“We could identify them as coming from Nigeria because of their accent, and they were escorted by French Cameroun soldiers. They were armed, some on horse back.” A victim explains on ABC TV. “They killed, burnt and stole cows of the locals. Earlier, a victim who lost about 30 cows went to report to the French Cameroun Security office, located in the area and saw three of his cows tethered behind the office.” The source further explains. The invasion started on the 24th of February, 2021 with five locals massacred by the Fulanis from the area with their brothers from Taraba State in Nigeria. The eye witness further narrates that, the local French Cameroun colonial authorities in complicity with the Fulani/Mbororo community in the area, in an attempt to get more mercenaries from Nigeria lied to them that they are being exterminated by the locals in Nwa. This enabled more killer volunteers to join the killing spree with the aid of ammunition from the French Cameroun authorities who have since remained silent as the killings continue. In the village of Ntong, the killings were brutal with the knife-wielding Fulanis hacking to death a former retired administrator – Mr. Manasis Nchenkwi. He was executed alongside a woman. By the 9 of March, 2021, report say more than 15 villages have been destroyed and emptied of its content of both humans and properties. Some of the victims escaped to Nigeria, scared of French Cameroun soldiers who aided in the Fulani cleansing.


The inaction of the same French Cameroun authorities responsible for the Ngarbuh massacre has alarmed even their appointed parliamentarian. The hand picked and paranoid man was tongue-tied when speaking to an independent reporter (video below). Though frustrated with the game of his colonial bosses – the French Cameroun colonial authorities, he shied away from calling them out boldly. Same degree of frustration was seen in one anglophone regime loyal newspaper. The paper says the silence by the French Cameroun authorities further shows that there are two levels of citizenship in the country, where the anglophone minority are treated with disdain.

The Destruction in Nwa British Southern Cameroon, by French Cameroun and France


Since the civil war started in 2016, the destruction has been unrivalled with other conflicts in the world. Due to increasing refusal by the anglophone minority to cooperate with the French Cameroun colonial authorities, the Fulani and Mbororo communities have been armed and guarded to erase several anglophone villages, in what Dr. Gregory Stanton of Genocide watch has described as a genocide. In 2019, the French Cameroun colonial soldiers actually broadcast themselves escorting the Fulani/Mbororo communities to kill and burn villages of locals. (video below). Since 2016, more than 23,000 anglophones have been killed by the majority Francophones, with more than 400 villages erased.

Fulani/Mbororos being guarded by French Cameroun colonial soldiers to kill, and burn homes of locals in Wum, British Southern Cameroon

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