Their cracked bodies and feet show shells of clotted blood. They were routinely tortured and killed as game. “They will come and just pick one and go kill” says the men who had nothing to lose, if they attempt to escape as death was their eventual outcome at the secret prison where they had been locked up for more than 3 months. “No shower for three months” another victim interjected. Some of the boys killed are named as Njie Aaron and Dickerson. The family of Njie Aaron the escaped victims say had even come looking for their child at the locked up area, but the French Cameroun Bulubeti soldiers refused that Njie was not there. They later took him out and executed him. The paranoid victim blame one soldier of the French Cameroun colonial forces popularly called Babyface for most of the extra-judicial killings in the area. The video which surfaced on the 22 November, 2020, is one more testimony of the secret killings ongoing in British Cameroon. The innocent men had been rounded up by French Cameroun colonial Forces after killing more than 17 civilians On Saturday 12 September 2020,


The Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa (CHRDA), alongside this platform had reported the events that led to their arrests and potential executions. “On Saturday 12 September 2020, 17 young men were executed in Muyuka, some alleged to be separatist fighters. 11 of the unarmed civilians, were rounded up and shot at close range. These incidents happened at Candev and Malende, all situated in Muyuka Local Government. On the same day, a group of young men were rounded up while extracting sand at a sand pit in Malende and shot dead by the same French Cameroun Colonial Soldiers. CHRDA of Agbor Balla says he received and analysed images and videos recorded and circulated on social media, showing dead bodies of at least five young men all covered in sand and being removed and carried away by inhabitants in a heavy-duty truck for burial. Many others were carried away.”.(Read the Details again here). Those carried away by the French Cameroun Bulubeti militias of Paul Biya have been executed as testified by the “WALKING DEAD” that escaped to tell their stories. Despite the widespread alarm to these atrocities, the world continues to give a blind eye to the genocide. Below is the video of the testimony of the escaped genocide victims.

Testimony of Escaped Genocide Victims 3 months after being kidnapped by French Cameroun Soldiers in Muyuka

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