Dr. Ikome Sako, shared the intelligence that French Cameroun Colonial Soldiers were planning to disguise as ARF and attack the border communities harboring their refugees. This he says is meant to achieve two main purposes: First to get Nigeria to be involved in the genocide by attacking the freedom fighters of Ambazonia, and secondly to poison the amicable relationship the Nigerian host communities have been providing to the Ambazonian refugees whose villages have been razed by the French Cameroun soldiers. This in turn will force the refugees to return to Cameroun, thus achieving French Cameroun’s aim of calm and normalcy. This warning was never taken seriously by the Nigerian authorities, neither did they react when the same French Cameroun soldiers first crossed into Nigeria before later disguising as Ambazonia forces to attack and killed Nigerians. With Nigeria’s silence, the French Cameroun Soldiers executed the plan that Dr. Sako Ikome had previously leaked to the world on 3rd September, 2021.

Nigeria’s Vanguard Newspaper Gaffed

According to reports from Nigerian press, about twelve citizens of Taraba State were killed including a traditional leader. Nigerian Newspapers such as Vanguard, went extra miles to report baseless information that Ambazonia forces first attacked villages in Cameroon before crossing to Nigeria to attack the Nigerian villages.

Prior to last Tuesday’s attack on Manga village, the locals who spoke to Vanguard claimed there has been numerous attacks on some villages in Cameroon whom they share similar heritage. This resulted to the influx of their kinsmen into Manga and other Nigerian Communities in that axis, whom they share the same Shibong language and cultural heritage in order to escape the onslaught of the separatists. They claimed that Manga was targeted specifically by the separatists for being a generous host of their kits and kin who fell on the Cameroon side after the 1961 plebiscite.

This is furthest from the truth as Ambazonia Forces are locals, and will not attack their own villages before crossing over to Nigeria to attack the same people who are providing refuge to their relatives whose homes have been razed by French Cameroun soldiers. More so, these border communities share the same ancestry, language and customs. The idea of burning communities is a trademark of French Cameroun Colonial soldiers. More than 470 Villages have been erased in British Cameroon. This collective punishment they say is meant to turn the villagers against the Ambazonia forces. A move that has not worked as no parent will direct a foreign colonial soldier who speaks French to kill their own children.

The locals love the Ambazonia forces and regard the French Cameroun forces as rapist colonizers. The Vanguard also quoted locals in Taraba as saying: “Before now, we have not had any problem with either Cameroon Gendarmes or the Separatists….” This too is inaccurate, based on the reports above of French Cameroun soldiers harassing Nigerians. The paper at no time contemplates on getting a word from any of Ambazonia’s leaders. The killing of the traditional leader of the Village of Manga, in Taraba, is the handiwork of French Cameroun Colonial soldiers disguised as ARF. A day prior to the attack in Taraba State, homes and the palace of a local chief in the village of Balinyounga was burnt and destroyed by the same French Cameroun soldiers who attacked Taraba. Below are images of the chief’s palace in Balinyounga burnt down by the French Cameroun soldiers .(click here for details) (Here also is the BBC report on French Cameroun burning of villages in Ambazonia).

Dr. Sako Ikome Reacts to Latest Taraba Attack

Dr. Sako, reacting to the accusation by Nigerian newspapers that the recent attacks were carried out by his Freedom fighters, the president was clear, “What gain is there for us to attack those who have been of immense help to our people?” Ambazonia Freedom fighters he says have no reason today, tomorrow or at any time to attack communities that are housing their own families. The action he says was carried out by French Cameroun soldiers disguised as Ambazonia forces. He called on Nigeria to do a thorough investigation, going back to when he sounded the alarm. Below is Dr. Sako Samuel Ikome, reacting to the recent attack and the accusation by the Nigerian press and Senator Emmanuel Bwacha. Listen to Dr. Sako.

