POTUS Must Act Now: The Army General who Executed an American Preacher and Burns Thousands of others Alive

The pride of an American travelling around the world is the confidence that his/her life is worth not less than every other American anywhere, even the President. People from other countries are aware that America leaves no one behind and nobody who harms an American is too big, strong or old to pay for that crime. From the closed country of North Korea with no diplomatic presence, to the scary hills of Afghanistan, no one who harms an American goes free. Jihadi John can testify in hell that, even behind the mask in the dreaded Raqqah, America got justice for the Americans he publicly displayed and killed.

Daring the US by Killing her citizens and Defying Calls for Dialogue to Stop Atrocity Crimes

One American whose life has proven to be worthless is that of Missionary Charles Wesco, murdered by General Agha Robinson, on 30th October, 2018, in front of his family in Bamenda, UN-mandated Territory of British Southern Cameroon. His death unlike other Americans was barely mentioned by the White House, nor White House Media corps . Very scary to many Americans around the world. Baffling that Mr. Wesco paid the price of a dictator’s defiance of the US, which had called for an inclusive dialogue to end the conflict. The US as a rising Super power after WWII, had voted for the Independence of the British Southern Cameroon in line with the rules of the UN Trusteeship Agreement which was to prepare these territories for complete independence, not Association with another (Mandated) territory. General Agha and his fellow soldiers from the former mandated territory of French Cameroun, have, embarked on relentless Atrocity Crimes on the once self-governing people of British Southern Cameroon, which was forced into a Union by the UN (in defiance of the UN Trusteeship Rules) with an “Independent” French Cameroun in 1961. The Wesco family had no iota of doubt about the killer and the reason: “quite probable he was targeted because he was a white, English-speaking American “ They told ABC News. The beautiful Wesco family had moved to Africa’s first democracy – British Cameroon, to live a peaceful life and to spread the word of God, to these welcoming people.

Journalist Mimi Mefo was clear that the killers were Gen. Agha’s boys. For speaking the truth, she was jailed. The “targeted killing” of English-speaking people by Gen. Agha has been known to the Americans since May 2018, when the U.S Ambassador in Yaounde Mr. Henry Balerin, told the world of Agha’s extermination tactics –“Targeted Killing of Anglophones” . This strategy as of today according to genocide expert Dr. Greg Stanton, is a Full Genocide. The Washington Post, captures the killing of Mr. Wesco, in the following report by which the interviewed Mimi and others fault Gen. Agha and his master – Paul Biya.

Washington Post’s Report on the Killing of Missionary Wesco

Who is Gen. Agha the Incinerator?

Gen. Agha Robinson was a timid kid at Cameroon Protestant College (CPC) Bali in the 70s. He was fondly called Mbuyang (Boredom), by his classmates. He was an average intelligent student, when compared to the competitive nature of CPC Bali at the time. He joined the French Cameroun Army with a single Advanced Level. Being an indecisive, and low – esteemed person, he became a stooge for the sanguinary Paul Biya. When Biya declared War on British Cameroon in December 2017, all he did was send the academically gullible Agha Robinson to annihilate his own people. This he did with a passion. Agha embarked on the most bloody killing of the minority English-speaking people. They were killed and burnt in their homes. Babies as young as six months and men as old as 92 were burnt at home. Handicaps beheaded, others killed on crutches and wheelchairs. Hospitals were burnt with patients in; nurses and doctors (some pregnant) summarily-executed. Villages and foodstuffs were razed. Others were killed and submerged in rivers, or buried in mass graves. His own Division of Origin Menchum, (his village is Eshimbi) was decimated with extra pride and arrogance, to please the 87-year-old Paul Biya. Christians were killed with no mercy. Young girls were sexually assaulted at gun point, others raped in broad daylight. Classmates of the gullible Agha wonder how a man should be sent to kill his own people, burn their villages, while building his own house, with imported materials. He disgraces the proud “Bali Old Boys”, who are known for their wit, some lament. Agha fails to learn from John Garang, who when sent to kill his own people, decamped and only returned to Khartoum for a peace agreement with North Sudan. His actions show just how vulnerable, insecure and unprincipled he still is. They concluded.

A Religious Tint to his Atrocity Crimes

Ethnic/Religious Cleansing by Aghaa in Wum, borrowed from the French in Rwanda in 1994.

Worst of the Genocidal tactics of Aghaa was religious extermination, in which the minority Fulanis/Muslims were armed and aided by his soldiers to kill and burn Christians and their homes. In total, Gen. Agha has killed more than 10,000 innocent British Cameroonians including Missionary Charles Wesco, and other Christians, and Bible Translators. He razed hundreds of villages, and disappeared others. For the brutal General Agha, allowing the families to identify and bury the corpses was leniency, which he detested. In order to exacerbate and immortalize the family trauma, the bodies were burnt by him and his soldiers. Sadly, Aghaa has remained a free man.

