british s. Cameroons’ genocide: Mummified Paul Biya of French Cameroun Kills +189 in May 2020

With the world drenched in Covid-19 fever and later racial tensions in the US, the genocidal regime of mummified Paul Biya of French Cameroun continues its murders in British Southern Cameroons. From Ngarbuh area where homes and civilians were again executed, Bamenda where Extra-judicial killings are a daily recipes, the genocidal acts by French Cameroun were barbarous. Rape was not out of the Equation as French-speaking soldiers tied and raped Lizzy (Lizette) , a 21 -year-old in her hostel in Buea, the Capital of British Southern Cameroons. Unlike the mother in her 60s in Bafut whose life was spared after the French Cameroun soldier’s gang-raped her, Lizzy’s lifeless body was retrieved with hands tied behind her back in her birthday suit. She was severely abused. Sadly, the world continues to consolidate their love for British Cameroon’s economic endowments, while turning a blind eye to the Atrocity Crimes of the colonial French Cameroun occupying forces, aided by France.

Desmond in his early twenties was picked up by the French Cameroun colonial military officer called Butcher Bakary in Tubah. He was an orphan whose younger siblings depend on him for survival. According to friends, they say he knew Ambazonian Freedom fighters. As relatives and friends went the next day 11 May, 2020, to check on him at the Mile 9, colonial jail, the blood-thirsty Bakary arrogantly referred them to where he had killed and dumped young Desmond’s body. On retrieving the body, his chest was riddled with Mr. Bakary’s bullets. Desmund was not a terrorist. He was learning to be a truck driver. Mr. Bakary it should be known has been responsible for a series of murders in the area, including the killing of the mother of a 4-month-old in Babanki Tungo in Mezam County. The four-month old was abandoned the on the seeping blood of the mother’s lifeless body.

As Bambui (Tubah) was reeling with such executions from the French Cameroun Bulubeti soldiers, A senator – Mbella Moki Charles was exhibiting the greatest hypocrisy to British Southern Cameroonians. With four innocent youths executed at Bonduma, a few miles away from his home, the faint-heart stooge Senator of Biya’s oligarchy was expressing sympathy for George Floyd, killed by a white Police officer in the Unite States, thousands of miles away. The four innocent British Cameroonians were just one in the series of extra-judicial killings in the Senators area, A few days back -19 May, 2020, two innocent boys were kidnapped by the French Cameroun military in the locality of Mautu. Their bodies were discovered two days later in an advanced state of decomposition. They had been shot and dumped. Same shooting was evidenced on the corpse of an elderly farmer in the locality (video below). In Bafut, the killing and destruction continue. Homes were scorched by the French Cameroun militias.(images below).

Dialogue is imperative

From the voices in the jungles and funeral ceremonies of murdered British Southern Cameroonians, one thing is clear: their disdain for colonial French Cameroun is rock-solid. For many, French Cameroun and France will have to kill and burn all the villages and villagers of British Cameroons to get a White Flag from the determined people. This doom for French Cameroun has been echoed by the U.S Ambassador for Africa, Mr. Tibor Nagy. Mr. Nagy has stated that there is no military option to the conflict that is rooted in colonial history. A mediated Dialogue remains the viable way out. Despite these facts, halting the genocide has remained elusive. Below are the images, videos and stories of the more than 185 British Cameroonians killed by the colonial French Cameroun Bulubeti Soldiers of Mummified Biya, in the month of may 2020.

Videos of May, 2020 killings in British Southern Cameroons by French Cameroun soldiers

some images and stories of the civilians killed

killed in Fako 6 May, 2020

Destruction in Bafut, mezam county

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