Oprah and The Color of Discrimination: Malala vs Eileen

On October 9, 2012, the world was in shock, when the Pakistani Taliban, shot 15-year-old Malala Yousafzai. She was just one of the victims of tragedy around the world that day, however her story was the main global headlines for days. Global sympathies poured in. Leaders tussle to snatch part of the Malala media monopoly by being the first to pledge support for her and the fight against the Pakistani Taliban.

One thing this global attention did was save her life as she was airlifted to the UK for urgent medical attention. After her recovery, she became a global icon advocating for education for women all over the world. Global leaders received her and so were media houses clamoring to have her voice in their output. Black super talk show hosts like Oprah, and all female shows like The View all booked her for appearances. The unique Ellen DeGeneres was not left out of the Malala frenzy. Decision-making bodies like the U.S Congress received her. These media attention gave a false notion to every abused and oppressed girl around the world that the global media and womenfolk in particular have their back.

Oprah Galvanizing Global Sympathy for Malala

Another benefit was the renewed attention that the Pakistani Taliban got. The West intensified their efforts in putting the terror group at bay. The Pakistani Taliban acknowledged their assassination attempt on the advocate claiming it was a retaliation for her pro-western stance and relentless support for girls’ education. Malala no doubt stands as a symbol of what the world can achieve if they collectively stand for what is right. She was lucky too that the global West was united in their hate for the

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Malala on Ellen DeGeneres

Pakistani Taliban, after all the Taliban as a whole have no viable resource like oil that the West really needs. This accounts for why Malala could easily have access to every global leader and even addressed the UN. She became a global advocate for education, encouraging young girls to be engaged on social media, except the fact that her social media feet from persecuted female children/girls will never get a response. She even was awarded the Nobel Peace Price in 2014.

Taliban attacked Malala for being Pro-western, but Eileen and her people are being annihilated for Western interest – BLOOD FOR OIL“.

More Gruesome “Malalas” Ignored

On 1st October, 2017, 13-year-old Eileen Fola, was minding her own business in her home in North West British Cameroon, when soldiers ordered by an 86-year-old dictator shot her on the head like Malala and oozed out her right eye and socket. Yes, more scary and riskier than Malala’s. Just like Malala had urged the world to be engaged on social media to tell their stories, the astonished poor people of this community, who have no access to the internet, (as the dictator cut off the lethargic internet before the crimes) struggled to get the images of the gruesome act to the same sympathizers of Malala – the media and global political leaders. This writer personally connected to Malala to raise the alarm on the Atrocity Crimes. Our team reached out to celebrities like UNICEF’s Angelina Jolie, (who at the time urged the world to stand up for Malala) etc. Oprah, The View, Helen DeGeneres and every major network and journalist in the world got a tweet or Facebook posting about the Crimes Against Humanity on Eileen and her people. None responded.

The Shattered Face of Eileen. (More here)

The day that Eileen was shot, more than 200 others were deliberately shot to maim, with more than 160 killed not by the Taliban, but by soldiers of a “constituted government”.  Unlike the Taliban, that became a global pariah, Paul Biya of French Cameroun was praised, shielded from his actions, invited to address the United nations. The UK government signed an oil deal with him for the oil which Eileen and his people are being killed for even, with blood, corpses on the streets and villages of the territory.(click here for the oil deal). The effect of this global acceptance of Crimes Against Humanity was that it emboldened the dictator thus luring him to up his mass extermination of the people of the territory of British Cameroon.

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Still Looking for Justice in a Continuous Genocide

Till date the killing continues with almost 20,000 dead, with close to 10,000 homes burnt by the French Cameroun soldiers under Paul Biya, who continues to enjoy immunity from Western Powers that pride themselves on Human Rights and Dignity. Apart from the more than 2 million internally-displaced, there are more than 75,000 as refugees in Nigeria. Just like the Pakistani Taliban, who became a global scorn for trying to deny Malala and her friends education, more than 3 million children today are out of school in British Cameroon alone, caused by a dictator, in an attempted assimilation of English-speaking people. According to history and UN records the territory was an autonomous country that formed a union with French Cameroun in 1961. Just like the union of Senegal and Gambia (82 -89), that never worked, the majority-speaking French oversea territory are bent on erasing the minority English-speaking territory to spread France’s influence to the silence of the world. The Norwegian Refugee council describes the conflict as the most neglected in the world.

