“Accused of collaborating with British Southern Cameroon (Ambazonia) Liberation fighters because she allowed her daughter to marry an Amba fighter in Nwa subdivision, Northwest part of the territory, Ma Nwang Lydia, 60, was shot dead by government forces on Wednesday, June 9, 2021”. That was all her crime. She is not the first and will not be the last. In April 2021, an innocent man in Momo County was killed by the French Cameroun soldiers because his adult son is part of the colonial resistance by British Southern Cameroonians. For many in Anglophone Cameroon (Ambazonia), the silence by the global community on these Atrocity Crimes is a disgrace to humanity.

Similar Atrocity Crimes elsewhere

This story from an eye witness in Ndop County a while ago affirms the fact that lives of any British Southern Cameroonian is worthless

AGL: We Learnt corpses of babies and pregnant women were rotting by the roadside?

Witness: The baby was the child of an Amba fighter, from Mbesoh, who was not seen in the house when they arrived, so they killed the wife and the child. Full story here


On Sunday 29th of May, 2021 at Mile two Nkwen, Bamenda, Beltus, a bike rider and a father of 1, was on his bike when the French Cameroun soldiers hit him and his only source of survival – his bike. As he showed frustration by demanding why they hit his bike, one of the arrogant and untouchable French Cameroun Bulubeti militias under mummified Paul Biya with no iota of remorse unloaded his AK on the poor Beltus. His head was shattered into pieces. “They were smiling behind the pickup after shooting Beltus” An onlooker narrates. “What can we do? nothing. We are animals. The other time one of our fiends was shot because he could not give them 500 cfa($1) as bribe. Someone should help us. Please.” He pleaded.

Yer Village Invasion: On Saturday May 29, 2021 The same unhinged French Cameroun soldiers backed by France invaded the village of Yer in Nso, Bui division pulling out every male from their homes , beat them and allegedly collected money, several village sources have confirmed. “After severe torture, they will demand 10,000frs in order to set the victim free”

In Ekok, Eyumojock subdivision, in Manyu County, is searching for the whereabouts of their brother after the French Cameroun colonial Bulubeti colonial militias/soldiers arrested him at his construction site on May 21, 2021. “A brother of ours was picked up by BIR in his building site since early May 21, 2021, we haven’t known his whereabouts nor heard from him. His name is, Assam Kenneth Ayamba, popularly called Machine.” A Relative narrates. Like other missing British Southern Cameroonians, his body is surely decomposing in a bush or in a stream. Several citizens of the region have been killed and thrown in rivers, others buried alive and others submerged with heavy objects in rivers by French Cameroun soldiers. Some victims were tied to trees in the forest and let to die and rot like these decomposing corpses in Manyu County of the territory.

KILL AND DUMP: The wife of Eric Fodiy in Wainamah, in Nso area, northern portion of the territory collapsed after the corpse of her husband was discovered days after in the bush. Cameroon News Agency reports that French Cameroun Bulubeti militias/soldiers kidnapped three men in Jakiri town, Jakiri Sub Division on Tuesday 27 May, 2021, and took them to an unknown destination. Two of the men whose bodies were later discovered are Eric Fodiy and Blasius Tardzenyuy. The third person’s name is still unknown. The three men were in their 40s or above.

Following the killing of about five French Cameroun soldiers in the village of LASSIN, by British Southern Cameroons self-defense volunteers, the French Cameroun Bulubeti militias randomly went after innocent civilians. They killed two civilians and arrested four in Kuvlu on May 27, 2021.The genocidal French Cameroun army were on their way to Lassin, through the villages of Luh and Ntur-ba-nyam.

EKURU VILLAGE MASSACRE: French Cmeroun colonial forces killed at least 8 civilians in Ekuru village, Ako Sub Division in the North West part of British Cameroons (Ambazonia). Villagers say the forces arrived early Monday May 31, tied up young men and shot them at close range. Most of the victims were dragged from their beds without clothes and shoes. The colonial forces were reacting to an attack on two forces between the localities of Ako and Nkambe Subdivisions. Ekuru is neighboring village to Amba but the Fon that controls these villages lives in Akwaja.

Luh Village Massacre: Early Monday May 31, 2021, French Cameroun Bulubeti Militias/soldiers killed two brothers as they invaded Mbunkfu quarter in Luh village, in Ndu Sub Division in the North West region. Pa Yembe died on the spot while his brother, Pa Christian who sustained injuries died later. More than 7 civilians were seriously injured. This attack was carried out by a mixture of vigilante group members and the French Cameroun colonial soldiers camping around a place called Ndemsa.

Killings in Luh Village

Lynching and Forced Suicides

Random killings were carried out by French Cameroun soldiers all over the territory as seen from this eye witness report in Kumbo area. “The military just shot and killed one civilian guy in junction Bamkikai Kumbo. This young man just came last weekend to bury his father May 26, 2021.” Same was reported in Lebialem where an innocent man – Anthony was hanged by the French Cameroun Military. Military moved into Njentse village pulled Anthony out of his house and got him well beaten then used a rope made a noose and hung him on a tree, where he died painfully .”And it should be noted that his younger brother is in Kondengui prison now for years just because of this struggle and he was the only one looking after this his jailed brother.”Same killings took place in Mautu where a grand mother and her grand daughter was murdered out of fun by the French Cameroun soldiers. (Pictures below in the gallery).

Suicide in Fundong:

A recent case in point is that of a poor barber call Kuma Innocent aka “Discuss”. He had his barber’s shop at the Fundong park ,and unfortunately for him thieves broke through his door and used his ceiling as an passage into other shops where they stole properties. These la Republique vigilantes together with the terrorists gendarmes arrested this barber and accused him of the theft .He was asked to pay the sum of 500,000frs , imagine a village barber who hardly earns 1000frs per week is ask to pay 500,000frs .How and where will he get that kind of money from ?They told him to go and search for the money giving him a deadline to pay the said sum . He went home took his barbing machine and handed it to his mother to Keep. He then disappeared and was only discovered after a while that he had taken his own life by hanging himself on a tree. The incident is blamed on French Cameroun funded vigilantes. Ever since those rogues in the name of vigilantes were planted in Fundong by the La Republique agents ,the people of that community have gone through hell as they frame up stories and get you arrested to the Gendarmerie, where you will

be charge to pay exorbitant amounts of money.


