British S.Cameroon Genocide: Here are the Corpses of the +202 Killed in July 2019.

She was not a freedom fighter/secessionist/terrorist, and not a trouble maker. She violated no rules, laws, ordinances or traditional injunctions. She was a fish monger in Ndop, who toils daily to fend for her family. Despite her clean sheet, she had the Sword of Damocles hanging over her head as a British Southern Cameroonian – a dog (chien), idiot, vermin to be eliminated. Their killers are praised and promoted for doing just that. Mama Ngholepeh Pauline(in her 70s), was on a bike at Bambalang in Ndop on the 24th July, 2019, after procuring some seasoned fish (Bambalang fish) to go dispense when the trigger-happy French Cameroun Bulu/Beti militias unloaded their bullets on her. The Bullet oozed out a hole in her stomach (video below). She died instantly.

Gaping hole in Mama Pauline’s Belly

Cyborg, a mentally-ill, guy had several bullets on his chest on 21 July, 2019. His crime first and foremost, was that he was a British Southern Cameroonian. Secondly, his undies was red. Thirdly his life was worthless. Yes, a red clothing in British Southern Cameroon is enough to be made a statistics by the French Cameroun colonial authorities.

Mentally-ill Boy Cyborg

24-year-Carine, a nurse pleaded for the soldiers to spare her life, but they did not. She had made the mistake of accepting her British Southern Cameroonian heritage, when the marauding soldiers stormed her house. “They asked us, if we were anglophones” the sister of the late Carine told sympathizers from her hospital bed. Carine joins a long list of medical personnel killed by the American-trained French Cameroun Bulu/Beti Militias under 86-year-old frail Paul Biya.

Yes you might think, Mami Fish (Pauline) in her 70s and Cyborg a sick person might prick the consciences of the perpetrators, but No! Papa Fru Abenego in his early 80s was shot in front of his brother on July 20, 2019 in Mankon. He was an innocent British Southern Cameroonian, who lived the country’s brief independence from 1954-61. The painful image of the weeping Pa Abenego’s brother, is a reminder to all that dictators are Satan(hell’s) appointees.

These dictators can only thrive in a world where economic interest supersedes human life and dignity; where religious values and messages are guided by economic and fiscal interest. Where the fear of the “Fuhrer” and not the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. The main churches in British S.Cameroons are mute. We discern the dictator is brutal, but there is a moral case that can be made beyond the confines of the brutal regime. No priest in the Cameroons has seized the moral authority to call on the Holy See or the global Christendom to help stop the genocide on his flocks. The holy scripture is clear: Exodus 20:13: “Thou shalt not kill.” Prelates shouldn’t preach only forgiveness, when they did not try to stop the crimes of murdering/offending the victim, whom they are quick at asking to show forgiveness. AGL challenges the British Cameroonian priests to fly out of the country and campaign for the end to this genocide. It’s not enough for Cardinal Tumi, to give local radio interviews, when he can have access to Vatican Radio in the Vatican. He equally has access to the core of global episcopal power, that can help save a life in his native British Southern Cameroon. Do it now and shame the pirates of your flocks.

Papa Abenego and his brother.

Abesolo and four of his friends were arrested at Yoke, in Fako. Four days later – 30th July 2019, the French Cameroun genocidal Governor of the area, Okalia Bilai ordered their bodies to be dumped for the family pain. Their extra-judicial assassinations will certainly go unmentioned by the purported “Human Rights world”. Okalia certainly picked up the monthly assassination script and cue from another French Cameroun colonial governor in the northern Zone of British Cameroon, Lele Afrique.


Residents around Ntahsen in Balinyounga, under colonial Governor Lele Afrique, woke up on 21 July, 2019, to find one of theirs earlier arrested by the French Cameroun colonial military lying in the vicinity. He was not only shot in the eye, but his body was laced with tortured lacerations and bullet holes from the French Cameroun Bulu/Beti militias. Their new recruits must have used his body for mock torture class and a shooting range.

