British S.Camroon Genocide: Bloody Day as French Cameroun Militias Rush to Meet Monthly Killing Tally.

Since January 2019, French Cameroun authorities and soldiers have killed at least two hundred civilians in British S. Cameroon per month (see images of +200 killed in July 2019), (Killed in August, 2019 + 160). A region that has incessantly exhibited its disdain for French Cameroun administration, through boycotts and civil disobedience. Unable to achieve earlier assimilation goals through appointed French administrators, French Cameroun authorities resorted to militarily imposing its undemocratic French administrative systems on these anglophone people who believe in representative democracy.

Still unable to enforce this French Napoleonic system of coercion not persuasion in social, cultural, economic and political life, the French Cameroun authorities started a genocide on the people of this once autonomous and self-governing former British territory. The result has been a systematic extinction of the people in what the U.S Ambassador to Cameroon, Henry Balerin, categorically calls “Targeted Killing of Anglophones”. Close to 14,000 have been killed (see the images here) with an average monthly killing of 200 individuals and 7 torched villages (See torched villages here). As the month of August 2019, winds down with the death tally falling behind, the French authorities are in a rush to make up the body counts before the month runs out.

Thursday 29, Nvember 2019, seems to be the day to make up the lagging figures. From Ndop, Banja, and Nkwen in the Northern zone to Ewelle, Kumba in the south zone, the arrogant Bulubeti militias of 86-year-old Paul Biya, were ruthless, breaking into homes as early as 4am and picking up mostly males and executing them on the streets. Reports indicate that about 30 innocent civilians were killed on this day – 29 August, 2019. The heaviest figures are from Baba in Ndop area in the Northern Zone with more than 21 killed. It has been a regular feature of the barbarism that the world has turned a deaf ear and blind eye to, despite social media providing the evidence on a daily basis.

Online news site – National Telegraph, describes the massacres in Manyu of the Southern Zone thus : “They broke into houses, arrested dozens and assembled them in the village town hall before ending up killing some. The Youth President, Arrey Daniel Oben was shot and killed on his way to the farm while the corpses of Agbor Peter and Ntui Micheal Manyor have been discovered along Ewelle and Kembong, a nearby village. Peter and Micheal were among those arrested but were shot, killed and dumped along the road as the military ferried the arrestees to a nearby detention facility in Mamfe, the Division’s headquarters, sources say
Two other corpses were found between Nfuni and Ossing, nearby villages to the scene of the incident, sources say but were unable to provide details of victims’ identities”.

Below are some of the images of those killed by French Cameroun Bulubeti Militias on 29 August, 2019. The region is currently observing a civil disobedience, to protest the bad treatment of citizens of the territory incarcerated in French Cameroun dungeons since 2016.

Buried 10 September, 2019.

Mr. Biya Unable to Wave to Guests at State Dinner

Biya Unable to Identify Guests at a State Dinner

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