British S. Cameroon Genocide: What if he were Dion Ngute’s Son? Time for “Benevolent Neutrality” is Now.

To all British S.Cameroonian politicians Beyond the Moungo.

Under the Eastern Region, British Southern Cameroon suffered what was known as the Ibo domination. The Ibo established their hegemony over Southern Cameroons and caused them to be further frustrated by foreign domination. However, it was during this period that the first parliamentary elections were organised in the territory to choose representatives to the Eastern Regional House of Assembly and Federal House in Lagos. Following discrimination they faced as a minority group in the assembly, they walked out in protest and declared Benevolent Neutrality in Nigerian politics. This led to the holding of the first Southern Cameroons Conference in Mamfe in 1953. This Conference adopted a petition addressed to the United Kingdom Government that demanded for a separate regional status in conformity with Southern Cameroons’ status as a UN Trust territory. It was from here that Southern Cameroons nationalism began. This political action yielded the desired results. In 1954, Southern Cameroons achieved self-governing status, with Dr. EML Endeley as first Premier. Read more here.

These achievements and self-rule were achieved without any villages torched with occupants, thousands killed and the bodies burnt, women and children raped in broad daylight. Worst of it, being labelled dogs and a different language imposed on you. Living witnesses of this history such as Nfon Mukete, Achidi Achu, Fon Angwafor, Dorothy Njeuma, John Fru Ndi, etc should be able to compare the fact that the scare of the Ibos cannot be compared with this genocide from French Cameroon. Which representative in a true democracy sits mum when his/her constituents are killed, maimed, homes destroyed, children raped, places of worship desecrated? How do you go back to them for votes? Worst of all is how do you sit in the pews and ask for God’s blessings?

What if this killed and dumped body in Ekona by French Cameroun Soldiers was Mr. Dion Ngute’s son?

What is this constituent’s crime to be killed and abandoned like this? What if this human turns out to be Prime Minister Dion Ngute’s son? Would he praise the military for a job well done? AJL will never get an answer, cause such answer will not resurrect the more than 12,000 killed or more than 9000 homes razed. Neither is your wealth able to absolve this pain that British Southern Cameroonians are going through since Akum Julius was shot in November 2016.

Isn’t it time to walk back across the Moungo like the Angwafor’s and Mukete’s did in 1953? Why must the union be built with your peoples’ blood? Why is French Cameroun not fighting to regain the portions of Kamerun ceded to Chad, Central African Republic, Congo and Gabon in 1919? The answer is simple: those portions are part of the Francophonie and so the British Southern Cameroon and its language and values must be replaced. Chief Nfon Mukete , Achidi Achu, Enoh Tanjong, Fon Angwafor, as the oldest living architects of unification, it is time to walk back to your people NOW and be HEROES. The UNION experiment has failed and the blood of your people can’t glue it back together again.

Cameroun’s PM, Mr. Dion Ngute

Mr. Dion Ngute is Cameroun’s ceremonial Prime Minister since January 2019. Constitutionally he is irrelevant in Cameroun’s succession or power arrangement. He however remains the most senior member of English Cameroon extraction in the predominantly French Cameroun government of the Republic of Cameroun. The post of Prime Minister in Cameroun has often been seen more as a PR stunt to goad English speakers than one with a real portfolio. Although he is often called the head of Government, he has never formed a government. Most often he is appointed simultaneously with the government he is rhetorically to lead. Lead functions domestically include galvanizing the remnants of the disillusioned population to sing the praises of the now 86-year-old frail Paul Biya, who has governed Cameroun since 1982.

Frail Paul Biya being aided to Wave by Wife Chantal Biya, at a state dinner last May 2019.

British Southern Cameroon Genocide: More than 134 killed in May 2019.

French Cameroun under its two French Speaking governors to the British Southern Cameroon, upped their genocidal game in May 2019 with intense burning, killing and looting. While the French Cameroun’s ceremonial Prime Minister, Mr. Dion Ngute, a British Southern Cameroonian by birth, made some rhetoric overtures to the British Southern Cameroonians, the governors, simultaneously rebuked the overtures with more brutal killings of innocent civilians of the region. Mr. Dion Ngute’s visit to Bamenda was welcome with two extra-judicial killings less than two kilometers from his hotel room. Two innocent civilians were pulled out of a transport bus and shot point blank (click here). The next day on a visit to Bambili, about 8 miles away, a woman and her baby were slain by the same military. Cries could be heard as the PM drove by alongside a heavy military convoy. His visit to the Southern Zone was marked by similar killings by the French-speaking governor, Mr. Okalia Bilai, who had earlier referred to the prime minister’s kindred as dogs. The most cruel of the month’s killing was that of a 4-month-old sleeping baby, whose skull was shattered on a sofa in their sitting room in Muyuka. To diffuse the PR kerfuffle, the regime sacrificed a French Cameroun citizen in Bamenda. The scheme to tag the Ambazonian self-defense boys with the beheading failed woefully as the mastermind’s French accent betrayed them. Below are the images of about 70 of the more than a hundred killed by French Cameroun Soldiers in May 2018. The same scenario happened last year when more than 39 innocent British Southern Cameroonians were murdered in Santa, Bafut, Balinyonga, Mamfe in the same month. The world stands idly by while human life is wasted in the British Southern Cameroons, using the Rwanda 1994 script.

AJL has decided to only publish corpses with images. These deaths again provide another chance for the world to intervene and stop this genocide on a vulnerable people. The history of the conflict is clear, and only the wrongs of that history can bring everlasting peace.

Some Images of the Killed in May 2019 Alone.

NB: Please double click images to enlarge.

Painful burial: Mother and Child being Laid to Rest in Bambui.
Fly-on-the-wall Videos of some of the massacres by French Cameroun.