Cameroun: More Internally- Displaced Anglo-War Victims in Yaounde

Instead of moving refugees back to their villages less than 20 KMs away, (because the French Cameroun, Bulubeti Militias are still burning and killing), French Cameroun in a show of media desperation is said to have flown some British Cameroon Refugees about 561 km away to its capital Yaounde, on 31 November, 2019. These are some of the refugees that the same government ordered to relocate and follow suit by burning them and their villages, especially the old who could not re-locate as they ordered. The said refugees (mostly French Cameroun citizens who were caught in the burning), are being ferried to swell the ranks of more than 800,000 internally-displaced British Cameroonians in the Town, living in misery with constant harassment. This violation of international laws further entrenches the disaster of the UN as a lame-duck organization, bent on giving legitimacy to the new breed of “Hitlers” with impunity. This UN’s willful neglect of the conflict in the Cameroons, is metamorphosing into the greatest disaster of the UN, its Security Council Members and its agencies. The conflict which has displaced more than 2.5 million people both nationally and internationally is showing just how ineffective the organization has become.

French Cameroun Authorities Ordering Villagers to relocate or be Killed

Easiest Conflict to Resolve

The conflict according to experts is the easiest to be resolved by an organization trumpeting itself as the harbinger of global peace, security and guarantor of safety/refuge for the persecuted. The parties to the Union of the Two Cameroons in 1961, such as the Queen of England, UN and many voters are still alive. So why allow the killing of innocent children, when those running away know the facts of the conflict and blame the UN for denying them JUSTICE? “Should MIGHT BE RIGHT? Even when the facts are indisputable?” A frustrated refugee asked to Antonio Guterres, UN SG. No doubt the conflict has been marked by Lies Deception, Denials, Silence and intransigence. The perpetrator of the Conflict – French Cameroun’s President Paul Biya, in November 2019, in Paris stated that he wanted to assimilate the English-speaking people who came to the Union in 1961. Think of the UK telling Scotland that they wanted to erase their identity, or Canada telling the world that the war she declared on Quebec was because he wanted to assimilate the French-speaking people of the province to the majority English-speaking country. A global outrage would have ensued. Why should more than 20,000 people be killed because a Neo-colonialist leader is bent on spreading European influence, not an African culture, on another African Country. Why he asked to he UN System?

BBC Report of French Cameroun Soldiers Burning Villages in British Cameroon

The UN has failed to give protection to the “Targeted killing” of the minority English people. Instead of embarking on a negotiation with the parties to get to the root cause of the conflict, it has opted for cosmetic solutions, falsifying the history in trying to justify the ethnic cleansing. With more than 1.500,000 internally displaced and more than 3million children in the territory not going to school, the French Cameroun authorities, in a typical colonial style pulled ot another scam in its tool box to further embarass the global system and UN in particular. It has embarked on forcefully repatriating refugees (mostly French Cameroun citizens) who got caught up in the torch war fare and now refugees in Nigeria, to display to the docile UN and its accomplice agencies in Yaounde as a solution to the conflict that has erased more than 10,000 homes in more than 300 communities. The question one authority from one of the refugee camps in Nigeria has for the UN and its failed Agencies is is why should British Cameroonians be killed by /french Cameroun, when they left Nigeria in 1954, without a spank?

The conflict as the UN and its members know has continued because the US Trusteeship Council, which still meets is unwillingness to demand for the balkanized African countries to maintain their various European-induced boundaries at their “supposed” independence, which is 1960 for French Cameroon (an its fixed boundary) and 1961 for British Cameroon (with its own fixed bundary)

British Southern Cameroonian Refugees Celebrating Xmas 2019 in their Camps in Nigeria.

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