Renowned French Cameroun blogger now in exile Michel Bien Tong reports that, “BIYA POWER MURDER IN BAMBALANG AND ACCUSES INDEPENDENTISTS: Trustworthy sources, on the night of May 25th to 26th, a militia close to Yaoundé’s power (other sources talk about Cameroonian soldiers in civil) abducted an imam and his deputy before killing them from cold blooded in Mbashih village, BAMBALANG (northwest or northern Southern Cameroons).According to a local native we contacted, these religious leaders lived in harmony with the population and were highly appreciated by the BAMBALANG Marines Forces (the armed group that hairdresses the locality) for their preaching to them. But Biya power activated its propaganda machine to make international opinion believe that these imams were killed by BAMBALANG Marines Forces. His relay agent par excellence on social media, a certain Nkonda Titus aka Ma Kontri Pipo Dem, is the one who released the information as well as the victim s’ images. Don’t ask us who he got them from, you already guess.It should be remembered that this assassination occurs hours after 6 Cameroonian soldiers were killed in Lassin (a village near Bambalang)”

Bodies of Imams Killed in Bambalang, NW British Cameroons

SCORCH EARTH IN TADU, NSO BRITISH CAMEROONS: Frustrated with no collaboration from the people of the territory, French Cameroun soldiers continue their scorch-earth policies al over the territory. From Ndian to Nkambe, their presence has caused desertion from the communities. This has not only given them the latitude to steal but also burn the leftovers from the stores of the poor villagers. In the month of May 2021, the most conspicuous scene (18 May, 2021) was in Tadu village in Kumbo area. More than 40 homes were burnt by the French Cameroun soldiers. The looted stores were set ablaze. Livestock was killed at random. Several casualties have been recorded in these attacks, with one of them being a pregnant woman who received a bullet in her stomach around “Kona Water” towards Mbveh in Kumbo. Below are the chilling images of the destruction from a colonial government that at the same time is scamming foreign bodies to contribute money to reconstruct the more than 450 villages burnt in British Southern Cameroons.

Names of families rendered homeless in Tadu. These are the individuals whose houses were burnt and who are on the run for now with their children after been rendered homeless.The ngoi compoundLate mbinkar AUgustaSanda oumaraouHassan manjoLate willian komeLate banlanjo GeorgeMborong isaacLate William mborongMborong isaacThaddeus mborongFai Kih cpdHumphrey ghansibeLate genevarius Lukong leoNgalim joeWorngo AbelAbel banilaLate chrisanthus lukongLate brother to LukongJingkoo winifredNgwang kavi Oliver



Family members were in absolute shock and anger, with no one to listen to their agony. With French Cameroun military casualties mounting and with inability to conceal from the world, revenge has been on the vulnerable citizens. Their homes are razed, livelihoods decimated. The poor farmers were at a training meeting to better their farming know how in the farming community of Bafanji, 5 June, 2021, when the French Cameroun soldiers surrounded the building and opened fire on them. The massacre was ordered by the French Cameroun colonial governor of the region, Mr. Lele Afrique. One of the shot farmers died at the bare bone hospital in the area. Like the other assassinations of innocent civilians in this 4-year-old genocide, no one has bothered to issue any explanations to the vulnerable people of British Southern Cameroons. Traditional leaders, colonially-imposed mayors and parliamentarians of the ruling oligarchy are too scared to sympathize openly with these mourning families. Some sympathizers claim the soldiers were called by French Cameroun spies littered in villages facilitating the genocide. “They don’t value our lives, as no one just kill people from hearsay. Why didn’t they even arrest them?” A mourner questions.


Since the genocide began more than 4 years ago, the French Cameroun colonial governor of the region, nicknamed butcher has killed more than 10,000 innocent civilians. He has equally presided over the razing of more than 230 villages in his colonial area of command. so far, the global community has remained silent, thanks to the backing by France of the Atrocity Crimes of French Cameroun. To count some of the corpses killed by Lele Afrique, click here and here. More than 24000 people so far have been killed in the genocidal war declared by French Cameroun, on the once autonomous territory of British Southern Cameroons.


The video shows scenes from Southern Cameroons, including images of Dr. EML Endeley, Leader of Government Business in Southern Cameroons and new Prime Minister, presenting list of ministers to Commissioner J.O. Field. He is seen broadcasting on the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation studios in Buea, and holding a rally with supporters of his party, the Kamerun National Congress (KNC). The video also shows images of Bota Island and the Down Beach area in Victoria. J.O Fields welcomes the new Prime Minister and ushers him out of the Lodge. Features of Black Africa’s first democracy are seen with PM Endeley explaining to his supporters his plan as Prime Minister. Unique in the image is the role of guns in British Southern Cameroons history. The gun as a symbol of honour and respect to an august guest is emphasized with a salvo. The gun has been such unique instrument of value to British Southern Cameroonians since the German days, until today – French Cameroon colonial era where that culture is being destroyed.


Endeley was born on 10 April, 1916 to Mathias Lifafa and Mariana Mojoko Endeley. His family were wealthy members of the Bakweri ethnic group and his father was a chief of Bakweri. Endeley was born in Buea then under the Colony of German Kamerun until administrative control was divided between the French and British after the Treaty of Versailles was signed. He was educated at a newly created British government school in Buea and then proceeded to a Catholic Mission School in Bonjongo both in British Southern Cameroons. Endeley completed his secondary education at Government College, Umuahia in Nigeria. His initial intention was to enroll at Yaba Higher College to study agriculture but then turned his attention to medicine, later earning a government scholarship to study at the Nigerian School of Medicine in Yaba in 1935. In 1942, he joined the colonial service and took the post of assistant medical officer with his own district. In 1945, he served as chief medical officer in Buea, he also served in a similar capacity in Lagos and Port Harcourt. 