The conflict which began in 2016, has claimed more than 32000 lives. More than 475 Villages have also been burnt by the French Cameroun soldiers. Nigeria currently hosts more than 120,000 of the Ambazonian refugees and French Cameroun has tried in vain to lure them back to be killed in vain. The plan now is to force their repatriation by antagonizing the locals who have been good to these poor refugees. For details of the killings click here.


.The first invasion of the St Elizabeth Catholic General Hospital and Cardiac Center, Shisong, on the 19th of July, 2021 was in the thick of the night at 2: 15 AM. This time around on the 14th of November, 2021, the lawless murderers came in the early afternoon around 1:15 pm, when the predominantly Christian community and patients had just relieved themselves from devotion. This time around, they came in three armored cars, ready combat gear and sophisticated weapons. Uncountable. These threatening behavior was traumatizing to not only the patients, but hospital staff, as they imposed their unkempt behavior on them. At gun point, before torturing some members of staff, they led the Directress and Cardiologist of the hospital, Dr. Sr. Anshoma Helen M, to private wards and other surgery sections of the hospital. “The maternity and the theater were all bumped into with patients and little children and babies and pregnant women in them….” The Directress writes in a three page communique (below) to the world.

Staff to be Executed and Hospital Razed

They promised to shoot the staff on their legs as well. Their next rendez vous they affirm will be to burn down the hospital. This action has been done several times by the French Cameroun sanguinary soldiers. Innocent patients have also been killed in hospitals in Wum, Bambui, Muyuka amongst other localities. In February, 2019, the Kumba General Hospital, Southern Zone of British Cameroon, was burnt down with four patients. Before razing the hospital, the French Cameroun soldiers ensured property belonging to any French Cameroun speaking staffer was moved to safety as seen in the video below.

French Cameroun Colonial Soldiers seen moving to safety Property of a French Cameroun Staffer before Burning the Kumba, General Hospital in February 2019.

The Catholic Mission General Hospital, also known as St. Elizabeth Hospital Shisong or simply Shisong is the first and oldest of the health institutions of the Tertiary Sisters of St. Francis in Cameroon. Founded in 1935, it has grown to the present day structure with the General Hospital and the Cardiac Centre as two entities. The two belong together but function autonomously. Shisong is located in the County of Bui, British Cameroon (Ambazonia).


The seven-year-old Brenda Tataw was murdered by French Cameroun Colonial Military in Bamenda, as they opened fire on a civilian car that refused to pay their daily compulsory bribe of $1 (500frs CFa), on 12 November, 2021. The child was returning from school when the Colonial military bullet pierced through her skull. The killing prompted an instantaneous demonstration from the aggrieved population of the city. “We are tired of these French Cameroun killers. One day this will end. Bad people, go back to French Cameroun” were just some of the angry words from onlookers. The demonstrations were clear with their own chant, “How many people Paul Biya go kill. You go kill we tire…” as they marcher along the streets of the town with the corpse of the child. The almost 90-year-old dictator – Paul Biya (not seen live) for almost two years now, declared the war in 2017.

Video Compilation of the Killings and Demonstrations

Colonial Military Open Fire

The peaceful march was met with brute force by the French Cameroun colonial soldiers stationed in every street corner of the town. Their mission was clear – Kill more. This they did, by opening fire from their fortified armor cars. In the process, about 8 civilians were shot by the French Cameroun military. More than 3 were also killed in the process. The poor Brenda was buried the next day in the Village of Kom.

Burial of Tataw Brenda in Kom, British Southern Cameroon, 13 November, 2021

Extra-Judicial Killings After the Protest

as usual, the population that came out to voice their frustrations with the murder of the 7-year-old Tataw Brenda, were not safe. The French Cameroun military later on executed more innocent civilians. In addition to one corpse killed around the street of Longla, the next day saw abandoned corpses at certain streets of the City. Eye witnesses identified an abandoned corpse around Mile 3 Nkwen, killed by the French Cameroun military. Another person was killed and dumped at the Nanga Junction area as well. More corpses were also identified at the Bamenda food market, killed by the same colonial military on the 15 November, 2021. Since the start of the conflict in 2016, more than 32000 people have been killed, with more than 460 villages burnt by the French Cameroun colonial soldiers. Below are the image of the abandoned corpses at the Bamenda Food Market.


