In her unwillingness to engage in a mediated effort to end the genocide on the occupied territory of British Southern Cameroons, the French Cameroun genocidal government continues to eliminate those who remain loyal to their people while propping up stooge traditional leaders. T he aim is to portray a sense of subservience by the rebelled SLAVES (British Cameroonians), In the same days when he repatriated the abdicated King of one of the villages – Nso in the territory with the aim of arming and imposing him as their stooge in their sham House of Chiefs, at the same time they are eliminating other traditional leaders who are not ready to dance to the colonialist’s Machiavellian actions or KUMBAYA. The King of the small village of Lewu La Maleleh in Muea village of Fako County was executed on 6 November, 2020, when the French Cameroun Soldiers invaded the village. Apart from killing King Molinga Francis, his palace was burnt to ashes by the marauding French Cameroun Colonial soldiers. Villagers spoke of hearing the gunshots that ended the life of the King who unlike the others who exiled themselves and asked for their subjects to be killed, he stayed and provided solace to victims of the genocide. The French Cameroun appointed representative of the area, shed crocodile tears on camera blaming every other thing but the French Cameroun colonial authorities. Watch the video about the late King and his remains.

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