Endeley was a delegate to the constitutional conference at Ibadan that introduced a new constitution, permitted elections into legislative seats and approved African nominees to a Council of Ministers. When elections were conducted in British Cameroons, Endeley led Cameroons National Congress won the plurality of votes in the area. In 1951, Endeley was elected to the Eastern Nigerian Assembly in Enugu. Endeley was nominated to the Council of Ministers in 1952 as a minister without portfolio.Between 1953 and 1954, he was the Minister of Labour.

He worked to have Southern Cameroons granted special regional status apart from Nigeria; when the Southern Cameroons Regional Assembly was formed, he was one of its first members. In 1953, Endeley joined John Ngu Foncha and Solomon Tandeng Muna in breaking from the National Council of Nigeria and the Cameroons (NCNC) to form the Kamerun National Congress (KNC), which advocated autonomy for Southern Cameroons. In 1954, British Cameroons became a federal territory with its own House of Assembly and executive council. (READMORE)


Fourteen months ago that an impeccable source inside French Cameroun’s heavily guarded presidential palace conferred to certain news organization that Africa’s oldest and most brutal dictator has expired, the porridge coming out of the kitchen of the authorities in Yaounde have failed to quench the hunger of the world to see a vivacious Biya. Since the report last year (Details here) the 88 year-old has not been seen in any live event. All what the world has been been served with are doctored/photoshopped images of a purported living Biya. In carefully edited and pre-recorded national addresses, the make-up artists and video-effects companies have no doubt done a pretty lousy job, with even unexposed digital immigrants easily spotting their malfeasance. In the latest ones, he is seen photoshopped at his 89 birth day with his wife missing one of her hands. He was also seen at a funeral (where his wife’s hand was superimposed on a male hand). The questions thus linger on, if the perpetrator of genocide in English Cameroon were alive, why all these efforts to edit still photos for the public? Why not just show him out there as he used to return from numerous oversea trips?

The Missing Tooth Hoax

In some of the deepfakes videos of the missing president addressing the nation, one of his upper tooth was shown to be absent. This act many interpret as another hoax to divert public anger against the oligarchy. The missing tooth had the numbing effect on the disillusioned masses. Many attain a level of psychological victory that nemesis was catching up on the “living” Ozymandias. Many could be heard laughing and asking God to precipitate the eventual outcome of the dictator. “His time is approaching. He thought he will live for ever etc.” A social media post intimates. For the paranoid clique that now managers the country, such fissures of anger are necessary to pre-empt the dreaded apocalypse that has prompted the concealment of Biya’s demise which will soon be difficult to conceal as covid becomes history. Come next May, the “strong and healthy” 89-year-old Biya will be expected to be present live with cops or in a coffin to preside over national day events that have been postponed for the second time this year. The ruling clique has used covid as a reason despite organizing football and music occasions that congregated millions. The hypnotic missing tooth is intermittently inserted in doctored pictures in moments of deeper nationalistic reflection by the Camerounian docile masses.

Wealthy and flamboyant Biya with a deliberate missing tooth

Recently when questions made the rounds of why Biya missed National Day events on May 20, 2021 and an all African summit in Paris on 18 May, 2021 organized by the Kingmaker of French Africa – France, the hypnotic missing tooth was again released with Biya performing the same rituals of handing over a gift to a diplomat. To the curious mind, the release of these still pictures once more generated more questions. If Biya is as healthy as they claim, why didn’t he go to Paris or preside over national day in the capital Yaunde? Many could be heart questioning. ” I now truly believe that Biya is no more.” A resident in Cameroun’s economic city of Douala opines. “Biya lives in Europe and now is not in Paris, invited by France. This is unheard of in Francophone Africa.” He concludes

Biya too Poor to afford a dentist?

it is an obvious fact that the missing tooth is a ruse, as Biya is amongst the world’s richest dictators. Celebrity Net an online news site conservatively lists Biya as worth about $200million. With such wealth and absolute powers in Cameroun, Biya is an unapologetic spender. Here one remembers the 2009 spending of $40,000 (£24,500) a day at La Baule in France. “Cameroonian president, accompanied by a large delegation of over 40 persons, took up residence at the Hermitage and the Royal, two luxury hotels in La Baule for three weeks. At a closer look, there is absolutely nothing wrong with an African president vacationing in France. That is, until the 42 000 euro daily rooms bill, — excluding extra costs (food and beverage, leisure; casino, spa sessions, shopping etc…) — for the three-week holiday is revealed. At the very least, only the rooms bill stands at about 880 000 euros for a three-week vacation. To spice it up, “one may add the 340,000 euros per day spent on a chattered plane that would have been on standby for 3 weeks!” .

Surprising then that a man who can charter a plane for any dentist around the world in a jiffy and who used to spend all his time abroad can afford to go without a tooth in front of a country that does not doubt nor question his extravagant and flamboyant lifestyle. Hard to believe is that his flamboyant and luxurious wife can allow her husband to display an empty tooth to the world. To many in Cameroun, all the photoshops and no live events is a testament that Paul Biya is not alive. Below is another fake propaganda report from the government deceiving the people that Biya is alive. In the video, villagers are assembled to sing and dance att a passing caravan of cars claiming to be Biya’s entourage. They are then interviewed to confess that they have seen Biya alive and strong. The alive and strong Biya is invisible in the fast moving cars, neither did he stop to commune with the villagers from his home town.

