British S.Cameroon Genocide: More Refugees, as French Cameroun Soldiers Kill and Burn in Bafut.

“I can’t stay here no more” Two parents in their late 60s leaving the community after more than 50 Frenchcameroun soldiers invaded the quiet community of Njimbee, Bafut, on 12 November, 2019. “I slept in a furrow 6 meters away, and saw them passing after they told me, not to run. I called on God to cover me with his blood. Muma Orlando, whom we stood was caught n shot about half a km away”. A panic-stricken survivor narrates. “They then, proceeded to smash all doors, ransacking houses, collecting valuables including cell phones.In short, they are thieves. They went to the square (Business District), smashed into bars and emptied the drinks. After that, they then emptied their shells on the community, shooting randomly. Amahbo Cyprain, another innocent civilian was also shot. They proceeded to burn the house of Pa Ngwa Mathew. It’s terrible. Our village has been peaceful all along. What they are looking for, I can’t tell” The shaky voice said. “I have remained in the village like others who dread the odds. Now I have to leave, to where, I don’t know?” the drained victim concludes.   

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British Southern Cameroonians forced out of their Villages, by FrenchCamerooun Appointed Administrators

This victim like others will now join the list of Internally-Displaced persons (IDPs) in the war in British Southern Cameroon (Ambazonia), declared by 86-year-old  Frail Paul Biya, in power since 1982. The refugee crisis began with French Cameroun Administrators, promising to eliminate villagers if they do not abandon their villages. Later on, it was the deliberate scorching of villages, which has continued till date. More than 10,000 homes, schools and hospitals have been burnt by the French Cameroun military, with the blessing of the frail president.

A Communique asking Villagers to abandon their villages or be killed by FrenchCameroun Administrator

Biya, has increasingly been isolated by the international community, but his Grand Son – President Macron, 41, of France.  France maintains a close exploitative economic relations with brutal regimes in mostly French Africa. In 2006, they forced Idriss Deby, of Chad to change his constitution. When he refused, the French changed the constitution, campaigned for him and maintained him in power against his will. Deby, came to power in in 1990.

Chad President.

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