British S.Cameroon Genocide: Father whose son was shot in front of him by French Cameroun Soldiers, passes on.

The episode was traumatizing; having to be forced to watch your own son bleed to death in front of you. Barely two months after the incident, this man in his late 40s succumbed to the traumatic stress of that day. Family members announced Mr. Ngwa Peter’s passing on 7 January, 2020, at Njimbee, Bafut. His son, Amahbo Cyprain, was shot in front of him, by French Cameroun soldiers. The family says, since the traumatic incident of 12 November, 2019, Mr. Ngwa has never recovered. His health degenerated and he could barely ambulate with the help of a wheelchair. Last Sunday, 5 January, 2020, at the local Presbyterian Church, Mr. Ngwa and others were dedicated to the lord, for his untiring mission in spreading the gospel. The mourning community fault the incident of 12 November, 2019 for the untimely passing of this hardworking and dedicated father. Mr. Ngwa is not the first to die from post-traumatic stress. A pastor who saw the images of the beheading of Samsoya in early 2018 in Belo, also died of the shock.

Mr. Ngwa Peter: Trauma Victim of French Cameroun Massacres

The Event of 12 November, 2019 that later Killed Mr. Ngwa Peter.

Some of the bullets were buried almost half a meter deep, where Amahbo Cyprain, about 19 was shot in Njimbee, Bafut, by French Cameroun Soldiers/militias. “We all were in the kitchen and the soldiers after prolonged shooting in the village and burning of the house of our neighbor, entered my house. We were all in panic, They pulled out my son and asked us to follow them. They then shot him in front of us, and ensured he bled to death before they left. There was no Restoration boys in our quarter. There was no exchange of fire. My son was a tire repair man in Bambui. He is an innocent child. Why they executed him like that, we cannot explain. To watch your own son bleed and die in front of you is….”. The traumatized parents of Amahbo Cyprain, could not hold back pain and tears as they told mourners last 16 November, 2019, at the interment of their son.

It should be noted that 50 Frenchcameroun soldiers invaded the quiet community of Njimbee, Bafut, on 12 November, 2019, shooting indiscriminately. A lucky victim recounts this: “I slept in a furrow 6 meters away, and saw them passing after they told me, not to run. I called on God to cover me with his blood. Muma Orlando, whom we stood was caught and shot about half a km away”. A panic-stricken survivor narrates. “They then, proceeded to smash all doors, ransacking houses, collecting valuables including cell phones. In short, they are thieves. They went to the square (Business District), smashed into bars and emptied the drinks. Amahbo Cyprain, another innocent civilian was also shot. They proceeded to burn the house of Pa Ngwa Mathew. It’s terrible. Our village has been peaceful all along. What they are looking for, I can’t tell” The shaky voice said. “I have remained in the village like others who dread the odds. Now I have to leave, to where, I don’t know?” the drained victim concluded.

Amahbo Cyprain: Killed because he is British Cameroonian

The genocide in the British Southern Cameroon, has claimed more than 15,000 lives, with more than 1.2 million displaced. Also, more than 3 million children are out of school. An additional 10000 homes have been burnt, with some 75,000 as refugees in Nigeria.The French Cameroun soldiers carrying out the Atrocity Crimes under 86-year-old Paul Biya, in power since 1992, have remained unsanctioned by the international community. According to the frail octogenarian – Paul Biya in Paris, France on 11 -13 November, 2019, the genocide on the minority English-speaking people of the Former British Cameroon, is to assimilate them into the larger French Cameroun (click here for video). Close to 250 British Cameroonians were killed in the month of October, 2019. (Click here for Evidence). Both Kameruns, were two autonomous countries that came together as two equals in 1961. For more on the genocide, click here. 

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