Must Read: Missed Opportunity for Peace? Renowned Stakeholders not Invited to Attend Cameroun’s National Dialogue.

The most talked about National Dialogue by Cameroun authorities after years of Brutality and Atrocity Crimes on the minority English-speaking people of British Cameroon, was to include all stakeholders. While many have insisted that the dialogue should be to address the British Southern Cameroon issue and not a Kamerun issue, some have kept their fingers crossed. The list of invitees have left many wondering what effect will the dialogue have, if the current invitees bear semblance to the ruling party’s congress. Conspicuously absent in the lists are people who would have no doubt made valuable contributions to the dialogue. These people have been consciously ignored, by the French Cameroun-appointed governors to the British Cameroons, even by the church whose biblical teachings forbid such harm to these people. Below are some of the people, their pictures and stories consciously “UNINVITED” by the Prime Minister of Cameroun to the so-called dialogue. Please read their stories and share to the authorities concerned, if they can be invited or acknowledged for their contribution to the dialogue.

The following would have attended if the dialogue were held in July 2019. Click here to read and watch their videos.

Also Click here for more Images of missing dialogue attendees

The following would have attended if the Dialogue were held in June 2019. Click here to read and watch their videos

Click here also to read a very important Attendee’s Personal Story of Why he can’t be present.

The following would have attended the Dialogue if it were held in May 2019. Click here and Watch their videos

Read a Handicap’s reason for not attending the Cameroun Dialogue

The Following would have attended the Dialogue, if it were held in April 2019. Click here to read their stories and watch their videos.

Read Some Missing Attendees in the Northern Zone of British Cameroon, not attending the Cameroun Dialogue

The Following people from Bole Bakundu Wouldn’t be Attending the Dialogue. Here is the Reason.

The following people made their attendance known since 2018. Click here and read their personal Reasons.

The following Patriots advocating since 2016 for a National Dialogue, are not Attending. Read their reasons. Click here

86-Year-old Paul Biya of Cameroun
Mother and Daughter killed in Bambui, by French Cameroun Militias shall not be attending.

Some Images of Intended Attendees Missing in September 2019.

More British S. Cameroonians not Invited. (Click for Details).

July 2019