Global Scam Alert: Biya Murders +145 English Speakers in September 2019, while Parading Dialogue.

Sensing abandonment by global defenders of his genocidal regime for snubbing a call for an inclusive dialogue, to address the conflict which he ignited, the frail 86-year-old dictator of French Cameroun Paul Biya, summoned a dialogue for his acolytes across the world. At the end, a resolution earlier suggested by one of his rivals, Maurice Kamto, was inked for acclamation by the mostly pro-Biya sleepy octogenarians who attended the charade. “Why should a conflict that has killed about 14,000 of us anglophones be resolved by those who know nothing about it”. One frustrated participant asked. Former Transparency International Director Mr. Akere Muna, describes it as a kind of King Makers’ gathering. Many were mere spectators thus refused from speaking, which means they already selected those to speak, the Barrister fumed, as he walked out of the sleepy occasion. He had earlier poured his frustration on twitter saying: “

Another expatriate who bought a new French Cameroun flag to attend the occasion, after having burnt the previous one in anger over the treatment of his people, confirmed his earlier hatred for French Cameroun. “Many of us in the hall were offered money, not to talk about “FEDERATION” Mola Lysinge from the UK told press men. Genuine British Cameroonians all over the world, had disassociated themselves with what they call another scam by French Cameroon. A genuine dialogue they insist must include a neutral mediator to tackle the coming together of these two autonomous people in 1961. “A UN mandated territory cannot be deciding the fate of another Mandated territory. It’s the role of the UN”. One activists stated. The need for a neutral arbiter was equally echoed by the few independent minds like the Bishops from the British Cameroons who attended the Biya dialogue in the French Cameroun Capital Yaounde from the 30th of September – 4th of October 2019.

British Cameroon Activists United in their Opposition to the said DIALOGUE

The scam of the “CPDM” monologue was summarized by a French blogger thus: “Quart jours et plus pour proposer la decentralization a un etat decentralize, quia tout un ministre de la decentralisation. je veux comprendre“. Translated: “Four days and more to propose decentralization to a decentralized state, which has a whole minister of decentralization. I want to understand”.

Tortured by French Cameroun Bulubeti Militias in Bafut, 24 Sept, 2019

As the scam was being showcased to the moribund global community, the killings and burning, intensified in the British Cameroons. From Mutengene where 9 children were massacred in their own farm by French Cameroun soldiers to Muyenge were internally-displaced were shot, their makeshift tents set on fire, there was no evidence of a change in strategy. “Who kills nine innocent children, calling them terrorists in broad daylight?” A mourner in Mutengene, Southern Zone of British Cameroon questions. “This is genocide on us” Another wailing voice in the chorus of mourners in Mutengene interjected.

French Cameroun Soldiers take Shots For President Biya after Killings

Below are some of the videos and images of the more than 145 innocent British Southern Cameroonians killed in the month of September, 2019 by French Cameroun Bulubeti militias, aided by France, African Union and the United Nations. These have been the three parties that continue to praise every murder mission French Cameroun is undertaking in British Cameroon. They supported the fake Yaounde dialogue and praised its outcome, even when victims of the genocide, and even British Cameroonians sympathetic to French Cameroun rubbish it. Last month, about 170 innocent civilians were murdered in the English Zone alone (Click here).

To read the murder tally since the war started click here. Also click on our older posts to count the bodies of those killed since the year began.

Body Counts of Innocent British Cameroonians Killed in September 2019

Videos of British Cameroonians Murdered in September 2019

For more images and stories of those killed in previous months click here

For images and stories of villages and people burnt inside Click here.

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