Nigeria Braces for Extra refugees as more british cameroonians flee colonial french cameroun military assault

They look exhausted, some with bandages on their heads from French Cameroun Bulubeti Militia/soldier attacks. Women with luggage and babies on their backs. Their ages range from two to the late 70s and 80s. Reports indicate that they have been trekking and sleeping in bushes for three days following the invasion of their peaceful villages by the abhorrent French Cameroun arrogant Biya Militias. The dreaded militias/soldiers invaded the village of Buabua in Bum local area recently, according to citizens report. Knowing the killing abilities of these French Cameroun’s militias, the indigenes of the Village of Buabua in Menchum county of the territory left the village in their numbers. They could barely carry the minimum of their belongings. Estimates are in their thousands. Kids as young as five could be seen carrying their siblings on their backs. All their other possessions including livestock are left behind to the hungry French Cameroun militias, who even in their presence will not hesitate to kill their livestock for food.

nigeria; their safest risky destination

The community has been living in relative tranquility until the arrival of the French Cameroun Bulubeti Militias known for their barbarism. Due to the intensification of the war declared by the mummified” Paul Biya of French Cameroun, on the british Southern Cameroon, the destination of these villagers is likely neignhbouring Nigeria, where they are sure of relative peace. The abandonment of the village of Buabua by its villagers according to people versed with the genocide in the territory is to preempt another massacre like in the Village of Ngarbuh a few miles away. The same French Cameroun colonial soldiers invaded the village of Ngarbuh on 14 February, 2020, killing every living thing and setting homes ablaze with their occupants. A total of 37 peole were killed including at least 14 babies and pregnant women. Read details here

The conflict in the territory of British Southern Cameroons began in 2016 as a mere demand for structural adjustments in the educational and judiciary set up in the country. The French Cameroun ruling authorities in the territory responded with with brute force killing and maiming peaceful protesters. The situation later morphed into an armed conflict. Estimates show that more than 20,000 civilians have been killed by the French Cameroun Bulubeti militias, who are seen by the citizens of this once autonomous territory as occupational forces. The Norwegian refugee council for the second time describes the conflict as the most neglected in the world. More than 400 villages have also been torched by the French Cameroun Bulubti Militias who are backed by France. Below is the video of the displacement. To read the origin of the conflict, click here . For the killings and destruction, click here.

Buabua Villagers Forced out f their homes by French Cameroun Militias/Soldiers

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