Africa’s oldest Dictator massacres +37 on Valentine’s Day

A day after Africa’s second longest-serving dictator, Paul Biya of French Cameroun posted pictures of his family celebrating his 87th birthday, the ailing commander-in-chief and his soldiers have killed at least 37 people including children in the village of Ngarbuh, in Ndu area of Bui County in British Cameroon. Cameroon News Agency quotes an eye witness: “A man, I know so well who is called Seka was killed inside his house, including his 5 children and pregnant wife. They also killed a woman who is a neighbor and all her grandchildren. They shot another boy and we are trying to get him to Nso land for treatment. It is an emergency”. The source further narrates that those in charge of the massacre were French Cameroun soldiers led by State-sponsored militias. “They moved from house to house, shooting and burning”, the site writes. Corroborating sources indicate the same people killed were mostly those the military forced to the polls on the 9th of February, 2020, in an election that was boycotted by British Cameroonians.


Here lie 35 souls which harboured in abject misery occasioned by demonic thievery and senseless greed in the corridors of power, but made the most of their lovable families to afford themselves inexplicable happiness. Even as they gave a hoot to the permanently despoiled national cake, their divinely authored lives were squeezed out of them with such weaponry as to set out in hunt for an invincible, invisible, yet omnipresent predator.

Here are some names of the killed

1 Papa Awudu 2 Papa Abdul Sunjo 3 Maman Kwicherreh 4 Yaya 5 Sikah 6 Justin 7 Alidou Bah 8 Kinuyui 9 Manjo Seka 10 Ringyu 11 Mami Suley
12 Ngond Hassana ( enceinte)

87-year-old Biya of French Cameroun Celebrating his birthday with his family, while razing families and children in BritishCameroon

The killings in Ndu add to several British Cameroonians killed in less than a week following the sham election, heavily boycotted by the British Cameronians and French Cameroun’s main opposition party of former Minister Maurice Kamto. In Bambui, still on 14 February, more French Cameroun soldiers burnt a woman in their family home. Reports say the house was set ablaze deep in the night when the occupants were asleep. Madame Asongwe, who was sleeping, was roasted. Prelates who visited the burnt compound express shock at the level of barbarism inflicted on the English-speaking people of the former British Cameroon. On the 13 of February, 2020, similar burning and killings were witnessed in the village of Bamendakwe were another lady was roasted alive by the same military under Paul Biya. In Bangem in the Southern Zone of the territory, more than 6 innocent civilians were caught, tortured, dragged behind army cars. Those who were still breathing after the torture were executed by the military. “These are crimes against humanity, where no basic principle of war are respected. An army arrests people and they are found dead, and nobody questions their actions. This is unheard of” A sympathizer laments. About 80 homes have been razed in less than five days following the election that was shunned by the people of the region.

This continuous killing and destruction by French Cameroun soldiers is expected to swell the number of refugees fleeing the territory to neighboring Nigeria. Prior to the election, the United Nations Refugee Agency, stated that, “nearly 8,000 Cameroon refugees have fled to eastern and southern Nigeria” two weeks to the election. With post-election extermination of the vulnerable people of British Cameroon, more are expected to leave the territory. The UN nation the architect of the genocide continues to maintain sealed lips.

Killings in Ngarbuh, Ndu 14 February, 2020

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Killing and Destruction in Bambili

Bamendakwe Killing and Burning 13 February, 2020

Bangem Killing 09 February, 2020

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