Video-Evidence of Corpses of British S. Cameroonians Killed and Dumped in Rivers.

Horrors of the genocide on British Southern Cameroonians are beyond human imagination. From Manyu to Donga Mantung, victims and families continue to narrate their ordeals of loved ones massacred, with some immersed in rivers by French Cameroun soldiers, commanded by sons and daughters of the territory. Some English-speaking newspapers in Kamerun published some of the horrors of corpses retrieved in rivers in Menchum, following the 1st massacre in that region in August and September 2018. The silence from global leaders and organizations have no doubt provided impetus to the marauding French Cameroun soldiers. They have continued till date to kill, burn and fan ethnic rivalry. This has resulted in more than 8500 houses burnt with more than 12000 killed.

Newspapers such as this continue to cry out against French Cameroun Excesses in British S. Cameroon.

Apart from killing and burning the remains of innocent British Southern Cameroonians, the arrogant and seemingly untouchable French Cameroun soldiers have added more pains to grieving families by either secretly burying, dumping or thrusting the bodies of loved ones in rivers. This gruesome method in rivers involves pressing the corpses with heavy objects like stones and wood. The video below is just one of many innocent British Southern Cameroonians killed and dumped in rivers by French Cameroun soldiers. Global intervention is needed to hold these perpetrators of these Atrocity Crimes accountable for their actions.

Body Retrieved from a river, dumped by French Cameroun Soldiers

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