British S.Cameroon Genocide: +15 Massacred at BOLE-BAKUNDU Market

An examination of conflicts around the world reveal that only lawless non-state actors like ISIS, Boko Haram, can launch attacks in hospitals, churches and markets. However, since declaring war on the minority English-speaking people of British Cameroon, the French Cameroun Bulu/Beti militias of frail Paul Biya, have violated every rules governing armed conflicts. The quiet, industrious community of Bole Bakundu in the Southern Zone of British Cameroon, was dealt an arrow through their heart by the arrogant French Cameroun soldiers ordered by her colonial French-speaking Governor and ICC candidate Okalia Bilai.

The gloomy and tearful day was 2 February, 2019. The scene was their usually joyous local market day where the ruthless soldiers visited and unloaded their magazines indiscriminately. When the pandemonium ended, more than 15 innocent marketers were massacred. The claim from government-sponsored media both nationally and internationally was that these innocent peasants were terrorists. These bogus media outfits are the government’s mouth piece, as the colonial government of French Cameroun has never bothered to comment on the gruesome massacres done by its ill-mannered soldiers on British Southern Cameroonians.

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