Men-of-God Murdered

Sexual Assault of Females: Gen. Aghaa, began his Ethnic/religious cleansing by convincing jittery parents of his Alma Mater CPC Bali to send their children to school in the ravaging war. Little did they know that he had a mission to not only execute teachers but abuse mostly the female students. Soldiers were not only allowed to abuse the students sexually, but those who resisted their sexual overtures were molested and humiliated publicly like swimming in mud to the glee of Agha’s boys. “Soak your breast well in the mud” Agha’s boys could be heard coercing the young girls at gun point to swim in mud, while they continue to laugh about their sexual organs.

Young Girls Being Sexually Abused by Agha’s boys in front of his Alma Mater, CPC Bali

The Incinerator: Gen. Agha is called the incinerator as not only people were burnt alive, but their corpses were after being killed. Gen. Agha and his Crimes Against Humanity have remained unsanctioned. His brutality was rewarded with millions of dollars, that enabled him to construct a king’s mansion in Bamenda, worth millions of dollars in the midst of a war, despite depriving others of their own refuge/huts. He remains one of the luckiest in the world for killing an American, presiding over ethnic and Religious cleansing of a people with documented evidence. Doesn’t the Wesco children and British Cameroonian Americans owe closure for their relatives eliminated by Agha Robinson and his acolytes? How different is a Killer of an American in the Middle East from that in Africa? Below is a precursor to Agha’s Crimes Against Humanity.

Video of Some of Agha’s Victims Burnt Alive.

Few Victims of Agha’s Genocide

French Cameroun Killed +251 British Cameroonians in December 2019

The experts like Dr. Greg Stanton of Genocide Watch have stated categorically that, what is happening with the UN-Mandated territory of British Southern Cameroon is a genocide, and the facts bear it. The UN charged with resolving the conflict has failed. In an interview on ABC Television, the global expert, still faults the UN for failing to learn from its failure in Rwanda.

The killings and burning intensified in December 2019. From Maumu Village in Fako, where killings and burning increased to Ngami Village in Ndu, in the northern Zone, the occupational forces from the French Cameroun colonizers were fierce. Youths were tied and shot for being British Cameroonians. No age was spared. In Ndop, Some apprehended youths were tied and dragged behind the military armored cars to the side of the express way (Ring Road) for public display. From the Hills of Sabga, one could hear the buzzing sound of flies as they hurry to feed on the decomposing corpses (read more). In Maumu, breastfeeding mothers fight to contain fires after killings and burning. In Mankon, it was pain and anguish as usual as three innocent youths were pulled out of their homes and executed. Similar extra-judicial killings were reported all over the territory, begging the question, whether the UN ever transferred the sovereignty of the UN Mandated Territory of British Southern Cameroon, at anytime to French Cameroun? Below are some of the images and videos of villages burnt and those killed by French Cameroun Bulubeti Militias/soldiers in the month of December 2019, in British Southern Cameroon.

Killed in British Cameroon in December 2019

British S.Cameroon Genocide: Father whose son was shot in front of him by French Cameroun Soldiers, passes on.

The episode was traumatizing; having to be forced to watch your own son bleed to death in front of you. Barely two months after the incident, this man in his late 40s succumbed to the traumatic stress of that day. Family members announced Mr. Ngwa Peter’s passing on 7 January, 2020, at Njimbee, Bafut. His son, Amahbo Cyprain, was shot in front of him, by French Cameroun soldiers. The family says, since the traumatic incident of 12 November, 2019, Mr. Ngwa has never recovered. His health degenerated and he could barely ambulate with the help of a wheelchair. Last Sunday, 5 January, 2020, at the local Presbyterian Church, Mr. Ngwa and others were dedicated to the lord, for his untiring mission in spreading the gospel. The mourning community fault the incident of 12 November, 2019 for the untimely passing of this hardworking and dedicated father. Mr. Ngwa is not the first to die from post-traumatic stress. A pastor who saw the images of the beheading of Samsoya in early 2018 in Belo, also died of the shock.

Mr. Ngwa Peter: Trauma Victim of French Cameroun Massacres

The Event of 12 November, 2019 that later Killed Mr. Ngwa Peter.

Some of the bullets were buried almost half a meter deep, where Amahbo Cyprain, about 19 was shot in Njimbee, Bafut, by French Cameroun Soldiers/militias. “We all were in the kitchen and the soldiers after prolonged shooting in the village and burning of the house of our neighbor, entered my house. We were all in panic, They pulled out my son and asked us to follow them. They then shot him in front of us, and ensured he bled to death before they left. There was no Restoration boys in our quarter. There was no exchange of fire. My son was a tire repair man in Bambui. He is an innocent child. Why they executed him like that, we cannot explain. To watch your own son bleed and die in front of you is….”. The traumatized parents of Amahbo Cyprain, could not hold back pain and tears as they told mourners last 16 November, 2019, at the interment of their son.

