French Cameroun Killed +251 British Cameroonians in December 2019

The experts like Dr. Greg Stanton of Genocide Watch have stated categorically that, what is happening with the UN-Mandated territory of British Southern Cameroon is a genocide, and the facts bear it. The UN charged with resolving the conflict has failed. In an interview on ABC Television, the global expert, still faults the UN for failing to learn from its failure in Rwanda.

The killings and burning intensified in December 2019. From Maumu Village in Fako, where killings and burning increased to Ngami Village in Ndu, in the northern Zone, the occupational forces from the French Cameroun colonizers were fierce. Youths were tied and shot for being British Cameroonians. No age was spared. In Ndop, Some apprehended youths were tied and dragged behind the military armored cars to the side of the express way (Ring Road) for public display. From the Hills of Sabga, one could hear the buzzing sound of flies as they hurry to feed on the decomposing corpses (read more). In Maumu, breastfeeding mothers fight to contain fires after killings and burning. In Mankon, it was pain and anguish as usual as three innocent youths were pulled out of their homes and executed. Similar extra-judicial killings were reported all over the territory, begging the question, whether the UN ever transferred the sovereignty of the UN Mandated Territory of British Southern Cameroon, at anytime to French Cameroun? Below are some of the images and videos of villages burnt and those killed by French Cameroun Bulubeti Militias/soldiers in the month of December 2019, in British Southern Cameroon.

Killed in British Cameroon in December 2019

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