Biya’s Genocidal Killings Persist in English Cameroon (Ambazonia)

As the ruling clique continue to conceal the passing of Africa’s oldest and most brutal dictator, the killings which he ordered in Anglophone Cameroun persist. Women and children are burnt daily. More than 450 villages have been torched by the French Cameroun mostly Bulubeti soldiers, bent on keeping Biya or his tribesmen in power. Till date, more than 24,000 innocent civilians have been killed in the most heinous ways. Below is the remains of over 40 houses burnt by the soldiers, now called occupying forces in Nsoland in the northern part of English Cameroun, on the 18th of May, 2021. The soldiers still claiming to be taking orders from the long gone commander-in-chief, looted stores and animal farms before setting them ablaze to conceal their steal. More than seven people were also killed, some roasted in their sleep.

Remains of buildings and pens burnt by French Cameroun soldiers in Nsoland, Northern British Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia).


The incessant message from the Biden Administration since his campaign and presidency has been the emphasis of affirming loyalty to the western alliance and asserting American strength in line with its values. This message became the sing song of Linda Thomas Greenfield, the US Ambassador to the UN. The message was unequivocal when the military took over power in Myanmar on 1st February, 2021. The Biden State Department was clear and firm: “Aung San Suu Kyi, the leader of (Myanmar’s) ruling party, and Win Myint, the duly elected head of government, were deposed in a military coup.” Although the UN failed to agree on a unanimous condemnation message, at least the members heard the issue and condemned attacks on civilians. The US as Presidency of the Security Council in March, ramped up the pressure on Myanmar and implored other nations to do same. Linda-Thomas Greenfield was clear to the world about “President Joe Biden’s determination to re-engage with the world and make the United States again a nation that leads.” Hopes were rekindled with the civilian population in Myanmar and other suppressed people believing truly that the US was back with the power of its values – the nightmare of dictators around the world. The military in Myanmar was in a state of uncertainty as the US ramp up the pressure with an emboldened civilian population on the streets in Myanmar.

President Biden and US Secretary of State Antony Blinken: Capitulating in the face of ally abuse of US’s Cherished Democratic Values


A day after Deby was declared winner of presidential election, the world woke up April 20 to learn of news that the dictator who has ruled the country for more than 30 decades was dead. Quickly France installed a military transition headed by the late man’s son – Mahamat Deby. French foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian did not hide his support for the coup on the grounds that stability and security were paramount at this time. “There are exceptional circumstances,” Le Drian told France 2 television.” There was no mention of the rule of law and for the constitution of the country to be respected. With guilt and shame, the neocolonialist France cooked up the BIG lie that, the Speaker of Chad’s National Assembly Mr. Haroun Kabadi declined to assume his constitutional role as the next president.

“Logically, it should be Mr Kabadi…but he refused because of the exceptional security reasons that were needed to ensure the stability of this country,” Le Drian said. This was the boldest lie of the century in a continent where power from incumbents is never taken away without a fight. No African can deny the position of president.

Macron in Chad installing the coup leaders on April 23, 2021


France’s action fell short of the values that the Biden administration and its foreign policy team hve been emphasizing. Instead of unequivocally calling out Frances’ action as anti democratic and condemning the coup as they did in Myanmar, they were no where to be found. The US Secretary of State Antony Blinken famous for his CALIBRATION DOCTRINE, as was the case with Saudi Arabia was no where to be found. Unlike Myanmar where the Biden administration was blunt, the trumpeted message of our allies and values felt flat. A childish message from the State Department reads: “The United States stands with the people of Chad during this difficult time.  We support a peaceful transition of power in accordance with the Chadian constitution.” A statement which comes with the knowledge that the constitution has been abused by his ally France. “Where is your voice Linda-Greenfield.” An observer writes on twitter. “What do you think Myanmar, China and Russia will make of this double standard?” The writer continues.


More than a year with no live appearance and with numerous unconvincing still picture visits by western diplomats to Yaounde and with news of his dead now a certainty in many quarters in Cameroun, Macron spins another lie why Paul Biya was not invited to a summit for African leaders in Paris on 18 May, 2021. While French Cameroun citizens know Macron’s lie is the continuous coverup of Biya’s demise, by avoiding public appearances, Macron claims a no invitation for Biya was his concern for mismanagement of Covid funds. “This is laughable a journalist in the capital Yaounde insinuates. This is a man that Macron acknowledges that he is committing genocide in Anglophone Cameroon. In a country that transparency International has labelled as the most corrupt in the world in a row. Human rights groups and churches have accused the Biya regime of carrying out ethnic cleansing in anglophone Cameroon, now Macron uses covid as an excuse. The same covid they have used for two years now to hide his appearance on 2oth May (National Day). We are not fools.” Another observer in Yaounde quips. “Let Macron and France know that Cameroun is not Chad. Biya is almost 90 and has ruined this country. We will not tolerate any imposed leader as he just did in Chad.” He concludes.

Africa’s most brutal and oldest dictator Paul Biya has not been seen live since March 2020, when news filtered out from the heavily guarded presidential palace in Yaounde, that he kicked the bucket. Since then, all the world has seen has been carefully recorded videos of the 88-year-old addressing the nation where a civil war has been raging for more than 4 years. Former State Department official Gregory Stanton of Genocide Watch has described the killing of the minority English-speaking people as a genocide. At least 24,000 people have been killed with almost 450 villages burnt by the French Cameroun soldiers now regarded as occupying forces by the once autonomous region. The genocide on the minority English-speaking people has been acknowledged by President Macron as he continues to defend the Biya regime. Biya himself considers himself as the most loyal pupil of France’s oversea territories – former French colonies in Africa. The ailing Biya was last seen with Macron in Paris almost two years ago unable to walk. For details of the genocide, click here


 After quenching their thirst with water, they turned around and beheaded him. Awa Pius was a handicap and could not run away that morning when the French Cameroun soldiers entered his village. The head like a pig’s in the book Lord of the Flies, was displayed on a pole by the road side as a symbol of their cruelty. The weeping by the family beneath the hanging head epitomizes the trauma. From there, the soldiers headed to the next block and raped a 64-year-old granny.