It should be noted that 50 Frenchcameroun soldiers invaded the quiet community of Njimbee, Bafut, on 12 November, 2019, shooting indiscriminately. A lucky victim recounts this: “I slept in a furrow 6 meters away, and saw them passing after they told me, not to run. I called on God to cover me with his blood. Muma Orlando, whom we stood was caught and shot about half a km away”. A panic-stricken survivor narrates. “They then, proceeded to smash all doors, ransacking houses, collecting valuables including cell phones. In short, they are thieves. They went to the square (Business District), smashed into bars and emptied the drinks. Amahbo Cyprain, another innocent civilian was also shot. They proceeded to burn the house of Pa Ngwa Mathew. It’s terrible. Our village has been peaceful all along. What they are looking for, I can’t tell” The shaky voice said. “I have remained in the village like others who dread the odds. Now I have to leave, to where, I don’t know?” the drained victim concluded.

Amahbo Cyprain: Killed because he is British Cameroonian

The genocide in the British Southern Cameroon, has claimed more than 15,000 lives, with more than 1.2 million displaced. Also, more than 3 million children are out of school. An additional 10000 homes have been burnt, with some 75,000 as refugees in Nigeria.The French Cameroun soldiers carrying out the Atrocity Crimes under 86-year-old Paul Biya, in power since 1992, have remained unsanctioned by the international community. According to the frail octogenarian – Paul Biya in Paris, France on 11 -13 November, 2019, the genocide on the minority English-speaking people of the Former British Cameroon, is to assimilate them into the larger French Cameroun (click here for video). Close to 250 British Cameroonians were killed in the month of October, 2019. (Click here for Evidence). Both Kameruns, were two autonomous countries that came together as two equals in 1961. For more on the genocide, click here. 

"It's a Genocide". Former U.S State Department Official Calls for Immediate Intervention in British Cameroon(Ambazonia)

He dissented with the State Department in 1994, to call it Genocide in Rwanda, and he was right. He is the finest global expert on GENOCIDE – A Professor of Genocide Studies and PreventionHead of Global Alliance Against Genocide, President of International Association of Genocide Scholars, Founder of Genocide Watch; a guide to spotting Genocide etc. Just like the ongoing killings in British Cameroon (Ambazonia), where the U.S has remained silent, as indicated earlier, Dr. Gregory Stanton, courageously dissented with the U.S Government Policy of silence on the Genocide in Rwanda in 1994. He was later assigned to draft the UNSC Resolution that created the International Criminal Tribune for Rwanda, the Burundi Commission of Inquiry and the Central African Arms Flow. He also drafted the UN Peacekeeping Operation Resolution that helped brought an end to the Mozambique Civil War. Still at the State Department, where he worked from 1992-99, Dr. Gregory Stanton, equally wrote the State Department Options Paper on ways to bring the Kamer Rouge to Justice in Cambodia. He was in 1994 awarded the American Foreign Service Association’s W. Averell Harriman Award for “extraordinary contributions to the practice of diplomacy exemplifying intellectual courage,” based on his dissent from U.S. policy on the Rwandan genocide.

Dr. Gregory Stanton

Sounding the alarm recently on the Atrocity Crimes in British Cameroon on ABC Television, Dr. Stanton, best known for his work on the 10 stages of genocide, on the site Genocide Watch was categorical that the stages have been exhausted in British Cameroon (Ambazonia), and intervention long overdue. The government of French Cameroon he says is now in the denial stage, and since the world is silent, she continues the killings. According to Prof. Stanton, self-defense is a legitimate weapon of defense, in a fight for survival like in British Cameroon, where women, children and their villages are killed and razed. On how the 10 stages fits in the British Cameroon genocide, click here. (Story Continues below)

For corpses of some of the more than 20,000 Killed, click here.

STOP Press

The Army General who murdered an American Preacher and Burns others Alive
“…embarked on the most bloody killing of the minority English-speaking people. They were killed and burnt in their homes. Babies as young as six months and men as old as 92 were burnt at home. Handicaps beheaded, others killed on crutches and wheelchairs. Hospitals were burnt with patients in; nurses and doctors (some pregnant) summarily-executed. Villages and foodstuffs were razed. Others were killed and submerged in rivers, or buried in mass graves. His own Division of Origin Menchum, (his village is Eshimbi) was decimated with extra pride and arrogance, to please the 87-year-old Paul Biya. Christians were killed with no mercy. Young girls were sexually assaulted at gun point, others raped in broad daylight.… (Read More here)

Dr. Greg Stanton Con’t

Listen to the interview on ABC Television:

Dr. Greg Stanton on ABC Television

Who Really is Dr. Gregory Stanton?