“The Hausa/Moslem attacks were ensured by the army and gendarmes who escorted the attackers across the villages targeting homes and businesses. They have virtually wiped out all liquor bars and entertainment places in some villages. They were shouting Allah Huakubah (God is Great) as they attacked businesses and homes. They have a plot to take over the Aghem lands. They say it openly. The Aghem population is helpless. They cannot defend themselves because the army and administration will slaughter them. Hausa’s now own the biggest shops in Wum as they have forced many business people to flee over these few years. “

The source and victim above narrates the ordeal of the Aghem people in Northern Zone of British Southern Cameroon (Ambazonia), whom on the 16-17 October, 2021, witnessed another bloody attack by Muslim/Fulanis militias and sympathizers, armed and guarded by the French Cameroun colonial soldiers.

Cooked up Charges:

Contrary to reports that the burning, looting and killing was triggered by the killing of a French Cameroun Soldier, according to our source, the French Cameroun soldier (BIR) was mistakenly stabbed by one of the members of the Muslim vigilante groups, sponsored by the government. They mistook him for an Amazonia Restoration Force. The said soldier later died in the hospital. To buttress his facts that the French Cameroun soldier was killed by a member of their vigilantes, our source says the BIR was stabbed at a Hausa/Muslim neighbourhood where the Vigilantes operate. Using the stabbing as a ruse to achieve their mission of erasing the Christians indigenes of Aghem from Wum, the Muslim/Hausa vigilantes left their neighbourhood and head straight to the Christian Villages, burning and looting while shouting in Arabic, “Allah HuakubaH.” With Allah as their greater power then, they proceeded to burn more than 21 homes, guided by the French Cameroun soldiers. The homes were emptied of their precious content by the Muslims arsonists and French Cameroun soldiers, before being set ablaze.

Muslim Administrators and Security Bosses Switch off Phones during Attacks

Powerless as he is and at the time of the burning, the French Cameoun appointed Mayor of the area, reached out in vain to the Colonial Senior Administrator (SDO) of the area, Abdoullahi Aliiou, the French Cameroun Colonel commanding the soldiers in the area and the BIR Commander in the area in vain. Their phones were simultaneously switched off.

These three personalities who would have reigned in the marauding Muslim Militias and BIR Bulubeti Militias, by design are all Muslims. “It was not by error that they could not be reached. I See that they have a religious solidarity and brotherhood that binds them into one. Their mission is to eliminate all the indigenous Christians.” Our source narrates. “They don’t hide it the source continues. They have seized all our farmlands and we have nowhere to go.” He cries. The killings and destruction are captured in the Voice Newspaper, an authoritative English-Cameroon Newspaper. “Helpless Aghem Population Weep as Hausa Militia Freely Burn Businesses and Loot Homes.”

The Executions

In addition to Pa Mvo who was burnt alive in his store, two innocent civilians Zack Toh and Kuri, were abducted in the village of Bu, in the area around 3:am by the French Cameroun soldiers. They were later killed and dumped at Kogho, a few kilometers from the town of Wum. These killings were indiscriminate; Zack Toh, was a strong French Cameroun ruling CPDM party sympathizer. Cameroon News Agency (CNA) says at least seven were killed. Scores were also stabbed by the Fulanis aided by the French Cameroun soldiers.

Zack Toh and Kuri, were abducted in the village of Bu, in the area around 3:am by the French Cameroun soldiers. They were later killed and dumped at Kogho, a few kilometers from the Town of Wum.

