French Cameroun Bulubeti Militias wreak Havoc in Human Rights Boss’ Village, with Beheading, Looting etc

In William Golding’s 1954 book “Lord of the Flies“, savagery and evil engulf innocent youths unchecked on an island. Here they manifest this freedom with cruelty by first viciously killing a pig and perching its head on a pole where flies congregate. Just around the time, Golding wrote this fictional novel, true heads of humans adorned French colonial Cameroun roadsides in the Bamileke and Bassa regions. Till date France has concealed this genocide from the world. Colonial French Cameroun citizens who were scared of being the next trophy head to be displayed by the roadside emigrated to the Free, peaceful British Southern Cameroon for safety. The French Cameroun colonial beasts could not trespass into British Cameroon to get any more heads to put on staffs, until the UNO and Britain handed over the British Southern Cameroons to the beast – France and French Cameroun in 1961. Like Jack and his friends in Lord of the Flies with no laws, nor formal control on the island, thus the anarchy and cruelty, French Cameroun soldiers are scofflaws, violating every global law, ethics or biblical cannons in the British Southern Cameroons.

The Invisible smoke?

With the world seeing the smoke rising like it rose for rescuers in Lord of the Flies, but deliberately looking the other way, French Cameroun Bulubeti militias – soldiers, have not only hung heads on sticks, but charred villages, and roasted citizens in their abodes. Like in Lords of the Flies, where the kids first lit their fires in the night, thus delaying their rescue, French Cameroun authorities have not only lobbied western governments to silence, but have silenced internal opposition. Churches have been silenced through co-option with threats and largess. Formal institutions with global appeals have been choked with cronies, ready to write a clean Bill of Rights to the international community.


The latest reality is in Bafut, home of the Chairman of the ruse called National Commission for Human Rights in Cameroun, Mr. Chemuta Divine Banda. Mr. Chemuta is a former diplomat with several ambassadorial years in the west. As usual with the ruling Cameroun Peoples’ Democratic Movement (CPDM) Party in Cameroun, being a senior citizen is one of the cherished criteria for acceptability and advancement in the party. Returning home, Mr. Banda did not fail to enlist in the party. He ran unsuccessfully as a CPDM member of parliament in his native Bafut. Such open militancy was no doubt assuring to the king pins of the party. As a former diplomat as well, he was suited to conceal abuses to the West, after all, they have known him well as a diplomat. With such firm beliefs, Mr. Chemuta Divine was thus appointed by dictator Biya as the Chairman of the National Commission for Human Rights and Freedoms. With abuses documented all over the country, the stooge has remained mute, with his title used as a ruse to the global community that, there is a watch dog on abuses in Cameroun.

The Genocide in British Cameroon and his weakness

Dr. Chemuta Divine Banda

With thousands killed and villages burnt in the territory by French Cameroun Bulubeti militias, the commission was no where to be found. The last evidence of the commission’s worthlessness was on 9th May, 2019, at a conference in Yaounde, when the chairman was rudely interrupted by his two vices from dictator Paul Biya’s Bulubeti clan – James Mouangue Kobilla and Professor Atangana nee Ngo Oum Therese). Mr. Chemuta Divine Banda, had revealed that he had called the octogenerian – Paul Biya, to ask him to halt the war in British Cameroon and engage in inclusive dialogue. The vice persons, in the midst of observers and journalists made it clear to Mr. Chemuta Banda, that he as chairman was to get an authorization from them to mention anything about the killings and burning in British Cameroon. Since then, Mr. Chemuta has remained mute on the Atrocity Crimes, while the French Cameroun authorities use his position to deceive the world.

The Bafut Rape, massacres, Beheading and Chemuta’s silence

Mr. Chemuta has remained silent on the destruction in his own village, Bafut since the onset of the British Cameroon uprising. Several people have lost their lives from the Bulubeti militias. Bafut has been burnt, with the soldiers attacking even the sacred Bafut Palace – UNESCO world Heritage site. In all, more than 300 people have lost their lives in the village.

Gallery of Some of the Killings and Destruction in Bafut since 2016

Bafut Fon’s Palace: UNESCO World Heritage Site; Attacked Severally by the French Cameroun Bulubeti Militias

The latest gruesome murder was on the 26th of April, 2020, when the marauding French Cameroun soldiers invaded the quiet village. The shooting, destruction and looting were the rule. The sacred palace was desecrated, personal properties like goats and chickens were seized, some roasted in the same compounds after chasing the owners away. A lucid warning was sent to the world and to Mr. Chemuta in particular, that titles and positions don’t matter as long as you are from British Cameroon. Awa Pius, an innocent civilian who had quenched the thirst of the marauding soldiers was beheaded by the same soldiers and his head hung by the roadside for all to see their “professionalism”. An innocent mother in her sixties was gang-raped by the soldiers. More than 32 people were also killed with more than 15 homes torched by the soldiers (details later). In all these Atrocity Crimes,, the Human Rights crusader – Chemuta Banda, is no where to be found. His close collaborators and friends at their social groups are still to get a word of remorse from the head of the National Commission for Human Rights and Freedoms in Cameroun. Who doubts the fact that, when a people (British Cameroonians) are called dogs, they deserve to die.