He is the finest gem on GENOCIDE. Dr. Gregory Stanton is the former Research Professor in Genocide Studies and Prevention at the George Mason University in Fairfax CountyVirginia. He is best known for his work in the area of genocide studies. He is the founder and president of Genocide Watch, the founder and director of the Cambodian Genocide Project, and the Chair of the Alliance Against Genocide. From 2007 to 2009 he was the President of the International Association of Genocide Scholars. He was the Research Professor in Genocide Studies and Prevention at the School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution, George Mason University, Arlington, Virginia, until his retirement in 2019….. (Click here for more of his biography)

Cameroun: More Internally- Displaced Anglo-War Victims in Yaounde

Instead of moving refugees back to their villages less than 20 KMs away, (because the French Cameroun, Bulubeti Militias are still burning and killing), French Cameroun in a show of media desperation is said to have flown some British Cameroon Refugees about 561 km away to its capital Yaounde, on 31 November, 2019. These are some of the refugees that the same government ordered to relocate and follow suit by burning them and their villages, especially the old who could not re-locate as they ordered. The said refugees (mostly French Cameroun citizens who were caught in the burning), are being ferried to swell the ranks of more than 800,000 internally-displaced British Cameroonians in the Town, living in misery with constant harassment. This violation of international laws further entrenches the disaster of the UN as a lame-duck organization, bent on giving legitimacy to the new breed of “Hitlers” with impunity. This UN’s willful neglect of the conflict in the Cameroons, is metamorphosing into the greatest disaster of the UN, its Security Council Members and its agencies. The conflict which has displaced more than 2.5 million people both nationally and internationally is showing just how ineffective the organization has become.

French Cameroun Authorities Ordering Villagers to relocate or be Killed

Easiest Conflict to Resolve

The conflict according to experts is the easiest to be resolved by an organization trumpeting itself as the harbinger of global peace, security and guarantor of safety/refuge for the persecuted. The parties to the Union of the Two Cameroons in 1961, such as the Queen of England, UN and many voters are still alive. So why allow the killing of innocent children, when those running away know the facts of the conflict and blame the UN for denying them JUSTICE? “Should MIGHT BE RIGHT? Even when the facts are indisputable?” A frustrated refugee asked to Antonio Guterres, UN SG. No doubt the conflict has been marked by Lies Deception, Denials, Silence and intransigence. The perpetrator of the Conflict – French Cameroun’s President Paul Biya, in November 2019, in Paris stated that he wanted to assimilate the English-speaking people who came to the Union in 1961. Think of the UK telling Scotland that they wanted to erase their identity, or Canada telling the world that the war she declared on Quebec was because he wanted to assimilate the French-speaking people of the province to the majority English-speaking country. A global outrage would have ensued. Why should more than 20,000 people be killed because a Neo-colonialist leader is bent on spreading European influence, not an African culture, on another African Country. Why he asked to he UN System?

BBC Report of French Cameroun Soldiers Burning Villages in British Cameroon

The UN has failed to give protection to the “Targeted killing” of the minority English people. Instead of embarking on a negotiation with the parties to get to the root cause of the conflict, it has opted for cosmetic solutions, falsifying the history in trying to justify the ethnic cleansing. With more than 1.500,000 internally displaced and more than 3million children in the territory not going to school, the French Cameroun authorities, in a typical colonial style pulled ot another scam in its tool box to further embarass the global system and UN in particular. It has embarked on forcefully repatriating refugees (mostly French Cameroun citizens) who got caught up in the torch war fare and now refugees in Nigeria, to display to the docile UN and its accomplice agencies in Yaounde as a solution to the conflict that has erased more than 10,000 homes in more than 300 communities. The question one authority from one of the refugee camps in Nigeria has for the UN and its failed Agencies is is why should British Cameroonians be killed by /french Cameroun, when they left Nigeria in 1954, without a spank?

The conflict as the UN and its members know has continued because the US Trusteeship Council, which still meets is unwillingness to demand for the balkanized African countries to maintain their various European-induced boundaries at their “supposed” independence, which is 1960 for French Cameroon (an its fixed boundary) and 1961 for British Cameroon (with its own fixed bundary)

British Southern Cameroonian Refugees Celebrating Xmas 2019 in their Camps in Nigeria.

Oprah and The Color of Discrimination: Malala vs Eileen

On October 9, 2012, the world was in shock, when the Pakistani Taliban, shot 15-year-old Malala Yousafzai. She was just one of the victims of tragedy around the world that day, however her story was the main global headlines for days. Global sympathies poured in. Leaders tussle to snatch part of the Malala media monopoly by being the first to pledge support for her and the fight against the Pakistani Taliban.