Earlier in the month (1st July, 2019), Che Sam, a resident of Nkwen who crossed the street for a drink was hauled back for burial. Eye witnesses said the French Cameroun military guys in a pickup shot the quiet guy at close range for no reason. The question from the melancholic mourners was, “what did Che do to be killed?” The answer is same – British Southern Cameroonians are filth or vermin to the French Cameroun colonial authorities and their enablers. Che’s wasted blood could be seen by family in desperation (video below). The colonial bullet got right into his heart. Similar shots or bullets the BuluBeti militias are scared to use on renowned terrorists – Boko Haram in Northern French Cameroun.

Che Shot in the heart by French Cameroun Bulubeti militias

Rifem (Mbiame) Bui, 19 July 2019

The images and pain is sullying to all. The couples killed in their home by the French Cameroun colonial BuluBeti militias. The pain from relatives, is another reminder to the global community, that their silence is an endorsement of genocide. The couples did nothing wrong. They were killed for being British Southern Cameroonians. The psychological toll of this early morning assassination on the family and community is gigantic, and unforgettable. (Watch the painful video below on our July 2019 Video compilation)

Motor Bike Inferno

While the commando-style assassinations are rife in the rural areas; remote from the global propaganda media, the towns where the French Cameroun colonial authorities still hold pockets of authority is different. Scared of mass torching of residents in these towns due to the presence of French Cameroun residents, the Biya oligarchy’s modus operandi of coercion, bribery, lies and corruption is rife. In the face of a gullible media, the colonial authorities present a different picture in these areas. While they were busy bribing bike riders to violate ghost towns and hailing them as nation-builders in Kumba Meme County, the rural areas witness massive destruction of the same bikes (main sources of livelihoods for many). From Ossing, Jakiri, Bafut, Muyuka, Nkwen etc, it was a bike inferno. More than 200 bikes were set ablaze by the zonked French Cameroun colonial military – a deliberate act to wreck as much pain and suffering to the people of British Cameroun, if their lives have to be spared for the time being. According to sources, the military’s action they say is good for business for their French Cameroun brothers, as they are owners of most Motor Bike retail outlets. This no doubt is an authoritarian style to govern without consent as the people of this once autonomous country have shown their disdain for the French Cameroun colonial authorities.

How Many did French cameroun Kill in July 2019?

July 2019 like the previous months and years in this ongoing genocide, the French Cameroun colonial regime backed by France killed more than 203 innocent civilians in British Southern Cameroons. Hundreds of houses were also burnt/destroyed in areas such as Djong in Santa, Bawum in Bafut, Weh and Esu in Wum, Kumbo, Ekona, Muyuka, Eyumujock, Meme and Tombel areas. These are just conservative numbers, as only an independent investigation can ascertain the number of innocent British Southern Cameroonians killed in this French Cameroun and Francophonie genocide on a peace-loving people. Conservatively, the number killed are more than 13,000 now.

Some of the Non-image Deaths in July 2019

Epie Sona from Dubai was killed at Mpundu Balong in Muyuka on 1 July, 2019.

Carine, Nurse, shot at Ngomgham in Bamenda, on 4 July, 2019.

6 July, 2019, A teacher and pastor were killed, and several houses set ablaze in Lus Village, in Donga Mantung.

Two young civilians shot death and others arrested to unknown destination in Bafmen, Wum, on 24 July, 2019.

10 Killed in Mautu, in Muyuka, Fako County 14 July, 2019. Village was invaded around 2am. Shooting was random. The target was any young man. CNA

3 killed and dumped on the roadside Muea/Ekona stretch. Mimi

1 person killed in Bamenda on 16 July, 2019. Mr. Suh, was a former teacher at GTC Njinikejem

5 killed in Bafut – 1 on the 18 and others on the 20th of July, 2019, including a lady.

2 killed in Bambui on 19 July, 2019, around the mission. Boy of about 18 years-old and another around 10.

3 Killed at Bamessing in Ndop, 24 July 2019

20 Killed in Bui: 2 Sop, 5 Wainama, 5 Jakiri, 3 Rifem, 3 kikaikom, 2 Killed at a place called Makenene.

Some Images of British S.Cameroonians Killed in July 2019.

Nkogho (Eyumujock) Massacre, 28 July, 2019. Nine Killed

click for enlargement

Some Videos of the July 2019, Massacres.

Some Torched Villages

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