S. Cameroon Genocide: Horror in Ndop: “Baby and Mother Killed….Dragged behind the Armored Car to display by the roadside”. Witness Account.

The Village of Bamesing in British Cameroon remains deserted since 11 December, 2019. For the fat-belly buzzing flies, Christmas couldn’t have come at a better time. French Cameroun military killings in the village were cruel and random. More than 10 were killed. No age was spared. Some apprehended youths were tied and dragged behind the military armored cars to the side of the express way (Ring Road) for public display. From the Hills of Sabga, one could hear the buzzing sound of flies as they hurry to feed on the decomposing corpses. AGL spoke to an eye witness about the carnage:

AGL: What happened in Ndop?

Witness: Military invaded Bamesing village with a “black leg” in their car who was pointing “Amba” fighters’ family houses as they go about killing them and when they don’t meet you in the house, your wife or child is at risk. They burnt houses and the 10 corpse that they killed the corpses were tied and dragged to the road side and placed there as people pass and look. After this attack they created their camp in the village and are there till now, since last Wednesday.

An Innocent Father killed in Ndop and being framed by French Cameroun Soldiers, with a Dane gun

AGL: Which other areas were attacked?

Witness: Babanki, Mbesoh(quarter) and particularly Bamesing.

AGL: We Learnt corpses of babies and pregnant women were rotting by the roadside?

Witness: The baby was the child of an Amba fighter, from Mbesoh, who was not seen in the house when they arrived, so they killed the wife and the child.

AGL: Can you describe the nature of the corpses – old, young etc?

Witness: It was difficult to identify all the corpses by name, at the roadside because there are armies everywhere and some are said to be hiding in the bushes, waiting for the families to come to collect, the rotting corpses so they kill more. My driver locked up the windows because of the smell and ran passed, but we got a general picture. Most were youths, with their hands tied behind their backs.

AGL: Can you give me a picture of the village?

Witness: The stench in the area is unbearable. All the villagers are in bushes and nearby villages, begging for shelter and something to eat. The road passing through the village has been blocked as the boys got angry, for the indiscriminate killing of innocent women and children.

AGL: Any Pictures?

Witness: hahaha! do you want to kill me? Military is hiding around the corpses waiting to kill more.

AGL: Thanks. Stay safe.

Image result for Lele Afrique governor
The French Cameroun appointed Governor, Mr. Adolf Afrique, in charge of the genocide

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  1. Not only killing and burning, but also carrying of animals goats pigs ets,, even breaking in to stores off license carrying drink’s and stoof.


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