“Three persons, all young boys including a local player of a musical instrument known in Bali as ‘Lun’ were killed, breaking 2 November, 2020, in North West British Southern Cameroons, by French Cameroun Soldiers backed by France. The young man was just coming from mbufung, a small farming locality in Bali in the occupied territory only to meet his death. A corn mill operator only escaped by chance leaving his machines steaming while he dashed in to the bushes. Several persons were wounded and many motor bikes set ablaze,” A retired Gendarmarie officer told DrayInfos, a dependable online news outlet in the town of Bamenda. Mumified Paul Biya’s French Cameroun Colonial Soldiers had invaded the quiet neighborhood of Boh Etoma, to commit their Atrocity Crimes.(Video Below).

Three Innocent Civilians Killed by French Cameroun in Bali Nyonga 2 November, 2020.

The killings come barely a week, following a global outrage, after the same French Cameroun Colonial soldiers massacred more than 9 innocent students at the Mother Francisca International Bilingual Academy in Kumba, British Cameroons on 24 October, 2020. (Click here for Details). The killings, which is just one of the many massacres carried out by the French Cameroun colonial military backed by France garnered global sympathy. The Royal See, Pope Francis extended sympathy to the victims and called for an end to the genocide that has claimed more than 23,000 lives. “I hope that the weapons will be silenced and that the safety of all and the right of every young person to education and the future can be guaranteed,” The Pope states. The pop’s appeal fell on deaf ears, as his friend, Africa’s most Brutal dictator, Paul Biya (not seen since March, 2020) continues his killing spree in the territory.

Africa’s Most Brutal Dictator Paul Biya, wife and Pope Francis at the Vatican

These Bali killings add to more than 15 innocent civilians killed since the Kumba Killings. To show his disdain for the global appeal for him to end the war, Africa’s most brutal dictator, Paul Biya (who is believed died since March, 2020), upped his disregard for life, and International Treaties. He violated the Ottawa Treaty on Land mines by killing more than 4 civilians with mines in Ndop, Northern territory of British Camerons on 29 October, 2020 . Click here for details . Three other civilians were also pulled out of their homes and shot in Ndian County on the 28 of October, 2020.

The genocide has claimed more than 23,000 lives. The French Cameroun soldiers have also burnt more than 400 villages, sending more than 100,000 refugees into neighboring Nigeria and Ghana. More than 800,000 are internally displace with schools barely functioning in the territory for 4 years now running. For setails of monthly killings and burnings, click here

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