Video of Awah Pius’s Execution by French Cameroun Soldiers

 “I bled profusely as the soldiers took rounds on me.” The poor old mother narrates after she was transported to a bare health center the next day by a sympathizer. (Watch her painful video here). When they finally retreated, more than seventeen homes were torched and more than 22 innocent people killed. Awah Pius’ killing is the daily staple of life in English-Cameroon. His killing was not new to us, but it happened at the time that George Floyd, was brutally murdered in Minneapolis igniting a global movement to remind the world that “Black Lives Matter.” In fact the day Mr. Floyd was murdered (25 May, 2020) marked exactly 2 years that the first massacre of at least 27 innocent teens started in English Cameroon (British Southern Cameroon aka Ambazonia) in the village of Santa. Other known massacres include the execution of about 37 villagers including 13 children and pregnant women in the Village of Ngarbuh on 14 February, 2020. Till date, more than 23,000 have been killed with millions displaced internally and externally.

Children and pregnant women massacred by French Cameroun Soldiers backed by France in Ngarbuh, British Cameroon


The Norwegian Refugee Council has twice in a roll calls it the most neglected conflict in the world, as daily on camera executions like ISIS persists.  The former US Ambassador to Cameroun Peter Henry Balerin in 2018 fell short of calling it genocide (We know why) by terming it “Targeted Killing” of Anglophones (Watch his declaration here.) Leading global genocide expert and researcher – founder of  Genocide Watch, Dr. Gregory Stanton, categorically describes what is happening to the minority English-speaking people as a genocide. Dr. Stanton, is no minion to genocide. He remains the lone staff at the Clinton State Department to call what was happening in Rwanda in 1994  genocide. He was despised, but paradoxically, was later honored with the Foreign Service Association’s W. Averell Harriman Award for Exemplary bravery on his dissent from U.S. policy in relation to the Rwandan Genocide.


In addition to social media deliveries of these daily Atrocity Crimes to the world, personal mail have been sent to former President Trump and wife, VP Pence and wife and prominent senators like Lindsey Graham and Tom Cotton. Attempts also to get the Black Community in America to care for these black lives with personal letters to all the Senior members of the Congressional Black Caucus and even a call in on Al Sharpton’s radio show have been made. No action till date as the wasting of these black lives persist. Rep. Karen Bass is versed with the killings. In addition to daily social media delivery to her, she has personally visited French Cameroun, with nothing to show for as the daily killings with on camera  executions especially by the French Cameroun soldiers have continued uninterrupted. Even Rep Ilhan Omar, who prides herself as having lived in a refugee camp in Kenya is insensitive to the thousands of Refugees in neglected refugee camps in Nigeria and Ghana. Don’t let them tell you that, it is not their role to intervene in every conflict around the world. This conflict is not any other conflict. Renowned diplomats and experts have provided every evidence of why these black live must be saved. Asking a dictator to abide to UN-agreed terms and to respect human rights is not a healthcare or spending vote in Congress. It is the right thing to do. A bill banning asylum seekers from Cameroon from being deported back to be killed is not a solution of why these people are risking their lives to the US. A dictator who is using U.S-donated weapons to ethnically erase a people is the reason. Paul Biya has been in power for almost 4o years.

My Letters to DC


Never in the history of the world has a conflict whose solution is available and whose architects are still alive like Queen Elizabeth been allowed to destroy innocent lives. The root cause of the genocide is a botched decolonization process masterminded by the UN and Great Britain.

As an autonomous UN Trust Territory, British Southern Cameroon witnessed unprecedented economic and political development from 1953-1959, becoming Black Africa’s  First Democracy with several peaceful elections with peaceful transfers of power. These entrenched democratic values were crashed when the UN and Great Britain out of Cold War gimmicks violated the terms of the UN Trusteeship Council with impunity by attaching the territory to the Independent Mandated-territory of French Cameroon indirectly ruled from France in 1961. The colonial and democratic developments in the territory were forcefully abolished following the discovery of oil in the British Southern Cameroons, leading to a deliberate marginalization and assimilation policy by the majority French Country. (Here is the French-speaking president of Cameroun, Paul Biya confessing that he wanted to assimilate the English-speaking people into the majority French-speaking country). This frustration reached boiling points in 2016 with peaceful demonstrations in the territory asking for a return to their terms of union as two independent entities in 1961. The majority French-speaking country and its leadership responded by killing and burning entire villages, leading to a resistance that has now destroyed millions of lives only in the English areas. Sadly, the same flimsy reason given in 1960 that the autonomous territory was not ripe for self-rule despite ruling its self for more than 8 years (1953-61) leading to today’s genocide are still being echoed by the same power-brokers who created the conflict at the UN.

Charred body of a baby burnt alive in the Village of Tiben, English Cameroon by French Cameroun soldiers 11 February, 2021

Joe Biden has been here Before

Like Apartheid, on 23 July, 1986 when then Senator Joe Biden challenged Reagan’s then-Secretary of State, George Schultz, on the US policy of doing nothing against apartheid, action is needed now to end the genocide in English Cameroon. Like the Blacks in South Africa, being “excoriated by a repugnant regime”, the English-speaking people are killed daily by a repugnant regime in power for 40 years as well with the only difference being that this time around, it is a Black man who is doing the killings on behalf of France’s and UK’s economic interest. Like in 1986, when President Biden, then Senator called on Mr. Schultz to stop the killings immediately and think of the after-effects later, the genocide on the minority English-speaking people must end immediately. “Deeply Concerned, Worried, we are monitoring, we call on…etc.” have been the dog whistle for France and French Cameroun to continue with the killings. In the midst of the killings and burning of entire villages in Anglophone Cameroon, the UK government with Newage signed a 1.5billion oil contract with the killers of these people for oil and gas to be exploited in the area where these people are being killed and driven out of their villages (Here is the then British Minister for Africa shamelessly defending the act). This shows that the architects of these killings don’t care about these BLACK LIVES, but only about their resources.

