Genocide Tactics: French Cameroun Aknowledges Sponsoring Militias – Atanga Nji Boys.

With its military Atrocities having earned an apartment at the ICC, the French Cameroun authorities have devised a scheme to shield these soldiers from the inevitable. For the first time they have acknowledged the ownership of more than 30 well-funded non- military groups in British Southern Cameroons. Through its global propaganda partner, the Xinhua News of China, the authorities acknowledged that these groups (responsible for kidnappings and attacks on innocent civilians), receive funding from them.

Scared of a blow-back, the authorities tried desperately to embellish these government militias/boys by calling them vigilantes, whose aim is to protect communities. This acknowledgement goes to confirm the cry by leadership of the British Cameroon Resistance Movement and activists that these so-called Atanga Nji, boys responsible for Atrocity Crimes were sponsored by the French Cameroun Government. Their mission they say is to discredit the Ambazonian Resistance Movement. On the claim of protection, one activists asked, ” which protection after having burnt our communities and raped our girls and women?”. The name Atanga Nji boys comes from Mr. Atanga Nji, a loyalist of the ruling party, and graduate of one of French Cameroun’s notorious prisons – New Bell. He was appointed French Cameroun’s Minister for Territorial Administration, by the 86-year-old Paul Biya, in 2018. For more on Atanga Nji’s atrocities, (Click here).

On the Right are Atanga Nji’s Boys in Wum carrying matchetes to go kill..
Atanga Nji Boys on a Killing Spree in Wum, British Cameroon

The atrocious activities of the Atanga Nji Boys cum Vigilante Groups have been seen in Wum, in the Northern Zone of British Cameroon, where the French Cameroun Military, guided them to kill and burn people and villages. The actions was recently seen again with a fake burial of a lady alive in Guzang, Northern Zone of British Cameroon, only for the lady to resurrect and joined forces with those who killed her to demagogue for the French Cameroun authorities early this month. Despite public identification of the same people acting different roles the French Cameroun authorities remain adamant in casing the same people.

Video of Atanga Nji Boys in Action

U.S Authorities Aware of the Atanga Nji Militias.

The existence of these militias or Atanga Nji Boys have been known to citizens of British Cameroon and U.S authorities such as Rep. Karen Bass, who visited French Cameroun recently, and acknowledged being briefed on these government militias. The official acceptance by the French Cameroun authorities is seen by many as an attempt to shield the French Cameroun Military on impending charges of Crimes Against Humanity and other Atrocity Crimes. This military stand accused of burning more than 9100 homes in British Cameroon (evidence here), and killing more than 14,300 including babies as young as four months-old (Evidence here).

A mother and her baby killed in Bambui, NZ British Cameroon, by French Cameroun Bulubeti militias.

Resurrected Atanga Nji Militia

The fear among the population of the British Cameroons, is that these Atanga Nji, boys knowing they are paid and protected by the French Cameroun authorities will amplify their rape, torture and abuses on the innocent populations. A concerned parent whose child is in the miitary warned all other parents to ensure their children are not part of this so-called vigilantes, as the French Cameroun authorities are out to scapegoat them. he equally said the so-called vigilantes are made up of French Cameroun soldiers. Their mission is to continue with the military atrocities in a different manner. Below is one of those abuses of a 17-year-old breastfeeding mother raped by the roadside in broad daylight, in Bamenda, British Cameroon, by the French Cameroun Military/Militias.

Raped in Broad Daylight by French Cameroun Soldiers

These so-called Government Militias or Atanga Nji, boys have not shied away from displaying their wedding with the French Cameroun authorities. Many who impersonated the Ambazonia self-defense groups, were present at a recently-organized dialogue in the French Cameroun Capital Yaounde,
(September 30th – October 4, 2019), singing a different tone of being defected Ambazonian soldiers. The Chinese State News site Xinhua has been a regular partner of French Cameroun authorities relaying the genocide in British Cameroon, by calling innocent civilians killed terrorists. Here is the full story from Xinhua:

“YAOUNDE, Oct. 15 (Xinhua) — Community defense forces, otherwise known as vigilante groups, are growing in Cameroon’s two English-speaking regions of Northwest and Southwest for crime crackdown, local authorities said Monday.

Growing kidnapping for ransom and armed robbery had prompted communities to form vigilante groups to track down the perpetrators, Benoît Emvoutu Mbita, prefect of Ngoketunjia, one of the worst-hit divisions in the Northwest region, told reporters.

“They are tired of the atrocities committed by separatists and have decided to defend themselves. We are asking all communities to form their own vigilante groups and collaborate with the military to make sure that these atrocities are stopped,” Mbita said during an event to support the vigilante groups in the Northwest region.

More than 30 vigilante groups have been formed in the regions since conflicts between government forces and armed separatists started in 2017, according to local authorities.

“These boys have tried their best in their various quarters. They are available to secure the population and their properties,” said Ndong Chamberlin Ntou’ou, prefect of Meme division of the Southwest region.

The Cameroonian government has provided financial and material support to the groups “to fight separatist atrocities.”

The government said the atrocities are committed by separatists who want to create an independent nation in the two Anglophone regions. However, separatists have denied the accusations and blamed the government for staging the crimes to tarnish their international image.

A national dialogue to end the separatist conflict was held in the country in early October, and recommended that a special status should be granted to the two regions”.


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