The tweet above epitomizes the arbitrary killing of British Southern Cameroonians by the French Cameroun Bulubeti Militias/Sodiers of missing 87-year-old Paul Biya. The innocent journeymen, had just one pre-existing condition – they were dogs/British Cameroonians; good for the “gallows”. Their killing on March 31st, 2020, is the new normal since the killing in 2016 of Akum Julius and his colleagues who went on the streets to protest their marginalization by the French Cameroun colonial government. Till date, more than 20,000 have been killed, prompting the world’s finest mind on Genocide Dr. Greg Stanton, of Genocide Watch to call it a Full Genocide. (Click here to listen to Dr. Stanton’s Interview). The four innocent boys killed at Eyumojock in Manyu County of the territory were just part of the more than 220 innocent British Cameroonians massacred in the month of April 2020, by the sanguinary French Cameroun Militias who today are called occupational or colonial forces by the British Southern Cameroonians who have not ceased to show their disdain for them.

In the village of Ndu in the northern part of the territory, on the 12 March-2020, Grand Mama Ngwafku Adama, in her late 70s or early 80s, was on her way to the fields, when the happy trigger Bulubeti Militias unleashed their French-paid cartridges on her. She committed no crime. After eliminating her in the presence of her family members, the scofflaws took videos and close-ups of her dusty body to show to the world and their colonial bosses in the colonial capital Yaounde/Paris. From one of the close-ups, the image shows a dusty granny who must have whirled herself on the ground before finally giving up. Although such images have failed to prick the global community to end the genocide, it no doubt has everlasting psychological effect on the victims who watched the action unfold. Many citizens who have witnessed such barbarism have died from the shock afterwards. Such was the case of Mr. Ngwa Peter, from Bafut, whose son was shot in front of him, and forced to watch him bleed to death by the French Cameroun Bulubeti Militias.

Granny Ngwafku was not the only woman or farmer killed this March 2020, by the trigger-happy colonial French Cameroun forces. Five innocent boys on their way to the farm in Ngie Village, Momo County of British Cameroun were slaughtered by the soldiers. In addition to killing innocent youths in Weh in Menchum County, an innocent mother was massacred, claiming she was sympathetic to British Southern Cameroon decolonization. Such was the case still in Wum where French Cameroun-funded local militia groups butchered many. The French Cameroun colonially-imposed administrators provide them weapons and protection. All over the territory, from Mautu in Fako County, Tombel in Kupe Muanenguba County, the Bulubeti militias continued their annihilation with pride. When caught by an incensed population like in Old Town, Bamenda, the colonial administrators tried in vain to deny their Atrocities. The population was unbending on the truth, insisting no other forces did the killing of one of theirs, but the French Cameroun militias, who continue to rape, burn and loot all over the territory of British Cameroon. Below is their attempt to deny their genocidal act at Old Town Bamenda.

French Cameroun Colonial Administrators Trying to LIE about their Killings in British Cameroon.

The UN Must Stop this BLOODSHED NOW

With more than 20,000 killed so far, close to 80,000 registered refugees in Nigeria, the world must insists on a ceasefire through an inclusive dialogue that examines the root causes of the conflict. As the days go by, hopes for any peaceful co-habitation between these former two UN-Mandated Trust Territories, are dissipating. While conflicts of unique origins and identities in Europe like in Yugoslavia have been handled through democratic means in which a vote has been called for to ask the wishes of those questioning their sense of being, in Africa and the rest of the third world, economic interests of the UN-member states have taken precedence irrespective of the rivers and streets flowing with innocent human blood. It happened in the conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea, North vs South Sudan, East Timor vs Indonesia etc.

The British Southern Cameroon, as black Africa’s first democracy accepted to form a union of two equals with French Cameroun in 1961. Their values of freedom, justice, equality and democratic accountability like most Anglophone cultures worldwide have been decimated by the French Cameroun authorities and citizens who believes in strong individuals rather than institutions in the functioning of the state. The UN that coerced the British Territory into such false union has remained mute to the complete annexation of the once proud territory. French values like language, governance and centralization have been imposed on the territory; all violating the terms of the UN-brokered union in 1961. With the killing and burning (+10,000 homes) with more than a million internally-displaced, the French Cameroun authorities backed by France continue to refuse to go back to the table like they did in 1961. It is time for the UN and the United States to end the conflict through a negotiated solution. These killings once again show the intransigent nature of French Cameroun as they have violated and disobeyed every global step to end the conflict. The UN scribe and the Pope, called for a global ceasefire to enable the world handle the deathly Covid-19, but French Cameroun has continued to show that she is not only more deathly than the virus, but is above global laws and authorities. The bloodshed has to end now. For more on the history of the British Southern Cameroons, click here. For the Killings since 2016, Click here.

Below are some of the corpses of the +145 British CameroONIANS KILLED IN MARCH 2020 BY COLONIAL FRENCH CAMEROUN BULUBETI MILITIAS. (double click pic for details)

Innocent boy nicknamed Mami killed and dumped in Bamenda by French Cameroun Bulubeti Militias/soldiers.

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