How France and Francophonie Rule the African Union.

It’s indisputable that France maintains a firm grip on its former colonies in the continent. Till date, she is still the kingmaker in all these countries maintaining dictators who guarantee their unconditional domination of the political, economic, social and cultural life of these countries. France today, still controls the fiscal health of these countries with their French Franc, (now memorabilia in France itself after the inception of the Euro). This currency – Communauté Financière Africaine (“African Financial Community” – CFA) has been imposed since colonial days. Twelve former French colonies use this colonial currency. Apart from these countries’ gold reserves stored in France, 50% (down from 100%) of all foreign reserves, received from the export of these African countries’ natural resources are held at the French Central Bank, not in these countries. The French can then invest this money in global financial markets for their benefits. These countries principally have to borrow these their reserves from France in excess of the 50%. France thus has one of the highest gold reserves in the world, thanks to these countries. A Senegalese Economists Mr. Samba Ndongo, author of a book about the CFA, describes the currency as France’s Monetary Imperialism in Africa.

Having such firm grip, isn’t enough for the French, the fear thus is the eventual overthrow of these puppets in the continent. This has been more imminent with social media and citizens journalists instantly beaming excesses to the world. To ensure there is continuous guarantee of the continuity of these puppets, the French have embarked on influencing African organizations to help entrench this interest in less awkward ways. Of late the French have emphasized the relevance of the African Union in having a voice in conflicts in the continent. The reason is simple: her stooges have been implanted in the organization, thus guaranteeing that excesses from French Africa receive less attention on the world stage.

An example is the Atrocity Crimes being committed by France and French Cameroun on the minority English-speaking people of British Southern Cameroon, who joined the large French-Speaking country in 1961, as two independent territories. The discovery of oil in the English region, which today is owned by French companies like Elf, led to a complete annexation of the autonomous region. With more than 14,400 killed so far, the reaction from the African Union has been mute, thanks to France, Francophonie and French African domination of the body. Their intention is clear – expand French African influence through language and culture to not only British Cameroon, but Anglophone Africa. After Macron’s visit early this year to Ghana, and with a promise of France’s robust funding, President, Nana Akufo-Addo, myopically pledged to make the French language, the second official language in the country after English. The French have not shied away from trying to expand their language influence in the world and Africa in particular – a first step towards French ownership, control and enslavement. Macron was clear in 2018, of his resolve to make French the number one language in Africa.

Queen Elizabeth in London with British Cameroon Leaders prior to their independence in 1961.

France and Francophonie Colonization of British Africa

In the British Cameroon, after their complete annexation in 1972, the French through French Cameroun imposed the French language and culture on all aspects of these proud Anglophone people, who prefer their British colonial heritage. When they finally had enough and called for a return to their status as an autonomous territory, the Francophonie resisted, and so began the GENOCIDE on them, by their new colonial masters – France and French-Cameroun. Till date, more than 14400 have been killed and +9000 homes burnt by the French Cameroun soldiers equipped and defended globally by France.

While all these machinations are happening, the Commonwealth and the UK, have been acting principally like French dominions/colonies. When pressed about the Atrocity Crimes in its former colony, and the signing of a deal for British Southern Cameroon oil and gas, with French Cameroun, authorities, in the midst of the killings, here is the wobbling response from the British Minister for Africa, Harriet Baldwin. listen:

British Minister for Africa, defending French/Francophonie Atrocity Crimes in British Cameroon

Francophonie’s African Union

Apart from the ceremonial head of the union that is usually a current president of one of the 54 countries of the continent, the organization is controlled principally by Francophone Africa. This can partly explain why the excesses of abuse, anti-democratic practices, Atrocity crimes, mostly from Francophone Africa, have failed to receive due attention from the body. Below are some of the French/Francophonie puppets of the African Union.

1. The Chairperson’s from Chad

This is the most powerful position of the organization. “The Chairperson’s functions, include: overall responsibility for the Commission’s administration and finances; Promoting and popularising the AU’s objectives and enhancing its performance; Consulting and coordinating with key stakeholders like Member States, Development Partners, RECs, etc; Appointing and managing Commission staff; Acting as a depository for all AU and O.A.U treaties and legal instruments.

It is headed by Mr. Moussa Faki Mahamat, born on 21 June 1960. He was formerly Prime Minister of Chad from 24 June 2003 to 4 February 2005 and Minister of Foreign Affairs from April 2008 to January 2017 . Yes Mr. Mousa Faki, was Prime minister for one of Africa’s sit-tight leaders – Idriss Deby, who is on camera saying the French in 2006, asked him to change the constitution of his country to stay in power. According to Mr. Deby, when he refused, the French organized the elections, brought in fake constitutional experts and did the campaign for him. View below

Idriss Deby: President of Chad since 1990.