Silent Protest:

After allowing the Fulanis/Muslims and the French Cameroun soldiers to wreck their havoc, the Colonial Administrative Officer later pretentiously summoned a meeting with the mourning indigenes. To his surprise, the meeting lasted in less than fifteen minutes. A question of the way forward, got no reply from the anguished Aghem indigenes. The killings and destruction are sponsored and defended by France. More than 31000 people have been killed since 2016. Also, more than 450 villages have also been erased by the French Cameroun colonial soldiers backed by France.

The Cleansing as Filmed and Distributed by the French Cameroun Soldiers themselves; Scenarios that mimic France’s role in the 1994 Genocide in Rwanda

Same Killings in 2019.

The Menchum(Wum) Destruction in Pictures


She was just like any kid; innocent and happy. Her ill-luck was that she was a British Southern Cameroonian. After the Bulubeti colonial officer confirmed her identity as an anglophone, the next thought and move was that, ” Que peuvent-ils faire si je les tue?” (What can they do if I kill them). Eye witnesses confirm that the Bulubeti Colonial soldier, Achille Mvogo, after failing to get CAROLAISE ENONDIALE TCHUENGIA’s caretaker/driver to dole out $1 (500 frs), the scofflaw Bulubeti soldier pursued and opened fire at the car/van. His exchange with the car occupants had assured him of their identity as British Cameroonians. The little girl of about five years old was mangled beyond recognition. The Bulu boy’s weapon churn out part of her skull. He had seen the toddler, as the car windows were not tinted, and the driver had indicated that she was on her way to drop off the child at school.

The Lifeless Body of Carolaise in her Own Blood in her Parent’s Car.


A communique from the French Cameroun Colonial authorities claim the driver was trying to run away from being checked by the Colonial soldier. The communique talks of an altercation between the female driver and the Bulubeti colonial soldier; all bogus rantings from the colonial authorities. The communique paints a picture of a masculine figure. The communique came, but from the Colonial capital of Yaounde and not from the French Cameroun colonial governor to the British Southern Cameroons, based in Buea. The said Governor – Okalia Bilai, is the person who deployed the killing troops on the streets of the town. Their version of the story is not unfamiliar. As Greg Stanton of Genocide Watch puts it, the genocide in English Cameroon has reached the last stage, (in his 10 stages of genocide) – Denial. French Cameroun colonial authorities are specialized in lying about their massacres in British Cameroon. The innocent child was later buried same day.

French Cameroun Communique about the Murder of Carol


There is no doubt that, if CAROLAISE ENONDIALE TCHUENGIA’s and parents had proven that they were of French Cameroun origin, she would not have been shot at. These French Cameroun Colonial Bulubeti soldiers/militias have proven it beyond any doubt their hatred for British Cameroonians. Former US Ambassador to French Cameroun, Henry Balerin, had called it “Targeted Killing” of Anglophones. This continues to be the hallmark of the French Cameroun Colonial soldiers. They have freed French-speaking person’s mistakenly picked up for execution. Since the start of the war/genocide in 2016, we are still to see any French Cameroun citizen in British Cameroon, mistakenly killed or their homes burnt like they do Ambazonians. This targeted killing of Ambazonians (British Southern Cameroonians was confessed by one French Cameroun man freed by the French Cameroun Colonial Bulubeti Militias, while his Anglophone friends were executed. This was exactly what happened at another massacre at Buea Town, earlier in the genocide/war.

The Buea Town Massacre of 30th July, 2018 was peculiar in that it affirms the targeted killing of anglophones. ” The uniqueness of this Buea, massacre was that among the two ( Esambe Roland Ndone and Monono Emmanuel Evakise) later executed at Muea town, was a French-speaking Camerounian. When he identified himself as having originated from French Cameroun, his brothers from the French Cameroun military gave him taxi fare and executed the two British Southern Cameroonians.” Read the full story here

Buea Massacre Victim


The bike rider below was killed because of a $1 bribe, he could not give on time to the Bulubeti colonial soldiers/militias. Read his pathetic story.