Human Rights Vs Economic Interest

The world that united against the Taliban this time around find themselves with an economic interest – oil. The people of Eileen’s part of Cameroon, are just like the British, who elected to join the EU, and when they found out that the EU, was not living up to British values, they opted for a referendum to leave the EU. In the case of Eileen’s people, France and the UK, that currently have abundant oil interest in the British Cameroons, preferred to provide the French Cameroun Government with the money, arms and global protection to kill the minority English-speaking people of this region. The silence of the Western media to Eileen Fola and her people has let to this genocide that the U.S Ambassador to Cameroun Henry Balerin, calls “targeted killing” of anglophones. Women and babies have been killed as young as 4 months, mothers and children have deliberately been burnt in their homes. It is above Atrocity Crimes. (click pics for enlargement)

Is Black Dark?

With all these documented Atrocity Crimes, the world has stood mute. The dictator has embarked also on a sophisticated lobbying scheme in Washington. While Malala and others like the three-year-old Alan Kurdi from Syria in 2015, got the desired global attention, Eileen and the horrific killings of his people in British Cameroon, have not. Oprah and other black media personalities and celebrities who champion far less fetal social issues still remained blind to the genocide. This silence of the global media has just one explanation – color (Black is Dark, and thus invisible). Had Eileen been another race, the global rage and attention would have been different. Three years and counting with killings that Prof. Stanton of genocide Watch now calls full GENOCIDE (click for interview), dictator Biya is still a darling of the West. The Taliban attacked Malala for being pro-western, but Eileen and her people are being annihilated for Western interest – BLOOD FOR OIL. What a paradox! Can the world seek justice for Eileen like they did for Malala? Waiting. (For images and stories of the genocide on Eileen’s people click here) and here

For an Exclusive image history of Eileen’s suffering, click here

British S.Cameroon Genocide: Meluf: Remembering Genocide Victims in a Genocide.

The French Cameroun government in charge of the killings refused it never happened. The governor in charge of the Killings Mr. Lele Afrique, still displays the prison keys to any journalist who dares report about the killings. Even men-of-God were scared to tell the truth about the killings. A seemingly scared Prelate – Reverend Father Humphrey Tata Mbuy, Director of Communications in the Diocese of Bamenda, said this a few months later in an interview with The Voice Newspaper

“The statistics are alarming, and I would at this moment fear to even give them because they can shock every one of us. But I can take the ones that are already online because they were posted online. That is the one from the diocese of Kumbo and these are statistics from 19 out of 36 parishes which are telling us that in the last three months only, 750 houses have been burnt, 250 people have been killed and over 10 000 are internally displaced…” . (Read more here)

That Wednesday 5 December, 2018, the French Cameroun military invaded the village of Meluf in Bui County of British Cameroon. They were merciless. They killed and burnt from Humans to pigs. In total, more than 6 were killed plus a mad man. With no one to provide them solace or protection, the church provided the necessary comfort on that faithful day, as some of the corpses were transported to God’s acre in the area (videos below). The church itself is not spared by the arrogant and untouchable French Cameroun military. With the killings, the happy military and their bosses just hope the pains and memories will disappear.

With the pain still fresh in their minds, sympathizers in Meluf, Bui County early this month dreaded the bullets, charred buildings and deserted communities to remember the people killed on 5 December, 2018 and others killed in the ongoing genocide in the village and entire British Cameroon. For the prelates present, the lord knows why. For the relatives of the murdered, the pain is still fresh as was on that day, and the gaps unfilled till justice is delivered.

Bui County, like any other part of British Cameroon has been decimated by the untouchable French Cameroun Bulubeti Militias/Military. Only an independent fact-finding mission can ascertain the real number of victims of this genocide that the perpetrators have been struggling to conceal for three years now. For now, the killings accelerate as victims continue to remember their loved ones in hiding. Many are scared of being made a statistics by the French Cameroun military that is bent on erasing the people of British Southern Cameroons, who voted to join an independent French Cameroun in 1961 as two equal states.

Meleuf Massacre 5 December, 2018