President Joe Biden in 1986, standing up against the maltreatment of Blacks in South Africa during apartheid

British Southern Cameroon is Ripe for Self-rule

The western media, lobbyists and diplomats must desist from the deceptive use of the phrases: “The entire region will be plunged into chaos etc.” anywhere in Africa when citizens rise up to effect change. We are not savages. This lie, like apartheid has enabled dictators to continue to kill with impunity in Africa. The West has precipitated these Atrocity Crimes by defending the dictators with colonial mindsets and derogatory statements like this from former US Assistant Secretary of State for Africa Mr. Tibor Nagy:  “We don’t want to create mini-state that will depend on the west for aid.” Mr. Nagy is talking about a territory (British Southern Cameroon) that today provides 60% of the entire Cameroun’s GDP; where its abundant oil and gas fields in the Gulf-of Guinea are exploited by Western multinationals, with no benefit to the people. A territory larger than Belgium, Holland and other UN-Member States. An autonomous territory with a democratic history, forcefully annexed by an autocratic territory.

The same mantra was never advanced with similar conflicts in Europe. Yugoslavia never plunged Europe into chaos when it dissolved. A Brexit vote or Scotxit vote never plunged Europe or the UK into chaos. The congressional Black Caucus must frown at such pronouncements that qualifies us black people as wretched and primitive, good at destabilizing wars. The same diplomats and lobbyists have used South Sudan as an example of a failed state due to the civil war after independence. This narrative is bought by BLACK politicians in Washington, which at the end portrays the Black man as incapable of self-rule, fueling derogatory statements like go back to … Shithole Africa. The truth which must be sounded by all black people about South Sudan is the fact that, external powers engineered the civil war for oil interest. A president in the West is right to fire his VP. What that VP cannot do is to retreat to his/her state to pickup arms. The fired South Sudanese VP Riek Machar retreated to the bush to pickup arms and was supported by external powers that missed out on oil deals under Salva Kiir, when South Sudan got her independence. Their hope was for Riek Machar to overthrow Salva Kiir, thus fulfill their oil interest.

President Biden: Support and enforce a negotiated settlement now to end this bloodshed

President Biden, the Genocide in British Cameroon needs to stop now. An attempt by Switzerland to end the killings by bringing the parties to the table like the UN did in 1961 has been thwarted by French Cameroun backed by France, as the world watches in silence as the genocide continues. Like in the Apartheid days, where you could only bark and not bite, the difference today is that you are the president. Your video opposing the apartheid regime was the chief motivating factor in the African in American community in the 2020 election. They see you as a fierce defender of truth and justice.

Please President Biden, It is time to end this Black apartheid/Genocide through an unconditional ceasefire first and an unfettered independent investigations into the Crimes Against Humanity perpetrated by the French Cameroun soldiers and authorities. This Truth Commission will facilitate a genuine return to the table by authorities of the two territories as they did in 1961, prior to their fake union, this time around with representatives of the UN, US, Russia France and the UK. The UN must right the wrongs of forcing two incompatible cultures together, which has resulted to this disaster and bloodshed. I thought Eritrea and Somaliland were enough of a lesson that one can’t force a woman to stay in an abusive relationship to please her parents?

President Biden this is my back, please have it.(Please forward my message to the Whitehouse)

Thanks. Joyce


Babies as young as 4 months to mothers as old as 90 are killed and incinerated. Women (breastfeeding as young as 16 to old grannies are raped in broad daylight. Innocent civilians like Pius Awah from Bafut and handicaps like Samsoya from Kom were beheaded on Camera. A handicap called Stick man from Kumba was not spared. An assembly of young men in Bali, Muyuka, Nkambe, Santa, Buea were executed and bodies incinerated.

Some of the more than 3000 Innocent Anglophones Burnt at Home. Some burnt in December, 2018 by French Cameroun Soldiers

On most French Cameroun social media posts, these innocent British Southern Cameroonians (Ambazonians) are derogatorily termed Ambazozos, worthy of elimination. Some even used the Bible to justify the killings of these innocent British Southern Cameroonians (Ambazonians). The church that is well entrenched in this region has refused to shield these communities with the bible’s truth, even as they preach that Jesus died to save mankind from their sins. Their condemnation of these barbarism has been tepid. (Below are some few images of the more than 23000 killed).

“Opinion leaders” from this minority whose subjects are killed daily with their villages torched have unapologetically sided with French Cameroun, hoping to be the first in line to reap the largesse that has failed to come since 2016, when the killings began. In their parliament they are ridiculed. Former soldiers who dropped their arms to join them kill their brothers are promised death, if they complain of neglect. A parliamentarian of the SDF who led scores of military men to kill his own people to justify the killer’s fake democracy at the end was treated like the very Amba people (Ambazozos) whose bodies they abuse daily.

SDF Anglophone Senator Barrister Kemende being ridiculed by French Camerounians in their parliament

Cardinal Tumi Thought he will be Like them when he dies.

The fact that these opinion leaders from Mbah Ndam, Fru Ndi, Mussonge, Fon Chafah, Fon Mukete, Fon Angwafor etc fail to condemn the disrespectful treatment of their subjects in life and death not only emboldens the abuser, but entrenched in them a sense of anglophone worthlessness. “They are anglofools. Who allow their subjects to be killed like that.” A social media post laughs at Anglophone Cameroon elites who remain silent as their villages are razed by French Cameroun soldiers. Traditional leaders who side with the French Cameroun killers have watched in silence as the soldiers defy their own traditional institutions. Palaces have been burnt, ancestral shrines desecrated. Kings have been killed and their corpses displayed to the public; a taboo to these traditional leaders who side with the French Cameroun authorities. They have watched in silence as these institutions which they still hope to return from exile to head have been desecrated. “You can still be against Ambazonia fighters and still be against the destruction of palaces.” A subject whose King now resides in Yaounde opines. “They have shown to the enemy that they are worthless.”