One thing this global attention did was save her life as she was airlifted to the UK for urgent medical attention. After her recovery, she became a global icon advocating for education for women all over the world. Global leaders received her and so were media houses clamoring to have her voice in their output. Black super talk show hosts like Oprah, and all female shows like The View all booked her for appearances. The unique Ellen DeGeneres was not left out of the Malala frenzy. Decision-making bodies like the U.S Congress received her. These media attention gave a false notion to every abused and oppressed girl around the world that the global media and womenfolk in particular have their back.

Oprah Galvanizing Global Sympathy for Malala

Another benefit was the renewed attention that the Pakistani Taliban got. The West intensified their efforts in putting the terror group at bay. The Pakistani Taliban acknowledged their assassination attempt on the advocate claiming it was a retaliation for her pro-western stance and relentless support for girls’ education. Malala no doubt stands as a symbol of what the world can achieve if they collectively stand for what is right. She was lucky too that the global West was united in their hate for the

Image result for oprah and malala
Malala on Ellen DeGeneres

Pakistani Taliban, after all the Taliban as a whole have no viable resource like oil that the West really needs. This accounts for why Malala could easily have access to every global leader and even addressed the UN. She became a global advocate for education, encouraging young girls to be engaged on social media, except the fact that her social media feet from persecuted female children/girls will never get a response. She even was awarded the Nobel Peace Price in 2014.

Taliban attacked Malala for being Pro-western, but Eileen and her people are being annihilated for Western interest – BLOOD FOR OIL“.

More Gruesome “Malalas” Ignored

On 1st October, 2017, 13-year-old Eileen Fola, was minding her own business in her home in North West British Cameroon, when soldiers ordered by an 86-year-old dictator shot her on the head like Malala and oozed out her right eye and socket. Yes, more scary and riskier than Malala’s. Just like Malala had urged the world to be engaged on social media to tell their stories, the astonished poor people of this community, who have no access to the internet, (as the dictator cut off the lethargic internet before the crimes) struggled to get the images of the gruesome act to the same sympathizers of Malala – the media and global political leaders. This writer personally connected to Malala to raise the alarm on the Atrocity Crimes. Our team reached out to celebrities like UNICEF’s Angelina Jolie, (who at the time urged the world to stand up for Malala) etc. Oprah, The View, Helen DeGeneres and every major network and journalist in the world got a tweet or Facebook posting about the Crimes Against Humanity on Eileen and her people. None responded.

The Shattered Face of Eileen. (More here)

The day that Eileen was shot, more than 200 others were deliberately shot to maim, with more than 160 killed not by the Taliban, but by soldiers of a “constituted government”.  Unlike the Taliban, that became a global pariah, Paul Biya of French Cameroun was praised, shielded from his actions, invited to address the United nations. The UK government signed an oil deal with him for the oil which Eileen and his people are being killed for even, with blood, corpses on the streets and villages of the territory.(click here for the oil deal). The effect of this global acceptance of Crimes Against Humanity was that it emboldened the dictator thus luring him to up his mass extermination of the people of the territory of British Cameroon.

Image may contain: one or more people
Still Looking for Justice in a Continuous Genocide

Till date the killing continues with almost 20,000 dead, with close to 10,000 homes burnt by the French Cameroun soldiers under Paul Biya, who continues to enjoy immunity from Western Powers that pride themselves on Human Rights and Dignity. Apart from the more than 2 million internally-displaced, there are more than 75,000 as refugees in Nigeria. Just like the Pakistani Taliban, who became a global scorn for trying to deny Malala and her friends education, more than 3 million children today are out of school in British Cameroon alone, caused by a dictator, in an attempted assimilation of English-speaking people. According to history and UN records the territory was an autonomous country that formed a union with French Cameroun in 1961. Just like the union of Senegal and Gambia (82 -89), that never worked, the majority-speaking French oversea territory are bent on erasing the minority English-speaking territory to spread France’s influence to the silence of the world. The Norwegian Refugee council describes the conflict as the most neglected in the world.

Human Rights Vs Economic Interest

The world that united against the Taliban this time around find themselves with an economic interest – oil. The people of Eileen’s part of Cameroon, are just like the British, who elected to join the EU, and when they found out that the EU, was not living up to British values, they opted for a referendum to leave the EU. In the case of Eileen’s people, France and the UK, that currently have abundant oil interest in the British Cameroons, preferred to provide the French Cameroun Government with the money, arms and global protection to kill the minority English-speaking people of this region. The silence of the Western media to Eileen Fola and her people has let to this genocide that the U.S Ambassador to Cameroun Henry Balerin, calls “targeted killing” of anglophones. Women and babies have been killed as young as 4 months, mothers and children have deliberately been burnt in their homes. It is above Atrocity Crimes. (click pics for enlargement)

Is Black Dark?