She retires home like every woman after tilling the fields, Howerver, as a British Southern Cameroonian Woman (Ambazonian), her life, home or possessions belong to the French Cameroun marauding killers. Later that Night of 23 July, 2021, Mami Frida (as she was popularly called in her native Pinyin Village), recited her prayers before crawling on to her wooden bed. This was her last prayer as her punctured body was found a few meters from her mud house. French Cameroun soldiers had smashed her door in the thick of the night and pulled her out to unload their ammos on her, as seen with the empty shells around her blood-stained body. She was shot at close range as the bullets sailed through her body. Residents believed the assassination happened around 2am. Like other innocent civilians murdered, no word was heard from the French Cameroun colonial administrators who claim to be fighting to protect civilians like Mama Frida and her comrades. From Mama Frida, they moved to another innocent woman (name withheld. Picture below) and equally executed her. Their crimes according to sources is the fact that their adult relatives are part of the resistance mounted by British Southern Cameroonians against the French Cameroun colonial authorities since 2016.

Video of Mami Frida

Murdered in the Cathedralin Balinyounga, 22 August, 2021

Sister Grace left her home on Sunday, August 22nd, alongside her children and Bible to her regular place of worship – Ntanfoang Presbyterian Church, Bali Nyonga. Little did she know that the church has become a firing squad. French Cameroun Colonial soldiers opened fire into the congregation killing her and leaving a pastor (Rev. Voma Simon) and other worshipers critically injured. Although the pastor and the congregants in the recorded live video of the incident blamed the French Cameroun killing militias/soldiers, the Presbyterian church hierarchy could not re-echo their authentic story to the world. A release from the church hierarchy mumbles through the event, failing to call the killers by their names. The head of the Presbyterian Church in Kamerun, threw their pastor and Christians under the bus, motivated by not only fear but the goodies the French Cameroun dictatorship has been dishing out to mostly Christian religious leaders in British Cameroon. Not the first time that the overseer of the church – Moderator (Fonki Samuel Forbah) has defiled the scriptures to serve the devil. In 2018, he secretly abandoned peoples’ children under him to attend the swearing in of Paul Biya, who at that time had killed more than 15,000 of Christians most of them Presbyterians. Before attending the ceremony, the moderator had secretly paid about $4000 to the kidnappers without even telling parents that their children were under captivity. Below is the release from the Moderator of the Presbyterian Church, disagreeing with eye witness report by the Christians affected by the shooting at Balinyounga British Southern Cameroon (Ambazonia).

Who was Grace Numvi Titatang?

Ma Grace Numvi T.

Who was Grace Numvi Titatang? She grew up as an orphan. Her parents died at an early age, and she automatically became the mother for her younger siblings. She and her siblings found refuge and consolation in the church, where she unapologetically believes in truth and God’s unconditional love. Despite persuasion from her husband who is a Catholic by faith for her to switch faiths, Mrs. Grace insists on worshipping as a Presbyterian. Her husband due to harassment and extortion from the French Cameroun colonial military – accusing him of being a Restoration Force supporter/sympathizer, had to again abandon Ma Grace for safety in French Cameroun. She was just from visiting him at his exiled home a few weeks back, just for her life to be smoked out by the French Cameroun Colonial military. On the day of her assassination, her youngest child still depending on her mammalian glands was with her other daughter at the Sunday School section of the church. She was on her way to give her younger sibling to her mother for some breast milk when she saw her blood-soaked mother being wheeled on the gurney. The noise from the bewildered mourners could not drown the eight-year-old’s weeping voice. Yes her dear mother’s face was drenched in blood as the bullets from the French Cameroun Bulubeti militias seems to have thrust into the corner of her heart, splashing blood all over her head. Here was a woman who believed in God’s love and protection, but was killed in God’s own house. The truth she grew up upholding as a Christian was denied her siblings, her and children by the Church she depends on for protection. A communique of her shooting from the hierarchy of the church failed to acknowledge the French Cameroun soldiers for the killing. She leaves behind an about 16-month-old baby and two others, less than 10-years-old. She was buried on 5 August, 2021 in Balinyounga, where the Christians shamed the moderator of the church and its leadership for lying about the murderers of their comrade. Below is the on-the-spot videos of the murder as captured by the Christians who survived the church attack.


