British S.Cameroon Genocide: Fon Angwafor Praises French Cameroun Military for Killing his Own People.

Born in 1925, the Fon of Mankon, Solomon Anyeghamotü NdefruAngwafor III, has praised the French Cameroun Military for a job well done, in the ongoing genocide in British Southern Cameroon. Speaking to Equinox Television in his palace in Mankon, September 16, 2019. The staunch supporter of frail 86-year-old Paul Biya, of French Cameroon stated that, by taking up arms against “Our Army” – The French Cameroon Army, the British Southern Cameroonians defending their families are against him as a traditional ruler. Visibly angry, the traditional ruler emphatically said he will never support the return to the pre -1961, status of the two former UN mandated territories of French Cameroun and British Cameroon. He thus vowed to hand over a united Kamerun to the next ruler as he handed British Southern Cameroon to Ahidjo and French Cameroun in 1961.

Fon Angwafor III, Greeting a French Diplomat in his Palace; a Taboo in the Grassfield Tradition of British Cameroon

Reaction to the Fon’s statements have been swift on social media, some describing him as a troop of old lackeys who still believe they can determine the future of the youths of today. Some equally question the Fon’s sense of empathy and sympathy based on the number of innocent people killed in his Fondom by the French Cameroun military he praises. Others have equally warned of severe consequences if the Fon embarks on the “scam” called dialogue. “Fon Angwafor is part of the greedy anti-democratic CPDM octogenarians who think they must be in political authority till they are lowered into the grave”, one angry individual writes on wattapp. Another who identifies herself as Princess Harriet, while pleading with the Fon to reason with the suffering people of British Cameroon, equally questions the Fon’s sense of truth. “Is this what you voted for Mbeh” The Princess questions? ” You voted for a federal structure. What happened to it” The female royalty pushes further. “To see Cameroon United Fon Angwafor, should simply ask for a referendum for British Cameroonians as they did in 1961”. Another concluded.

Fon Angwafor III, Praising the French Cameroun Army for Causing Mayhem on his People.

It should be noted that, despite his robust support for the French Cameroun military, the same military has wrecked havoc in the Fon’s fondom. The Village of Alaachu was completely burnt by the French Cameroun military on 16 May, 2019, to the cowardice of the Fon who raised no protest. Several livestock were also killed by the military. The latest gruesome killing in the Fondom was a 24-year-old Nurse Carine and her sister shot point blank by the military, when Carine and sister made the mistake of identifying themselves as Anglophones. The French Cameroun military are often selective in their killings. French speakers have been spared, while English speakers have been selectively shot.

Carine, nurse shot in Ngomgham, Mankon 5 July, 2019

Born in 1925, Fon or Fo Angwafo III S.A.N of Mankon attended the Aggrey Memorial College Arochuku, Eastern Nigeria, from 1945-1950, where he obtained the Senior Cambridge Secondary School Certificate. He later enrolled in the University College Ibadan, Nigeria, and graduated with a Diploma in Agriculture in 1953. Until he was enthroned as the twentieth king of Mankon in 1959, he was the Chief of Agricultural Technicians in Wum. Fo Angwafo III S.A.N of Mankon has about five medals of awards from the Government of French Cameroun. Also, his particular interests in the past on Education and Peace earned him two other medals from the Vatican by Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II. He was voted Best Man of the year by the American Biographical Institute 2006. (NB Bio Credit too from Up Station Mountain Club site)

Below are some of the killings and destruction in Mankon by the French Cameroun Military.

French Cameroun Army (Our Army) Destruction of the Quarter of Alaachu close to the Fon’s palace on 16 May, 2019.

For More Killings Click here. For More Burning Click her.

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