With all these documented Atrocity Crimes, the world has stood mute. The dictator has embarked also on a sophisticated lobbying scheme in Washington. While Malala and others like the three-year-old Alan Kurdi from Syria in 2015, got the desired global attention, Eileen and the horrific killings of his people in British Cameroon, have not. Oprah and other black media personalities and celebrities who champion far less fetal social issues still remained blind to the genocide. This silence of the global media has just one explanation – color (Black is Dark, and thus invisible). Had Eileen been another race, the global rage and attention would have been different. Three years and counting with killings that Prof. Stanton of genocide Watch now calls full GENOCIDE (click for interview), dictator Biya is still a darling of the West. The Taliban attacked Malala for being pro-western, but Eileen and her people are being annihilated for Western interest – BLOOD FOR OIL. What a paradox! Can the world seek justice for Eileen like they did for Malala? Waiting. (For images and stories of the genocide on Eileen’s people click here) and here

For an Exclusive image history of Eileen’s suffering, click here

British S.Cameroon Genocide: Meluf: Remembering Genocide Victims in a Genocide.

The French Cameroun government in charge of the killings refused it never happened. The governor in charge of the Killings Mr. Lele Afrique, still displays the prison keys to any journalist who dares report about the killings. Even men-of-God were scared to tell the truth about the killings. A seemingly scared Prelate – Reverend Father Humphrey Tata Mbuy, Director of Communications in the Diocese of Bamenda, said this a few months later in an interview with The Voice Newspaper

“The statistics are alarming, and I would at this moment fear to even give them because they can shock every one of us. But I can take the ones that are already online because they were posted online. That is the one from the diocese of Kumbo and these are statistics from 19 out of 36 parishes which are telling us that in the last three months only, 750 houses have been burnt, 250 people have been killed and over 10 000 are internally displaced…” . (Read more here)

That Wednesday 5 December, 2018, the French Cameroun military invaded the village of Meluf in Bui County of British Cameroon. They were merciless. They killed and burnt from Humans to pigs. In total, more than 6 were killed plus a mad man. With no one to provide them solace or protection, the church provided the necessary comfort on that faithful day, as some of the corpses were transported to God’s acre in the area (videos below). The church itself is not spared by the arrogant and untouchable French Cameroun military. With the killings, the happy military and their bosses just hope the pains and memories will disappear.

With the pain still fresh in their minds, sympathizers in Meluf, Bui County early this month dreaded the bullets, charred buildings and deserted communities to remember the people killed on 5 December, 2018 and others killed in the ongoing genocide in the village and entire British Cameroon. For the prelates present, the lord knows why. For the relatives of the murdered, the pain is still fresh as was on that day, and the gaps unfilled till justice is delivered.

Bui County, like any other part of British Cameroon has been decimated by the untouchable French Cameroun Bulubeti Militias/Military. Only an independent fact-finding mission can ascertain the real number of victims of this genocide that the perpetrators have been struggling to conceal for three years now. For now, the killings accelerate as victims continue to remember their loved ones in hiding. Many are scared of being made a statistics by the French Cameroun military that is bent on erasing the people of British Southern Cameroons, who voted to join an independent French Cameroun in 1961 as two equal states.

Meleuf Massacre 5 December, 2018

S. Cameroon Genocide: Horror in Ndop: "Baby and Mother Killed….Dragged behind the Armored Car to display by the roadside". Witness Account.

The Village of Bamesing in British Cameroon remains deserted since 11 December, 2019. For the fat-belly buzzing flies, Christmas couldn’t have come at a better time. French Cameroun military killings in the village were cruel and random. More than 10 were killed. No age was spared. Some apprehended youths were tied and dragged behind the military armored cars to the side of the express way (Ring Road) for public display. From the Hills of Sabga, one could hear the buzzing sound of flies as they hurry to feed on the decomposing corpses. AGL spoke to an eye witness about the carnage:

AGL: What happened in Ndop?

Witness: Military invaded Bamesing village with a “black leg” in their car who was pointing “Amba” fighters’ family houses as they go about killing them and when they don’t meet you in the house, your wife or child is at risk. They burnt houses and the 10 corpse that they killed the corpses were tied and dragged to the road side and placed there as people pass and look. After this attack they created their camp in the village and are there till now, since last Wednesday.

An Innocent Father killed in Ndop and being framed by French Cameroun Soldiers, with a Dane gun

AGL: Which other areas were attacked?

Witness: Babanki, Mbesoh(quarter) and particularly Bamesing.

AGL: We Learnt corpses of babies and pregnant women were rotting by the roadside?

Witness: The baby was the child of an Amba fighter, from Mbesoh, who was not seen in the house when they arrived, so they killed the wife and the child.