2. Commissioner for Peace and Security Smaїl Chergui, from Algeria.

In 2013, he was elected as the African Union Commissioner for Peace and Security. He is an Algerian diplomat, born on 4 September 1956. He was re-elected Commissioner of the African Union Peace and Security Commission after a four-year term in 2017. Ambassador Chergui has more than 30 years of experience in the Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and more than 20 years in a position of high responsibility. He served under, one of Africa’s sit-tights, who wanted to govern Algeria on a wheelchair- Abdelaziz Bouteflika, who served as President of Algeria from 1999 until forced out of power this year (2019).

3. Department of Political Affairs (DPA) from Burkina Faso.

The Department of Political Affairs (DPA) is responsible for promoting, facilitating, coordinating and encouraging democratic principles and the rule of law, respect for human rights, participation of civil society in the development process of the continent and the achievement of durable solutions for addressing humanitarian crises. It is headed by another Francophonie – Ms. Cessouma Minata Samate. She is from Burkina Faso and was born on 14 July 1961. Ambassador Samate amongst other positions is also the Permanent Representative to the African Union (AU) and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA). One wonders what she has done to promote human rights in Francophone Africa – the bastion of the continent’s dictatorship. This Francophonie in charge of humanitarian crisis for the AU is nowhere to be found in the British Cameroon Genocide, which Jan Egerland of the Norwegian Council describes as the most neglected conflict in the world.

4. Commissioner for Economic Affairs, from Madagascar.

One would have believed that, two of the continent’s biggest economies -Nigeria or South Africa would have had a citizen occupy such an important position, but NOT. France and Francophonie with their dismal closed economic model, are still charged with formulating Africa’s economic policy. France’s CFA dominions are out of the ten largest economies in the continent. At least four of France’s African dominions are among the bottom 10 weakest economies in in the continent, yet one of theirs is in charge of economic policies in the continent. The head is Mr, Victor Harison, a Professor with over thirty-four (34) years of experience in academia, with specialty in Mathematics, Project Management, Business Ethics and Leadership from the University of Antananarivo.

Mr. Faki at the background in France with French Africa’s most Brutal Dictator Paul Biya at the Fore.

Our Dictators

While the African Union and Francophie (led by Senegal) were quick to partner with the EU to oust Yahya Abdul-Aziz Jammeh, in Gambia in January 2017 (not an endorsement of Jammeh), after a disputed election, that was not the same in French Cameroun under 86-year-old Paul Biya, in 2018. In an election where the English Region (British Cameroon) boycotted, Paul Biya was declared a winner, by his appointed judges, despite the opposition, Mr. Maurice kamto, protesting and declaring himself president. Paul Biya, even went ahead to jail the opposition leader and protesters (actions that the Anglophone, Yahya Jammeh, did not do). The French-Francophonie African Union was mute, rather they endorsed the credibility of the election. Similarly with more than 9000 villages burnt, in British Cameroon, +1.5 internally-displaced, +75,000 as refugees in Nigeria and +2 million children, not attending school all caused by French Cameroun soldiers, backed by France with French-made weapons, the Francophonie African Union has remained mute. Their little attention has been on a lesser deathly conflict – North Sudan (a non-Francophonie) country.

French President Macron and Mr Moussa Faki at the AU Headquarter in Ethiopia, earlier this month.
France’s Weapons used by French Cameroun for Genocide in British Cameroon

While French Africa has been united in defending theirs, Sadly some of the colonial leaders from Anglophone Africa like Nigeria’s Buhari, have enabled this Francophonie domination. Buhari’s administration has been forcefully returning British Cameroon, refugees fleeing Atrocity Crimes back to French Cameroun, for torture and execution. President Buhari is old enough to be aware of the history of the British Southern Cameroons, that had its autonomy from British-controlled Nigeria in 1953, before forming a union with French Cameroun in 1961(Read More here). Buhari’s actions received praise from French President, Mr. Macron, who visited Nigeria in July 2018, and affirmed his support for Nigeria in tackling insecurity, which was an allusion to the British Southern Cameroons, whose oil fields are exploited by the French following a 1959 colonial agreement she signed with colonial French Cameroun, as a condition for independence.

Time to stop the Genocide

While France/Francophonie have continued to protect French interest, rather than Africa’s, as seen with the firing of a Zimbabwean (Anglophone Africa) diplomat, Mrs. Arikana Chihombori-Quao, the other non-french-speaking countries have been silent. Mrs. Arikana’s firing experts belief is not unconnected with her strong views against France’s hold over its African colonies. (Please listen to her frank discussion). She was fired by none other than the Francophonie/France stooge of the African Union – Mr. Moussa Faki Mahamat, whom till date has shielded the genocide in British Cameroon by France and French Cameroon, from the world. It’s time for Anglophone Africa, to stand up and defend Anglophone Africa’s member currently under France and Francophonie colonization and genocide. The same strategies adopted by the French in Rwanda in 1994 are currently taking place with the minority British Cameroonians, prompting the U. S Ambassador to Cameroun to term it “Targeted Killing” of British Camerooians by French Cameroun soldiers. The OAU and now African Union, charter in 1963, codified that African boundaries should be frozen at independence. French Cameroon gained independence in 1960, while British Southern Cameroon gained hers in 1961.

Rwanda 1994 and British Cameroun: France’s Genocide Remake.

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