Fon Angwafor II of Mankon defending the French Cameroun Soldiers as they rape, burn and kill in his own village

“This is exactly why the corpses of Mbah Ndam, Cardinal Tumi are treated with such disrespect like the Ambazonian (Ambazozo) people that they kill daily. Look at what they did to corpses in Pinyin, Kumba, etc. Had Tumi, Etc opposed these treatment of their subjects, at least these people would have believed that Anglophone lives have value, and ought to be treated with dignity and respect. I felt bad when I saw that video, but he did not feel same when he saw the smoldering bodies in Bali, Kwakwa, Mautu etc.” He concludes. Suzzy (not her real name), sees it holistically. “Let me tell you. If Cardinal Tumi was valued like other French Cameroun citizens, those people taking those pictures would not have tried to do that. Think of Fame Ndongo, being filmed and with promise of a rope to tie him to the mortuary. Hahaha.” She laughs. “The Tumis, Mussonges etc think they will be the same as the French people. liars” She concludes. As for the arrest of those responsible for the video. Many describe it as a joke.

French Cameroun Soldiers taking selfies of innocent Anglophones Killed

The Disrespectful Video: The video taken at the prelate’s dead bed shows casual discussion, with no emotions of the intended treatment of the dead man.

NB: This is for illustration only.

Shocking Remains of the respected Cardinal Tumi, displayed dishonorably to the world by French Cameroun citizens. The prelate died on 3 April, 2021 in Douala, French Cameroun

Who Was Cardinal Tumi

Cardinal Christian Tumi, the former Catholic Archbishop of Douala has died  aged 91 – Cameroon Intelligence Report

Cardinal Tumi was born in what is now Northwest Cameroon on Oct. 15, 1930. He was ordained to the priesthood in 1966 in the diocese of Buéa.

He studied in Nigeria and the United Kingdom before going on to earn a Licentiate in Sacred Theology from a Catholic institute in Lyon, France and a further degree in philosophy from the University of Fribourg, Switzerland.

Tumi served as a bishop in Francophone regions of the country from 1979. He was president of Cameroon’s bishops’ conference from 1985 to 1991 and president of the Symposium of the Episcopal Conferences of Africa and Madagascar (SECAM) from 1990 to 1994.

Pope John Paul II named him a cardinal in 1988 and three years later appointed him archbishop of Douala, a post he held until his retirement in 2009.

Cardinal Tumi received the Nelson Mandela Prize in July 2019 for his efforts in promoting peace and human rights.


A year now after rumours of him kicking the bucket, Camerounians are still to see the 88-year-old flamboyant dictator in a live event, even his emaciated wife. With several French Cameroun bloggers announcing the exact date and time they believe the “Lion man” passed away last year, his inner circle has made the rumours more believable with a series of deep fakes and photoshop debacles. In one of the poorly edited photos sent out to show Biya’s invincibility to mother nature, his wife’s hand is superimposed on a male suit. In the same occasion, Biya appears to have worn two different shoe sizes. In another one to highlight his 88th birthday, the wife is depicted with a single hand, and the frail man superimposed behind a birthday cake.

To compound matters, a video by the state run propaganda network CRTV highlights a purported visit of the healthy president to his home village of Mvomeka. Instead of showing the president to be communing with his most comfortable base, the piece which smacks of basic journalism tenets shows, but his tribesmen telling the world that, they have seen Biya strong and alive. “They think we are fools” an observer whose identity is concealed comments on a chat group. ” This is a man who will line up dance groups and cabinet ministers to welcome him from his luxurious hotel in Switzerland, today it is poor villagers telling us that he is alive and strong. We can see him by ourselves. No matter how much a Balloon is held under water it will find its way to the surface.” The individual concludes

Biya’ Militants assembled to tell the world that they have seen the president alive and strong

Diplomatic Accomplices

Biya always walks out to see his guests off at the porch of the presidential palace, but since the rumours of his passing, the ailing man, who had earlier appeared confused at a state dinner, no longer does it. Diplomats have all been the ones to tell Camerounians how they had “fruitful discussions” with him. All his tightly-held inner circle has been doing is churning out to the public still photos of the missing president whose soldiers continue to massacre innocent people in English Cameroun (Ambazonia). The scheme started with the French Ambassador Mr. Christophe Guilhou, Following outcry from French Cameroun diasporas of deceit by France, a deluge of diplomats have picked up various plots of the scripted story, playing to the same still pictures with Mr. Biya, and practically becoming the spokesperson for him to the Camerounian people. Snippets of unconvincing and carefully-edited videos have been released to the world. These ruses have rather upped the believe that Africa’s oldest and most brutal dictator is no more or in a vegetative state. “How can foreigners be the ones telling us about the president of a country who just won a seven-year-mandate?”, a concerned citizen questions. Biya has been missing in all ceremonies he used to preside in the country. He was absent at the opening and closing ceremony of the African Nations’ Football Championship in Cameroun early this year. All Camerounians saw was another still picture with a FIFFA official at the presidential palace fueling the talk of his whereabouts. “These so-called diplomats are comfortable deceiving us, by claiming they met and discussed with Biya. Can their own presidents be absent for a year with only foreigners telling them about his health. How can they be part of this scam of still pictures?” An angry sympathizer of the main opposition party of Maurice Kamto demands. “They are the ones allowing these killings in the country, because Biya satisfies their economic interests.” He concludes.