AGL: Can you describe the nature of the corpses – old, young etc?

Witness: It was difficult to identify all the corpses by name, at the roadside because there are armies everywhere and some are said to be hiding in the bushes, waiting for the families to come to collect, the rotting corpses so they kill more. My driver locked up the windows because of the smell and ran passed, but we got a general picture. Most were youths, with their hands tied behind their backs.

AGL: Can you give me a picture of the village?

Witness: The stench in the area is unbearable. All the villagers are in bushes and nearby villages, begging for shelter and something to eat. The road passing through the village has been blocked as the boys got angry, for the indiscriminate killing of innocent women and children.

AGL: Any Pictures?

Witness: hahaha! do you want to kill me? Military is hiding around the corpses waiting to kill more.

AGL: Thanks. Stay safe.

Image result for Lele Afrique governor
The French Cameroun appointed Governor, Mr. Adolf Afrique, in charge of the genocide

BRITISH S.CAMEROON GENOCIDE: +1300 Killed Since Rep. Karen Bass Left Cameroun (See Images Attached).


Dictators are not pampered with words alone. This is by no means asking the U.S to launch a full-scale invasion of French Cameroun, but if history is anything to go by, then Neville Chamberlain would have saved more than 6 million Jews from Hitler, with his “Peace for our Times” agreement in 1938. Mr. Paul Biya of French Cameroun, can be Hitler with his brutality on the British Southern Cameroonians, but he is no Hitler in economic or military might, and above all having the strength to defy the values that make the U.S feared and respected globally – Human Rights. Former State Department Official, Prof. Gregory Stanton, of genocidewatch.org has stated emphatically that the situation in British Cameroon is a full-fledged Genocide. Prof. Stanton is no kid when it comes to monitoring and sounding alarm bells about genocide around the world. Among other titles and achievements, he is an international scholar on genocide, having headed the International Alliance to End Genocide. Prof. Stanton worked at the State Department from 1992-1999, and drafted the UN Security Council Resolution Creating the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, and the Burundi Commission of Inquiry. (Watch his declaration on British Cameroon here).

Rep. Karen Bass: Appeasing dictators with documented Atrocity Crimes is Wrong for U.S Values

On May 7, 2019, Congress Woman Karen Bass, alongside seven other Congress members sponsored a resolution which reads among other things as follows: “The resolution is calling on the Government of Cameroon and all armed groups to respect the human rights of all Cameroonian citizens, to end all violence, and to pursue a broad-based dialogue without preconditions to resolve the conflict in the Northwest and Southwest regions.” Read More here.

In June 26, prior to her visit to Cameroun, The Congress Woman issued this stern warning (below) to Paul Biya of Cameroun, while urging her colleagues to support the resolution. In Cameroon in July (1-3), 2019, she was firm on the need to respect the values of Human Rights.

Rep Karen Bass in Congress about Cameroon Genocide

Mounting Evidence of Serious Crimes

To give Rep. Bass’ delegation a taste of the situation in British Cameroon, Relief Web, which works extensively with religious entities around the world updated these dire statistics: “Out of 789 protection incidents in the month of July 36.4% are related to the destruction of houses and villages. Out of the 74 rape cases recorded only 13 were able to obtain health care services due to the absence of services in their localities. 785 cases of GBV were reported in the same month with indications that both are on the rise”. Concerning dialogue, the organ also wrote: On the 19 of July 2019, the Swiss Ambassador and the Africa Director for Humanitarian Dialogue met with the Prime Minster of Cameroon. In a declaration on 27 July 2019, the chairperson of the AU Commission welcomed the initiative for dialogue to resolve the NWSW crisis. He reaffirmed AU support for any initiative aimed at peace, stability and national reconciliation in Cameroon. (Read More here).

Fast Forward to 13 December Letter to Paul Biya

On 13 December, 2019, the Congress woman and her colleagues again issued a similar weeping memo to Dictator Biya. (Read more here). This latest warning forgot about the more than 1300 Killed by French Cameroun Soldiers since the Congress people left French Cameroun in July 2019. Below are the images of those who have lost their lives as the “Hitler” of the British Cameroons is appeased like Adolf Hitler. Biya has refused foreign investigators to this genocide, including UN observers, but is allowed to get away with what Yahya Jammeh, never could. Razing villages, killing babies (as young as 4 months) and pregnant women is GENOCIDE. The West has stopped similar anticipated mass killings before, like in Bosnia in 1992 and in Libya when Qaddafi, was planning to fish out everybody in Benghazi in 2011.

The U.S Congress has a duty immediately to call for an urgent end to the conflict, an inclusive dialogue and an independent Investigation to British Cameroon. It is imperative.

