British S. Cameroon Genocide: Close to 200 Murdered in June 2019.

He is a handicap with Kyphosis (roundback or Kelso’s hunchback). Friends and the public know him as the Stickman, for his use of a specially-contoured stick as a cane. He lives at Fiango, Kumba, British S. Cameroun, beside St. Jude, adjacent to where the French Cameroun colonial military base is located. 
Reports say he was picked up on 29 June, 2019 by French Cameroun Bulubeti Militias/soldiers under Paul Biya, and taken to an intersection commonly called 3 corners and publicly executed (extra-judicial killing) in the wee hours of June 30th, 2019. Video footage indicates the poor handicap had gone to procure a snack.

“Human life is really worthless in our region” a voice could be heard. “I heard the shot at dawn”, another baffled onlooker interjected. The blood-clotted body indicates that the brutal French Cameroun military bullet had caught the innocent handicap around his chest, forcing its way to the neck. To the bewildered onlookers, the blood on the lifeless body of the vulnerable handicap reveals nothing but the fact that the life of any British Southern Cameroonian, (or dogs as the French Cameroun authorities call them) rests with the genocidal French Cameroun armies that now kill for fun. For others, it is a genocide or extermination of any English-speaking Southern Cameroonian, else a harmless man, whom neighbors say could not harm a fly, wouldn’t have been killed like a rabbit on a highway.

Stick man

is just one more in a list of innocent British Southern Cameroonians killed in the genocide. June turned out to be brutal and ferrocious like other months in the ongoing genocide in British Southern Cameroon (Ambazonia). The genocide continued with hundreds again massacred by French Cameroun colonial forces.

In Babungo in the Northern part of the territory a cherished cultural practice of honoring the departed saw three innocent mourners gunned down by a trigger-happy French Cameroun military. Still in the same locality, four innocent men were picked up in a village called Bamunka, and publicly shot at Sabga, about three miles away. The innocent British Southern Cameroonians were struggling to go look for jobs. Still in the Sabga (Small Babanki) area, on Friday, June 14, 2019, the Cameroon Military invaded a local market near a farm in the area and picked up 9 people, all were later shot. Reports say six died on the spot while three were hospitalized. In Big Babanki, scores of farmers were also killed in their farms. Two innocent civilians were killed as well in Ntaankaa in Mankon, by the military, claiming to be after ambazonia self defense units.

In Manyu in the Southern Zone, Agbor Samuel Eyong fondly called Vekpem was killed and the neck chopped off by unidentifiable gunmen on Sunday June 16, 2019. Still in Manyu, on 12 June, 2019, National Telegraph reports that the French Cameroun military killed a pregnant nurse and three of her children in their hide out in a village called Talangaye. Still in Ekona Southern Zone, Two male youths of about 19 and 23 were gunned down on Saturday June 22, 2019, by French Cameroun forces.

The Kumbo diocesean Commission for Justice and Peace reports that between April 5th and 17 June, 2019, some 89 houses were burnt and 61 people killed in the Kumbo diocese alone. Kumbo Diocese comprises Bui and Donga Mantung Divisions (11 Sub-divisions). The commission concludes that the figures are likely higher as many of the areas are inaccessible due to poor network and insecurity. Below are some of the killed in June 2019, by French Cameroun soldiers.

Sabga: Door Market Killings

Babungo Killings

Innocent victims going for a funeral were just massacred by French Cameroun soldiers. These are crimes against humanity, being condoned by the global brokers masterminded by France.

Bamunka (Ndop) Killings

Caught in Bamunka, Ndop. Killed and dumped at Sabga.

Mbiame: Ringtone Massacre.

These are two brothers pulled out of their homes and executed by French Cameroun colonial soldiers in Mbiame, Bui Division, British S.Camerooon, on 22 June, 2019. Their crime was having a ring tone that resembles the Ambazonia national anthem. Should a ringtone be enough to take away a life? The answer was given by the American Ambassador to Cameroun, Mr. Henry Balerin when he accused the French Cameroun Government of “Targeted killings” of Anglophones or British Southern Cameroonians/Ambazonians. Here is Mr. Balerin to French Cameroun Authorities (View). Since his declaration, more than 10,000 British Southern Cameroonians have been killed by French Cameroun colonial forces.

Kurt, Nwa Region, Donga Mantung

All these young men were arrested by LRC terrorist soldiers in complicity with some Mbororos and later on murdered in front of family members. The images show them being rounded up, tortured, and their corpses retrieved later by mourning families. As usual, the French Cameroun colonial forces tagged them with Dane guns, oblivious to the fact that during the arrest and torture, no gun was present.

Beyond Human Cruelty

Killed and abandoned in a toilet in Ekona by French Cameroun colonial Hutu Militias, 14 June, 2019. He was discovered in an advanced stage of decomposition.

Ekombe Massacre

27th June, 2019. This happened in Small Ekombe, Mbonge local government Area, where French Cameroun soldiers killed this young girl and the pregnant mother, threw them beside the stream.The population discovered them at this stage of decomposition. Two other people were also shot; one on the jaw and the other on the leg. Survival for them was slim.

Rwanda Playbook by French Cameroun Soldiers in Menchum

Still in the month of June, the genocide took the Rwnada 1994 lane, when French Cameroun soldiers guarded Fulanis (mostly Muslims) in Menchum county to attack other non-Fulanis of the area. The blood bath that followed was filmed by the same armies and shared as victory. Torched homes included King (Fon) palaces. For observers, it is baffling to watch a military that kills innocent people and tag with Dane guns and machetes to be escorting and praising Fulanis brandishing same weapons with their intentions. Scores were also killed by the French Cameroun military after a three-day onslaught in which about 100 houses were burnt, crops destroyed and severe looting as well. To keep the world in the dark, telecommunication to the area was cut off by the French Cameroun authorities. In a village called Esu, the last hospital was also destroyed. Some of the civilian casualties in Esu include:
1)  Nong Tah( Chéché) brother of Nfua Tah bike rider 2) Mih Valentine (Drawn) .3) Fuh Godwill  son of Chu Bern Ughi ukpwe. 4) TEM MEH IVO (OMEGA) son  Joe Meh Keluam. 5) KELLY KELVIN son of Martin Ettia 6) Roger Meh 7) Alang Andre (short boy). 8) Satan, a boy from Wum. (Short boy). 9) Meh Kum. 10)  Kpwe Eweh son Peter Eweh Ukpwe. 11) KANG David. 12)  Adela Chuo Buh, (shot in Weh village).

French Cameroun Military Guiding Fulanis to Murder

In Ekona, several corpses were discovered in an advanced state of decomposition. Reports say they were randomly arrested in Ekona on the 9th of June, 2019 by the french Cameroun colonial army and Executed but dumped elsewhere. On the same day a total of ten civilians are said to have been executed with live ammunition the same armies. 

Tan Village Jakiri, 11 June, 2019.

The were pulled out of their homes in the middle of the night and massacred by French Cameoun militias/soldiers loyal to Mr. Biya.

More Images of British Southern Cameroonians Killed in June 2019.

Still to be Identified by Our Team

Food Crops were not Spared. Maize Farm Destroyed in Kumbo (BUI)

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