British S.Cameroons’ Genocide: Divide and Murder – The Donga Mantung Massacre.

Last June 2019, the world watched with shock again, how French Cameroun colonial soldiers practically guarded irate “Mbororo youths” with machetes and guns to maim, kill and torch civilians, villages, in Menchum, Northern Zone of British Cameroons. For observers, it was baffling to watch a military that kills innocent people and tag with Dane guns and machetes to be escorting and praising Fulanis brandishing same weapons with their diabolical intentions known. (Read more here). The soldiers shamelessly executed their masters’ script with perfection, narrating the next step of the Tutsis vs Hutus-style mayhem. (Watch the Video). Their mission was to ignite the same mass killings between the mostly Mbororo/Fulani herders and the locals (farmers), as it unfolded in Rwanda in 1994. The two communities have historically had differences over whether grazing or farming should have priority over arable land. These differences have over the years been exploited by numerous French Cameroun colonial administrators for their selfish benefits.

Although the Fulani/Mbororo communities in Menchum, later realized that they were being duped into attacking their brothers, the non-Fulanis and apologized, the French Cameroun colonial regime was popping champagne for another victory in its premeditated annihilation of the minority English-speaking people of British S.Cameroons. The colonial Governor of the region, Mr. Lele Afrique, (a potential ICC candidate for his crimes) was unapologetic, of the strategy. As usual Mr. Lele Afrique defended their colonial forces for guarding the Mbororo youths to kill innocent civilians. (Here are some of Mr. Lele Afrique’s Murders)

While the Mbororo communities of Wum, were more apologetic for the errors, those of Donga Mantung in the same region remain loyal to the DIVIDE AND MURDER strategy from French Cameroun colonial soldiers. The strategy first came to the consciousness of the world on the 20th of October 2018. It was a massacre that showed just how worthless British Southern Cameroonians’ lives had become in the hands of France and French-Cameroun colonial soldiers and authorities.

The Genocidal Pact between some Fulanis and French Cameroun Colonial Soldiers.

The French-Cameroun tactics of DIVIDE AND MURDER, was unleashed in Donga-Mantung Area of the Northern Zone of British Southern Cameroons on the 20th of October, 2018, with targeted killings of innocent youths . Lured by the French Cameroun authorities, some gullible Fulanis, saw an opportunity to settle their old farmer-grazier conflicts with the locals. It was the most diabolical and genocidal fashion, the Fulanis could have done to their ancestral hosts – the local people. With the assistance of the French-Cameroun colonial armies, more than forty-one young men in the area were rounded up and summarily-executed in the Fulani grazing field to the glee of the Fulani community. Sympathizers believed some form of chemical weapons were used on the innocent civilians, evident by discoloration on the bodies.

Discoloration on the Massacred Bodies.

The world as usual watches in silence, hoping the 86-year-old dictator Paul Biya, can kill his way to a resolution of the historical conflict, of these uniquely two different peoples and cultures that were forcefully yoked together in 1961.

Some Images of the massacre

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