The UN nation has failed in its moral duty to the persecuted people of the UN Mandated Territory of British (Southern) Cameroon. The territory in 1953, the same year that Congress Woman Karen Bass, was born, moved out of the Eastern House of Assembly in Nigeria, due to marginalization to become an independent quasi territory, with a full Prime Minister, Parliament, state ministers, and a vibrant democracy unheard of in Africa at the time. Nobody was killed, like the +20,000 killed so far by French Cameroun. Rep. Karen Bass, On November 28, 2018, was elected to chair of the Congressional Black Caucus for the 116th Congress. She serves also as Chair of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Africa, Africa, Global Health, Global Human Rights and International Organizations and the House Committee on the Judiciary where she serves as Acting Chair of the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security.

Below are the Evidence of people killed since Rep. Karen Bass and her colleagues left Cameroun.

+134 Killed in May 2019

Here are the images: https://ambazoniagenocidelibrary.com/2019/06/05/british-southern-cameroon-genocide-more-than-134-killed-in-may-2019/

+200 Killed in June 2019

Here are the images https://ambazoniagenocidelibrary.com/2019/07/07/british-s-cameroon-genocide-close-to-200-murdered-in-june-2019/

Handicap called Stick Man, Killed in Kumba, Southern British Cameroon

+202 Killed in July 2019

Here are the images: https://ambazoniagenocidelibrary.com/2019/08/04/british-s-cameroons-genocide-here-are-the-corpses-of-the-202-killed-in-july-2019/

+161 Killed in August 2019

Here are the images: https://ambazoniagenocidelibrary.com/2019/09/10/british-s-cameroon-genocide-babies-pregnant-women-among-the-160-killed-in-august-2019-by-french-cameroun-soldiers-2/

Six Month Abigail and mother Killed in Ndop, Northern British Cameroon

+146 Killed in September 2019

Here are the images: https://ambazoniagenocidelibrary.com/2019/10/07/global-scam-alert-biya-murders-145-english-speakers-in-september-2019-while-parading-dialogue/

Innocent Kid and family members massacred in Mutengene,
Southern British Cameroon

+241 Killed in October 2019

Here are the images: https://ambazoniagenocidelibrary.com/2019/11/10/british-s-cameroon-genocide-241-killed-in-october-2019-by-france-and-french-cameroun-soldiers/

Scores of Innocent Bike Riders, rounded up and Shot on a hill in Mbot, Northern British Cameroon

+218 Killed in November 2019

Here are the images: https://ambazoniagenocidelibrary.com/2019/12/05/british-s-cameroon-genocide-they-kill-we-count-the-world-watches-218-killed-in-november-2019/

Blindfolded and ready to be killed in Fako, British S. Cameroon

British S.Cameroon Genocide: "Dogs" Fight to Save Maumu Village Razed by French Cameroun Military.

The sympathizers include, not their political representatives, but livestock (sheep and goats) that watch in agony as the fire consumes houses of their masters on 11 December, 2019. The poor and frustrated villagers run helter-skelter, some bemused. A woman with a baby on her back hurries to the village’s party store as the fire blazes through a section of the wooden structure. The heat and smoke didn’t deter her as she uses a rock to pick the lock on the door, as sympathizers throng in to help save whatever could be saved from the greedy fire. Seemingly drained of any shock, as the torching is not unusual, their communal weapon of wailing/empathy spiced the village’s atmosphere. “Jesus, Jesus” A voice beckons. Their plea to the international community has yielded no fruit. Their only weapon now seems to be their faith.

Dog Watching “Dogs”….

“Maumu, Maumu” a weeping voice reverberates. “Cameroun Military invaded Maumu and removed them from their homes and set the homes on fire”. The voice narrates in the video, as a baffled dog looks on, as his “kindred” ferry stuff away from the flames. British Cameroonians are called dogs (chien) by the French Cameroun’s Appointed Governor to the territory, Mr. Okalia Bilai, who has now killed more than 8000 British Cameroonians, since he started calling them dogs. Last month, more than 108 were killed by the governor, setting some ablaze in their homes (Click here).

Mr. Okalia Bilai, Setting the Tone for the Genocide, by calling British Cameroonians Dogs (Chien in French)

Desperate boys back from their hideouts as they are targets of the French Cameroun military, watch in desperation as the embers and ash, signal a job well done by the French Cameroun Bulubeti Militias/military, under the command of Governor Bilai. “They just burnt these homes for nothing”, one discombobulated man chimes in as he walks by the remains of some of the buildings gulped by the fire. Maumu is farming community located in the outskirt of the town of Buea, in British Southern Cameroon. This “Torch Warfare”, by the French Cameroun military in British Southern Cameroun is yet to be condemned by anybody in meaningful authority. More than 9500 homes have been torched since the conflict began some three years ago. (see images here)

Maumu Village Torched by French Cameroun Soldiers/Militias 11 December 2019