No One Left Behind

From the day Akum Julius fell in Bamenda to the hot flames of Kwakwa with Mami Appih, the beheading of SamSoya, to the execution of four four-month-old, Martha in Muyuka, our resolve to defeat evil has grown stronger. Like an army in a war front, no one should be Left behind. From the food seller in Ikiliwindi, the potter in Bambalang to the palm wine seller in Akwaya that close their business premises every ‘Contri Sunday’ to honor our fallen heroes, we remain one and must swim or drown together. Our enemy is bent on killing, burning, raping and looting of our resources and self esteem. Our realization and acceptance that we are an endangered species from our own quislings in the name of elites and French Cameroun keep us resolute in our defiance of tyranny and subjugation.

Yes, our resolve has angered our colonizers who have never seen an insoluble soluble. Yes, our people are the guinea pigs on which La Republique new military recruits exercise their skills during “internship”. Yes, they are free to shoot and kill any Ambazonian, regardless of gender or age. The physically and mentally-challenged have not been spared by these trigger-happy soldiers of French Cameroun. The enemy has killed us in the most barbaric way that one can imagine in this modern era. They have tried to hide the remains, hoping that the families will also forget the names, memories and origin of their loved ones. The remains were burnt, drowned in rivers, buried in secret mass graves, killed and dumped in hidden bushes, tied in forests to rot etc. Ambazonians, we will never forget!

Dear British Southern Cameroonians, is that unique depository, that aggregator of the enemy’s ATROCITY CRIMES (crimes against humanity, genocide and war crimes) against us as a people. We now have that opportunity to build a list for our MEMORIAL STATUES. We must now say it loud and clear to our enemies and global conspirators that NO ONE shall be forgotten or LEFT BEHIND. The enemy cannot kill the memories of our fallen ones from 4-month-old Martha to 94-year-old Mami Appih.

Send us the names of your loved ones, their stories, memorabilia, burnt objects of your homes. Send us cenotaphs and epitaphs of your dismembered or missing loved ones into this library. This is the only way we can remind and shame the world, especially the United Nations that promised ‘Never Again’ in the aftermath of the Rwandan Genocide. Even the survivors of the 1994 genocide like President Paul Kagame of Rwanda has refused to accept our own pain.

Our site has images of more than 3500 Ambazonians murdered in this genocide. This is a fraction of the more than 12,000 Killed so far. Ambazonians go now to to identify some of them and equally upload those we missed. We must shame the enemy that our lovd ones they massacred were loved and will forever be in our collective conscience. Ambazonians this site is ours to jealously protect. Thank you.

AJL Team

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Justice for the oppressed. Abhors dictators and hypocrisy.

One thought on “No One Left Behind

  1. Paul Biya and his group of ministers have to pay for these crimes.They should not go unpunished.They have ruined lives and the country.


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