British S.Cameroon Genocide: The Buea Massacre, 30th July, 2018

Bakweri Town, Sandpit area in Buea, British Southern Cameroon, on Monday, July 30, 2018, experienced one of their greatest horrors in memory, when masked elements of the Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR) of the French Cameroun colonial army moved into the locality and massacred youths. Some were taken away and executed in neighboring Muea town, leaving the entire community wailing and mourning their children and friends. While the casualty here is pale comparable to the other massacres in the ongoing genocide on the minority English-speaking people of British Southern Cameroon, the uniqueness of this Buea massacre was that among the two ( Esambe Roland Ndone and Monono Emmanuel Evakise) later executed at Muea town, was a French-speaking Camerounian. When he identified himself as having originated from French Cameroun, his brothers from the French Cameroun military gave him taxi fare and executed the two British Southern Cameroonians. Thank God he relayed the whereabouts of the two innocent British Southern Cameroonians, whose corpses were retrieved for burial.(Read the full eye-witness details here)

Innocent British Southern Cameroonians murdered for Being English-Speakers
Images of the Massacre by French Cameroun Soldiers under 86-year-old Paul Biya

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