“Accused of collaborating with British Southern Cameroon (Ambazonia) Liberation fighters because she allowed her daughter to marry an Amba fighter in Nwa subdivision, Northwest part of the territory, Ma Nwang Lydia, 60, was shot dead by government forces on Wednesday, June 9, 2021”. That was all her crime. She is not the first and will not be the last. In April 2021, an innocent man in Momo County was killed by the French Cameroun soldiers because his adult son is part of the colonial resistance by British Southern Cameroonians. For many in Anglophone Cameroon (Ambazonia), the silence by the global community on these Atrocity Crimes is a disgrace to humanity. (Read her full story here).



In the village of Ndu in the northern part of the territory, recently. Grand Mama Ngwafku Adama, in her late 70s or early 80s, was on her way to the fields, when the happy trigger Bulubeti Militias unleashed their French-paid cartridges on her. She committed no crime. After eliminating her in the presence of her family members, the scofflaws took videos and close-ups of her dusty body to show to the world and their colonial bosses in the colonial capital Yaounde/Paris. From one of the close-ups, the image shows a dusty granny who must have whirled herself on the ground before finally giving up. Although such images have failed to prick the global community to end the genocide, it no doubt has everlasting psychological effect on the victims who watched the action unfold. Many citizens who have witnessed such barbarism have died from the shock afterwards. Such was the case of Mr. Ngwa Peter, from Bafut, whose son was shot in front of him, and forced to watch him bleed to death by the French Cameroun Bulubeti Militias.(Read Ngwa’s pain and death here)

The UN Must Stop this BLOODSHED NOW

The stories above are just the few that caught our attention. This year (2021) alone, more than 2000 have been killed. Toatally, more than 30,000 have been killed so far, more than 80,000 registered refugees in Nigeria, the world must insists on a ceasefire through an inclusive dialogue that examines the root causes of the conflict. As the days go by, hopes for any peaceful co-habitation between these former two UN-Mandated Trust Territories, are dissipating. While conflicts of unique origins and identities in Europe like in Yugoslavia have been handled through democratic means in which a vote has been called for to ask the wishes of those questioning their sense of being, in Africa and the rest of the third world, economic interests of the UN-member states have taken precedence irrespective of the rivers and streets flowing with innocent human blood. It happened in the conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea, North vs South Sudan, East Timor vs Indonesia etc

The British Southern Cameroon, as black Africa’s first democracy accepted to form a union of two equals with French Cameroun in 1961. Their values of freedom, justice, equality and democratic accountability like most Anglophone cultures worldwide have been decimated by the French Cameroun authorities and citizens who believes in strong individuals rather than institutions in the functioning of the state. The UN that coerced the British Territory into such false union has remained mute to the complete annexation of the once proud territory. French values like language, governance and centralization have been imposed on the territory; all violating the terms of the UN-brokered union in 1961. With the killing and burning (+10,000 homes) with more than a million internally-displaced, the French Cameroun authorities backed by France continue to refuse to go back to the table like they did in 1961. It is time for the UN and the United States to end the conflict through a negotiated solution. These killings once again show the intransigent nature of French Cameroun as they have violated and disobeyed every global step to end the conflict. The UN scribe and the Pope, called for a global ceasefire to enable the world handle the deathly Covid-19, but French Cameroun has continued to show that she is not only more deathly than the virus, but is above global laws and authorities. The bloodshed has to end now. For more on the history of the British Southern Cameroons, click here. For the Killings since 2016, Click here.