Show us Biya Now

People in Cameroun are convinced Africa’s most brutal and oldest serving dictator is dead or at least in a vegetative state. “For God’s sake. This is a man who just won a seven-year mandate, and has not been seen for over a year.” A man (whose identity is concealed) smiles over his beer in the capital Yaounde. “We are here waiting, when his passing is official, we will drink and dance, it’s an ultimate journey” The displaced laborer quips. People like him are a hundred percent convinced Paul Biya is no more. “Even with the digital era, they have refused to show him to us live. Do they thing we are that stupid.” This lady is referencing virtual occasions where Biya has been represented by someone else. Okay, let’s say it’s Covid, but Covid is not transmitted virtually, so why not show him in such settings if he is capable of holding “fruitful discussions”.” The frustrated lady bursts. Well-scripted national addresses have failed to convince Camerounians of Biya’s living state. For now they hope for change, but not sure from which direction.

May be an image of 2 people
Cameroun’s Prime Minister Representing Biya Virtually at the 11 man ECCAS (Economic community of Central African States) Meeting in July 2020
A confused Biya at a national event in 2019


The recent peaceful transition in Tanzania (Tangayika and Zanzibar) is a story of truth and honesty embedded in history – the history of the two British protectorates that accepted each others uniqueness when they came together. On 26 April 1964, Tanganyika united with Zanzibar to form the United Republic of Tanganyika and Zanzibar. The name Tanzania is a blend of Tanganyika and Zanzibar.  Under the terms of this union, the Zanzibar Government retains considerable local autonomy. Tangayika like British Southern Cameroon was a UN-mandated territory, that ascended to self rule in 1961. Zanzibar, a former British protectorate gained her autonomy from the UK on 10 December, 1963.

As an autonomous part of Tanzania, Zanzibar has its own government, known as the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar. It is made up of the Revolutionary Council and House of Representatives. The House of Representatives has a similar composition to the National Assembly of Tanzania. Fifty members are elected directly from constituencies to serve five-year terms; 10 members are appointed by the President of Zanzibar; 15 special seats are for women members of political parties that have representation in the House of Representatives; six members serve ex officio, including all regional commissioners and the attorney general. Five of these 81 members are then elected to represent Zanzibar in the National Assembly.

John Magufuli (R) and his deputy Samia Suluhu Hassan in 2019
Newly-sworn in President of Tanzania, Mrs. Samia Suluhu Hassan (originally from Zanzibar and Late John Magufuli (Originally from Tangayika)


 While the UK government respected the terms of the UN Trusteeship Council by granting self-rule to Tangayika (by not asking her whether she wanted to join Zanzibar), in the other mandated territory of British Cameroon, she rather forced a union with other countries. Unable to come to a consensus, the UN, which became the supervisory authority of the former mandate territories, including British Cameroons imposed two options on them. The options were: whether they would like to achieve independence by joining with French Cameroon which as a result of their independence on January 1st, 1960 became La Republique du Cameroun or integrating with Nigeria which was already given independence too. Prior to the plebiscite, in 1959 Southern Cameroons organised democratic elections for a third time and effected the first peaceful and democratic transfer of power in the 20th Century Africa. Despite this solid political and economic self-rule since 1954, the UK and the UN forced the territory into a union with French Cameroon in 1961 as two autonomous countries/entities. Like in Tanzania where Zanzibar has maintained its government and other institutions, the majority French -speaking section completely abolished the autonomy of the English-speaking people. Their parliament and prime ministerial governing structure modelled on the UK and other Anglo-Saxon countries was abolished and an assimilation policy enforced. The self-governing territory saw French administrators imposed on them, their institutions abolished.

Queen Elizabeth with British Southern Cameroon Leaders in London, prior to the violation of the territory’s right to self-rule

Current British Southern Cameroon Genocide

On October 6, 2016, lawyer and teacher trade unions in the Anglophone regions initiated a strike. Led by Barrister Agbor BallaFontem Neba, and Tassang Wilfred, they were protesting against the appointment of French-speaking judges in the British Southern Cameroons. They saw this not only as threatening the common law system in the Anglophone regions, but as part of the general marginalization of Anglophones. The strikes were supported by peaceful protests in the cities of BamendaBuea and Limbe. The activists demanded protection of the Common law system of the Anglophone regions, and opposed the civil law system used by the Francophone magistrate in courts in British Cameroon, thus replacing the common law system. They asked for several laws to be translated into English. The greater population inspired by Mancho Bibixy with a coffin demanded for the respect of British Cameroon’s identity. He equally questioned the neglect of the region by the French Cameroun authorities (View Here).

The Cameroonian government deployed security forces to crack down on the protests. Protesters were attacked with tear gas, and many lawyers were brutally assaulted by soldiers. Throughout November 2016, thousands of teachers in the Anglophone regions joined the lawyers’ strike. The protest let to a civil war that has claimed more than 25000 lives. The UK and UN that violate the terms of the Trusteeship Council which was to prepare these territories in to self-rule have remined silent to the killings in which former State Department official – Dr. Gregory Stanton of Genocide Watch has called a genocide. Foe evidence of the Atrocity Crimes, click here.


With the passing of Tanzania’s president John Magufuli, on 17 March, 2021 , and his replacement by his vice Samia Suluhu Hassan, the unity of the country was consolidated. John Magufuli is from Tangayika and the vice, now president is from Zanzibar. Mrs. Samia Suluhu Hassan, has made history 19 Friday, 2021, when she was sworn in as Tanzania’s first female president. In the case of British Southern Cameroon, the world has stood by as the majority French Cameroun authorities backed by France are ethnically cleansing the minority Anglophones, who are asking for nothing, but their rights as an autonomous territory like Zanzibar. Will the Boris Johnson administration and her conservative allies finally act to end the annihilation of the once autonomous British Southern Cameroon – Black Africa’s first democracy?

Tanzania’s Hassan, 61, a soft-spoken ruling party loyalist will complete Magufuli’s second five-year term, set to end in 2025. She was first elected to a public office in 2000. She only became prominent in 2014 as the vice-chairperson of the Constituent Assembly, created to draft a new constitution.

President Samia Suluhu Hassan, after her inauguration in Dar es Salaam
UK PM Boris Johnson has shied away from the genocide on its former colony perpetuated by France and French Cameroun