Woman in her 60s Raped by the French Cameroun Betibulu Militias in Bafut

Cameroun: More Internally- Displaced Anglo-War Victims in Yaounde

Instead of moving refugees back to their villages less than 20 KMs away, (because the French Cameroun, Bulubeti Militias are still burning and killing), French Cameroun in a show of media desperation is said to have flown some British Cameroon Refugees about 561 km away to its capital Yaounde, on 31 November, 2019. These are some of the refugees that the same government ordered to relocate and follow suit by burning them and their villages, especially the old who could not re-locate as they ordered. The said refugees (mostly French Cameroun citizens who were caught in the burning), are being ferried to swell the ranks of more than 800,000 internally-displaced British Cameroonians in the Town, living in misery with constant harassment. This violation of international laws further entrenches the disaster of the UN as a lame-duck organization, bent on giving legitimacy to the new breed of “Hitlers” with impunity. This UN’s willful neglect of the conflict in the Cameroons, is metamorphosing into the greatest disaster of the UN, its Security Council Members and its agencies. The conflict which has displaced more than 2.5 million people both nationally and internationally is showing just how ineffective the organization has become.

French Cameroun Authorities Ordering Villagers to relocate or be Killed

Easiest Conflict to Resolve

The conflict according to experts is the easiest to be resolved by an organization trumpeting itself as the harbinger of global peace, security and guarantor of safety/refuge for the persecuted. The parties to the Union of the Two Cameroons in 1961, such as the Queen of England, UN and many voters are still alive. So why allow the killing of innocent children, when those running away know the facts of the conflict and blame the UN for denying them JUSTICE? “Should MIGHT BE RIGHT? Even when the facts are indisputable?” A frustrated refugee asked to Antonio Guterres, UN SG. No doubt the conflict has been marked by Lies Deception, Denials, Silence and intransigence. The perpetrator of the Conflict – French Cameroun’s President Paul Biya, in November 2019, in Paris stated that he wanted to assimilate the English-speaking people who came to the Union in 1961. Think of the UK telling Scotland that they wanted to erase their identity, or Canada telling the world that the war she declared on Quebec was because he wanted to assimilate the French-speaking people of the province to the majority English-speaking country. A global outrage would have ensued. Why should more than 20,000 people be killed because a Neo-colonialist leader is bent on spreading European influence, not an African culture, on another African Country. Why he asked to he UN System?

BBC Report of French Cameroun Soldiers Burning Villages in British Cameroon

The UN has failed to give protection to the “Targeted killing” of the minority English people. Instead of embarking on a negotiation with the parties to get to the root cause of the conflict, it has opted for cosmetic solutions, falsifying the history in trying to justify the ethnic cleansing. With more than 1.500,000 internally displaced and more than 3million children in the territory not going to school, the French Cameroun authorities, in a typical colonial style pulled ot another scam in its tool box to further embarass the global system and UN in particular. It has embarked on forcefully repatriating refugees (mostly French Cameroun citizens) who got caught up in the torch war fare and now refugees in Nigeria, to display to the docile UN and its accomplice agencies in Yaounde as a solution to the conflict that has erased more than 10,000 homes in more than 300 communities. The question one authority from one of the refugee camps in Nigeria has for the UN and its failed Agencies is is why should British Cameroonians be killed by /french Cameroun, when they left Nigeria in 1954, without a spank?

The conflict as the UN and its members know has continued because the US Trusteeship Council, which still meets is unwillingness to demand for the balkanized African countries to maintain their various European-induced boundaries at their “supposed” independence, which is 1960 for French Cameroon (an its fixed boundary) and 1961 for British Cameroon (with its own fixed bundary)

British Southern Cameroonian Refugees Celebrating Xmas 2019 in their Camps in Nigeria.

No One Left Behind

From the day Akum Julius fell in Bamenda to the hot flames of Kwakwa with Mami Appih, the beheading of SamSoya, to the execution of four four-month-old, Martha in Muyuka, our resolve to defeat evil has grown stronger. Like an army in a war front, no one should be Left behind. From the food seller in Ikiliwindi, the potter in Bambalang to the palm wine seller in Akwaya that close their business premises every ‘Contri Sunday’ to honor our fallen heroes, we remain one and must swim or drown together. Our enemy is bent on killing, burning, raping and looting of our resources and self esteem. Our realization and acceptance that we are an endangered species from our own quislings in the name of elites and French Cameroun keep us resolute in our defiance of tyranny and subjugation.

Yes, our resolve has angered our colonizers who have never seen an insoluble soluble. Yes, our people are the guinea pigs on which La Republique new military recruits exercise their skills during “internship”. Yes, they are free to shoot and kill any Ambazonian, regardless of gender or age. The physically and mentally-challenged have not been spared by these trigger-happy soldiers of French Cameroun. The enemy has killed us in the most barbaric way that one can imagine in this modern era. They have tried to hide the remains, hoping that the families will also forget the names, memories and origin of their loved ones. The remains were burnt, drowned in rivers, buried in secret mass graves, killed and dumped in hidden bushes, tied in forests to rot etc. Ambazonians, we will never forget!

Dear British Southern Cameroonians, is that unique depository, that aggregator of the enemy’s ATROCITY CRIMES (crimes against humanity, genocide and war crimes) against us as a people. We now have that opportunity to build a list for our MEMORIAL STATUES. We must now say it loud and clear to our enemies and global conspirators that NO ONE shall be forgotten or LEFT BEHIND. The enemy cannot kill the memories of our fallen ones from 4-month-old Martha to 94-year-old Mami Appih.

Send us the names of your loved ones, their stories, memorabilia, burnt objects of your homes. Send us cenotaphs and epitaphs of your dismembered or missing loved ones into this library. This is the only way we can remind and shame the world, especially the United Nations that promised ‘Never Again’ in the aftermath of the Rwandan Genocide. Even the survivors of the 1994 genocide like President Paul Kagame of Rwanda has refused to accept our own pain.

Our site has images of more than 3500 Ambazonians murdered in this genocide. This is a fraction of the more than 12,000 Killed so far. Ambazonians go now to to identify some of them and equally upload those we missed. We must shame the enemy that our lovd ones they massacred were loved and will forever be in our collective conscience. Ambazonians this site is ours to jealously protect. Thank you.

AJL Team