It is in the heart of the rainy season in British Southern Cameroons and the Colonial genocidal government of French Cameroun’s options of disappearance of civilians without any trace are increased. The population of the small village of Mforya in Bafut got up to discover the blood of the victims at a river in the village. A military informant who is willing to testify to the world, says the three victims had been kidnapped by the French Cameroun military in Bambalang, Banso and Akum (60 KMs, 120kms and 50 kms) away from where they were executed. For the past one month, they have been undergoing torture at the Bafut Airport. Breaking 4 August, 2020, the French Cameroun-appointed colonial governor of the Northern part of the territory visaed their elimination. According to the source, the three victims and others were blindfolded and taken to the river, where they were ordered in French to say their last prayers. They were then shot and dumped into the river, in conninvance with the French Cameroun genocidal commander in Bambui. The said Commander is responsible for several massacres in the village including killing the mother of a 4-month-old in Babanki Tungo, and allowing the baby to spend the night on the mother’s blood. (Click here for details). The village is in panic, as the bridge over the said river and its railings were soaked with the victims’ blood.

Governor’s Genocide Earlier Reported

Killingand disposing corpses in rivers in this genocide has been a regular practice of Mr. Lele Africa who has killed more than 12000 innocent civilians in the ongoing genocide. He continues to kill and burn with impunity as the world watches in silence. Below is a video of Mr. Lele Afrique’s Atrocity Crimes in British Cameroon

Corpse Retrieved from a river in Boyo County of the territory Killed by Mr. Lele Afrique in 2018.
French Cameroun-appointed Governor Lele Afrique

For details of some of the Atrocity Crimes of Governor Lele Afrique, Click here

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