British S.Cameroon Genocide: “Man pikin no be Kanas”. Genocide Survivors’ Tale

The French Cameroun Military men suddenly appeared, and after opening fire on some guys in the river, turned to us, and one of them, a Hausa man said with pride: “I am going to kill all six of you“. Quickly he forced us on the ground and immediately we heard the sound, “pappapapap” as he unloaded his bullets on Sona. Now is your turn, he said as he pulled me up from the ground. He was about to pull the trigger on me, when his boss miraculously appeared and asked him not to execute us. As we stood there shaking like a rain-soaked kitten, I heard Sona’s last words, ” Awilo, na die this a di die so” (Awilo am dying).

Few are lucky as Nelson (Awilo), and five of his other British Southern Cameroonians, who missed death by the skin of their teeth recently in the Southern Zone of British Southern Cameroons. “Man pikin no be kanas”(To be a man is simply not the possession of balls (Kanas) ), one of the still frightened victims told reporters. “To watch your brother shot in front of you, knowing that you are the next takes a heart to still breath even after your life is spared”, the British Southern Cameroonian narrates their ordeal in the hands of the genocidal Bulubeti militias of French Cameroun. They had gone to repair their canoe at the river banks, when the French Cameroun killer soldiers ambushed them. Listen to the chilling testimonies.

Temporal Ethnic-Cleansing Survivors.

Their case is the new normal in the ongoing ethnic cleansing or targeted killings in British Southern Cameroon by French Cameroun colonial forces, who have gotten a free ride from the western world that credits itself with abundant human rights laws. On July 4, 2019, the same BuluBeti Militias stormed Ngomgham in Mankon, in the Northern Zone of British Cameroon, and to be sure their target was a British Southern Cameroonian, they demanded to know if the occupants of the home were English-speaking. “They asked us , are you anglophones, and we say yes, they shot us“, a bedridden victim told the voice newspaper. After emptying their magazines on the innocent girls, the eldest – Fru Carine, a nurse by profession kicked the bucket on the spot, while her sister is between life and death. Carine’s ETHNICALLY-MOTIVATED killing is best captured by this clipping from one of English Cameroon’s most read Newspapers – the Voice.

Sona and Carine are just two in an elaborate list of extra-judicial killings in the ongoing genocide in British Southern Cameroon

Similar actions have been reported all over the territory like the Buea Massacre, where two British Southern Cameroonians (Esambe Roland Ndone and Monono Emmanuel Evakise) were killed while the French Cameroun citizen among them was set free. All three were arrested at Bakweri Town on July 30, 2018. The French Cameroun Bulubeti Militias provided taxi fare to the French Cameroun citizen to return home safely, while the British Cameroonians were executed and dumped by the road side at Muea, some miles away from home. Read the details of the Buea massacre here

NB: We of AGL are pleading with the U.S and other Human Rights Organizations to ensure the safety of these survivors, after these testimonies. Thanks.

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